After Weeks of Whining Arrington Campaign Brings in Sleaze Specialist

After weeks of whining about what he called Robertson's "negative" and "dishonest" attacks against him, Congressional District 19 runoff candidate Jodey Arrington has brought in a campaign manager known  for being a "sleaze master."

Scott Yeldell, Arrington's new campaign manager, was described in 2014 as running "one of the sleaziest campaigns of the year, a campaign that featured incredibly inappropriate and dishonest attacks."

Arrington withdraws from TTU Republicans debate

Scott Yeldell showed up at a Texas Tech College Republicans meeting last night identifying himself as "campaign manager" for Arrington. After failing to get his way with the organization Yeldell announced that Jodey Arrington would not participate in the college Republican sponsored debate.

"We had members who were supporting Arrington. Not anymore. We tried to call Scott Yeldell this morning and he hung up on us," explained Megan McMillan, TTU College Republicans President.

"We are still going forward with the event and having Mr. Robertson come," said McMillan.

"We've never had anyone treat us the way that Mr. Yeldell treated us. It was insulting," she continued.

Yeldell's gay bashing

Yeldell is no stranger to controversy. He ran the 2012 campaign of Francisco Canseco of San Antonio for the 23rd Congressional District.

It was a particularly ugly campaign as the New York Times article describes:

It has surprised no one that things have turned nasty, but one advertisement stands out. Mr. Canseco’s campaign distributed a mailer that used an image of Jesus Christ and a picture of two men kissing to highlight what he says is Mr. Gallego’s liberal record on abortion and gay rights.

Interestingly, Yeldell's tactics were not successful as Canseco lost his election for Congress.

Is there any doubt who fed the Michael Bob Starr…story to the media?

2014 wasn't Yeldell's first foray into dirty campaigning.

In 2007 The Coloradoan ran a story describing Yeldell's resignation from a Ft. Collins, CO campaign for "dishonesty."

Yeldell had written a letter to the editor of The Coloradoan misrepresenting his relationship with a campaign he was managing. He is quoted as admitting, "It was a mistake. An amateur, thoughtless mistake."

Scott Yeldell works for Marathon Strategies. The Arrington campaign has been paying Marathon since November. 

Is there any doubt who fed the Michael Bob Starr "gay rights activist" story to the media?

Is the Arrington campaign in a panic?

Does this signal a change of tone for the Arrington campaign? Arrington has previously condemned what he described as negative campaigning by Robertson.

Will he change his mind? And if so, why? This is an interesting development early in the runoff. 

A change this radical, if one comes, suggests a candidate who is in a panic. Whether that is true, or whether there is reason to panic, remains to be seen. 

We contacted Jodey Arrington for comment but did not receive return communication by the time of publication.

Will the Real Michael Bob Starr Please Stand Up?

It’s time for the real Michael Bob Starr to stand up and let us know who he is and what his record is.

Every other candidate in the Congressional District 19 race is from Texas. They have spent all or most of their lives in this district. Their footprints are easy to find. One owns a bank whose books are published in the public record. At least three hold professional licenses from the state. Any discipline meted out against them is in the public domain. Others are business people with lengthy history in the district.

It’s time we were allowed to look beyond the spit and polish.

But Michael Bob Starr is a stranger. He’s only recently become a Texas resident. We’ve found no record that he even owns property in Texas. Never has.

Of all the candidates, Michael Bob Starr is a mystery. Who recruited him to run? Who is supporting him? Even that last question is a secret for Michael Bob Starr. Starr is the beneficiary of dark money by way of a Super PAC organized to funnel money from unknown donors into a campaign to support him.

We call on Michael Bob Starr to release his military personnel record.

Starr is the classic carpetbagger. No one really knows who he is. He hopes to take advantage of a short election cycle and the cumbersome federal laws regarding the disclosure of contributors to do an end run on West Texas before voters wake up and start asking questions.

It’s time we were allowed to look beyond the spit and polish. Stop hiding behind the flag and the men and women of Dyess Air Force Base and show us who you are.

