Hillary Thinks Facing Consequences For Her Emails Is a GOP Fantasy

According to Hillary Clinton, the belief that she’ll be facing any consequences over her State Department emails is something to laugh at. Apparently, her view of facing justice for a likely felony is a Republican fantasy.

First off, my fantasies involve tropical islands, drinks with rum in them, and women that look nothing like Hillary. I really wish she wouldn’t use words like “fantasy,” especially since her situation is very precarious, and in a very real way.

Still, that’s the word she used while speaking to Matt Lauer during an interview on TODAY. When asked about the Republican hope that she’ll wind up in cuffs, Clinton laughed.

“I know that they live in that world of fantasy and hope because they’ve got a mess on their hands on the Republican side. That is not going to happen,” said Clinton. “There is not even the remotest chance that is going to happen.”

Not long ago I discussed how Hillary believed she has nothing to worry about when it comes to the private server scandal she’s embroiled in with the FBI, and I clarified for her that she really does.

Between former aides that helped set up her home server becoming “devastating witnesses,” and a good deal of emails found to be considered top secret, and above, Hillary has in fact a great deal to worry about.

Still, Clinton believes that this investigation is wholly routine.

“It’s a security review. It is a security review,” she said to Lauer. “And there are lots of those that are conducted in our government all the time. And you don’t hear about most of them. You’ll hear about this one because, you know, because it does involve me.”

I’m not sure what part of private, unsecured email servers receiving emails at the highest levels of state secrecy is something our government conducts reviews of all the time. In fact, I would call that highly irregular, and I know many out there would call it “illegal.”

Will she likely see the interior of a prison? Likely not. She is a Clinton after all. Regardless, the idea that she won’t face consequences, especially in the likelihood she’s found guilty, is a unicorn riding a Harley made of bacon style fantasy in itself.

You can watch Hill-dawg try to laugh it off in the video below. The subject of discussion in the latter half.

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Ted Cruz is Only Doing Half his Job Right Now

In an ideal world for Ted Cruz, he would have won Super Tuesday and catapulted himself to a delegate lead that everyone else would have been unable to make up. No doubt, that was Plan A for Cruz. However, being an excellent contingency planner, Cruz has clearly always had in mind the Plan B of being the last candidate standing against Donald Trump and beating him at the convention.

Cruz is doing half of what what he needs to in order for Plan B to be successful. That half involves preventing Donald Trump from winning the nomination outright. Cruz has done everything right when it comes to that half. He’s kicked Trump’s butt in the delegate fight and successfully kept his head low enough to cause about a third of the party to coalesce around him. That is, very likely, enough to keep Trump from reaching 1,237 on the first ballot.

But the other half of that equation he hasn’t done so well – and that half involves convincing people to vote for him instead of just against Trump. Granted, he has a relatively long time to get that particular chore accomplished; after all, the convention isn’t for over three months now. But if Cruz thinks that he can walk into the convention with the second most delegates behind Trump and assume that he will walk away with the nomination at a contested convention, he is ignoring some of the vital dynamics of this race and showing an uncharacteristic lack of foresight.

One of those dynamics is that right now, an awful lot of people are voting for Ted Cruz solely as a vehicle for stopping Trump. They have no personal loyalty to Cruz at all, and many of them would leap at the first opportunity to stab him in the back or ditch him for a candidate more to their liking – but they are even more horrified by Trump. Remember that Cruz lingered persistently in the 15-20% range until virtually all the other candidates dropped out.

Many of the folks who will be at the convention – in particular the Rubio delegates and Kasich delegates, and the Trump delegates that he hasn’t successfully infiltrated – share this view that Cruz is almost as risky of a bet in the general election as Trump. If a halfway plausible reason to take the nomination away from both Trump and Cruz arises, they will jump at it. And some might well defect to Trump.

