Ivanka Trump Calls RNC a “Forward Looking Moment,” But Let’s Look At How Forward Looking It Wasn’t

Ivanka Trump says it’s no skin off her, or her family’s back that Republicans like Romney, McCain, and the Bush’s are skipping the Republican National Convention.

During an interview on ABC News with Lara Spencer, Ivanka discussed how her father’s win ruffled a few feathers along the way.

“Was that hurtful to hear, though? That some major figures in the party would not be there?” asked Spencer.

“That’s their choice if they don’t wanna be part of the narrative, if they don’t wanna be part of the future,” said Ivanka. “This really is about a really forward looking moment.

Judging by the chaos happening at the RNC due to all the nonsense going down, Romney, Bush, and others can’t be blamed for taking a hard pass on the convention altogether.

Let’s recap on what we’ve seen so far.

The RNC Secretary was literally hiding from petitioners who could force a vote on the rules package.

Reince Priebus ignored delegate votes, and made Mitch McConnell the temporary convention chair.

The Chair absolutely ignored a successful petition for a rules committee roll call.

Despite “nays” drowning out “ayes” on the vote for the rules committee platform, the deputy committee chair called it for the ayes, causing Ken Cuccinelli to ditch his credentials and storm out.

He wasn’t the only person to storm out. The Colorado Delegation also decided to get out of Dodge, and left as well.

A big Trump donor, and committee member of the Trump Victory Committee resigned over the ignored roll call vote.

And if things weren’t bad enough, the RNC now had to make it shady by refusing to release the list of delegates that pulled out of the roll call petition.

So if I was Romney, or Bush, I wouldn’t want to dirty my hands with any of this nonsense either. There is nothing forward looking about this moment. In fact, it all seems rather despotic. The narrative that Ivanka says they don’t want to be a part of is a narrative no Republican should want to take part in.

In all honesty, Ivanka’s words, and the actions of the RNC are usually something I’d expect out of the left. They’re the kind of group that calls total control “forward looking.”

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Ted Cruz Has An Eye on the Future of the GOP and the Nation (Audio)

Senator Ted Cruz is set to speak Wednesday night at the RNC convention in Cleveland. The big question looming seems to be whether an endorsement is forthcoming.

In an interview with Politico’s Glenn Thrush, Cruz opined on the state of the party, going forward.

“In this election I am where a great many voters are, which is that I am listening and watching and coming to a decision,” Cruz, the highest-profile Trump holdout heading into this week’s convention, told me when I asked him if he intended to throw his support behind the former reality TV star imminently.

Cruz joins others, such as the Bush family and former rival, Ohio Governor John Kasich in holding back any explicit endorsement.

In fact, he has so far had more positive things to say about Mike Pence, Trump’s veep choice.

When I asked him whether Trump’s selection of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence — a fellow faith-and-values conservative who endorsed Cruz in the primaries — would make any difference, he offered only generic praise. “I think very highly of Pence,” he told me. “He’s a good man. I think he’s been a good governor. He did a good job in Congress. And so, you know, I certainly congratulate him on being named.”

Senator Cruz is sharp. He’s very well positioned to take advantage of the momentum he has now, and should Hillary walk away with a win in November, in 2020, the conservative movement gets another chance.

“Most wars are not won in a single battle,” said Cruz, who is still paying campaign staff to plan and to create a detailed post-mortem of the 2016 primaries (one thing he’s looking at, I’m told: whether his “New York values” quip about Trump was a blunder).

“What I’m looking forward to is changing the course this country is on. I don’t know if that happens in this election cycle or not,” he added.

When I asked him what message his supporters have been sending him in the three months since Trump became the party’s de facto nominee, he answered: “There’s a lot of despair.”

He also (rightly) called out a complicit media on their role in foisting an unelectable, incoherent, authoritarian on the people.

“Four weeks before we dropped out, we were winning the race,” Cruz told me. “Eighty percent of [Marco Rubio’s] supporters came to us and the party was unifying behind us. … In the 30 days before Indiana primary, Trump got $500 million in free media, 90 percent was positive. What the media said on every station is, ‘Trump is unbeatable, he can’t be beaten’ — while he’s losing.”

