America First – Must Include Demanding Foreign Govs Unfreeze Americans’ Coin

President Donald Trump has brought a most welcome America First approach to policy.

Aside from the clowns still clinging to this obviously-fake-Democrat-concocted-and-paid-for Trump-Russia-collusion nonsense, it is obvious to anyone paying any attention at all that – no matter whether or not you agree with his policy positions – they are being made through this America First prism.

Every policy Trump announces – is presented with references to these things being done to benefit America and the American people.

It is a glorious and most refreshing change of pace.

To wit: When Trump worked with Congressional Republicans to pass tax cuts – Trump said it was done to allow Americans to keep more of the money they earn.

And to make the American economy much more hospitable to businesses – which would entice businesses to return to or establish roots here.

And bring their glorious money (back) with them.

U.S. Companies Are Stashing $2.1 Trillion Overseas to Avoid Taxes

How’d that work out?

Guess What? Companies Are Bringing Their Cash Home: “Tax reform seems to be working in at least one way.”

Apple, Capitalizing on New Tax Law, Plans to Bring Billions in Cash Back to U.S.

Apple, Tech Companies to Bring Back $400 Billion

And with their glorious money – come glorious new jobs and more coin for employees.

Strong Hiring in May Cuts Unemployment Rate to 18-Year Low

List of Tax Reform Good News: “Click on your state below to see examples of pay raises, bonuses, 401(k) match increases, expansions, and utility rate reductions due to the Republican tax cuts.”

As I believe Trump will tell you – every dollar returning to the United States counts.

And as I believe Trump would think – foreign governments blocking Americans from bringing home their coin…is decidedly unfair.  It ain’t America First.  And it must be addressed.

Seton Motley | Red State |

To wit:

The Port Fund for KGL Investment Company (KGLI) had a Successful Exit of its Investments:

“KGL Investment Company (KGLI) announced the successful exit of The Port Fund investments doubling its Fund’s capital from $188 million to $380 million and generating an annual return of %10 over 10 years.”

As Trump would say – that’s winning.

But KGL made much of its money in Kuwait – and now wants to return much of it to the US.  Enter Middle East cronyism.

The Kuwaiti and Dubai governments – have frozen KGLs coin for no reason whatsoever.  Well, no legitimate reason.

Behold Agility Logistics.  A Kuwaiti company – with close ties to the Kuwaiti government.  Agility’s CEO, Essa Anwar Al-Saleh – is a former Chairman of Kuwait’s Gulf Bank.  So he exercised significant power over Kuwaiti commerce and finance.

And it appears Al-Saleh still does.  Agility is a KGL competitor – with the home court advantage.  The Kuwaiti government appears to be freezing KGLs coin – to benefit Agility.

Oh – and Agility has…a bit of a history.  Of defrauding the US government.  Specifically – the Department of Defense:

“The Defense Logistics Agency suspended Agility, which specializes in logistics, in November 2009 after its parent company Public Warehousing Company K.S.C. was indicted in Atlanta on $6 billion in fraud charges stemming from food services contracts for troops in Iraq, Kuwait and the Middle East region.”

Agility has…a bit of a history.

Defense Contractor Resolves Criminal, Civil and Administrative Liability Related to Food Contracts: “Agility Pays $95 Million and Gives Up $249 Million in Claims to DOD.”

Oh – and Agility looks for cronyism…anywhere they can get it.

Kuwait Called on Hillary Clinton to Nix Criminal Fraud Case Against Defense Contractor Agility:

“In 2009, Kuwait called on then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to intervene with the Justice Department and help nix a criminal fraud case against a Kuwait defense contractor Agility Public Warehousing Company….

“In a letter to Clinton dated December 5, 2009, then Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Mohammed Al-Sabah writes that ‘in consideration of the special relations between our two friendly countries, we ask that this dispute be settled amicably without having to resort to criminal adjudication.’

“Kuwait has donated between $5 million and $10 million to the Clinton Foundation.”

It would appear there are Swamps to Drain – even in the desert.

Trump could take a huge step towards said Drain – by stepping up for KGL.  And demanding Kuwait free up their coin – so they can bring it back to the US.

Or, frankly, wherever else KGL wishes to bring it.  It is, after all, their coin.

As an American company – it would be a very America First thing for Trump to do.

