Piers Morgan Alleges Former White House Aide Once Made an Indecent Proposal to Him

Oh, wow. Seriously?

Actually, I have no problem believing this is true.

Piers Morgan, a former contestant on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” along with Omarosa Manigault, has written an op-ed for British tabloid, the Daily Mail.

In the op-ed, Morgan goes hard at Omarosa, questioning, first and foremost, how a “relentlessly loathesome” person like her was even given a job in the administration.

He must have missed all her slavish talk of bowing enemies, prone at Donald Trump’s feet.

He then goes on to detail a disturbing conversation with Omarosa, in which she suggested they sleep together, in order to win the reality TV contest.

“I’ve met a lot of vile human beings in my life, from dictators and terrorists to sex abusers and wicked conmen. But I’ve never met anyone quite so relentlessly loathsome as Omarosa; a vicious, duplicitous, lying, conniving, backstabbing piece of work,” Morgan wrote.

Those British… always so reserved and polite.

He said that Omarosa called her plan a “showmance.”

” ‘Piers, do you want a showmance?’ ” Morgan quotes the former White House aide as saying.

” ‘A showmance. You know, a romance on the show — we get it on together. Happens all the time on Apprentice. Everyone has sex together. Then we can make lots of money out of it,’ ” she reportedly added.

Yuck. That’s pretty sick.

Maybe she was a baby Christian, then.

Morgan went on to say that when he refused her plan, she began attacking his sexuality.

“You must be joking, you deluded woman,” Morgan says he responded.

“She didn’t take it well. ‘What are you? Gay?’ ” Morgan continues.

She apparently even took that on-camera, questioning his orientation as part of the show. He tried to laugh it off, but it was no laughing matter.

“Beneath the laughs though lay a less savoury truth,” Morgan wrote. “Omarosa is a reprehensible human being, prepared to offer sex to win a reality TV show and use the most vile homophobic slurs against rival contestants.”

Despite this, he writes, Trump “took this serial loser, and horrible human being, into the heart of the White House to spread her poison.”

Trump doesn’t share the same distaste for such character flaws as you, Piers.

It took Chief of Staff John Kelly to uproot that particular weed.

Now that she’s cut free, she’s doing what scorpions do – she’s stinging.

Back to reality TV, she’s on “Celebrity Big Brother” and teasing all sorts of dysfunction with the Trump administration.

Drama, drama, drama.

Morgan says that he actually considers the hiring of Omarosa on par with the hiring of Rob Porter, the White House staff secretary forced to step down last week, due to domestic violence reports from 2 former wives and an ex-girlfriend.

And let’s not forget that tell-all book that’s on the way.

That’s the problem when you yoke yourself with such creatures. Eventually, they turn on you.



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FBI Director Wray: No, President Trump Has Not Told Me That I Have to Do My Job

FBI Director Christopher Wray was on Capitol Hill today and this exchange with Rhode Island Democrat Jack Reed is the big gotcha


The set up is Reed, acting as smug as any 90 IQ guy can possibly look, asks if President Trump has specifically ordered the FBI to take specific actions to stop the diabolical Russkies in their tracks.

WRAY: We’re taking a lot of specific efforts to blunt Russian efforts.

REED: As directed by the president?

WRAY: Not as specifically directed by the president.

This is vintage Reed, a guy who always managed to make Chuck Hagel look like the smartest guy in the room. And isn’t that Kamala Harris who keeps acting like Reed just broke wind from a huevos rancheros breakfast?

If you recall back to the early days of the Trump administration we were lectured over and over on how improper it was for the President to have direct contact with the FBI director on any law enforcement matter. In fact, former FBI Director James Comey testified before the U.S. Senate that he never spoke to Obama on the phone and only spoke to him twice in person. So the president telling the FBI director how to run what ammounts to a counterintelligence operation seems, well, profoundly stupid. Secondly, what possible guidance could this president or any president give the FBI on how to foil the Russian menace? Obama’s biggest direction to the FBI seems to have been “get FISA warrants on Trump so we can eavesdrop on his transition team.”