We call on Michael Bob Starr to release his military personnel record unredacted except where national security is compromised. The former colonel should release all military performance reviews, fitness reports, disciplinary actions, reprimands and commendations. In addition, Colonel Starr should ask that the Super PAC “Conservative Texans” immediately release the names and amounts of all donors. Enough secrecy.

We’d like to know why Starr wasn’t going to get his star.

There’s one thing you can be reasonably certain about an officer who retires at the rank of Colonel: he was never going to get a general’s star or he’d have stayed in. Generals in the Air Force are rarer and much better paid than congressmen.

We’d like to know why Michael Bob Starr wasn’t going to get his star.

The voters have a right to know Michael Bob Starr as well as they know Jason Corley, Jodey Arrington and the rest of the candidates. It is within Starr’s power to make that happen.

Starr: Been There, Done That and Got the T-shirt

A Breitbart Texas article describing CD-19 congressional candidate retired Col. Michael Bob Starr’s LGBT activism prompted the candidate to fire back Monday wrapping himself in the flag and calling his detractors “cowards.”

The article includes a picture of then Col. Starr triumphantly crossing the finish line in the Dyess Air Force Base “Gay Fun Run” wearing a gay pride T-shirt. The event was a part of the Dyess observation of LGBT Pride Month according to the caption on the Dyess AFB photo. The Breitbart headline described Starr as a gay rights activist.

bob_starr2In today’s news conference Starr said that he did not support LGBT activism or gay marriage but was only there to support his troops.

A statement from Senior Airman James Rogers to the Abilene Reporter News confirms that Starr was indeed very supportive. “We’re the first LGBT support group on Dyess,” Rogers said. “The atmosphere of acceptance, from Col. (Michael Bob) Starr to the new Airmen Basics has been great. They’ve put an emphasis on changing. You can see with us out here, we’re here because we have the support to be out here” (Abilene Reporter News, May 3, 2015).

It appears from photos that Starr has shown his support in two such “Fun Runs.”

Who is the real Bob Starr?

The LGBT agenda is well known to be a left leaning political agenda that seeks, among other things, to force businesses to participate in activities the owners may find objectionable on religious grounds.

Now all of that is fine, if that is who Michael Bob Starr is, an active supporter of the LGBT agenda.

The question seems to be, “who is the real Michael Bob Starr?”

In a January Faith & Family Forum at Rock City Church, Michael Bob Starr was as militantly anti-gay as any Republican candidate on the dais.

In Monday’s news conference the Michael Bob Starr we saw was a sniveling whiner who called those who told the truth about his actions “cowards” who were conducting a “coordinated, well-financed attack.”

The Michael Bob Starr we saw was a sniveling whiner.

Starr demanded his opponents not make Dyess Air Force Base part of their attack strategy.

But wait, aren’t those military aircraft in the background of Michael Bob Starr’s commercials? Or was that a Greyhound bus? Doesn’t he use “U.S. Air Force” liberally in his material? If Michael Bob Starr can use his command of Dyess AFB as a qualification isn’t it fair for someone else to criticize his actions while serving as base commander?

And while he denied supporting the LGBT agenda, Michael Bob Starr also stated plainly about his actions, “I don’t regret any of this.”

Starr never identified who was behind the “coordinated, well-financed attack.” Jason Corley, the only candidate who has raised this issue, is hardly “well-financed.” Corley is also the only candidate to have not raised and spent enough money to require him to file a campaign finance report. And Breitbart Managing Editor Brandon Darby says he only found out about the issue when the Starr campaign called him trying to do damage control. Darby is an outstanding reporter and editor but it doesn’t require a Bob Woodward to Google “Michael Bob Starr LGBT” once you get that call.

Starr: “I don’t regret any of this.”

Through all the invectives, hurt feelings and whining Starr never denied any allegation contained in the Breitbart article except to say that running in a gay pride race and wearing the gay pride T-shirt did not imply that he supported the gay pride agenda, only the troops.

Been there, done that and got the T-shirt but I really didn’t mean it.