SCC Condemns Texas Tech and UNT Policies Prohibiting Concealed Carry at Ticketed/Large-Scale Events

AUSTIN, TX – Over the past several months, Students for Concealed Carry (SCC) has repeatedly criticized policies proposed by the University of North Texas and Texas Tech University that would prohibit the licensed concealed carry of handguns at performance venues and large-scale events on university property. Now that both universities have adopted these policies, SCC […]
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Sarah Palin’s PAC Uses Ted Cruz As An Example Of Conservatives It Supports

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Caricature by DonkeyHotey

Remember back when Sarah Palin doing Donald Trump’s bidding and attacking Ted Cruz at every turn? As I noted at the time

I’ve already reached the point where I can’t have a lower opinion of her than I currently have. It started with her using her nitwit daughter to attack Ted Cruz as Palin, herself, was preparing to endorse Donald Trump. Then she blamed Obama for her son having combat-related PTSD when a) her son has never seen combat and b) he was deployed to Iraq when George Bush was president. After Trump had his ass handed to him in Iowa, Palin promptly danced to Trump’s tune and jumped into the bizarre “dirty trick” that led to Carson over-performing his anticipated outcome in the Iowa Caucuses.

Well, that dislike of Ted Cruz doesn’t extend to Sarah Palin’s PAC, Sarah PAC… which has given a whopping $23,500 to candidates this election cycle out of nearly $1.4 million spent. Sarah PAC is fundraising off Ted Cruz’s name:

palin pac

This is really incredible. On the one hand, Sarah Palin is cavorting with a liberal Democrat who is running as a Republican and she is trashing strong conservatives like Ted Cruz and Steve King. On the other hand, her PAC is using Ted Cruz as an example of the kind of candidate they are trying to elect.

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Trump Goes Insane Over Lewandowski Arrest, Questions Bruises on Fields (VIDEO)

Donald Trump looked practically unhinged this afternoon as he spoke with reporters about his campaign manager’s arrest.  Watch him unravel as he blathers on about the legitimacy of Michelle Fields’ bruises and declares that she “should have screamed” if she was grabbed.

Trump: “There’s not even a change of expression on her face…you take a look at her initial statement- it sounded like she got thrown out of a building…I don’t know if they were bruises from that, why, who said they were bruises from that?  How do you know those bruises weren’t there beforewouldn’t you think she would have yelled out a scream or something if she has bruises on her arm…How did they get there?  Who put them there?  I don’t know that he put them there…I’m not going to let a person’s life be destroyed over someone that we have on tape.”

Yes, because women are so weak, we can’t handle pain without screaming.


But Trump’s descent into madness…beautiful.  Just beautiful.

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Trump Lies About Paul Ryan And Entitlement Reform During IL Interview

TrumpSquareDuring Donald Trump’s interview on Rockford’s(Illinois) 1440 WROK Tuesday with host Michael Koolidge Trump went after Speaker of the House Paul Ryan over Ryan’s entitlement reform plans using nearly every liberal, left-wing smear used when Ryan was chairman of the House budget committee and attacked the Republican Party as wanting to cut entitlements substantially.

Trump also said he would make Social Security much better, and then ruled out doing anything ever proposed that would do that, and then offered no solutions of his own.

Koolidge asked Trump about entitlement reform and reducing the nations debt and deficit considering Ryan has been out front on the issue for years and Trump would be speaking later in the day in Ryan’s hometown of Janesville. Trump said:

Paul, who I like a lot…he’s a really nice guy but I disagree with him on this.

Paul wants to knock out Social Security, knock it down, wants to knock Medicare way down.

Number one your going to lose the election if you do that. I want to keep it. These people have been making payments their whole lives. I want to keep Social Security intact. I want to get rid of the waste, fraud, and abuse. I want to do a lot of things to it that are going to make it much better actually. I’m not going to cut it, I’m not going to raise ages or the other things they want to do, but they want to cut it in a very substantially the Republicans and I’m not going to do that.”

