We Must Save Betty White From 2016!

Back off, 2016!

This year has been awful for the world of entertainment. So far, we’ve lost Garry Shandling, Prince, David Bowie, Gene Wilder, and this week, Carrie Fisher.

It’s like they’re all trying to escape the planet, at once, for some reason.

We’ve got three days left to this year. A lot of celebrity icons could go, in that time.

One man out of Spartanburg, South Carolina doesn’t intend to take any chances.

Demetrios Hrysikos is on a mission to save Betty White from 2016. He has started a GoFundMe page to help him achieve that end.

White is the 94-year old spark plug who starred as “Rose” in “The Golden Girls.”

From USAToday.com:

The page description says “Help 2016 catch these hands if it goes anywhere near Betty White! If she’s okay with it I will fly to where ever Betty White is and keep her safe till Jan 1 , 2017.”

If White doesn’t need Hrysikos’ services, he promises to donate all funds raised to the Spartanburg Little Theater “to help craft new stars of stage and screen to carry mantle of the legends that have left [us] this year.”

Hrysikos hopes to raise $2,000 through the GoFundMe page.

What a great idea!

Frankly, I’m beginning to think Betty White will outlive us all, but it never hurts to have side help, does it?

And let’s face it: Betty White is worth saving.

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Marco Rubio Issues a Powerful Response to John Kerry’s Open Hate Speech Against Israel

Last week, President Obama assured that there would be no question about his anti-Semitic attitude, as he authorized our representative to the U.N. to sit back and allow a resolution to be passed that denied the statehood of Israel and endangered the Jewish people.

Forgive me this moment of flesh, but to every representative who voted for this vile resolution, to the U.S. representative who abstained, and Obama, each of you are the lowest form of Jew-hating (insert word that questions their parentage).

That goes double for John Kerry.

They know what this means to the nation of Israel. This open and unashamed anti-Semitism is the kind of thing that led us into a World War.

Those who forget the past…

Jay Caruso touched on Kerry’s disgusting speech today, where he proposed to Israel that their Jewishness is the problem, and they had to choose between being Jewish or being a Democratic nation.

This is naked, vile, hate speech, spoken by a United States Secretary of State.

It is speech that was sanctioned by a sitting U.S. president.

When the history of the Barack Obama presidency is written, those of us left who know the truth, I would pray we speak loudly and often, to let no one forget that the first biracial president was also a slimy anti-Semite, who, for all his accomplishments, will forever remain unfit to scrub the toilet in Benjamin Netanyahu’s bathroom.

Hopefully, I have made my mind on this very clear.

In the meantime, true patriots and friends of Israel within Congress are speaking out.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio released a powerful statement, in response to John Kerry’s hate speech.

Bravo, Senator Rubio.

How can we be a moral or just nation, if our leaders are so comfortable with turning their backs on our allies, while supporting hateful regimes, like Iran?

This country could do a lot with the $8 billion annual payment to support that den of thieves and scum, known as the United Nations.

It’s time we start taking care of our own best interests, and part of our best interests lie with keeping up positive ties with our ally, Israel.

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8-Year Old NJ Girl Used as Weapon in Social Justice Warrior Mom’s Attack on Boy Scouts

Child abuse.

I was the only girl from a family full of boys. Growing up in a very rural part of North Carolina, left to our own devices for most of our days, we had to find our fun where we could.

BB guns, climbing trees, snake hunting through the woods (when it was warm enough), exploring, in general – these were the things that occupied my brothers’ time. Because I hated to be left out, quite often, I tagged along.

I was a tomboy, mainly because of the heavy male influence all around me.

What I never was, at eight years old, was a boy.

I was then, and I am now, a female. I grew out of the tomboy phase, because nobody treated it as anything unusual. Nobody tried to force their twisted view of gender fluidity on me (not a thing, by the way) and I was never used as a pawn to force those around me into some form of biology-bending social engineering.

Unfortunately, there is a little girl in New Jersey today whose mom wants to be in the newspapers or on TV, and she’s decided to do that by taking something that may be just a simple case of tomboy-itis (if that) and subjecting her daughter to media scrutiny, legal wrangling, and a lot of adult subject matter that kids deserve to be shielded from.

The little girl is going by the name of “Joe” and her mom enrolled her in the local Boy Scouts, knowing she isn’t a boy.

Joe Maldonado joined Pack 87 in Secaucus in October and was asked to leave about a month later, according to The Record.