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Net Neutrality Lie Reminder: Netflix Fakes Service Slowdowns – and Blames ISPs

I was contacted a lot last week – asking for my response to this:

Netflix Went Down for Users Across the World in Mysterious Major Outage, Following Net Neutrality Repeal

Well that’s an amazing coincidence.

Just last Monday was the day the Donald Trump Administration officially ended the Barack Obama Administration’s huge Internet power grab – executed under the rubric of the very awful idea known as Network Neutrality.

(For a primer on why Net Neutrality in any form is so stupid and awful, please enjoy this video.)

And lo and behold…immediately after Net Neutrality ends, Netflix – the planet’s biggest bandwidth hog – suffers a service outage.

And as that headline hopes you’ll infer – the end of Net Neutrality and the Netflix outage have very much to do with one another.

Net Neutrality and the Netflix outage have absolutely nothing to do with one another – as we’ll soon show.

But the Media-Left never allow facts to get in the way of a good beating.

Was that the only news outlet hoping you’ll infer that non-existent connection?  Heavens no.

What the Net Neutrality Rollback Means for Netflix Users:

“Have you used Netflix lately? If the answer is yes, today’s news could affect how you stream.

Without net neutrality, an ISP like Optimum, Verizon, or Comcast could potentially slow down or block access to services like Netflix or Hulu, as many ISPs run competitive streaming services to which they hope to draw consumers. Comcast, for example, has its Xfinity TV app.

“By slowing down stream speeds for services like Netflix, ISPs can give themselves key advantages. First, frustrated users are likely to flock to their streaming products, and secondly, Netflix — unwilling to lose any of its 93 million subscribers — will be forced to pay the ISP for access to faster speeds.”

Even the technological genius that is alleged “comedian” Jimmy Kimmel parroted the Party line.

Netflix Embraces Net Neutrality:

“Without Net Neutrality rules, big corporations like Verizon and Comcast can control the speed of your internet connection to make certain pages fast and others slow depending on how much they pay them.

“This could have a major impact on companies like Netflix which rely on speedy Internet connections to stream their shows. But the folks at Netflix aren’t dummies, they released a first-look at a new show that makes the most of and welcomes the end of net neutrality.”

Actually, Netflix made no such show.  Team Unfunny at the Kimmel Show did.  And it was…unfunny.

Seton Motley | Red State |

Netflix did weigh in the the rollback of Obama’s massive regulations.

Netflix Condemns Net Neutrality Repeal in Official Statement:

“‘We’re disappointed in the decision to gut #NetNeutrality protections that ushered in an unprecedented era of innovation, creativity & civic engagement. This is the beginning of a longer legal battle.’”

Netflix is suing.  Because – of course:

“Netflix has always been a major player in this particular debate. Back in 2014, CEO Reed Hastings made a high-profile intervention in a company blog. He argued for strong regulations, and deliberately linked Net Neutrality to a connectivity dispute between the streaming service and Comcast. In July of that year, Netflix submitted filings to the F.C.C. to support Net Neutrality.”

Wait a second…”deliberately linked Net Neutrality to a connectivity dispute between the streaming service and Comcast.”

What, pray tell, was that “connectivity dispute?”

Slow Comcast Speeds Were Costing Netflix Customers:

“Netflix speeds became so slow in December 2013 and January 2014 that customers grew irate, Netflix said in its petition. Calls made to Netflix’s customer support center about slow-loading videos more than quadrupled during those months.

“‘For many subscribers, the bit rate was so poor that Netflix’s streaming video service became unusable,’ the company said. “Some of them canceled their Netflix subscription on the spot, citing the unacceptable quality of Netflix’s video streams and Netflix’s inability to do anything to change the situation.’”

Netflix alleged Comcast was slowing down its service – an alleged Net Neutrality violation.  And Netflix’s allegation – made a lot of news.

Netflix Agrees To Pay Comcast To End Slowdown

Comcast and Netflix Reach Deal on Service

Netflix Streaming Speeds on Comcast Jump 65 Percent after Controversial Deal

Comcast’s Netflix Deal Could Open a New Front in Net Neutrality War

Net Neutrality Died With the Comcast/Netflix Deal

One little problem with Netflix’s Net Neutrality story – it was a giant lie.