Trump on entitlements starts at 8:40

I happen to know a thing or three about Paul Ryan’s entitlement reform plans, I studied one of them in particular in detail, and I can tell you that at no time has Paul Ryan suggested or offered that Social Security or Medicare be “knocked out”. What Ryan has proposed in one for or another is to keep the entitlement programs as they are for people over a certain age, 55 for example, those that age and above, and certainly those all ready getting their benefits would see no change whatsoever. Those who are younger get options, get choices, get personalized control over what those programs, Social Security and Medicare, would look like for them.

Trumpertantrums blatant use of liberal claptrap about Paul Ryan and entitlement reform isn’t going to help Trump win over voters for April 5th Wisconsin primary, especially on a radio station that can be heard in Janesville.

Then again it doesn’t seem like Trump wants to win Wisconsin, for not only did he go after Paul Ryan during this interview he attacked Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker minutes later for having not raised taxes.

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The Lawyer Representing Trump Manager in Legal Case Quit US Attorney Job After Biting a Stripper

Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is in a heap of trouble over a “simple assault” charge filed by Florida police for an incident involving former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields.

But it’s come to light that Lewandowski’s lawyer is personally an expert in defending witnesses against assault cases. You see, Kendall Coffey was once a U.S. Attorney who quit after a “biting” incident at a strip club.

The surreal flashback was raised on Twitter:

The archived Miami Herald article refers to CNN bringing Mr. Coffey on air as an “expert” on sex scandals:

When it came to getting informed comment Tuesday on New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s involvement in a sex scandal, CNN got a real expert — with more experience in the field than he let on. Billing him only as “a former U.S. attorney,” without any reference to how he achieved his former-ness, the network interviewed Miami’s Kendall Coffey, who had to resign the job in 1996 after biting a dancer during the process of running up a $900 bill at a strip club.

Neither Coffey nor CNN anchor Tony Harris mentioned the incident at the strip club as they talked about Spitzer’s encounter with a prostitute in a Washington D.C. hotel last month.

In a press release reported by Mediaite, Corey Lewandowski is being represented by none other than Kendall Coffey:

In a statement to the press, the Trump campaign announced that Lewandowski was being represented by “Kendall Coffey of Coffey Burlington in Miami.” But Mr. Coffey has a bit of colorful history himself, allegedly biting a stripper in 1996.

Donald Trump has often stated that he hires “only the best” people, so there is no reason to doubt Mr. Coffey’s credentials.

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One Mom Is Super Proud of the Suggestion Her 7-Year-Old Has For Donald Trump

Meredith Carroll is a blogger and previously worked at NPR, in addition to being a regular online contributor to places like Denver Post.

Now, in a new blog post at Disney’s Babble blog, the mom writes that her 7-year-old daughter seems to have caught the writing bug, too.

Mom didn’t say which political party the members of the family most align with, but that the Republican primary debates have led to a party atmosphere around her house, with everyone considering them “great drama and wild entertainment” – something many can relate to:

Eleanor’s class is working on an assignment that encourages them to learn about persuasive letters. She decided – completely on her own, Meredith said – to write her first letter to one of the GOP presidential candidates, Donald Trump.

Here’s the letter the 2nd grader wrote to the billionaire real estate mogul on March 18th:

The letter reads:

“Dear Mr Trump,

Whoa, whoa, whoa. You want to be president? Well I think only family will vote for you. you say bad words, you say that people who don’t work in a curtein [sic] country of state can’t live there. My sister think’s your’e [sic] a bad guy.

I’m not trying to be mean or anything but your’e just rude.”

She gave him this advice:

“My brother who’s 18 would rather vote for I bet more people will vote for you if your’e nicer.”

It was signed “From Eleanor,” and then the little girl added two P.S.s:

“P.S. BOO!

P.P.S. I know you’ll be better!”

Meredith said that the girl’s second try at writing a letter was an attempt to convince her to get the family a new puppy. No word on whether that letter had a successful result.

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