It’s no secret that Cruz’s team and his allies have a beef with Fox News for what they believe to be pro-Trump bias (one person in Cruz’s orbit said he’s so disgusted with Fox he hasn’t watched the network since he dropped out in May). But he sees a more insidious hidden hand behind the media’s Trump obsession: liberal news executives who elevated Trump in the primary because they think he’s the only candidate Hillary Clinton can actually beat in a general election.

“I think many of the mainstream media players are liberal Democrats,” Cruz explained. “They intend to vote for Hillary. They believed Donald was the easiest candidate for Hillary to beat. And I think many of them wanted him to win the nomination. I don’t think it was innocent decision-making behind this.”

As Thrush points out, however, Trump still needs Cruz’s supporters to win. More than 50% of Cruz primary voters say they will not vote for Trump. This is in direct opposition to the scores of Trump supporters who have declared the GOP “their party now,” and claim that they can win without conservative voters.

If they’re right, bully for them, but if they’re wrong, you can probably pre-order your Cruz 2020 yard signs.

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Sister of Slain Baton Rouge Officer Montrell Jackson Has Powerful Words for Black Lives Matter

Joycelyn Jackson, 49, was attending an afternoon church service when the terrible news came by way of the pastor asking the congregation for prayers for her family. Her “little brother” Montrell, the 6’3″ Baton Rouge police officer who towered over many but was “outgoing and kind,” had been killed along with two other officers.

Another of Jackson’s brothers had notified the pastor prior to the service but had not yet been able to tell her about Montrell’s death. Jackson didn’t want to break down in church, but she couldn’t hold back the emotion that washed over her.

Now Joycelyn Jackson has powerful words for Black Lives Matter:

“God gives nobody the right to kill and take another person’s life. It’s coming to the point where no lives matter, whether you’re black or white or Hispanic or whatever.”

Jackson also has a reminder for the shooter and anyone considering violence against cops:

“If I could say anything to anyone, it is to get their lives right with God,” she said. “Hell is horrible, horrible place to be.”

Montrell Jackson, 32, is survived by a wife and infant son.

Police have said the shooting was “clearly an ambush” and have identified the shooter as former Marine Sgt. Gavin Long, a.k.a. Cosmo Setepenra, of Kansas City. Long turned 29 on Sunday.

Long, who was shot and killed by police at the scene, is believed to have acted alone.

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RNC Refuses to Release List of Delegates/States Who (Allegedly) Withdrew Roll Call Petition

CLEVELAND, OH- According to numerous reports throughout the day, conservatives had petitions signed by enough states to force a roll call vote on rule changes that conservatives wanted. Not all the changes pertained to Trump at all; in fact, they were mostly just to try to prevent the establishment from taking total control of the process. In fact, many Trump delegates were in favor of them.

However, the RNC apparently twisted arms of some delegates and flat out invalidated the signatures of others to prevent a roll call vote on the package. This led to the obvious question: who were the states whose petitions were withdrawn and/or whose signatures were invalidated? At the very least, Republican voters and the media should be entitled to that information so that they can ask what pressure was applied and/or what was promised? Shouldn’t delegates whose signatures were allegedly invalidated be able to know, so they can challenge that determination?

Apparently not.

Transparency. It’s today’s GOP.

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Major Donor and Trump Victory Committee Member RESIGNS in Protest over Denial of Roll Call Vote

Big time donor and one of the folks who has been trying to raise money from others for Donald Trump, a supporter and a fan of Donald and his campaign, Gary Emineth has just resigned in protest after the RNC railroading over the petition for a roll call vote on the rules package.

Emineth, you may recall, was the one potential Donald Trump delegate from the state of North Dakota, back when Ted Cruz successfully froze out the rest of the state. After Trump locked down the nomination, Emineth was one of the major players pushing to get big donors to line up behind Trump and open up their pockets. Back less than a month ago, Emineth said this:

“It’s time for Republicans to unite behind our next president,” Gary Emineth, former North Dakota GOP Chairman, told reporters.”

Now, though, Emineth finds the campaign, and the RNC, have gone too far.



The problem here is not only the miscarriage, but the fact that the rules change proposals were not merely from anti-Trump voters. They were changes proposed by those who were attempting to make changes to the way things operate so they do not favor the establishment or Democrat and independent voters.

But the RNC and the Trump campaign spent all day in a huge effort to quash all opposition, ultimately successful in the spectacle we all saw earlier this afternoon. People are not happy about it, and now the fallout includes people who are decidedly pro-Trump.

