Conservative Radio Host Mark Levin Has a Grim Warning for the GOP if Trump Becomes the Nominee


Add Mark Levin to the list of those concerned that the Republican Party will be “blown out” this fall if Donald Trump is the nominee.

The conservative talk radio host is especially concerned about the billionaire businessman’s penchant for social media, telling listeners of Thursday’s broadcast:

“As a matter of fact, I’m starting to think we’re not going to win. It’s actually been in the back of my mind for some time now.

I fear we’re going to get blown out, and part of it is tactics, and part of it — quite frankly — is Donald Trump’s tweeting problems.

He tweets like he has Tourette’s, like he’s obsessed. Nothing personal, but it gets crazier and crazier, and it’s turning off more and more people.”

Levin, who endorsed Texas Senator Ted Cruz earlier this month, added that while Trump remains popular among blue-collar workers, he continues to struggle among other groups.

He continued:

“These negative numbers are coming in big time. A negative view of Trump: 70 percent of women, 72 percent of millennials, 83 percent of blacks, 77 percent of Hispanics. Here you go, 68 percent of suburbanites.

I can smell this. It doesn’t smell good.”

Even words of criticism by Levin, the nation’s sixth most popular talk radio host, might not be enough to derail the billionaire businessman’s path to becoming the next Republican nominee for president, however.

Trump remains ahead in the GOP primary by double digits over Cruz nationwide, according to Real Clear Politics.

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Ted Cruz WINS Louisiana, Donald Trump Threatens To Sue

Donald Trump barely won Louisiana’s primary. In fact, he lost the actual primary day turnout. A big win in early voting helped him keep the lead, but it was close. So close, in fact, that for all intents and purposes, it was a draw.

Enter Louisiana politics. Via my colleague streiff:

What is very clear is that if Donald Trump is not awarded the nomination on the first ballot, his bloc of delegates will melt away and his wins are not being capitalized upon because his campaign is essentially incompetent.

You see, when it came down to the actual election of the delegates, Cruz had more support in the room. This gives him an advantage over Trump, and one that plays into the narrative of the anti-Trump crowd: Trump isn’t likable enough to actually win. His campaign can’t organize well enough to actually get his delegates to the convention, and party leaders don’t like the guy enough to follow his lead.

Of course, being the loser he is, Donald Trump responds as only a loser can: he threatens to sue:

And this, dearest friends, is exactly what Donald Trump does. He fights, he doesn’t win, he sues in order to bully people into submission. He fights, he doesn’t win, he attempts to smear them. He fights, he doesn’t win, he negotiates his way down and calls it a win while calling everyone who negotiated with him a total loser (Sad!).

Trump will get exactly nowhere with a lawsuit on this, of course. This is all happening legally, according to state party rules. If he wants to sue anyone, he should sue himself for general incompetence. Of course, he would in the process smear himself, declare himself the loser, and still call himself a winner at the end of it.

Even better, none of it would matter in the eyes of his mindless hordes.

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Sleazy Donald Trump’s Flaccid And Incompetent Campaign Is Losing the Delegate Battle

Donald Trump Must Never Be President
Donald Trump is pretty much your average, spoiled rich kid who has made it into his dotage without ever having to do very much work. He is used to people doing what he tells them to do because he employs them, because they want something from him, or because he holds some other power over them. When he is forced to deal with people who owe him nothing and who have recognized him for the assclown that he is, unfortunate things happen. A few days ago I posted on how Trump, who won Louisiana by three points, is actually going to have fewer delegates that Ted Cruz and Cruz’s delegates are all on key convention committees.

A similar scenario is playing out in South Carolina where Trump won about a third of the vote, said another way two-thirds of South Carolina voters voted against Trump.

Donald Trump triumphed in South Carolina’s primary last month. Now, the state could be ground zero for his undoing.

Ted Cruz and John Kasich are aggressively mobilizing allies to recruit and elect their own South Carolina loyalists to the Republican National Convention — scheduled for late July in Cleveland.