To allay these concerns, Cruz needs to show that he can actually take on Hillary, rather than just talk about being better suited to take on Hillary than Trump. To do this, he needs to prove that he can expand his potential base beyond people who are already persuaded that voting for Ted Cruz is the best idea that anyone has ever had. He has to show that he can do at least some of what Trump has done, which is to appeal to potentially disaffected Democrats. He has to speak to issues that are of concern to independent voters, beyond saying that Obamacare should be repealed and all Obama’s executive orders should be rolled back.

He needs to do more of speaking to concerns people have about situations like the water crisis in Flint. He has to discuss how a President Cruz would substantively handle problems that face everyday Americans better than the Obama administration has and better than President Clinton would. He has to launch attacks on Hillary that actually score in the media. These are all skills he will need in spades in the general, and he needs to display that he can manage them now.

I would like to think that the establishment would not be dumb enough to stab the supporters of both Trump and Cruz in the back, but they have done things that are dumber in their day. Some part of that is on them, but Cruz can go a long way towards making it happen by showing himself ready to take on Hillary in the general.


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Trump campaign put THE WRONG PEOPLE on their Colorado-07 slates.

[UPDATE}: As expected, Ted Cruz swept all three delegates in CO-07.


We are still waiting for the formal results for Colorado’s 7th District (the rest of the Colorado CD races are tomorrow), but this is pretty remarkably bad. Two of Team Trump’s three favored delegates apparently declined to pay the fees to get on the ballot.

I suspect that Ted Cruz is going to win CO-07 tonight, honestly. Then again, at this rate? So could my cat.

Moe Lane

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Lindsey Graham Agrees To Meet With Obama SCOTUS Pick Because Why NOT Undermine Entire Republican Party, Right?

South Carolina’s fancy Republican Lindsey Graham will be meeting with Obama Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland as “a courtesy”, spokesman Kevin Bishop confirmed today. Theoretically, Graham still believes, like the rest of the GOP and all of its voters, that the seat should remain unfilled until after the election in November.

Graham is on the Senate Judiciary committee. He previously said he wouldn’t meet with Garland because they would have “nothing to talk about” reports The Hill. Riiiight. A ranking Republican senator on the actual Judiciary committee meeting with the President’s nominee for the Supreme Court and they won’t have anything to talk about.

Here’s an artist’s rendering of how the conversation might go:

Garland: “How’s the weather?”
Graham: “It’s fair.”
Garland: “Ha ha! Speaking of fair, I’ll be totally fair as a Justice.”
Graham: “OK fine you’re in.”

Script copyright The Future. All rights reserved, but not all rights will be preserved.

Bishop told CNN that the Senator “remains opposed to moving forward with the Garland nomination. He continues to believe the next president should pick the next nominee for the Supreme Court.” Hmm.

The Hill adds:

Asked Tuesday if the Senate could take up Garland’s nomination after the election, Graham said “absolutely not.”

“I’m sure he’s a great guy, no doubt about that,” he added. “[But] he’s not going to get… confirmed so what’s the purpose of a hearing?”

So what’s the “courtesy,” Senator? This is straight politicking, the kind Graham treasures. He’s talking out of both sides of his mouth. What they actually discuss may not be public, but what is accomplished is clear. Graham is helping to legitimize the President’s nomination, in contradiction to the party’s position and in support of the prospect of a liberal justice.

Lame. But very Graham.

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Senator Cruz Misses Vote On His Own Bill

Senator Ted Cruz has missed a considerable amount of time from the Senate, due to his campaign schedule. Out of 40 Senate votes from January 2016 to the beginning of April 2016, Cruz has voted on 2, according to Govtrack.us.

Senators miss votes. Though maddening for the average citizen, who has the option of showing up for work or showing up at the unemployment office, it’s not unheard of. For a senator in full campaign mode, it’s almost expected.

The trouble Senator Cruz is faced with, however, is that his campaign schedule has caused him to miss voting on his own terrorism bill.

Cruz introduced the Expatriate Terrorist Act in January 2015. Cruz announced his candidacy in March 2015.

If passed, the bill would end the citizenship of any Americans who actively engaged in helping terrorists.