“I’m way more angry than sad,” Joe said in a story published Tuesday. “My identity is a boy. If I was them, I would let every person in the world go in. It’s right to do.”

Joe was born a girl but has identified as male for more than a year. His mother, Kristie Maldonado, said Joe is accepted as a boy at school and that it was complaints from parents – not Joe’s fellow Scouts – that led to his ouster.

And those parents are right to complain. This little girl’s mother chose to subject their sons to this confusion to make a point and push a social cause, without their consent. That’s not only reckless, but it’s selfish and ignorant, to boot.

The Boy Scouts of America endured years of controversy before ultimately lifting bans on gay Scouts and leaders in recent years. But spokeswoman Effie Delimarkos said in a statement the organization considers transgender children as a separate issue.

“No youth may be removed from any of our programs on the basis of his or her sexual orientation,” she said, but added: “Gender identity isn’t related to sexual orientation.”

She declined to directly address Joe’s situation or say if there’s a written policy on transgender participants. The statement said Cub Scout programs are for those identified as boys on their birth certificates.

And this apparently hasn’t been an issue, so this little girl’s mom wants to make it one. She is using her daughter as a battering ram, and it’s obvious there has been very little thought put into the emotional well-being of the child.

And there are actually organizations that are set up to force these issues, but they only need irresponsible parents, willing to sacrifice their children to the cause.

Justin Wilson is the reprobate in charge of “Scouts for Equality” – an organization set up to help other twisted social justice warriors learn how to target children for indoctrination. He claims the there have been no cases of the Scouts turning away transgendered children, although he only knows of two cases where there are transgendered scouts (he wouldn’t say who or where).

The particular Boy Scout troop in this case is sponsored by Immaculate Conception Church, a local Roman Catholic church.

Are we getting the picture, yet?

Council executive Eric Chamberlin acknowledged calling Kristie Maldonado last month but declined further comment. He referred questions to the Scouts’ national office and said the issue involved “our membership standards.”

Earlier this year, the Boy Scouts told The Associated Press that it would admit transgender children to its coeducational programs, but not to programs that are for boys only, like the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.

The national Girl Scouts organization, which is not affiliated with the Boy Scouts, has accepted transgender members for years.

The Girl Scouts also back Planned Parenthood, which is one reason I discourage everyone with daughters from ever allowing their little girl to be exposed to this feminazi pre-training organization.

I truly feel for those who suffer from mental illness, and Gender Dysphoria is just that – a mental illness.

Statistics show an increasingly high rate of suicide for transgendered individuals, even after surgery, hormones, and all the things they claim they “feel” will make them whole.

A recent study shows 41% of transgendered individuals attempt suicide, at some point in their lives.

Some of it is a result of bullying, but a great deal more is because that grass is not always greener on the other side.

For starters, you can’t force children to accept what their natural instincts tell them is bizarre or wrong. I’m not excusing bullying, at all, but I’m saying those kids that don’t want to shower with your son, just because he wore a dress to school, they’re not wrong. It’s just how they feel.

And by your standards, aren’t feelings enough?

Secondly, it is a mental illness to deny what is clear and ironclad, such as biological certainty. Rather than ignore red flags, parents should seek competent, caring mental health solutions to set their children on the right path. The last thing they should do is try and force them into a mold, to satisfy their liberal urges.

Lastly, what’s wrong with letting nature take its course?

I didn’t stay a tomboy (although I was never really girly). I grew out of it. I married. I had a child, myself.

This little girl is not capable of getting her hair done on her own. She doesn’t buy her own clothes. She didn’t sign herself up for the Boy Scouts.

Her mom controls all of that, and she did it without her daughter’s best interests at heart. She did it to force an agenda, and somebody needs to keep a watch on that child, before her mom’s desire to get attention for herself gets out of control.

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Michael Moore Wants You to Disrupt Trump’s Presidency

For lack of 24-hour buffets to keep him occupied, our society seems to be forever plagued by Michael Moore.

Great. You were right about Trump winning, Michael, but that doesn’t make you the old guard of all things Americana. I can’t stand Trump and my expectations are low, but the time to disrupt him was before he was elected. Now that he’s won, you take everything on a case-by-case basis. He might stumble into something good. We don’t want to disrupt that before it begins.