The implication in this, of course, is that unless the president tells the FBI to act, it will just hang out in “Andy’s office” and shoot the sh** about the presidential campaign. This is ludicrous.

But I will be you dollars to doughnuts that the left and the never Trumpers, to the extent they are different entities anymore, will be screaming that Trump is negligent because he hasn’t told Wray how to do his job.

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WHOA. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu May Be Charged With Corruption by Israeli Police

This is depressing, as Benjamin Netanyahu has proven to be a strong, dignified prime minister for the nation of Israel.

Israeli police announced on Tuesday that they would be recommending that Netanyahu be indicted on bribery, as well as breach of trust charges in several corruption cases.

From the Associated Press:

Netanyahu angrily rejected the accusations, which included accepting nearly $300,000 in gifts from a pair of billionaires. He accused police of being on a witch hunt and vowed to remain in office and even seek re-election.

There’s that term, again.

“I will continue to lead the state of Israel responsibly and loyally as long as you, the citizens of Israel, choose me to lead you,” an ashen-faced Netanyahu said in a televised address. “I am sure that the truth will come to light. And I am sure that also in the next election that will take place on time I will win your trust again, with God’s help.”

He’s gone through an embarrassing few months, with not only pressure on himself, but unflattering coverage of incidents involving his wife and son, as well.

In what has been a yearlong investigation, the claims rest with two billionaires – Hollywood big wheel, Arnon Milchan and Australian billionaire James Packer.

There was also a claim that he gave preferential treatment to a specific newspaper publisher, in exchange for favorable coverage.

Attorney General Avihai Mendelblit will now examine the evidence, and determine whether there’s enough there to move forward with the charges. Meanwhile, Netanyahu gets to continue on in his position.

So what brought about the charges?

In a statement, police said their investigation found sufficient evidence to indict Netanyahu in the first case, known as File 1000, for accepting bribes, fraud and breach of trust.

It said Netanyahu had accepted gifts valued at 750,000 shekels ($214,000) from Milchan, and 250,000 shekels ($71,000) from Packer. The gifts from Milchan reportedly included expensive cigars and champagne.

Police said that in return, Netanyahu had operated on Milchan’s behalf on U.S. visa matters, legislated a tax break and connected him with an Indian businessman. It said he also helped Milchan, an Israeli producer whose credits include “Pretty Woman,” ″12 Years a Slave” and “JFK,” in the Israeli media market.

In the second case, known as “File 2000,” Netanyahu reportedly was recorded asking Arnon Mozes, the publisher of the Yediot Ahronot daily, for positive coverage in exchange for promoting legislation that would weaken a free newspaper that had cut into Yediot’s business.

Police said there was sufficient evidence to charge both Milchan and Mozes with bribery.

Milchan contends that there was no bribery, stating that he and Netanyahu had a relationship that went back to 2000, before he was prime minister, and that their families were friends.

In what mirrors the political conflict here, the reactions to the news was predictably partisan.

Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, a bitter rival of Netanyahu, called on him to suspend himself and for the coalition to appoint a replacement on Wednesday morning.

“The depth of corruption is horrifying,” Barak said. “This does not look like nothing. This looks like bribery.”

Well, of course it does, to  you.

Netanyahu’s party is standing behind him, however.

Cabinet Minister Miri Regev said she was “not excited” by the police recommendations and urged patience while the attorney general reviews the case.

She said the biggest surprise was that Yair Lapid, leader of the opposition Yesh Atid party, had been a witness. David Amsalem, another Netanyahu confidant, called Lapid a “snitch.”

Snitches get stiches, ya’ll.

“Someone with such serious accusations against them, many of which he does not even deny, cannot continue to serve as prime minister with responsibility for the security and well-being of Israel’s citizens,” Lapid said.

Netanyahu made his appeal to the people of Israel in his televised statement, saying that he did help Milchan with visa issues, but that Milchan had been a friend to Israel, and that even the late Shimon Perez was a friend of Milchan’s.

He pointed out that he’d also made some moves in government that hurt Milchan’s interests.

“How can allegations be taken seriously that in exchange for cigars I acted for Arnon Milchen’s benefit?” he said.