Parts of the bill read:

“Entering, or serving in, the armed forces of a foreign state or a foreign terrorist organization designated under section 219 if—

“(A) such armed forces are engaged in hostilities against the United States; or

“(B) such persons serve as a commissioned or noncommissioned officer.

“(4) Becoming a member of, or providing training or material assistance to, any foreign terrorist organization designated under section 219.”

According to USA Today, the bill has been put before the Senate Judiciary Committee on eight occasions, since mid-November 2015. Because the main sponsor of the bill was not present during the proceedings, the bill was shelved, as it is the senate’s rule not to vote on any legislation without the author present.

The bill again was presented for a vote on Thursday, April 7, 2016, but Cruz was in New York campaigning.

It next comes up for a vote on April 14, 2016.


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How New York’s Voter Registration Law Is Going To Screw Donald Trump

train wreck shutterstock (1200x800)
One of the interesting things about this primary season is learning just how byzantine our party primaries are. I’ve posted twice now on the New York primary, relying upon the New York Board of Elections website as a source. That site sets a deadline of March 25 for voter registration. I had assumed (the old military expression of “when you assume you make an ‘ass’ of ‘you’ (u, get it?) and ‘me’ really applies) that applied to change of registration. My colleague, Moe Lane, pointed out, gently, that was balderdash.

Via Think Progress:

Devin Cannon’s voter registration has been marked “independent” for as long as she can remember. This means she’s never been allowed to vote in a major party presidential primary election in New York, which operates on a closed primary system.

But this year, she wanted to change.

“I truly did not feel that I belonged in either party,” she told ThinkProgress via email. “And suddenly Bernie Sanders came along.”

I hung up feeling completely defeated and confused and honestly just started crying.

Cannon knew she had to switch her party affiliation to Democrat if she wanted to vote for Sanders, the independent U.S. senator from Vermont who is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination. She also knew that she had to change her party by October 9, 2015 — more than six months before the election happened. New York’s October deadline is the earliest change-of-party deadline in America.

Not wanting to miss her chance, Cannon said she mailed a change-of-party form to the Monroe County Board of Elections in August. But when she checked on the status of her registration last month, she was told her form wasn’t received until late October. She would be ineligible to vote for Sanders in the spring.

The March 25 date only applies to NEW voters. If you had previously registered to vote in New York and wanted to change your party then October 9 was your deadline.

This is a significant issue in New York:

More than 3 million people — about 27 percent of the state’s voters — were registered outside the Republican and Democratic parties as of April.

Now the sweet part:

Bad News For Sanders, Trump
When it comes to New York’s fast-approaching presidential primary election, Lerner said potential voters from both parties would likely be impacted by New York’s strict election rules. But she said that people voting for “the two non-establishment candidates” — Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and billionaire Donald Trump — would bear the brunt of the confusion. That’s because voters for those candidates were more likely to have been previously unaffiliated with a political party, or more likely to have wanted to switch parties to vote for their preferred candidate.

Sanders supporters even set up a page back in October raising the alarm about the change-of-party deadline for independents and voters registered with more liberal factions like the Green Party or the Liberal Party.

So far, it seems true that non-establishment candidates like Trump and Sanders tend to do better in open primaries, where people can vote in whichever party’s primary they choose.

In the current Republican battle between Trump and Sen. Tex Cruz (R-TX), Trump has done better in open primary contests while Cruz has done better in closed contests, according to a Fox News analysis. And the New York Times reported that Sanders’ statewide victories have been “fueled by his large vote margins among independents,” who may be restricted from voting in closed primaries.

What do you think the odds were of the Trump campaign notifying potential voters before October 9 that they had to change party. Not very great. Trump didn’t stand up a New York campaign operation until yesterday.

Today Donald J. Trump announced his New York State campaign organization, including Republican Party leaders in all 27 Congressional District across the state. The committee – comprised of GOP elected leaders, Republican county chairmen and other key party officials – represents the most powerful presidential campaign organization in the state.

This maladministration and disarray is how the Trump campaign operates.