Comcast Vs. Netflix: Is This Really about Net Neutrality?:

“Netflix’s disputes with broadband providers, like Comcast, have zip to do with Net Neutrality. Here’s what you need to know about Net Neutrality, and the Internet, to understand why….

“(T)he dispute between Netflix and Comcast is not a Net Neutrality issue because it does not have to do with how Comcast is treating Netflix’s traffic once it’s on the Comcast broadband network. Instead, it stems from a business dispute the two companies have over how Netflix is connecting to Comcast’s network….

“(A)s anyone who has streamed video knows, the amount of bandwidth that is needed to stream or download video far outweighs the amount of bandwidth needed to request such a video. And the result is a massive imbalance of traffic going onto the broadband network, which likely requires a commercial interconnection arrangement between Netflix and the various broadband network providers….

“This is where the spat between Comcast and Netflix comes into the open. Netflix, which is likely hoping to pressure Comcast into offering better terms in its commercial business deal, has implied that this issue is somehow related to Net Neutrality….

“It’s like complaining that New York City traffic cops are responsible for and should prevent traffic backups on the New Jersey Turnpike. While New York police may control the flow of traffic once cars enter the city, they don’t have jurisdiction in New Jersey or anywhere else that the traffic originates.”

Get all that?  Netflix wanted to not pay to connect to Comcast’s networks – or for the massive data dumping in which they are engaging.

So Netflix lied.  And they lyingly tried to tie their lie – to the Net Neutrality debate.

Was Netflix only lying about Comcast?  Heavens no.

Netflix Has Been Secretly Slowing Down Your Videos for the Past Five Years:

“Netflix Inc. has long framed itself as the good guy in the fight against Internet service providers — Chief Executive Reed Hastings has described his company as ‘big believers in the free and open Internet.’

“But the Los Gatos, Calif., company’s stance on equal access apparently has its limits, namely among its own customers.

“For more than five years, Netflix has secretly slowed load times and reduced video resolution – a process called throttling – to AT&T Inc. and Verizon mobile customers to keep them from exceeding the caps on their data plans….”

Get all that?  Alleged Net Neutrality champion Netflix…is just another bottom-line-fixated company.

Actually – Netflix is worse than most.  They’re looking to avoid spending money they’re supposed to spend…by having government via Net Neutrality – force Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon to spend theirs instead.

That’s government cronyism.  And who will ultimately pay for Netflix’s cronyism?  And Google’s?  And Amazon’s?  And Facebook’s?

You and I.  If our ISPs are forced to pick up the Netflix-Google-Amazon-Facebook crony bandwidth tab – our ISPs will have no choice…but to charge us more.

Get that?  We’ll all pay dramatically more for Internet service – to augment the profits of Netflix-Google-Amazon-Facebook.

That seems fair.

Oh: And in any of last week’s stories on the Netflix outage – which the media tried to tie to Net Neutrality – did they mention Netflix’s long and sordid history of lying about Net Neutrality and ISPs?

Heavens no.

Oh: And did Netflix’s outage last week have anything to do with Net Neutrality?

Netflix Says It Has Fixed the Problem that Caused a Major Outage

Heavens no.

How do we know Net Neutrality’s repeal had nothing to do with it?

Because after all the pre-solution stories implying Net Neutrality’s repeal was the cause – none of the post-solution stories…mention Net Neutrality at all.

That seems fair.

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Comey and Mueller Should Be Incarcerated – Not Emulated

Yesterday the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)’s Inspector General (IG) released his nearly-600 page report – analyzing the ridiculously unprofessional and Democrat-partisan behavior of the Barack Obama-James Comey-led Bureau during the run-up to the 2016 presidential election.

Despite the Deep State’s best efforts, we had managed to learn some of what was put together in said report.  But there was revealed therein a whole lot more ridiculous unprofessionalism and Democrat-partisanship.

In short, the Comey FBI was a hack arm of the Democrat National Committee.  It had nothing to do with actual, impartial law enforcement – you know, its actual gig.

Seton Motley | Red State |

The FBI’s lead agent – on both the Hillary Clinton illegal private email server and the Donald Trump-Russia investigations – was a clownish man by the name Peter Strozk.

Who was sleeping with married FBI lawyer Lisa Page.  And when Strozk and Page weren’t sleeping together – they were incessantly texting each other about their mutual loathing of Trump.

