EXCLUSIVE – MN Delegate tells RedState they were Warned of “Consequences” by Trump Camp (VIDEO)

CLEVELAND, OH – RedState has been beating the pavement today talking to delegates from the states who allegedly pulled their petitions for a roll call vote on the Rules Committee minority report. One of the states that initially joined the petition for a Roll Call vote was Minnesota.

I caught up with Minnesota Delegate Andy Aplikowski today, and in an exclusive interview, he described how Republican party members and Trump campaign operatives, including Jeff Sessions’ chief of staff, descended on their delegation and attempted to get delegates to withdraw their signatures from the petition.

Mr. Aplikowski talks about the importance of the reforms that were proposed to the rules, and how they had nothing to do with unbinding delegates for Trump. The RNC was able to convince Trump delegates and campaign operatives to the contrary because it’s an esoteric issue and many of them aren’t super bright. Either that or they are just super thrilled about the RNC taking their power away anyway.

He also describes how RNC/Trump operatives told the Minnesota delegation that there would be “consequences” for a “yes” vote, that they would withhold funding from Minnesota candidates and cut off Victory funds. Take a look.

This convention will be the final alienation of conservatives by the Republican party, and not just because of Trump. They have demonstrated over and over that they simply do not care about conservatives or for their input. Neither do they care about the alleged concerns of the Trump supporters. They have neatly regained their footing after the Trump surprise and have used the opportunity presented by his inept campaign to consolidate power for themselves.


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Julian Castro violated the Hatch Act, will it matter?

What is it with being an Hispanic liberal Democrat San Antonio mayor, then becoming Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, secretary, ending up with a reputation as a law breaker? The latest to fit this pattern is the young far-Left Julian Castro, former San Antonio mayor, Obama-clone, and frequent name on lists of potential Hillary […]
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RNC: #DelegatesUnbound Voting Protest Fizzles. Trump to Receive Nomination

Well, that is that. This is one protest I was not really fully behind. The rules fracas yesterday was a debacle for the RNC because it wasn’t even about trying to undo the election, it was trying to protect the integrity of future elections.

In the end, any protest that might have occurred was killed by the expedient of just killing microphones. And I don’t know that any was even attempted. But this is fine. Trump got the votes, he should get the delegates. Let the orange man-God have his run at Hillary. That’s what the voters wanted, after all.

Nothing says any of us have to support him in the general, but he’s earned the right to run on the Republican ticket, for better or worse (almost certainly worse). He did it according to the rules of the party he has so often scorned and criticized as running a rigged game against him. Well, whatever, no one said you had to be smart or honest to run for President – a point Hillary Clinton will reinforce for us next week.

God help us all, it’s all over.


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BREAKING: Nominating Speeches and Possible Delegate Ruckus During Roll Call (WATCH LIVE)

Here we go:


UPDATE: There seems to be a problem playing the embed. Working on .it

UPDATE: Live stream online below.


UPDATE, 7:12pm EST. Official tally is in. That’s it. Trump is the nominee. Hold onto your butts.

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BREAKING: FURIOUS Delegates Plan to Disrupt Convention Vote at 5:30pm ET (Live Blog) (UPDATED)


CLEVELAND, OH – Cruz delegates and other conservatives, furious about the way the Rules Committee debacle went down yesterday, are planning to disrupt the counting of the delegate vote, which is scheduled to occur in mere moments. Per the rules adopted by the rules committee, the secretary has been instructed to record the delegate vote in accordance with the binding rules as laid down by the RNC. The NeverTrump delegates are planning to contest these counts, which could well lead to a repeat of last night’s chaos, or worse.

RedState is here live from the convention floor and will be providing live updates here and on our Facebook page. The convention floor is quiet right now as delegates are filing in to take their seats. We’ll keep you posted right here as developments become available.


Watch the convention live from the RNC feed:

(UPDATED 6:26 PM ET) The chair announces 19 votes for DC for Trump. The DC delegation actually stands and announces 10 votes for Rubio, 9 votes for Kasich. The chair just declares the 19 votes for Trump. The Trump delegates cheer.

(UPDATED 6:31PM ET) It appears that this particular protest is going to be much quieter than the previous one. Whenever a state delegation announces a total that is different from the one the chair wants, the chair just records the total they want. Thus far, no actual ruckus has been caused.

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This Is One Thing Glenn Beck Is Definitely Right About (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck was interviewed by Chuck Todd over the weekend and the focus, obviously, was the utter debacle that has been the GOP nominating process.

GLENN BECK: I feel like the world of Blade Runner makes more sense than this one. I don’t even know where to begin, we’re living in such a fantasy world where nothing makes sense anymore.


It sounds like something really jumped out at you from the chairman there? What jumped out at you the most?


The whole thing. The whole thing did. Honestly, I don’t even know where to begin with that. It is remarkable to me that both parties are so out of touch with the American people, both Democrats, Republicans and Independents, we all feel the same way. Three things: I don’t belong to anything anymore and I want to feel like I belong to something. I don’t even feel like my country is even the same. I don’t belong to anything, nobody’s listening to me and I don’t have any levers that control my own life.

I can’t control my own income, I can’t control my own destiny, I can’t even control my own farm if I’m a farmer. This is not going to last. And these guys are just playing a game, they’re playing a show. You know that Reince Priebus knows better than what he just said. You know that he is not looking at the autopsy and going, “Well, I think this is great. We’re doing the same thing we did with Mitt Romney, except much, much worse.” It’s insane.


So what should be done? I mean, what should be done? Look, the last time you were on, you were–


Nothing, it’s too late…

CHUCK TODD: Let me ask the obvious question here. I know the answer now, it seems obvious. Mike Pence does nothing for you to make Donald Trump more appealing?

GLENN BECK: Look, Mike Pence is a nice guy. And you know, he’s fine and he’s doing a good job. I don’t have anything against Mike. I know that I talked to Mike when I was in Indiana during the campaign. He didn’t have anything nice to say about Donald Trump. I will tell you that if Ted Cruz comes out on, what is it, Monday or Tuesday night when he gives his speech and he endorses even a soft endorsement of Donald Trump, I will officially have no person in Washington that I can trust says what they mean and mean what they say.

I don’t have any inside information on what Senator Ted Cruz is going to do when he gives his speech. My hope is that he can give a speech that will inspire a demoralized party that has been hijacked by the worst sort of political opportunists, remind people that we actually have smart people, people who are not cheats, liars, thieves, adulterers, and a sickly orange who have been elected to office, a speech that will not endorse the Cheeto abomination but encourage people to look forward to a re-centering in 2020.

But I don’t know.

Party loyalty is a strong force and the pressure on Cruz to endorse Trump for the sake of beating Hillary has to be strong. But if he does, I hope he knows his political career is over.

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HOLY WOW: Amazing Voice Matchup Between Melania and Michelle Leaves ZERO Doubt [VIDEO]

Everyone is waffling back and forth on whether or not Melania Trump’s speech was lifted from Michelle Obama’s whole cloth. Well the debate is over.

Pay really close attention to this video from Heat Street. Think about accents.

Every clip of Melania in that video is not using her voice. That is the audio of Michelle Obama laid over video of Melania. That’s how perfectly it matches. That’s how exact. Her lips literally synch with Michelle’s voice.

That’s not common platitudes. That’s the same exact speech. It’s the same exact words. Believe your eyes and ears, not your lying Manafort.

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