Dems Use Planned Parenthood To Hold Zika Funding Hostage

The Zika virus has caused panic in Latin American countries. Widespread concerns are affecting an already troubled Summer Olympics before they’ve begun, and turned athletes, spectators, and media personalities away from the games in Rio.

However, that’s far from the real tragedy.

The scariest thing about Zika is what it can do to a woman and her pregnancy. The virus, which is spread by mosquitoes or through sexual transmission, can cause an unborn child to develop microcephaly – a neurological condition that causes abnormal brain development, a smaller head, and a lifetime of health and physical problems. It is a devastating diagnosis to receive.

Because of this threat, abortions have drastically increased in some Latin American countries, even those which outlaw the life-ending procedure. BBC reports:

Fears over the Zika virus have contributed to a “huge” increase in the number of women in Latin America wanting abortions, researchers say.

Estimates suggest there has been at least a doubling in requests in Brazil and an increase of a third in other countries.

Many governments have advised women not to get pregnant due to the risk of babies being born with tiny brains.

Sixty countries and territories have reported cases of Zika being spread by mosquitoes. More than 1,500 babies have been diagnosed with microcephaly caused by the virus.

One woman from Peru told Women on Web: “I’m very concerned, I’m two months pregnant and in my country Zika has been detected.

“I love children, but I don’t believe it is a wise decision to keep a baby who will suffer. I need an abortion. I don’t know who to turn to. Please help me ASAP.

In the U.S. there have been 820 confirmed Zika cases. So far, each transpired because the infected individual traveled outside of the United States. Though travel-related cases are increasing, with New York and Florida topping that list, there have been no local or mainland incidents reported.

Meanwhile, in Congress, efforts to fund measures to fight Zika have stalled and won’t resume until after the Independence Day recess. Democrats and Republicans are fighting over financing, and disagreement over the role of Planned Parenthood funds. This so-called women’s “health organization” is part of the delay. The Hill reports:

Democrats say one of their biggest concerns about the bill — and one that would be expected to prompt a White House veto — is that Republicans are targeting women’s health groups.

“Preventing funding from going to Planned Parenthood? That’s a poison pill,” Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) told reporters Thursday.

Though Democrats claim the Republican version of the Zika funding bill seeks to harm women by steering it clear of Planned Parenthood, the opposite is true. Accountability is a must when discussing health-related funding. Planned Parenthood is outnumbered 20 to 1 by comprehensive women’s healthcare clinics, so the Leftist claim is nothing but a fog of fear. As the New York Times reports:

“Unlike the administration’s request that allowed overly broad authority for federal agencies to use Zika dollars with little accountability, this legislation places tight controls and oversight on spending to ensure that every dollar is being used appropriately,” the statement from the House Appropriations Committee.

Sadly, many unborn lives will be lost abroad as a result of Zika, and things could potentially worsen stateside. Not every infected person is a female of childbearing age, and of the infected individuals who are pregnant, a small number will receive a microcephaly diagnosis. While this may not be comforting to those facing the struggle of a disabled child, abortion is still not the answer.

Democrats in Congress refuse to acknowledge that the majority of women’s healthcare in this country is not related to Planned Parenthood. The best healthcare for women, whether Zika-related or not, remains with clinics providing non-abortive education, prescriptions, and services.

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New Polls: The Libertarian Party is Poised for a Stunning Showing in November

This may be surprising to you, but only once in its entire history has the Libertarian candidate for President gotten over 1% of the Presidential vote – when Ed Clark and David Koch got 1.06% of the vote in 1980. Usually, in fact, the Libertarian Party candidate gets less than one half of one percent – only Clark in 1980 and Gary Johnson in 2012 have ever gotten more than .50% in a Presidential election.

The Libertarians showed this year at their nominating convention over Memorial Day weekend that they are a long, long way from becoming anything approaching a mainstream party. Both their candidates and party activists were a huge turn off for regular people who tend to think that nah, a five year old should NOT be able to buy heroin.

Two new polls suggest, however, that massive Republican voter dissatisfaction may lead the Libertarians to unheard of electoral heights. First, a Mason-Dixon poll of Florida voters indicates that Gary Johnson is poised to take 7% of the Florida vote, almost all of which comes from the ranks of disaffected former Republican voters. Second, a national Rasmussen poll shows that Johnson is likewise poised to reach 8% nationally, which would lead the Libertarians to the promised land of Federal matching funds (which would of course lead to the hilarious question of whether the Libertarians would accept those funds).