That, apparently, is Michael Moore’s latest grab for relevancy: He wants to disrupt the Trump presidency before it begins. Posting to his Facebook page, Moore called on citizens to go through what he named as five steps to thwart Trump.

“All hands on deck! Brush your yourself off and let’s get busy because: a) All hope is not lost; b) There are more of us than there are of them; and c) The roadside is littered with the ended careers of self-absorbed, narcissistic politicians whose arrogance led them to do things that caused their early resignation or impeachment. Don’t think that can’t happen here,” Moore wrote.

  1. A) He won. B) Define “us,” you ridiculous dude, and C) there are, so just cool your jets and if Trump is the idiot so many see him as, he’ll take care of the problem for us.

Moore’s first call to duty is to show up at a local lawmaker’s office. If he or she is a Democrat, tell the congressman or senator to “aggressively fight the Trump agenda.” If the lawmaker is a Republican who agrees to “support the new president,” threaten him or her by promising to “unseat them in 2018.”

“Say it politely, thank them, then leave. You actually showing up in person to do this is as powerful as 100 letters or a large demonstration on the street in front of their office. Do this and post it on social media. Post it on my Facebook or Twitter and I’ll try to re-post/tweet as many as I can,” he wrote.

It’s almost as if Moore doesn’t realize that a large number of Americans actually want to give Trump a chance. Even I’ll give him a chance. I’m actually praying that I’m wrong about him. You’re using Trump as a way to direct attention to yourself. I notice there wasn’t a lot going on in the media about Michael Moore for the last eight years. His last line, directing people to go to his Facebook or Twitter is a bit of a tell.

Second, Moore commanded people write the Democratic National Committee and tout their support for Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn. Then, each person should select a group of friends or family members to be part of a personal “rapid response team.” The purpose of the team is to alert one another when Congress or the White House takes action that Moore tells the public they should be against. Moore recommends people follow his Facebook and Twitter to receive his “instructions” about “what we all must do” come post-inauguration.

That’s pretty funny.

Moore is going to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be for.

So much “WOW” there, but suffices to say, it’s what’s to be expected from liberals.

Group think.

He goes on to suggest they show up in Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day and “peacefully disrupt” the proceedings.

We’ve seen how those “peaceful” protests go. It may not work out that way. Then again, I feel pretty certain he knows that.

He then went on to suggest protesters should run for public office.

“Form your campaign committee now for the elections in 2017 and 2018. (If you need me, I’ll even offer to be your honorary chair!) You know you can do this. We have no choice. We’ve left it up to others – yes, Democrats – and they are inept and continual losers,” he wrote.

Kind of him to offer to put himself in the middle of everything, isn’t it?

I’m sure none of this is about him.

I get the angst. I get that there are people ranging anywhere from unhappy to absolutely terrified about the prospects of a Trump presidency. I have my own apprehensions. That being said, my advice is to be vigilante in prayer for our nation, for Trump, and for those who advise and surround Trump. Stay involved and aware, and know your rights. Know the law.

People like Michael Moore make a living out of continually stirring the pot. This is no different, and Donald Trump is the greatest gift Moore could have received, because he can once again play the provocateur.

Be aware of that, also.


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Oh, Sugar: Chris Christie Still Believes There’s Room For Him in Trump’s Administration

Oh, Chris.

As Trump’s camp continues to fill administration positions, New Jersey Governor and devoted Trump toady, Chris Christie, doesn’t want anyone to count him out, yet.

Like the would-be prom queen at 9:45pm on prom night, peeking outside the front door every time a set of headlights strike the living room wall, he’s sure his date will arrive.

Christie imagines Trump will eventually make him a top aide managing the White House, The New York Times said Tuesday.

Christie plans on writing a book about his political career, it said, and close friends have told others in New Jersey he believes Trump will reward his longstanding loyalty.

Christie’s confidantes envision a scenario where Trump’s White House management team proves incapable of handling their duties, The Times said.

Trump will then tap Christie as a skilled manager instead, they said, much like David Gergen helped steady former President Bill Clinton’s administration after a chaotic first year.

That’s right, Chris. Like a long-suffering wife, you know that he may be out playing the field, but he’ll soon learn nobody cooks like what he’s got at home.

The Times added Christie’s allies believe Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, incoming chief of staff Reince Priebus and future chief strategist Steve Bannon will ultimately fail the president-elect.

Christie will then be capable of stepping in and helping ensure Trump’s administration operates smoothly, according to The Times.

