Emails to Electors reflect the character of HRC supporters…and some observations about media

Emails to Electors reflect the character of the element of the Democratic party that strongly supports HRC. Their reaction to my strongly worded message says more about them than me.

All humor aside, it is critical that Republicans know what kind of people send emails to electors.


Media filters

Please allow a quick digression into what you should know about media, including your favorite blogger. We are not conduits of raw news, we are filters of news.

It is impossible to deliver every message to you, so I must filter them and my biases are part of that filter.

When things are calm, or when I have days to think about an article, I have the luxury of examining those biases and how they affect my story. But if I'm an editor with a 10 p.m. deadline competing for the attention of a reader or viewer who is bombarded with sensational stimuli from a half dozen media sources, it is difficult to resist the urge to present the extremes.

Those decisions are even more critical when dealing with images and video. The subjective judgements of what to show are influenced by what readers and viewers find visually interesting. Social media and advanced analytics have made news increasingly consumer driven.

Did I say that too indirectly? Let me say it again.

Gentle reader, the media delivers what your viewing and reading habits tell researchers you want to see. Yes, it's ultimately our fault because we gravitate towards the sensational.

So, know that I could drag out the dozen or fewer, highly offensive, "F–k your God" emails. Headline, You won't believe what HRC supporters are saying, and the last one will shock you. Warning: X-rated. Readers would share that bad news all over social media. The message would go viral. would enjoy fifteen minutes of fame.

But if only a dozen of 8,000+ correspondents chose to behave this way, how representative are they? They are the .2 percenters. And that's about how much attention I intend to give them. Focusing on bad behavior amplifies and empowers bad actors.

Scale is an important but often a neglected part of the story.


The character of HRC supporters reflected in emails

I've learned that we listened to the same speeches from the two candidates and heard distinctly difference messages. HRC's message was fear driven and many, many people believed it.

Fear is the stated movitation of most writers. They seem genuinely afraid. That's a terrible thing. Only time will change it.

The reader may find it interesting to know that roughly four fifths of the writers are female.

The following email typifies 75% or more of the messages I receive in emails to electors. If you want to know their ilk, this is it:

As a concerned US Citizen and voter, I naturally sent an electoral college email and got your response. With my personal views aside, I greatly appreciated that you took the time to put up an auto-response that addressed me and my concerns.

Despite political views amongst Americans, what we sometimes forget, which is honestly the most important part, is that because we are Americans we can even have a view/opinion and express it. I will always support the democratic party, but I also am appreciative to anyone in government that takes the time to care, which you did with your auto-responder. It's truly a rare thing.

—Shannan in Georgia

Political convictions aside, the inescapable conclusion about the overwhelming majority of HRC supporters is they are fine Americans, thoughtful, courteous and engaged.

This is a great country and her citizens are great people. If we each know and assume that about the other we can begin to heal.