He said all the allegations over the years against him had one goal: “to topple me from government.”

He said past scandals had all “ended with nothing” and “this time as well they will end with nothing.”

I really hope that’s the case.

As for his wife and son:

Recordings recently emerged of his wife, Sara, screaming at an aide, while separate recordings caught his eldest son, Yair, on a drunken night out at a series of Tel Aviv strip clubs while traveling around in a taxpayer-funded government car with a government-funded bodyguard. The younger Netanyahu ended up spending the night in a luxury Tel Aviv apartment owned by Packer.

When it rains, it pours.

Benjamin Netanyahu has been prime minister for nine years. This may be the worst he’s had to endure, in all of that time.




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Senate Immigration Debate is Stalled by a Democrat Refusal to Actually Debate

Caricature by DonkeyHotey flic.kr/p/Ct4G4K https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

You had an inkling of how this would fall out earlier today when Mitch McConnell announced that President Trump’s plan presented the best way forward on how to address the issue of DREAMers.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican, backed legislation to encompass Trump’s “four pillars” of an immigration overhaul, which include plans to build the wall, end the visa lottery program and impose curbs on visas for the families of legal immigrants.

“This proposal has my support and during this week of fair debate I believe it deserves support of every senator who’s ready to move beyond making points and actually making a law,” McConnell said in a speech on the Senate floor.

The Trump “pillar” of immigration that is easiest for Democrats to accept is protecting some 1.8 million Dreamers who were brought illegally to the United States as children. Many Democrats are reluctant to help fund Trump’s long-promised wall, which is aimed at keeping out illegal immigrants but is seen by many lawmakers as too expensive and inefficient.

While I don’t like the idea of expanding DACA coverage to some 1 million or so people who are just so devoted to America that they couldn’t be bothered to enroll in a program that lets them work legally, I’ll give that in exchange for major enhancements in border security an end to chain migration and the demolition of the corrupt and un-American visa lottery system.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton, interviewed on Fox News, said Trump’s immigration plan “is not an opening bid for negotiations. It’s a best and final offer.”

One of the poison pills she’s referring to is an amendment put forward by Mitch McConnell that would severely limit the ability of jurisdictions to declare themselves sanctuaries.

The Democrats don’t want a solution for DREAMers because they think the issue is much more potent as a fundraising tool and a way to galvanize their base. The GOP isn’t all that interested either because getting vulnerable Red State Democrat Senators on record opposing border security will be worth its weight in gold come November.

Tomorrow morning, McConnell says he’s going to start voting on bills. The first to make 60 votes is the winner. Good luck with that.

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Here are 7 Illegal Immigrant Criminals Set Loose by Sanctuary City Officials

Sanctuary cities is one of President Trump’s primary targets, and for good reason. Not only do they harbor illegal aliens, and are recruiting zones for gangs like MS-13, they treat illegals with such reverence that, even if convicted of a serious crime, they’ll be released back into society.

If you need proof, then you can take a look at these seven examples for yourself provided by the White House.

Nery Estrada-Margos:

Nery Estrada-Margos, a citizen of Guatemala, was arrested last year in Santa Rosa, California on charges of inflicting corporal injury to a spouse/cohabitant, only to be released just days later in defiance of federal immigration authorities. He was arrested a couple of weeks later as a suspect in the murder of his girlfriend, Veronica Cabrera Ramirez. He is currently in Sonoma County Sheriff’s custody.

Luis Peña:

In November 2011, law enforcement officers in Cook County, Illinois, arrested Luis Peña, a citizen of Mexico, on felony charges for driving on a revoked/suspended license. His license had been suspended due to a prior conviction for felony driving under the influence (DUI). Despite the immigration detainer ICE lodged on Peña, he was released from jail. Less than a year later, Peña was arrested and later convicted of aggravated DUI causing death and driving on a suspended/revoked license. Peña is currently in local custody at the Danville Correction Center in Illinois.