Reportedly, he has already turned down several positions on Trump’s team: Homeland Security secretary, Secretary of Veterans Affairs, and U.S. Ambassador to Italy.

Pasta? Deep-dish pizza? Cannolis?

No, I don’t think that last one was one he’d pass up. But I digress…

Nobody is doubting that Christie was actively vying for the VP slot, but would have settled for Attorney General, as well.

Mike Pence and Senator Jeff Sessions snagged those plum roles.

For now, however, Christie is intent on finishing out his term as New Jersey governor, which ends in 2018.

If nothing else, Chris Christie’s life can serve as a cautionary tale to other corporate brown-nosers.

Sometimes, all of the lunch fetching in the world can’t buy you the favor to get ahead.

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Hilarious Alt-Right In-Fighting Lights Up Social Media

Excuse me while I chuckle mightily.

Did I say chuckle? More like heaving, rolling belly laughs, as I point with one hand and wipe tears from my eyes with the other.

It seems the feelings of alt-right triumph from their Trump election victory has given way to some nasty in-fighting.

Apparently, those elements of Trump’s alt-right fan base that we were repeatedly told didn’t exist (despite mountains of evidence to the contrary) are taking exception to the rest of Trump’s devotees seeking to lessen their prominence within the movement.

Who is going to the DeploraBall? Well…

From Mediaite:

The argument seems to have begun when NY Magazine writer Jesse Singal pointed out that one of the headliners for the D.C. event with the Twitter handle Baked Alaska had a history of anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi tweets about the “Jewish question.” Shortly afterwards, Singal watched in real time as Baked Alaska’s name was removed from the Google Doc listing attendees.

Fellow alt-right leader Mike Cernovich announced the cancellation shortly afterwards, and that Baked Alaska would be replaced with Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos.


Of course, to say that didn’t go over well with Mr. Alaska would be an understatement (Forgive the language).

Interesting that Cernovich seems willing to work with these unhinged, Jew-hating scumbags, as long as they keep it on the down low.

Next, with help from another alt-righter, Baked Alaska went after Yiannopoulus.

“Kike,” by the way, is a word anti-Semites use to insult Jews. And Daily Stormer is a neo-Nazi site.

Cernovich, no stranger to hissy fits, went back at Baked Alaska, calling him a drug addict in a tweet and Periscope video, both of which are now deleted.

The hilarious social media event concluded with Baked Alaska taking over the Twitter account associated with the DeploraBall and announcing that it was not he, but Mike Cernovich who wouldn’t be attending the ball.

And that he’s a cuck.

Does anybody know which side Sean Hannity falls to in this family feud?

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Undeterred: Israel Pushes on With New Settlement Plans

Defiance. Good.

The U.N. Security Council vote last week condemned the building of settlements in Israel along the West Bank and in East Jerusalem.

They don’t care.

Before the resolution was passed, plans were already in the works for new settlements and the Israeli government have no intentions of letting the anti-Semitic U.N. or our cowardly, back-stabbing President Obama get in the way of that.

Jerusalem will approve 600 units Wednesday, as part of a planned 5,600 homes to be built in East Jerusalem, according to an official cited by The New York Times.

President-elect Donald Trump pushed for the resolution to be vetoed, arguing such a move “puts Israel in a very poor negotiating position and is extremely unfair to all Israelis.”

The Israeli government claims it has evidence that the Obama White House was behind the U.N. resolution and has reduced diplomatic relations with 12 countries on the Security Council as a result of the resolution.

I agree with Trump, here, and I likewise have no doubts about Obama colluding with the other anti-Semites of the U.N. to go behind Israel’s back. He’s been waiting for this moment for eight years.

For the entirety of his two terms, Barack Obama has been unusually “cool” towards our ally, Israel, even snubbing Prime Minister Netanyahu in March 2010, after failing to get Netanyahu’s agreement to not construct in East Jerusalem (he walked out and left Netanyahu in a meeting room, saying he was going to have dinner with his family and that they should call him if they reconsidered), and again in March 2015, when he didn’t call Netanyahu to congratulate him on his election win (some reports suggest Obama had attempted to interfere and influence the election).

So, no. Obama allowing something of this nature to go down before he leaves office is no shocker.

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Meir Turgeman, the committee chairman for the settlement planning, told Israel Hayom that he would not let the resolution deter plans, according to the Times.