All 50 of South Carolina’s delegates are duty-bound to support Trump on a first vote, but interviews with two dozen prospective delegates and party insiders — including several Trump backers — reveal a widespread belief that Cruz and Kasich will succeed in wresting the delegation away from Trump if the nomination fight heads to a second ballot. If Trump is unable to claim the nomination immediately, South Carolina could help tip the scales away from the New York billionaire.

Working against Trump is the fact that South Carolina’s potential delegates may be drawn only from the 925 party insiders who attended the state’s GOP convention in 2015. It’s a pool of party veterans who helped reelect the state’s GOP chairman Matt Moore — who has been vocally critical of Trump — with 83 percent support last year.

Some of the insiders who staffed that reelection fight are now working to help Kasich recruit delegates, even though the Ohio governor was trounced in the South Carolina primary, winning just 7 percent of the vote and finishing fifth among six candidates.

But it’s Cruz who enjoys support from much of the conservative activist class and seems best positioned to reap the support of double-agent delegates. Many prospective delegates contacted by POLITICO voiced support for Cruz and indicated they’d strongly consider voting for him on a second ballot.

A similar thing has already happened in Georgia:

A similar scenario in Coweta County, Georgia, last week exposed the relative inexperience of Trump’s delegate team.

Trump won the county by 12 points in the Super Tuesday primary, but Cruz’s supporters had secured a majority of positions to the county convention during precinct meetings before the voting even took place.

Cruz’s allies from the county will outnumber Trump’s about 9-to-1 at the district convention on April 16, and while those who end up in Cleveland will still be bound proportionally to Trump, they are almost certain to switch to Cruz in the case of a second ballot.

What this means is that if Trump goes to the convention without enough delegates to nominate him on the first ballot, he will not get the nomination because his delegates are actually Cruz loyalists.

Earlier today, Trump was whining like a three-year-old with a befouled diaper about the unfairness of it all. It was grotesque to listen to.

What Trump calls unfairness is really just his own laziness and incompetence. This is why his business ventures go bankrupt if he is actually involved in the management of the concern. And does he really think Vladimir Putin or ISIS are going to worry about what he thinks is fair? Of course not. The world is not AYSO soccer. You don’t get a participation trophy. The teams are not always evenly matched. Everyone doesn’t get equal playing time. People play to win. For a guy who talks so much smack about winning in between filing for bankruptcy and being hauled into court for fraud, you’d think Trump would understand that politics is about winning,too.

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Some Mexicans Are So Unhappy with Trump That They Are Celebrating Easter by Burning Effigies of Him

Some Mexicans will be adding a special piñata to their celebrations this Easter weekend: that of 2016 GOP delegate frontrunner Donald Trump.

Paper effigies of the billionaire businessman have been lit ablaze as part of the ritual known as “La Quema de Judas” (The Burning of Judas).

La Quema de Judas is a ceremony celebrated by those of the Catholic and Orthodox faiths to come to terms with the struggle between good and evil. As part of the ceremony, participants throw rotten eggs and used fireworks and then burn a paper effigy of Judas, the disciple who betrayed Jesus Christ by turning him in to the Pharisees.

Image Credit: Screenshot

Image Credit: YouTube

Among the cities that will be burning an effigy of Trump this year in place of Judas are Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Reynosa, and Ciudad Juarez Chihuahua.

Trump is not the only non-biblical effigy that Mexicans have burned in recent years. Former U.S. President George W. Bush and ex-Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein have both been used in past years.

Mexicans have been angry with the billionaire businessman since his June 16th presidential announcement, when he called them “criminals” and “rapists” and threatened to build a “great wall” across their shared border that Mexico would pay for.

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(VIDEO) Donald Trump Doesn’t Know the Nomination Rules And Cries About It


From This Week with some schmoe who is not George Stephanopoulos. Note they are still allowing Donald Trump to phone in his interviews, something they do not permit other candidates to do. Because ratings and ad revenue.