Bernabe Garcia-Lopez:

On January 20, 2014, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department in California arrested Bernabe Garcia-Lopez, a citizen of Mexico, on DUI charges. He was previously removed by immigration officials in 2008 and had prior convictions in Riverside County for rape and for hit-and-run. Despite his past criminal history and a detainer request from immigration officials, he was released from custody the following day. Garcia was arrested again the next year for another DUI. Despite immigration officials’ request to hold Garcia , he was released once again and is currently at large.

Santos Lopez-Avila:

On November 21, 2016 the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) arrested Santos Lopez-Avila, a citizen of Honduras, for possession of cocaine for sale and other charges. Lopez had been deported three times – in 2010, 2013 and 2015 – and had previous convictions in San Francisco County for transporting/selling narcotics. However, he was soon released and arrested again shortly after for cocaine possession for sale and other charges. Once again, Lopez was released. On March 13 2017, he was arrested again by SFPD for Transportation, sale of narcotics and possession for purchase/Sale of Cocaine Base. ICE issued another detainer that SFPD did not honor and he was subsequently released again. Santos Lopez-Avila currently remains at-large.

Juan Carlos Garcia-Ayala:

On February 23, 2012, the San Jose Police Department in California arrested Juan Carlos Garcia-Ayala, a citizen of Mexico on charges of inflicting corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant and an outstanding warrant for a hit-and-run. Garcia-Ayala had previously been deported three times. Garcia-Ayala was arrested on three separate occasions only to be released onto the streets soon after each arrest. After a fourth arrest, Garcia was finally deported back to Mexico. Soon after his removal, Garcia reentered the U.S. and was arrested and released three more times. Garcia-Ayala was finally arrested again and convicted in the Superior Court of California of two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

Kendel Anthony Felix:

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) arrested Kendel Felix, a citizen of St. Lucia and a national of the United Kingdom, on various local criminal charges in July 2012, September 2012, and February 2013. Despite an immigration detainer lodged by ICE, he was released by the New York City Department of Corrections in April 2013. One year later, Felix was arrested by the NYPD and charged with murder. He was later convicted in September 2016 of kidnapping/abduction resulting in death.

Ricardo Hernandez-Garcia:

On June 6, 2014, the NYPD arrested Ricardo Hernandez-Garcia, a citizen of MexicoHernandez was released without notifying immigration officials. NYPD arrested Hernandez again on local charges. Once again, Hernandez was released onto the streets without any notification to immigration officials. On November 30, 2016, the NYPD arrested Hernandez on the charge of attempted murder, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon. Hernandez was convicted of two counts of assault with intent to cause physical injury by means of a weapon and sentenced to four years imprisonment.


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Racists and Antisemites Gather for Dinner and Our Free Press Isn’t Even Curious

A couple of weeks ago I posted on a meeting that was kept secret for twelve years. The meeting was between Barrack Obama and Louis Farrakhan in the company of the Congressional Black Caucus. The photographer kept the image secret for over a decade because of the reasonable belief that cavorting with an avowed racist and Antisemite would be fatal to a future Obama run for office.

Now another such meeting has come to light.

When Rep. Keith Ellison ran for Democratic National Committee chairman, he faced questions about past associations with the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan. On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” in December 2016, Mr. Ellison angrily accused his critics of a “smear campaign” for “talking about something that happened in 1995,” when Mr. Ellison was 32. It turns out Mr. Ellison—who lost his bid but is now the DNC’s deputy chairman—wasn’t telling the full story.

In 2006, during his first run for Congress from Minnesota, Mr. Ellison conceded he had worked with the Nation of Islam for 18 months before the October 1995 Million Man March. In a letter, he assured Jewish groups: “I reject and condemn the anti-Semitic statements and actions of the Nation of Islam [and] Louis Farrakhan. ”

A decade later, during the DNC leadership contest, he accused Mr. Farrakhan and his organization of sowing “hatred and division, including, anti-Semitism, homophobia and a chauvinistic model of manhood. I disavowed them long ago, condemned their views, and apologized.”