As Think Progress points out, Trump does better in states with loose voter registration laws. Just as his campaign is unable to plan and anticipate, so, too, his voters suffer from the same shortcoming. It is unlikely that large numbers of previously unregistered adults paid enough attention to the March 25 deadline to make a difference. Previously registered voters, which is nearly the universe of voting age adults since motor-voter became law, who, like Sean Hannity, registered as Conservative or Independence to show The Man they meant business, will mostly be unable to participate.

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Planned Parenthood Wants to Kill Disabled Babies, So They’re Suing Indiana


America in 2016 is such a backwards disgrace. The Left fights for the “right” of transgender individuals, who reject their biological design, to use whichever bathroom fits their delusional preference. But the most basic of rights, the right to life, is rejected for those with “defects”.

Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence, signed House Bill 1337 into law on March 24. The law banned abortions based on a disability diagnosis (such as Down Syndrome), or because of the unborn child’s gender or race. This law was another victory in the fight against the abortion industry. Other governors, such as Scott Walker, Matt Bevin, and John Kasich, have all recently signed pro-life legislation, and the pro-aborts could not be more upset.

Planned Parenthood is quite unhappy with this new legislation in Indiana, and filed a lawsuit today against the state to stop it. As LifeSiteNews reports:

The legal complaint says that Planned Parenthood’s abortionists “strongly object to having to participate in informing women that Indiana law prohibits an abortion solely because of the fetus’s race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex,” or disability.

“PPINK is aware that some of its patients seek abortions for a reason banned by the Enrolled Act,” the lawsuit says, “and PPINK anticipates performing such abortions in the future.”

Yes, you read that right. Planned Parenthood, who preaches non-stop of protecting a woman’s individual rights, is happy to discriminate against an unborn life based on disability, race, or gender. It is entirely comparable to the Nazi persecution of the mentally and physically disabled. Planned Parenthood is singling the ones with “defects” out for destruction (not to mention also those with a less than desirable race or gender), because they shouldn’t be allowed to exist. And we say we’ve made so much progress in 2016? Nonsense. It is nothing but barbaric regression.

As we’ve seen with Planned Parenthood’s selling of baby body parts, their entire goal is to make money. They don’t care about the women. The same can be said of their desire to see this legislation stopped – it cuts into their profit margin. The cited complaint above even stated that PPINK (Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky) “…anticipates performing such abortions in the future”. They don’t deny that they’ll seek out not just the unwanted, but the really unwanted, end their lives, and make a buck.

Along with being bloodthirsty, the pro-abort movement is juvenile and disgusting. Governor Pence’s office has had to deal with women calling and sharing information about their menstrual cycles in an effort to “troll” him for signing HB1337.

To be sure, states with pro-life governors and legislators have an uphill battle. Thankfully, some progress has been made, and hopefully, the murderous rage of Planned Parenthood to overturn pro-life legislation won’t see the light of day.

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Raid On Home of Investigator Who Busted Planned Parenthood’s Baby Parts Mill

David Daleiden is the head of the Center for Medical Progress. He’s also the investigator responsible for exposing Planned Parenthood’s detestable practice of using aborted fetuses for spare parts.

For those who are familiar with the way the left works, it comes as no surprise that Daleiden found himself Enemy #1 in the land of so-called progressives. Of all their pet causes, abortion is the sacred cow that will not be sacrificed.

On Tuesday, April 5th, California’s pro-abortion attorney general, Kamala Harris, ordered a raid on Daleiden’s home, searching for evidence of wrong doing, and confiscating all video evidence of the atrocities that were captured inside the state’s Planned Parenthood abortion clinics.

Daleiden released a statement, in regards to the raid on his home:

Today (Tuesday), the California Attorney General’s office of Kamala Harris, who was elected with tens of thousands of dollars from taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood, seized all video footage showing Planned Parenthood’s criminal trade in aborted baby parts, in addition to my personal information.