ANNOUNCER: But look at what happened in Louisiana. You won the state of Louisiana but Ted Cruz is coming out of there with more delegates, maybe as many as ten more delegates, and he’s getting them on the key committees that will write the rules for the Republican convention. Is Ted Cruz trying to steal this nomination from you?

TRUMP: Well it tells you what a crooked system we have and what a rotten political system we have, and frankly, I’m so… I’m millions of votes more than… I have millions of votes more than Lying Ted. I have millions, millions of votes more, I have many, many delegates more. I’ve won areas… and he’s trying to steal things because that’s the way Ted works, okay? The system is a broken system, the Republican tabulation system is a broken system, it’s not fair. I have so many millions of votes more… I’ve brought people into this party by the millions. You understand that. They voted by the millions more. It’s one of the biggest stories in all of politics, and what do I have? I have a guy going around trying to steal people’s delegates. This is supposed to be America, free America, this is supposed to be a system of votes where you go out and have elections, free elections, not elections where I won. I won Louisiana and now I hear he’s trying to steal delegates. You know, welcome to the Republican party. What’s going on in the Republican party is as disgrace. I have so many more votes and so many more delegates and, frankly, whoever, at the end, whoever has the most votes and the most delegates should be the nominee.

Can this goober even speak English?

This is really pathetic. The guy who promised us he’d give us winning until we were tired of winning is, as I noted earlier in the week, being out hustled and out organized by Ted Cruz. The problem isn’t a broken system. The system was well known to everyone before the primary started. The problem is a slovenly, flaccid, elderly candidate who has never worked for a single thing in his entire life decided that all he had to do was show up, buy or rent Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee and Breitbart and Fox News, let his campaign manager push a few girls around, and he’d win the nomination. Now he sees he is cratering in national polls, the blow back from his stupid, juvenile and unmanly attack on Ted Cruz via his butt-buddy at the National Enquirer is going to be horrendous, and as the Republican field collapses to two candidates the 70% of the GOP electorate who oppose a Donald Trump candidacy will coalesce against him.

Trump is whining about the process because he is not running his campaign any better than he has run any of his business ventures.

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Group Claims Responsibility for Easter Terror Attack That Injured Hundreds – And It’s Not ISIS

A radical Islamic terrorist organization known as Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Jamaatul Ahrar (TTP-JA) has claimed responsibility for the horrific attack in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park in Lahore, Pakistan.

NBC News reports that Ehsanullah Ehsan, the spokesman for the group, called them from an “undisclosed location” using an Afghani phone number.

Ehsan said that women and children were not the target:

“We didn’t want to kill women and children. Our targets were male members of the Christian community.”

Despite Ehsan’s claim, many of the victims were indeed women and children.

According to the National Counterterrorism Center, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Jamaatul Ahrar (TTP-JA) is an “alliance of militant networks” in Pakistan affiliated with Al Qaeda:

“TTP’s stated objectives are the expulsion of Islamabad’s influence in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas and neighboring Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in Pakistan, the implementation of a strict interpretation of sharia throughout Pakistan, and the expulsion of Coalition troops from Afghanistan.

TTP leaders also publicly say that the group seeks to establish an Islamic caliphate in Pakistan that would require the overthrow of the Pakistani Government.”

At least 60 were killed, and hundreds injured in the brutal Easter Sunday attack.

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When You Hear How Many Funerals These 3 Marines Have Conducted, Your Heart Will Swell with Gratitude

In recognizing our fallen soldiers, there’s one group that often goes unnoticed: the men who bury the dead. Whether honoring the memory of a Marine veteran who passed away long after serving, or a member recently killed in action (KIA), the Marine Corps Body Bearer Section is working around the clock.

According to the official website of the United States Marines, the job is a difficult one, not only mentally, but physically. The body bearers group is made up of only “15 Marine infantrymen” who train every day in the rites of burial for fallen members.

The Military Warriors Support Foundation recently uploaded the video above, in which they interview three body bearers, to their Facebook page.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Facebook

Image Credit: Screenshot/Facebook

According to Staff Sergeant David Rakes, the job is challenging, with body bearers sometimes performing “five funerals a day, five days a week.”