In September 2013, however, Messrs. Ellison and Farrakhan dined together. The occasion was a visit by Iran’s newly elected President Hassan Rouhani to the United Nations. Mr. Rouhani invited Muslim leaders from around the U.S. to dinner after addressing the U.N. General Assembly. Contemporaneous news reports placed Mr. Farrakhan at the dinner. Unreported by mainstream outlets was the presence of Mr. Ellison, along with Reps. Gregory Meeks of New York and Andre Carson of Indiana. (All three are Democrats; Messrs. Ellison and Carson are Muslim.)

This is a curious blind spot for most of the media, including…or especially…those on the alleged right. While only too ready to label as “alt-right” and “racist” anyone who utters the words “chain migration” (it is real) or “anchor baby” (there are businesses based on ensuring women give birth in the United States) or might make the mistake to appreciate the tactical mastery of Lee and Jackson and think their statues look fine exactly where they are, there is an overwhelming willingness to totally ignore grotesque behavior by Democrats.

Nation of Islam is an ugly and virulently racist and Antisemitic gathering that calls itself a religion. Louis Farrakhan is one of the most hate-filled men in the public life of this nation over the past forty years. Keith Ellison is a long time adherent of Farrakhan but somehow his decades spent wearing a “kill-the-white-man” hat and selling Brother Howard’s Bean Pies on the street corner are, like Robert Byrd’s KKK hood, simply ignored as a “youthful indiscretion.” Him meeting with Hassan Rouhani, in the company of Farrakhan, and keeping the meeting secret is a sign both of Ellison’s continuing affiliation with Farrakhan and the beliefs he holds.

And yet, Ellison is deputy DNC chair and many on the right will join him this year in labeling Republicans guilty of wrong-think as racists.

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The “Artist” Behind Obama’s Portrait Is a Sick Puppy (and You Can Tell Him I Said That)

The “artist” responsible for that cartoonish portrait of former President Barack Obama, sitting in foliage, is a violent, misogynistic, hateful splotch of racist scum.

Somebody please tell him I said so.

His name is Kehinde Wiley, and among his other claims to fame – as far as his ridiculous “art” is concerned – are portraits of black women (with the same nonsensical floral backgrounds), holding the severed heads of white women.


Well, I just told you why. He’s a violent, misogynistic, hateful racist. He’s using the cover of “art,” to try and put a creative spin on the ugly, vile seed of inhumanity that rests in his heart.

From the Washington Examiner:

In an interview with New York Magazine, Wiley said one of the controversial portraits was based on a stay-at-home mom he found at the mall and the woman’s head she was holding was based on one of his assistants.

He must have really hated his assistant. I hope somebody has done a welfare check on her. Do we know where she is?

“It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing,” Wiley told NYMag.

What does that even mean? You have pictures of the severed heads of white women. It’s not “sort of a play on.” It’s telegraphing.

The Obama portrait will go in the America’s Presidents exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery, in Washington, D.C. It is guaranteed to be the stand-out ugliest piece there.

I get that Obama is gone now, and he can be as racist and antagonistic as he wants, with no concerns for what happens next, but this is beyond the pale, even for him.

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Jordan Greenway Makes Olympic History Without Political Antagonism


The Winter Olympics have not even been in full swing for a week and already the Olympiad has been mired in political tumult. In just a few days we have witnessed Shani Davis declaring his losing the flag-bearer honor to a coin toss was a racist act, gay athletes taking a militant stance regarding their orientation, and of course our national media embarrassingly playing the role of cheerleader for the oppressive North Korean government. But there is a refreshing story that carries import and yet is not burdened with deep political prolix.


Jordan Greenway, who plays for the Boston University Terriers, is poised to take the ice on February 14 to skate with the USA Men’s Hockey team. It is a lifetime opportunity, one that he had in mind for some time — but one he expected to become open to him many years down the road. As some significant changes were made to professional availability for the Olympics Greenway’s opportunity was fast-tracked and, as a result, he is making history.


When Team USA faces off against Slovenia on Wednesday in a qualifying round matchup as Jordan climbs over the boards it will be the first time a black skater has taken the ice in the Olympics for the men’s squad. Greenway has been honored and and flattered by the distinction, and he recognizes the gravity of the historical event. One thing he has not done is make a loud declaration to the cameras on the global stage.