Ironically, while seizing my First Amendment work product, they ignored documents showing the illicit scheme between StemExpress and Planned Parenthood. This is no surprise–Planned Parenthood’s bought-and-paid-for AG has steadfastly refused to enforce the law against the baby body parts traffickers in our state, or even investigate them–while at the same time doing their bidding to harass and intimidate citizen journalists. We will pursue all remedies to vindicate our First Amendment rights.

Bought-and-paid for AG, indeed.

Kamala Harris, a Democrat candidate for US Senate, is endorsed by NOW (National Organization for Women), due to her support of stamping out the sexually transmitted condition, commonly referred to as “pregnancy.”

One might ask themselves, why, exactly, would an attorney general for any state focus on investigating and prosecuting a case that may very well be tossed out on First Amendment grounds, when a very clear case of malfeasance, such as the harvest and sale of human organs, complete with audio and video evidence is so readily available?

As with any leftist atrocity, follow the money.

Planned Parenthood and likeminded organizations of foul repute have enriched Harris’ campaign coffers to the tune of around $81,000.

Organizations that have contributed to Harris include:

  • Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project Los Angeles • Planned Parenthood Action Fund of the Pacific Southwest PAC • Planned Parenthood of Orange & San Bernardino Counties PAC • Vote Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific • Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte Candidate PAC

That’s simply the short list. This is a clear conflict of interest, and one that Harris seems oblivious to, as her campaign site even sports a link to a petition to defend Planned Parenthood.

Daleiden is facing an indictment in Texas, as well, along with fellow pro-life activist, Sandra Merritt. Amazingly, they face charges for their part in the undercover videos (for buying the body parts), while the abortion workers who harvested and sold the parts are ignored.

It’s a surreal and ghastly scenario, when the ghouls of Planned Parenthood are allowed to treat discarded infants as nothing more than a means to enrich themselves, against the laws of the state and decency, while those who seek justice are treated as the criminals.



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Trump People Aren’t Afraid Convention Will Be Stolen, They’re Afraid It WON’T Be


Donald Trump and his surrogates and his spokespeople and his supporters and his fans and his, I don’t know … his dog, they are all, everyone aboard the Trump train, professing a fear or an outrage that the election is being “stolen” from Trump. This fear/outrage is based on two things: 1) Some people haven’t yet knelt before their god-king, which is very unacceptable to cult members and 2) Trump is failing to secure enough delegates to walk in as the winner in Cleveland. These are, course, dumb reasons.

The point of contention is obviously the second one: the delegates. If Trump doesn’t arrive in Cleveland with a majority, ie. 1,237 delegates, then on the first ballot he won’t get the nomination. There will be a second ballot. And that is what is (theoretically) causing the Trump fans to spasm into fits of apoplexy and issue threats of storming delegate hotel rooms in anger.

Right off the bat that raises a question. Why are they so sure that Trump won’t get votes on the second ballot? I mean, that’s what they are conceding isn’t it? That once not bound, the elected delegates, chosen from among the people to represent the people, will absolutely not back Trump. That’s what they are saying. Trump’s supporters are saying that. They are so sure that delegates will turn on Trump that they are threatening riots and hotel attacks. What happened to Trump the deal-maker? Trump the inevitable? Trump, the man the people want? It’s like his supporters think that there is no clear mandate from the primaries to nominate Trump!

Which, I’ll be darned, there isn’t! But it’s amazing they are so willing to concede that. He can’t even make it through a second ballot? Amazing I say.

The remedy – and this is where it gets really awesome – the remedy Trump’s fan base wants for his apparent inability to persuade people, is that they want instead to just hand the whole shebang to him. They don’t care about the need for a majority. His supporters claim not only that he doesn’t need 1237, the majority, but they already think he’s proved his case and the rest of the primary doesn’t even matter. Go ahead, ask them. They’ll tell you this. Trump has already won, he’s already shown the will of the people, everyone needs to just accept it. They want to bypass the rules, and the vote, and just go ahead and call it done. They argue that if he has a plurality when he arrives in Cleveland, then he should win on the first ballot. Seriously, go ask them.

Did you ask them?