“I won’t get worked up over the U.N. or any other organization that might try to dictate to us what to do in Jerusalem,” Turgeman said. “I hope that the government and the new administration in the United States will give us momentum to continue.”

I hope so, too.

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Israeli PM Netanyahu Reduces Diplomatic Relations With 12 Security Council Nations

I don’t blame them.

After the disgusting anti-Israel resolution handed down by the United Nations on Friday, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made a decisive move, in response.

CNN reported Monday that Israel suspended working ties with Britain, France, Russia, China, Japan, Ukraine, Angola, Egypt, Uruguay, Spain, Senegal and New Zealand. The report follows a similar story Sunday night in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

These nations voted against Israel in a Security Council vote, condemning the Israeli settlements along the West Bank and in eastern Jerusalem.

The two other nations involved in the treacherous vote, Venezuela and Malaysia, have no diplomatic relationship with Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was infuriated by the vote, handed down the order, according to the reports.

The curtailing of working relations means Israeli ministers are to keep travel to those 12 countries to a minimum, while foreign ministers from those countries won’t be received by Israel, according to the reports. Business between Israel and those countries’ embassies will also be suspended, the reports say.

But the order does not apply Israeli ambassadors in those 12 countries, meaning they will be able to continue to their work unabated.

The decision to reduce ties comes after from ambassadors from China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, Angola, Egypt, Japan, Spain, Ukraine and Uruguay were summoned to meetings with the Israeli Foreign Ministry on Sunday.

President Obama instructed that the U.S. abstain from voting, allowing for the resolution to pass, as one final, blatant show of his loathing for one of the strongest allies our nation has in the region.

The order is likely to have little practical effect, as it does not touch trade, security cooperation and other aspects of relations, but it acts as a statement of Netanyahu’s anger at the situation. It also notably excludes the United States, which has been on the receiving end of most of Netanyahu’s public lashings.

The reason for leaving the U.S. out probably has more to do with Netanyahu’s hope that relations with the Trump administration will be warmer than it was for the previous eight years, under President Obama.

It just about has to be, doesn’t it?

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Soap Opera: There’s a bit More to the Jason Miller Exit From Team Trump Than First Reported

Seriously, Team Trump? Already?

Ok. At least it’s not Trump, himself, and politics has no shortage of skanky people. They’re just skanky people in ties, apparently.

Our Jennifer Van Laar covered the breaking news of newly appointed White House Communications Director, Jason Miller abruptly resigning the position on Christmas Eve, before he’d even had a chance to begin.

It wasn’t long before the engines at the rumor mill were at full throttle.

According to Politico, which quoted anonymous sources, fellow Trump transition aide A.J. Delgado described details of an affair she had with Miller in emails to senior transition officials on Thursday.

Although Miller said in a statement issued on Christmas Eve that he had decided not to take the job after spending the holidays with his family, a series of cryptic tweets by Delgado about Miller touched off a firestorm of speculation about why he had backed out of the prestigious West Wing position.

Apparently, Miller wants to play the happy family man up front, but Delgado has this real “Fatal Attraction,” I’m-not-going-to-be-ignored-Dan vibe going on.

Delgado was a reliable Trump surrogate, during the election.

“When people need to resign graciously and refuse to, it’s a bit … spooky,” Delgado wrote Saturday in a tweet that has since been deleted along with her entire Twitter account. Mediaite and the New York Daily News managed to preserve screenshots of the tweets.

Delgado, who served as a campaign surrogate for Trump and has since worked on his transition team, noted Miller “needed to resign … yesterday” and called him the “2016 version of John Edwards” and “the baby-daddy.”

So Miller, who has a baby due with his wife in January, also looks to have some baby-mama drama brewing elsewhere.

Pretty sure that made for some lovely Christmas dinner chat.

Miller and Delgado first generated headlines when the two were caught visiting a high-end strip club in Las Vegas ahead of the final presidential debate in October. Another Trump campaign aide, Jessica Ditto, and several members of the media from CNN, ABC and NBC reportedly joined the two on their outing.

While I find strip clubs disgusting, to begin with, there’s something about women going with men to watch other women degrade themselves that particularly smacks of desperation.

Sean Spicer, recently named as Trump’s White House press secretary will be doing double duty as communications director, while Miller and Delgado attempt to work through the mess they’ve made.

Fix your lives, people.

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NC Gov-Elect Cooper Bemoans Rocky Start to His First Term

What a Christmas gift, to me!