In a noticeable departure from Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon — two gay athletes who insist on taking to a soapbox, brashly announcing their orientation and hectoring the Vice President — the hockey player has been modest and humbly addresses what is a truly historical achievement. Gay athletes in general, and gay figure skaters in particular, have been a relatively common reality. Greenway is genuinely breaking new ground, and he is doing so without grandstanding.


Last spring the National Hockey League came to a confrontation with the International Olympic Committee over compensation for the appearance of professional hockey players in the Korean games. As a result the NHL announced it would not be taking the 3 week break in its schedule as it has for the previous Olympics, and the star skaters would not be playing on the international stage. This meant Team USA would fill its roster with journeyman players from other leagues, and young prospects from the minors and college programs. In December it was announced Jordan had been selected.


I think it’s great, it’s unbelievable,” Greenway said. “I don’t think it’s hit me how I think it will later on in my life.” His appearance on the roster is not the result of USA Hockey making a social statement. A major physical presence on the ice at 6’5”, 235lbs, the winger is a productive forward at Boston University, a traditional hockey force in college where being signed is a coveted role. (Two of Greenway’s BU teammates are sons of NHL stars.) In 2015 he was drafted in the second round by the Minnesota Wild.



The accomplishments contribute to the lessened amount of hype surrounding his selection: rather than a stunt, he earned his roster spot. “I’m the first African American to play hockey for the United States at the Olympics but hopefully I’m the first of many,” says the Terrier, turning the focus forward. “Hopefully these kids go out, try something different, play hockey, and hopefully I see a lot more playing in the near future.”


This balanced approach is largely due to Jordan’s upbringing in Northern New York. Skating since the age of 3 he and his brother were deeply immersed in the hockey culture, where their race was not a common denominator. There wasn’t a lot of African-Americans playing and I think, honestly, outside of my brother and I, I can’t think of a ton, “ he said to CNN. “I just kind of grew up around it and it was kinda the norm.”


Greenway’s mother (herself white) set expectations for he and his brother to help them for life ahead. “She prepped me and my brother pretty well. She always let us know that yeah, we’d probably be a little bit different than a lot of the other people in the town, but it’s just the way it is and you’re just like everyone else.”


That kind of measured and open-minded approach is sure to have helped Jordan as he progressed through his hockey career. It has also contributed to his lack of histrionics and hyperbole as he becomes a historical figure. What is refreshing about this is that he does so without resorting to the political posturing and grandiose statements that have been the norm. Instead he seeks to normalize his accomplishment.

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Trump’s Budget May Be Poised to Take a Bite Out of Food Stamps (to Be Replaced by What?)

I’m on the fence about this one.

On the one hand, it could potentially go so bad for the needy in this nation.

On the other hand, the food stamp system has been horribly abused, through the years. It’s time for some sort of clamp down.

And no, don’t tell me the food stamp program, or SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) program runs like a well-oiled machine. I have too many anecdotes to the contrary.

The changes to the program worked into President Trump’s budget proposal suggests going from food stamps to food boxes, for some recipients, and would be called America’s Harvest Box.

Currently, SNAP gives 42 million Americans a food voucher worth $125 per person that can be redeemed for almost any food product in a grocery store. It’s one of the most important safety net programs in the U.S.

“Under the proposal,” Monday’s budget document says, “households receiving $90 or more per month in SNAP benefits will receive a portion of their benefits in the form of a USDA Foods package, which would include items such as shelf-stable milk, ready to eat cereals, pasta, peanut butter, beans and canned fruit, vegetables, and meat, poultry or fish.”

It sounds like a nice, well-rounded diet, and it addresses the concerns of some that the funds are being spent on useless, “junk food” type items.

It may also address the issue of those who sell their benefits.

Yes, it happens.

They will take a card with $500 on it, and sell it to someone for $300, for example. That money goes in their pockets and on luxury items.

Remember all the stories coming out of New Orleans, after Hurricane Katrina, with people abusing the cards the government gave them to try and get back on their feet?

It’s that, but on a national scale.

Perhaps food boxes wouldn’t be as easy to pass off.