Corporal Justin Reeves says his burial count during the last three years has been over 500:

“The hardest part is when you’re doing a KIA. A 19-year-old, just been in the Marine Corps maybe a year, and their whole family–maybe a fiancé, a wife, and they have young kids. That’s probably the hardest thing I’ve ever seen, I’ve ever personally done since I’ve been here.”

Lieutenant Corporal Paul Ryder adds that given the circumstances, it’s their duty to perform a “perfect funeral.”

The video is a powerful reminder that there are extraordinary soldiers everywhere — not only on the battlefield.

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A Muslim Shopkeeper Had Just Posted a ‘Happy Easter’ Message When the Unthinkable Happened…

A Muslim shopkeeper in Scotland has been murdered, and whom police say committed the crime has people talking.
or something

Authorities also say that it all stems from the victim, 40-year-old Asad Shah, posting a “Happy Easter” message on Facebook.

Here is what Shah originally posted, at two different moments throughout the day.

Image Credit: Facebook

Image Credit: Facebook

The messages encourage Christians to follow the steps of Jesus Christ:

“Good Friday and a very Happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation.”

“Let’s follow the real footstep of beloved holy Jesus Christ and get the real success in both worlds.”

Police say a 32-year-old Muslim murdered Shah, committing a brutal attack that authorities say had a “religiously prejudiced” motive.

A spokesperson from the police issued a statement to Telegraph UK:

“A full investigation is under way to establish the full circumstances surrounding the death which is being treated as religiously prejudiced.”

An eyewitness spoke to Daily Mail about the attack:

“One was stamping on his head. There was a pool of blood on the ground. It was horrific.”

Asad Shah has used his Facebook account to preach peaceful co-existence between the Christian and Muslim faiths on many occasions:

Shah has been described as “the nicest guy ever,” and the community gathered together in order to mourn his passing.

The local Muslim community also used the opportunity to cast out the accused murderer from their ranks.

Friends of the deceased have started a fundraising site in order to help his family, which includes a young daughter.

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Trump Knows Easter

Evangelical Christians who have placed their trust and their vote behind Donald J. Trump can rest easy, knowing he shares their values. Sort of.

If we, as Christians, embrace that with no shed blood, there is no cleansing of our sins, and had Jesus not risen from the grave on the third day, there is no promise of eternal life, then we must also recognize the importance of the Resurrection Day. This is the single most important celebration in the life of a Christian.

He is risen, and because he lives, we are promised eternal life.

Enter the gilded toad, whom so many Christians have already thrown their vote to, in spite of his earlier proclamation that he’s never asked God for forgiveness, because he hasn’t done anything to require God’s forgiveness. That’s a pretty amazing claim, as it would make him only the second perfect, blameless man in history.

If we overlook the multiple marriages, the unrepentant adulteries, mob ties, fraud, and other assorted human failings, I suppose he could make a case for being a good guy, at least.

Now, on this holiest and most revered of days for the world’s Christians, Saint Donald speaks again, fount of virtue and knowledge that he is. From The Daily Caller:

“Well, it really means something very special. I’m going to church in an hour from now and it’s going to be — it’s a beautiful church. I’m in Florida.”

While he did go on to say it was an important day for Christians, he couldn’t elaborate on why it was important.

“And it’s just a very special time for me. And it really represents family and get-together and — and something.”

Yes, Donald. That “something” that you can’t seem to voice is what makes the day so important.

Luke 24:5-6 NIV “In their fright the women bowed down with their faces to the ground, but the men said to them, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen!”

It’s disturbing on many levels to consider how readily those who identify as Christian would suspend their values to support this man. It’s maddening, the lengths they will go to in order to justify that support. With the world a powder keg, now is the time for the church to stand as sowers of virtue and repairers of the breach – not as antagonists, and not behind a man who is the antithesis of everything Christ, in his mercy, represents.

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