Amid Rumors, Sean Hannity Calls Rare Staff Meeting

Politico’s On Media blog is reporting that Sean Hannity, who is not known for holding or even liking staff meetings, has called one for the staff of his television show.

Rumors have been flying that Hannity, following the termination of Bill Shine at Fox News, could be leaving the network. Fox News has been the subject of multiple sexual harassment and racial discrimination accusations over the past year – accusations that have led to Shine’s, Bill O’Reilly’s, and Roger Ailes’ ouster from the center-right news network.

Via Politico:

It’s not clear whether Hannity will say anything meaningful about his future with the network at the meeting or whether it will be more of an opportunity to encourage his staff while the network goes through big changes. Hannity is widely liked and appreciated for such gestures, Fox insiders say.

According to multiple sources, Hannity has a “key man clause” in his contract tied to Roger Ailes, meaning he only needs to give 60 days notice before he can leave the network.

Hannity tweeted out last night that he was not in talks to leave the network.

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Cystic Fibrosis walk can help Lubbock teen, others get closer to a cure

Amanda Scarborough and her husband Stan, have three beautiful children. Their eldest, Banner, has Cystic Fibrosis. Amanda said after going through many tests and labs to figure out why their son was struggling, his gastroenterologist diagnosed him with Cystic Fibrosis at 9-months-old.  It is a genetic disease that Amanda said they had no knowledge of before Banner’s birth. 
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Jared Kushner Failed To Report $1 Billion Investment In Goldman-Sachs, Soros-Linked Startup

These are the kinds of things that have President Trump’s base howling in anguish: An unelected, Manhattan liberal, with ties to Goldman-Sachs and George Soros running the show, behind the scenes.

Jared Kushner, the son-in-law, as well as senior adviser to President Trump, failed to disclose a lot of information on his required documents for his new government position, it seems.

According to a new report, Kushner failed to report more than $1 billion in loans for a real estate startup.

 The investment in the startup Cadre makes Kushner a partner with Goldman Sachs.

An attorney for Kushner told the newspaper that he disclosed his ties to BFPS Ventures LLC, which includes Cadre, though his forms did not specifically mention the startup.

The attorney said a revised disclosure will include the stake in Cadre once officials approve the form. Kushner founded the startup with his brother, Joshua, and another friend in 2014. George Soros, known for his Democratic fundraising, is another Cadre investor.

The disclosures also show that Kushner has ties to multiple foreign banks.

It would seem that none of this is unusual in the business world. When you make investments of this magnitude, there tend to be very few degrees of separation with other well-known, big money players.

When there is a potential that you’re carrying those connections into government positions, however, it’s a whole, new realm, taking on another level of importance, as this can affect the people.

That’s why there are ethical rules in place for government employees, and an office to oversee them.

Kushner removed himself from his role as CEO with his family business, Kushner Companies before taking the position (officially) as senior adviser to his father-in-law. It just seems as if there were some corners he tried to cut that may be causing him problems, now.

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Michael Moore To Star In Broadway Show Aimed At Donald Trump

Everything about this sounds awful.

Michael Moore, actor, director and activist will be starring in a one man Broadway show about Donald Trump.

The tag line of the production is “Can a Broadway show bring down a sitting President?” in case you were wondering what the tone of the play would be.

In a time like no other in American history, and with a sense of urgency like never-before, Michael Moore comes to Broadway for the first time in an exhilarating, subversive one-man show guaranteed to take audiences on a ride through the United States of Insanity, explaining once and for all how the f*** we got here, and where best to dine before crossing with the Von Trapp family over the Canadian border.

According to the release from The Shubert Organization, this is just what the world needs now…
“I think what the world needs right now is Michael Moore standing on a Broadway stage sharing his hilarious stories and incendiary political perspective, creating the kind of dialogue that can only happen in the theater,” said director Michael Mayer.

So much for what the world needs now is love, sweet love, huh? This is so typical for Hollywood. We should all get along, unless of course… you’re a Republican. In which case… they see it as their job to take them down.

I’m not a Trump cheerleader but I also can’t imagine paying good money to see Michael Moore was poetic about himself for a few hours either.

The Terms of My Surrender” will have a limited 12 week run just blocks from Trump Towers in New York City.

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