Family Drama: Where Was Jared Kushner While The AHCA Floundered?

Donald Trump had been a big vocal backer of the American Health Care Act, which failed to make it to a floor vote today in the House.

Between him and other key senior staff members, there are multiple reports of 11th hour lobbying to get reluctant House members to support the bill. Still, one member of the inner circle was noticeably absent in the week leading up to the fiasco: Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Where was he?

Along with this wife, Ivanka Trump, another key cog in the president’s inner circle, Kushner was on vacation until Thursday, skiing with family in the posh Colorado town of Aspen. Paparazzi caught Jared and Ivanka taking leisurely strolls, enjoying ice cream cones with their three kids and winding their way down the slopes.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, Trump was fuming. According to a source close to the president, “[Trump] is upset that his son-in-law and senior adviser was not around during this crucial week.” Kushner did appear at the White House on Friday during the last gasps of the Obamacare repeal effort.

It is nothing short of embarrassing that Kushner and the family wouldn’t be around to help push the first major agenda item for the Trump Administration. We here at RedState (and elsewhere) noted that it was probably a bad idea to have Kushner and Ivanka in the inner circle, but he kept them close.

Now, during the first major test of his inaugural term, he couldn’t rely on family to help him. That could very well be an indicator of the type of support he’s going to get from Ivanka and Kushner – namely, none. There are plenty of more capable people out there who won’t go off and vacation during critical legislative weeks.

For their part, the White House is denying that there is any anger, but for the Kushner family to be away from D.C. during this week is evidence enough that they are not committed to the task of Making America Great Again. It’s a shame that they weren’t there, and Trump needs to have a chat with them and possibly rethink their involvement with the administration.

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Fox News’ Eric Bolling Still Pretending Trump Doesn’t Own AHCA as Much as Ryan

Ever the Trump sycophant, Fox News host Eric Bolling appeared desperate to deflect all responsibility from “Daddy” on to Congressional leadership.

Don’t get me wrong there’s plenty of blame to go around, but pretending this failure isn’t on Trump  as much as anyone else after the President repeatedly told America how “great” the plan was, is absurd.

He backed it. He put his weight behind it. He owns it.

One of the Fox News personalities who isn’t an acolyte in the cult of Trump nailed it earlier today.

Britt Hume is exactly right, Eric.

You’re ridiculous.

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Muslim Group Raising Money for London Terror Victims

A Muslim group has raised nearly $25,000 for victims of the London terror attack.

Organizer Muddassar Ahmed was inside Parliament when attacker Khalid Masood drove his car into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge, leaving three dead, and stabbed to death an unarmed police officer outside Parliament.

“I saw all the carnage before me,” Ahmed told CNN. “We were trapped there for about four hours.”

He said that the feelings of panic and fear he had in his spot of relative safety made him wonder about how the victims felt, and he decided, on returning home around 1 a.m., to make a call for donations for them.

Ahmed says though it is a Muslim-led campaign, all faiths are welcome to contribute. The group is currently working on distributing funds raised.

Thank you for considering supporting the victims and the families of victims of this tragic attack through this fundraiser. We will ensure that 100% of funds collected through this campaign will go to the victims and the families of the victims most affected by the tragic events that unfolded on March 22, 2017. We are coordinating with City Hall (the Mayor’s office), hospitals, the Met Police Foundation (who have coordinated efforts for funds to be raised on behalf of PC Keith Palmer) and others to ensure that the funds go where they are needed.

Click here to view the fundraising site and media updates. 

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President Trump Blames Lack of Democrat Support for Failure of AHCA

Democrats may be to blame for the health care system being a steaming pile of fail right now, but the demise of the flaccid attempt at tweaking Obamacare instead of just repealing it outright is all on the Speaker Ryan and President Trump.

President Trump disagrees.

Of course he does.

What seems like only minutes ago, Trump was blaming fellow Republicans and threatening to support primary opponents running against any Republican who didn’t go along with the AHCA.

The President told reporters a bunch of stuff he just made up right on the spot.

Trump told reporters Friday that he would be “open to it” if Democrats wanted to work on a bipartisan measure. He predicted the current law would soon collapse.

The president says he has a great relationship with the Republican Party and isn’t going to speak badly about GOP lawmakers. Still, he said he was a little surprised by the bill’s rejection from the conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus.

Trump also said he “never said repeal and replace it within 64 days,” though he repeatedly promised during the campaign to do it on Day One of his term.

For now. Because “unity” or something.

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