One new wrinkle revealed yesterday – was a text previously withheld from the Congressional oversight folks.  We had seen Page’s preceding text – just not Strozk’s response:

Page: “[Trump’s] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!” 

Strozk: “No. No he won’t. We’ll stop it.”

Who’s “we?”  The entirety of FBI leadership – up to and including Comey.

And Attorney General Loretta Lynch – and almost certainly her henchmen and women.

Lynch Used Email Alias ‘Elizabeth Carlisle’ to Write about Clinton Tarmac Meeting

Lynch asked for Clinton Investigation to Be Called a ‘Matter’

And lest we forget – President Obama his own self:

FBI Lovers’ Latest Text Messages: Obama ‘Wants to Know Everything’

Many, many members of Comey’s staff – were running amok in a heinously partisan fashion….

Inspector General Blasts Comey and Also Says Others at FBI Showed ‘Willingness to Take Official Action’ to Hurt Trump

Meanwhile, as Comey’s staff ran amuck in a heinously partisan fashion,….

FBI Agreed to Destroy Laptops of Clinton Aides with Immunity Deal

Why, that doesn’t sound like an agency interested in seeking the truth…wherever it leads.  It sounds like a gaggle of anti-Trump partisan hacks.


Comey Drafted Clinton Exoneration Months Before Finishing Investigation

Why, that doesn’t sound like a man interested in seeking the truth…wherever it leads.  It sounds like an anti-Trump partisan hack.

Speaking of anti-Trump….

Baier to Comey: If Dossier Was ‘Salacious,’ Why Did You Use It To Get FISA Warrant?

A warrant – to spy on the Trump campaign.  What is this Dossier of which they speak?

Clinton Campaign, (Democrat National Committee) DNC Paid for Research that Led to Russia Dossier

Ahh.  Clinton campaign dirty tricks – used to secure a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.  In fact….

No FISA Warrant Would Have Been Sought from the Court without the Dossier

Get that?  Comey couldn’t have secured a warrant – without the Dossier.

But how did a political campaign document – secure a court warrant?

Because Comey was a big fan of withholding inordinately pertinent facts….

Five Things the FBI Never Told the FISA Court about the Trump Dossier

Comey was, in fact, a serial fan of withholding inordinately pertinent facts….

Comey Didn’t Tell Trump the Infamous Dossier Was Financed By Hillary Clinton

So let’s summarize.

Comey wrote Clinton’s get-out-of-everything-free pass – months before his just-for-show “investigation” was concluded.

Meanwhile, Comey used the completely-unproven Clinton campaign dirty tricks Dossier – as the only way he could get a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

Which means…there was zero actual evidence of any Trump-Russia collusion.  Just garbage concocted by Trump’s political opponent.

But since Comey is also a Trump political opponent….

Comey Admits to Leaking a Trump Memo to Help Get Special Prosecutor Appointed

Enter Robert Mueller.  You know, Comey’s old boss – Mueller preceded Comey as head of the FBI.

The Deep State – has a very deep bench.

And how’d Mueller handle the FBI gig when he had it?

Robert Mueller’s FBI Repeatedly Abused Prosecutorial Discretion

Outstanding.  And Abusive Mueller – has remained true to form….

Hmmm: Special Counsel Mueller’s Team Sure is Stacked With Democrat Donors, Including a Hillary Supporter

Mueller was handed an investigation – predicated upon zero actual evidence.  More than a year later – he still has zero actual evidence.

He’s brow-beaten Mike Flynn into bankruptcy – and then a plea to a process-perjury-charge so as to end his cash hemorrhaging.  Perjury?

Comey: FBI Agents (Including Peter Strzok) Didn’t Think Flynn Lied

Even Mueller’s fellow Deep Staters said Flynn was innocent.

Oh – and….

Did Mueller Withhold Evidence From Michael Flynn?

Short answer: Yes.

Mueller filed totally-unrelated-to-his-Russia-charge charges against Paul Manafort.  And executed a completely obnoxious and unnecessary early morning raid on Manafort’s house.

Mueller than filed a bunch of indictments against thirteen Russia troll farms.  Except….

Mueller Indicted A Russian Company That Didn’t Even Exist

Oops.  Mueller charged foreign companies – because he thought they’d never respond…and thus he’d never have to actually make a case.  Except…..