Sure, it’s early in the election season and there’s a reason to take these polls with a grain of salt. However, there really is reason to believe that Johnson and Weld can make some noise this year. The media has figured out that there are a whole bunch of Republicans who are desperate for a third party option and right now the Libertarian Party is probably the most attractive. We all know they basically rig the debate criteria to include whoever they want, so if they decide to treat Johnson as a legit candidate, complete with coverage and debate appearances, then topping 5% in this election is definitely within reach. And if the Libertarians are responsible for the difference between Trump and Clinton, then they will have truly arrived indeed.

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Lubbock Mayor Shocked by Border Tour: ‘More Porous Than I Imagined’

“As a candidate for Congress, I wanted to witness the situation first hand and hear from our Border Patrol Agents,” Robertson said in a written statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. “I plan on visiting other sectors in the future to learn more about the challenges our brave Border Patrol Agents face on a daily basis.” | click here for Breitbart Texas article.

Dick Morris: Supreme Court Brings Back Three-Fifths Slavery Formula

Anything written by Dick Morris merits extra scrutiny however his piece about the consequences of the Evenwel decision is well-thought out. States like Texas will benefit from disproportionate representation because of our large population of illegal immigrants who, like the slaves of the 19th century, are not allowed to vote. | click here for article.

Waco Tribune: AG rules gun ban invalid at McLennan County Courthouse

“The county Monday was notified by the Attorney General’s Office that the signs at the entrances of the courthouse and the annex are in violation of state law and must be removed unless commissioners decide to challenge the opinion. The letter states that the county cannot prohibit licensed handgun holders from entering into an entire building simply because the courts or the offices of the courts are located in a portion of a multipurpose building.” | click here for Waco Tribune article.

Cato: American Big Brother: A Century of Political Surveillance and Repression

“In reality…it is not simply American’s free speech rights that are often threatened by federal agencies. The federal government’s penchant for surveilling, penetrating, and actively subverting domestic political activities by individuals and groups spans periods of peace and war over more than a century.” | click here for Cato Institute article.

After Weeks of Whining Arrington Campaign Brings in Sleaze Specialist

After weeks of whining about what he called Robertson's "negative" and "dishonest" attacks against him, Congressional District 19 runoff candidate Jodey Arrington has brought in a campaign manager known  for being a "sleaze master."

Scott Yeldell, Arrington's new campaign manager, was described in 2014 as running "one of the sleaziest campaigns of the year, a campaign that featured incredibly inappropriate and dishonest attacks."

Arrington withdraws from TTU Republicans debate

Scott Yeldell showed up at a Texas Tech College Republicans meeting last night identifying himself as "campaign manager" for Arrington. After failing to get his way with the organization Yeldell announced that Jodey Arrington would not participate in the college Republican sponsored debate.

"We had members who were supporting Arrington. Not anymore. We tried to call Scott Yeldell this morning and he hung up on us," explained Megan McMillan, TTU College Republicans President.

"We are still going forward with the event and having Mr. Robertson come," said McMillan.

"We've never had anyone treat us the way that Mr. Yeldell treated us. It was insulting," she continued.

Yeldell's gay bashing

Yeldell is no stranger to controversy. He ran the 2012 campaign of Francisco Canseco of San Antonio for the 23rd Congressional District.

It was a particularly ugly campaign as the New York Times article describes:

It has surprised no one that things have turned nasty, but one advertisement stands out. Mr. Canseco’s campaign distributed a mailer that used an image of Jesus Christ and a picture of two men kissing to highlight what he says is Mr. Gallego’s liberal record on abortion and gay rights.

Interestingly, Yeldell's tactics were not successful as Canseco lost his election for Congress.

Is there any doubt who fed the Michael Bob Starr…story to the media?

2014 wasn't Yeldell's first foray into dirty campaigning.

In 2007 The Coloradoan ran a story describing Yeldell's resignation from a Ft. Collins, CO campaign for "dishonesty."

Yeldell had written a letter to the editor of The Coloradoan misrepresenting his relationship with a campaign he was managing. He is quoted as admitting, "It was a mistake. An amateur, thoughtless mistake."

Scott Yeldell works for Marathon Strategies. The Arrington campaign has been paying Marathon since November. 

Is there any doubt who fed the Michael Bob Starr "gay rights activist" story to the media?

Is the Arrington campaign in a panic?

Does this signal a change of tone for the Arrington campaign? Arrington has previously condemned what he described as negative campaigning by Robertson.

Will he change his mind? And if so, why? This is an interesting development early in the runoff. 

A change this radical, if one comes, suggests a candidate who is in a panic. Whether that is true, or whether there is reason to panic, remains to be seen. 

We contacted Jodey Arrington for comment but did not receive return communication by the time of publication.