Life After the Primaries

Editor's note: Steve Evans will take over as Lubbock County Republcian Chairman in July. His comments are apropos for any party.

The blocks have been walked, mailers sent out, forums attended and hands have been shaken. The votes have been tallied, you have been weighed and measured but you just didn’t have enough. Is there a place for you after a primary?

This author says yes.

The decision to run is a hard one, at least it should be, and campaigning is not for the faint of heart. To properly hold an office you must be a true representative of the people you choose to represent. All too often candidates get in a race for the wrong reasons, for those there may be no life after a primary.

There is a place for the candidates and volunteers whose camapaigns did not receive a majority of the votes.

For the precious few that desire to be real representatives, preparing for a campaign is an arduous process. Many things such as family, careers and long term obligations have to be considered. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that a great deal of prayer and self-reflection should occur before any decision is made to seek an office. For those there is life after a primary.

Some candidates that give their all in a race, only to come up short, have the tendency to walk away never to be seen in the political arena again. Others continue a self-serving cycle of repeated campaigning that will never be beneficial to themselves or anyone else. For the very few that are still called to lead and represent, there is a relentless fire that we hope will guide them to the proper place on the ballot where they can succeed. This is the exception to the rule as far more people fail their campaigns then ever succeed in being the selection of the people.

The volunteers that campaigns bring…are vital new blood for the party.

For those that don’t succeed there is life. There is a place for the candidates and volunteers whose camapaigns did not receive a majority of the votes.

Life after a primary can be hard for the candidate that put their all into a race. It is this type of person that might disappear from the political arena as the thought of losing again would just be too much. Many situations have to be faced. They have to return to work defeated, they have to face their family and friends as someone who couldn’t measure up. The need to return to normal overwhelms the call to stay active in the cruel world of politics; however, it’s this type of person that can contribute so much to a political party.

Relationships and connections, made during the fast paced networking that is campaigning, are the very strengths necessary for a successful party. The volunteers that campaigns bring to the primary process are vital new blood for the party.

Fighting for a better tomorrow doesn't always mean holding an office.

I implore you, don’t fall back into the politically non-existent life you had before running. Stay active and contribute to the party. For those passionate about making a difference, it starts with boots on the ground and the tremendous experience gained during your campaign could pay dividends to others down the road.

Fighting for a better tomorrow doesn’t always require holding an office, sometimes it means helping others attain their goals. For the chosen few who have the courage to continue, there is life after a primary.