Russian Company Charged in Mueller Probe Seeks Grand Jury Materials

Oops – one of Mueller’s victims is demanding their speedy trial.

Keep in mind – a prosecutor isn’t supposed to file an indictment…unless and until he is ready to argue in court the case behind the indictment.

Except Mueller doesn’t have an actual case against this company, so….

Mueller Team Seeks Delay in Russia Indictments Case


Judge Rejects Mueller’s Request for Delay in Russian Troll Farm Case

Oops.  Mueller – having withheld evidence exonerating Flynn – returned yet again to that corrupt well….

Mueller Is Trying to Keep Evidence from Defendants in Russian Trolls Case

And since Mueller is a man so callous about committing mass illegalities in the persecution of his enemies….

Does FBI Raid On Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Mean Attorney-Client Privilege Is ‘Dead’?

Short answer: Attorney-client privilege…has been healthier than it is currently.

Mueller Team Made a Grab for Paul Manafort’s ‘Privileged’ Docs Before Michael Cohen Raid

Someone give attorney-client privilege CPR.  It’s dying….

So let’s summarize:

Comey and Mueller aren’t people who should be investigating crimes – they should be charged with them.

If you are a prosecutor – anywhere on the planet – these are not people you should be emulating.

But when it comes to persecuting – oops, I mean prosecuting – political opponents…Comey and Mueller are, most unfortunately, the fathers of thousands of emulators.

Behold a corrupt prosecutorial mess in Arizona….

Key Prosecution Witness in Corruption Case says She Cut a Deal to Avoid Prison:

“Kelly Norton, a key witness for the government in a bribery trial involving the Arizona Corporation Commission, testified on Wednesday that she agreed to cooperate with the FBI’s investigation of the case in order to stay out of prison.

“Her testimony came on day four of the bribery trial of former Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) Chairman Gary Pierce. In addition to Pierce, there are three other defendants in the case. They are George Johnson, the owner of Johnson Utilities in Pinal County; Sherry Pierce, the wife of Gary Pierce; and Jim Norton, a lobbyist and former husband of Kelly Norton….”

Get that last defendant?  The key witness’…ex-husband.  That could be…a little problematic:

“(D)efense attorneys argued that she had another motive in testifying against her ex-husband: that she invented the story about her ex-husband’s alleged misdeeds as revenge for their divorce just before Christmas 2015….

“(D)efense attorneys argued in their opening statements that Sherry Pierce was, in fact, an actual employee of Kelley Norton’s firm and that the salary she was paid was not a bribe to sway her husband, former Arizona Corporation Commission Chairman Gary Pierce….

“(D)efense attorneys sought to punch other holes in the case brought by prosecutors, arguing that the timeline of the alleged pay-to-play scheme that prosecutors presented did not coincide with any vote Gary Pierce cast….”

All of that sounds…troubling from the prosecutor’s perspective.  But wait…:

“(D)efense attorneys on Tuesday showed the jury several email exchanges that Norton had failed to turn over to prosecutors. The emails not only showed Kelly Norton’s involvement in the business, but also indicated that Sherry Pierce was an active employee of her consulting firm.

“That contention is a key part of the defense’s case, given the prosecution’s claim that Sherry Pierce effectively had a no-show job as part of the pay-to-play scheme prosecutors allege took place.

“In one such email, Kelly Norton appeared to give Sherry Pierce a to-do list, saying, ‘I need your help’ getting lists of donors. Yet another email contained a list of Democratic clubs that Pierce compiled and sent to Kelly Norton.”

Oh look – a prosecutor withholding exculpatory evidence.  How very Comey-Mueller of them.

This Arizona nonsense is but one of the very many problems that arise when rogue, law-breaking law-enforcement-officials – get away with being rogue, law-breaking law-enforcement-officials.

They think they can keep doing it.  And do more of it.

And law enforcement agents everywhere – think they can do it too.

The Deep State – has green-lit this lawlessness for decades.

And – of course – the lawlessness has spread.

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Our Nation’s Defense Is Too Important to Hire but One Cloud Storage Company

I am typing this on a laptop computer.  (I remain thus far un-sponsored – so no brand name mentions.)

As I write, I repeatedly save my work to the computer’s desktop – and to my cloud service backup.  (I remain thus far un-sponsored – so no brand name mentions.)

