The Russian Gambit: Why the “hack” changes nothing

Why will I cast my vote for the Republican winner of the Texas Presidential election? More the point, why will I "ignore the Russian hack of the election"?

My college had strict attendance requirements. Three credit classes were allowed three cuts. More and you were kicked out of the course or received a zero averaged in with your grade.

Steve and Tommy noticed one particularly pro-sports psychology teacher, who took regular attendance, seemed to ignore the absences of student athletes. Being young and seeing themselves as defenders of truth, justice and the American way, they took it upon themselves to investigate.

To make a long story short, they hacked the teacher's grade book. Steve carried it to the library. Tommy copied it and Steve returned it to its place. It presented clear evidence of a double standard in the teacher's handling of grades and attendance. 

It was two very naive young men who walked into the Dean's office thinking he'd be concerned only with the grade disparity. They received a real-world education for the next hour.

The two were grilled about how they came into possession of the incriminating evidence. No one seemed concerned about the greater offense. Only their disparate roles in the purloining and copying of the incriminating evidence, along with a healthy dose of legalistic doublespeak, saved both from expulsion by the dreaded "God squad": the campus disciplinary committee.

The WikiLeaks hack into the Democratic National Committee computers reminds me of the story from my college days. 

WikiLeaks has never made a fraudulent release. Democrats seem to forget, WikiLeaks was the hero of civil liberties when it showed the National Security Agency was monitoring our wireless calls. I applauded it then; I applaud it now.

Like the Dean, Democrats seem not to care what the evidence proved about themselves. They act unconcerned if the hack proves the Democrat Primaries were stacked against Bernie Sanders. 

The DNC never intended a fair primary. Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz conspired to use Sanders' Jewish ethnicity against him. ABC commentator and DNC operative Donna Brazile, loved by Democrats and respected by many, not only fed debate questions to Hillary Clinton but she looked us in the eye and lied about it when caught. As Donald Trump said, the system was rigged.

Fast forward to December 18. No one seems to remember Democrats, indeed all Americans, were aware of the hack months before the election. There's no new information here and certainly no evidence of campaign collusion in an unlawful act.

The focus is on the demon of the the Cold War, Russia. The, as yet unproven, Boogeyman of the "election hack." 

Only the election wasn't hacked. Not one iota of proof has been offered to suggest a single vote was tampered with by the Trump campaign or anyone else. Electronic voting machines cannot accessed by outside hackers. 

The election was sound. People voted based on what they knew: what they knew about Donald Trump; what they knew about the Democratic Party; and what they knew about Hillary Clinton. Trump won that election.

False news stories and the ability to wage a 40 day negative campaign focusing on one person, the President-Elect, has only served to divide the nation and erode the foundations of its institutions. Fear and desperation rule the day. Democrats appear willing to destroy this nation before they will accept President Trump. 

Shame on them! I call it, "The Russian Gambit."

Just as the Dean's reaction to the psychology teacher's corruption seemed suspect and false, so does the Democratic campaign to destroy the President-elect. They're hoping the Russian Gambit will sway the electoral vote.

Forgive me if it sounds disingenuous when, after decades of coddling murderous despots around the world and modeling "Che chic," the same people have finally found a tyrant they can't stomach. 

Don't upset China by answering a phone call but say nothing conciliatory about Russia? I'm not buying what you're selling. It's smoke and mirrors. 

It's only my opinion and mine is worth no more than yours, but I have one more vote to cast. I will vote for sound cabinet choices, conservative Supreme Court Justices and a myriad of federal judge appointees to come in the next four years. I will vote for the rule of law.

This is why I will cast my vote for the Republican winner of the Texas Presidential election, President-Elect Donald Trump.