Of course, that particular sect of Trumpers are not making the same argument that more experienced Trump people like Roger Stone are making. It’s the grassroots supporters who say it. It matters, though, because these are the very people that Trump’s talking heads are trying to froth to frenzy with their talk of “stolen” elections. They have already promised “riots”, have already demanded Trump followers “march on Cleveland” and confront delegates in their hotel rooms, and even promised, I kid you not, Armageddon. This insanely inflamed rhetoric is pretty standard talk now from Trump partisans on cable news and on Trump websites. They’re trying to use a very real threat of force to get their way, and the force they wish to use is Trump’s crazed fan base. A base of followers who don’t know how the convention or indeed a primary election works at all. Also, they don’t care. Like I said, they believe he has already demonstrated that he’s won.

So we’ve established that the grassroots Trump supporters want to break the rules to have him nominated. What that means is that they are the ones who actually wish to steal it. And the people who know better, the Trump supporters who know that a contested convention is not unprecedented, who know Reagan won at a contested convention, well those folks aren’t willing to follow the rules either. Roger Stone has already admitted multiple times that Trump’s organization failed to prepare and hasn’t done any of the necessary legwork to win at the convention. So they would rather use the threat of an enraged rabid fan base to intimidate delegates into voting for Trump.

In other words they, too, would rather steal it. And if they can’t do it by intimidating the party into changing the rules under threat of violence, then they’ll do it by intimidating individual delegates.

Trump’s fans and surrogates and spokespeople and dog aren’t afraid the election will be stolen. They know that Trump is going to lose it by his own incompetence. What they are afraid of is that they won’t be able to steal it for him anyway. That’s the panic you see. That’s the edge in their voice. (I mean the new edge, as opposed to the already existing “I’m barely tethered to reality” edge more commonly found in Trump fans.)

If anyone needs to watch out for illegal activity and theft, it is those who oppose Trump. It’s the oldest trick in the book. Do a bad thing while accusing the other team of doing that exact thing. Lie while calling Ted a liar. Cheat while calling the GOP cheaters. And they aren’t even hiding it.

Armageddon indeed.

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New Ted Cruz Ad For New York Ties Donald Trump To Democrats And Corruption

cruz ny ad

Ted Cruz’s campaign, not a super PAC, has released an ad developed for the New York market. It ties Donald Trump to a number of significant Democrat politicians with corruption problems by showing how much money they have received from Trump in political contributions.

If you don’t have time to view the video, these are the high points

  • Trump handed over $41,000 to Eliot Spitzer, who made it all the way to the Governor’s Mansion before his relationship with a high-priced prostitute became public. And Trump gave almost $4500 to disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner who publicly tweeted lewd pictures of himself.
  • Trump has no problem handing out cash to some of the most liberal politicians hailing from New York. He gave $64,000 to Andrew Cuomo, helped elect and re-elect New York mayor David Dinkins, and donated $8,900 to Chuck Schumer, one of the leading Senate Democrats advocating for amnesty and to put liberal justices on the Supreme Court.
  • Trump is a significant backer of the corrupt Democrat machine in New York, giving $138,000 to the party over several decades. Since 1999, Trump has personally contributed over $350,000 to New York candidates and committees, and at least an additional $50,000 through one of his businesses.
  • Trump’s relationship with the Clintons goes back decades. In addition to inviting Bill and Hillary to his wedding, he has contributed to Hillary’s New York senate and presidential campaigns, and given at least $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation (though some reports have it closer to $250,000).
  • He’s also given thousands of dollars to individuals with legal and ethical violations. Trump gave $56,000 to convicted felon Alan Hevesi who went to prison for a massive pay to play pension scandal. He contributed to a disgraced Queens assemblyman who stole $90,000 from a little league association. And he donated to Sheldon Silver, a former Speaker of the New York State Assembly who is facing 130 years in prison for a corruption.

As I noted earlier today, the real objective for Cruz in New York is not necessarily to win, though that would be sweet indeed, but to keep Trump from winning 50%+ at the state and congressional district level. This ad may very well move the needle enough to accomplish that goal.

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