White House budget director Mick Mulvaney on Monday likened the proposal to a “Blue Apron-type program where you actually receive the food instead of receive the cash.”

Blue Apron is a little more high-end than what this proposal suggests, but I think people get the picture.

Then, there’s the other side of the argument:

Having the government buy people’s food would be less efficient than letting them buy it themselves, said Stacy Dean, a nutrition assistance expert at the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

“We put money in the pocket of individuals to spend at their local grocery store,” Dean said. “The idea that a government bureaucracy could improve on that is a huge mistake.”

That’s true. If the government touches it, it pretty much goes horribly wrong.

It’s how we got this screwed up welfare system, in the first place.

This new proposal is based on one that is already in existence for people over the age of 60. The Commodity Supplemental Food Program works through food banks and local government to distribute meals to the elderly.

“This cost-effective approach supports American agriculture, prevents certain types of program abuse, provides state flexibility in delivering food benefits, and ensures the nutritional value of the benefits provided,” the budget says.

Secretary Sonny Perdue called it “a bold, innovative approach to providing nutritious food to people who need assistance feeding themselves and their families ― and all of it is home-grown by American farmers and producers.”

The USDA said states would have flexibility to work out distribution, which could include home delivery or existing partnerships. The Commodity Supplemental Food Program works with local agencies which in turn partner with nonprofits to give out the food, often from distribution sites rather than by delivery.

So how much would this program save the taxpayers?

The projected savings are about $213 billion, over a period of 10 years. That would be less than 1 percent of federal projected spending.


Republican lawmakers hope to do something with welfare reform soon, and that’s warranted. The administration would like to see some sort of work requirement implemented for those SNAP recipients who aren’t disabled. That’s also a good thing.

How far this goes and how much of a nightmare it turns into will be the topic of high speculation and a lot of concern for those who depend on the program.



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Washington Post Columnist Demands an Apology for Insulting North Korea

I posted over the weekend how the Washington Post was going full-metal totalitarian in the way they were fellating the Kim Jong Un regime. (In fairness, the Post’s tongue-bathing of KJU was no more egregious than any other network or major outlet). Lest you think that the Post making fun of Mike Pence for the benefit of KJU’s harridan sister was horrific, take a look at this exchange between Bethany Mandel and the Washington Post’s Gene Weingarten.

Say what? Apologize to whom? For what?

I don’t know Bethany, to my knowledge I’ve never met her, but I do follow her writing. And while there is some hyperbole here, there is only a tiny bit. Perhaps the only vaguely related analog in terms of across-the-board brutalization of an entire nation is possibly Cambodia under the early years of Khmer Rouge rule. In Nazi Germany, most people were not touched directly by the regime. They had to “smile and grin at the change all around” (bonus points for identifying the source of that) but most were left alone. The population of Nazi Germany on the eve of World War II was a shade over 90 million. The number of German Jews killed in the Holocaust was about 144,000. (None of this is to minimize the Holocaust but to put into perspective its impact on German civilians). By contrast, the population of North Korea is about 27 million. In a four-year period, 1994-98, an estimated two million were starved to death. Untold thousands have perished in its kimchee gulag system. The entire nation is divided into castes of political reliability. These castes are inherited and determine your access to food, housing, healthcare, education, and employment.

Likewise, the brutality and purges of Stalin’s Russia and Mao’s Cultural Revolution pale in comparison when one considers the percentage of the population killed and the extent to which the nation has been socially brutalized.

Note, Stalin’s starvation of Ukraine is absent from this list. And the Mongols were actually a notoriously light touch. Surrender and pay the demanded tribute and they were happy to leave you alone and move on. They only got peeved when you resisted. The pyramids of skulls they built, like Sherman’s March to the Sea, were calculated to intimidate and preclude having to fight.

But historical comparisons is not the point. By any objective standard, North Korea’s regime is cruel and barbarous and holds a place of its own in the sad hall of horrors that is human history. Were we even to say Bethany is guilty of hyperbole, it would be only the mildest sort. Demanding an apology on behalf of the North Korean regime is simply bizarre but, unfortunately, it is the staple of journalism these days.

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