When liberals are not getting their way, or the general writhing and spitting of leftists, it tends to be a good thing for decent humanity.

In the case of Governor-elect Roy Cooper, of North Carolina, the contentious battle between the good people of the Old North State and the liberal left (along with the reprehensible turncoat Republicans that helped them) has yielded much blood on the political field. And it’s not over.

Overall, the GOP enjoyed victory, but still suffered the devastating loss of Governor Pat McCrory.

Voter fraud left unchecked and feckless Republicans swept a lazy, ineffective Roy Cooper into the Governor’s mansion, but he knows he didn’t really win.

Gov.-elect Roy Cooper has vowed to keep his campaign promises to bend back the rightward course of the state. But with only a 10,000-vote victory over GOP Gov. Pat McCrory and bitter partisan distrust in this deeply divided state, he’s already slipped along the rocky path he must walk to work successfully with the legislature. And Republicans will maintain veto-proof majorities in 2017.

“My future negotiations with them are certainly going to have to be instructed by this,” a somber yet angry Cooper told reporters last week after the deal to repeal the law known nationally as the “bathroom bill” collapsed.

He didn’t mention the part about the deal falling through because of A) the Charlotte City Council attempting to secretly short change the state General Assembly by only repealing one-third of their awful ordinance, rather than the entire thing, as initially agreed upon, and B) all the Democrats that voted against the repeal (something HE, himself, recommended) bill offered, causing it to fail.

Considering the faithlessness of the liberal Charlotte City Council, in holding a secret, closed-door meeting to decide how best to go back on the deal to repeal their ordinance (which started the whole mess), it’s laughable that Cooper or any of the state’s Democrats should expect Republicans in the General Assembly to trust them.

Only after the news broke and it became known that the entire deal to repeal HB2 was in jeopardy did the Charlotte City Council reconvene and carry through with what they initially agreed to – which was to repeal in total the ordinance.

“There’s a complete lack of trust between the legislative leadership and Cooper at this point in time,” longtime state Democratic consultant Brad Crone said. “That does not bode well for an incoming governor.”

Missing out on ending House Bill 2 – which also directed transgender people to use bathrooms in public buildings corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate – prompted finger-pointing between Cooper and legislative leaders. It would have been a major accomplishment to repeal a bill that has been blamed for job losses, canceled concerts and sporting events, and staining North Carolina’s reputation.

“I think Roy Cooper did everything he could to sabotage a reasonable compromise,” said Senate leader Phil Berger, R-Rockingham.

Cooper shot back: “My mom and dad used to tell me that when you sat down and looked somebody in the eye and told them something you should keep your promise, and clearly they have not done so.”


That last part was for the Charlotte City Council, right, Coop?

During what turned into an all-day battle, Republicans finally agreed to a repeal bill, but because of the shady operations of the Charlotte City Council and Durham Council members boasting of their plans to enact a similar ordinance of making their bathrooms and locker rooms anything goes zones, they included a 6-month “cooling off” period to the repeal bill.

Democrats balked.

No matter how fraudulent, faithless, and conniving, even if caught in the act, they want others to just ignore it and let them get by with anything.

In truth, Cooper sabotaged the first attempts at repealing the bill back in September 2016, because he and state Democrats wanted to use it as an issue in November.

Now, he and state Democrats have sabotaged it, again, not because the idea of waiting six months for the repeal to take effect is too much, but because of special elections in 2017, and the midterm elections in 2018.

It really is all politics and the outrage is nothing more than one more political tool.

Even as lawmakers held special sessions, the board of North Carolina’s private nonprofit tasked with luring companies to the state – now filled with appointees from McCrory and the legislature – passed a bylaw change that will make it hard for Cooper to put his board choices on quickly.

The bad blood with lawmakers could portend Cooper’s difficulties to follow through on other campaign platform planks, such as accelerating public education funding and shifting tax burdens away from the middle class. He’s also vowed to preserve voting and abortion rights, after Republicans passed laws in 2013 scaling back early in-person voting and extending the abortion waiting period to three days.

McCrory and the Republican-led state legislature already took care of public education funding and lifting the tax burden from the middle class. Cooper will likely take credit for that.

As for the rest of his vile plans, which translated to true-speak mean: make voter fraud more prominent and easier access to the genocide of unborn children, then the harder Republicans make it on him, the better.

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