They Used a Sick Form of ‘Discipline’ to Toughen Up Boys Who Couldn’t Do Pushups

Police say Florida dads Eduardo Vazquez and William Torres-Morales have been practicing a truly sick form of discipline on their young children.

According to the Polk County Sheriff’s office, the two 22-year-old fathers have been using using a stun gun to discipline their own children.

The Sheriff’s Office wrote in a statement that Vazquez and Torres-Morales were arrested Thursday on aggravated child abuse and other charges. But they weren’t alone.

Also arrested were their girlfriends — 33-year-old Elizabeth Tarvin and 32-year-old Veronica Sanchez — who now face charges of negligent child abuse and failure to report child abuse.

The report details how the suspects confessed to using a stun gun on the children for various reasons, including times when the boys couldn’t perform an acceptable number of pushups.

According to the police report, doctors who initially examined the two boys described one boy as having 10 burn marks on his buttocks and the other having 15, both from a “two-pronged” instrument.

When police went to the boys’ home, it was reported that five more children showed the same two-pronged burns on their buttocks and legs.

The Sheriff’s Office alleges that the girlfriends, Tarvin and Sanchez, were aware of the abuse, and while they did not engage in the use of stun guns on the children, they did nothing to stop it.

It was not indicated whether the suspects have attorneys at this time.

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