Yay, unity!

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Obama Promised America Iran Won’t Get a Nuke. New Secret Document Seriously Puts That into Question

When it comes to things that President Obama has done while in office, one of the most controversial is the nuclear deal that was made with Iran.

While critics feared such a deal would only serve to embolden the nation that chants “Death to America,” Obama promised that the deal would prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

In fact, Obama has said that he would prevent Iran from obtaining a nuke 15 times.

Here are just three of them, via the Atlantic:

July 1, 2010, at the signing of the Iran Sanctions Act: “There should be no doubt — the United States and the international community are determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.”

May 22, 2011, in an address to AIPAC: “You also see our commitment to our shared security in our determination to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons…. So let me be absolutely clear — we remain committed to preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.”

September 25, 2012, speech to the United Nations General Assembly: “Make no mistake: A nuclear-armed Iran is not a challenge that can be contained…the United States will do what we must to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

As it turns out, if it so chooses, Iran could be able to build a nuclear weapon sooner than reported.

A leaked document attached to the Iran deal was obtained by the Associated Press. It revealed:

Key restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program imposed under an internationally negotiated deal will start to ease years before the 15-year accord expires, advancing Tehran’s ability to build a bomb even before the end the pact [sic], according to a document obtained Monday by The Associated Press.

The document is the only text linked to last year’s deal between Iran and six foreign powers that hasn’t been made public, although U.S. officials say members of Congress have been able to see it.

According to the diplomat who leaked it, the document is an “add-on agreement to the nuclear deal” and has been seen by some members of Congress, Germany, France, China, Russia and Britain.

The Associated Press continues:

It says that as of January 2027 — 11 years after the deal was implemented — Iran can start replacing its mainstay centrifuges with thousands of advanced machines.

Centrifuges churn out uranium to levels that can range from use as reactor fuel and for medical and research purposes to much higher levels for the core of a nuclear warhead. From year 11 to 13, says the document, Iran can install centrifuges up to five times as efficient as the 5,060 machines it is now restricted to using.

While Iran insists its nuclear operations will be for energy generation, critics of the agreement doubt those assurances.

Obama signed the Iran deal in October of 2015.

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‘Scared’ College Kids Make List of Demands When They Learn Cops Will Be Sleeping on Campus for RNC

When some students at Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University apparently think of cops, they might have these guys in mind:

Image Credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Image Credit: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Not these guys:

So when Case Reserve students found out that 1,900 police and national guard members from out of town would be staying in dorms on the campus to provide security for the Republican National Convention, they quickly made up a list of demands of the “riot police” on a Change.org petition:

  • Riot police store all weapons, equipment, and riot-control gear off campus;
  • Riot police refrain from entering University-owned buildings, with the exception of their assigned residence halls;
  • The University informs riot police that they do not have jurisdiction on campus and that they shall contact campus police in case of emergency;
  • Riot police refrain from using alcohol or other mind-altering substances for the duration of their stay;
  • Riot police expressly consent to abide by University conduct regulations including, but not limited to: antidiscrimination, sexual harassment, substance abuse, and weapons policies

Cleveland.com reports that students also demanded to be given another place to sleep and take classes. They claimed they didn’t want to mingle with the cops on campus out of “fear for their safety.”

Over 400 (and counting) have signed the petition.

One commenter on the petition said she was concerned that cops would hurt students:

“I am scared and concerned for students of color, queer* and trans* students and all university community members at the mercy of an arbitrarily expanded police force without clear oversight or attachment to the community. Please, protect CWRU as a safe space for all bodies.”

Another student commented that simply having officers sleeping nearby was a “trigger”:

“The mere presence of these officers on campus is an insult and could serve as a trigger for many painful memories of trauma inflicted by militarized police on community members and . This is a slap in the face to both community members and minority/marginalized students. Having them on campus period is unacceptable.”

Another person wrote:

“My sister goes to Case, and though she’s not there for the summer, many of her friends are. They should not be put in danger because of supposed protections for those gathering at the RNC. Given all the resources, the police have, I’m surprised they have to infiltrate a college campus in the summer for housing.”

The Blaze reports that counseling services and “safe spaces” are being provided for students traumatized by the presence of police officers.

The campus president has issued an apology to students and moved classes off-campus during the week of the Republican convention.

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