Why do I have two simultaneous backups constantly going?  Because I do not like re-doing things.

Should something go amiss with one copy – I have another copy at the ready.  The backup – has a backup.

Because I am not an idiot.

And this is just me putting quill to parchment regarding the news of the day.  Nothing I scrawl is of national security import – or carries a government classification.

So one would think when a government agency like the Department of Defense (DoD) looks to get into the cloud storage business – they would absolutely look to have multiple redundancies for the things they are looking to store.

This is our nation’s defense, after all.

I’m sure some officials somewhere in the bureaucracy are penning editorials and looking to save them – but that is not even close to all of the documents to be stored in the cloud.

This is our nation’s defense, after all.

We have hundreds of thousands of men and women deployed all over the planet – oh-so-many of them in harm’s way.  And they are counting on getting access to the data the DoD is storing – in many instances to survive.

So it would be a very good idea for the DoD to hire multiple companies – each with overlapping responsibilities for different portions of the DoDs backup needs.

As but a simplistic example:

“Defense should have at least two providers providing each portion of the cloud service – so that if one crashes, you have at least one at-the-ready backup.

“So, say, at a bare minimum: Five providers – each providing 40% of the necessary services.

“For government school victims – that makes 200%. Which means two providers each are providing every part of the total cloud service.

“Backup. Fail-safe. Redundancy.

“Not one provider – all by its onesies, providing all of the service.”

My example – only provides two copies.  Or the number of copies I currently have of this unclassified missive.

I would be perfectly fine with – and actually feel a whole lot better – if the DoD created three backups of everything.  Maybe even four would be good.

Seton Motley | Red State |

Unfortunately, that is not at all what the DoD is currently considering doing.

The Pentagon Is Close to Awarding a $10 Billion Deal to Amazon: “The Pentagon has not yet publicly announced a winner of the highly-sought-after, 10-year contract to provide cloud services to the Department of Defense as it overhauls its IT systems — a process it’s calling the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure, or JEDI, program….

“But behind the scenes, some Department of Defense agencies are so sure that Amazon will be awarded the contract that they are preparing for a transition to GovCloud, which is Amazon’s cloud infrastructure designed specifically for government use, according to this source.

“‘I can’t imagine any possible way that the deal could be stopped,’ (a source with knowledge of the deal) said, adding that it was only a matter of ‘waiting for the contract start date to be officially announced.’”

Go back and read that brief excerpt – and count the number of companies receiving the DoD deal.

The correct answer is: one.  The DoD is giving a ten-year-$10 billion contract to Amazon – and only Amazon.

Which means the entirety of the Defense Department – will have one less backup of everything they produce…than I do of this document I am writing about the Defense Department and its backup plans.

This seems to me to be…highly insufficient.  And not very intelligent at all.

Before the DoD closes this deal – they should kill it.

And start the decision process anew.

Looking to secure multiple companies – providing multiple backups of everything.


This is our nation’s defense, after all.

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Today’s Media-Leftist Lie: The Internet ‘As We Know It’…Is Over. Well, It ‘Could’ Be. Maybe

Keeping track of all the very many Media-Leftist lies – requires a full-time staff of thousands of catalogers.

Dealing with all of the very many Media-Leftist lies – requires a full-time staff of thousands of excavators.

The Media-Left avalanche lies down upon us from on high in waves – hoping to bury Reality with the sheer tonnage of accumulated manure.

And of course, some lies receive more of their attention than others. Today’s featured lie fixates upon the Donald Trump Administration officially ending the Barack Obama Administration’s massive unilateral Internet power grab – executed under the rubric of the very awful Network Neutrality.

Lest we forget the Left’s point behind Net Neutrality:

“At the moment, the battle over network neutrality is not to completely eliminate the telephone and cable companies. We are not at that point yet. But the ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.”

How very Venezuela of them.

Here’s a brief look back on the history of the Internet. So as to better understand just how dishonest and histrionic the Media-Left is being:

The Web was privatized in the mid-1990s. And was done so…without any Net Neutrality regulations whatsoever.

In no small part because the Communist concept wasn’t even concocted until 2003.

The Media-Left then spent the next decade-plus trying to get Net Neutrality imposed. To no avail…until the Obama Administration unilaterally did it twice. Once in 2010 – only to have it dumped by the courts. And again in 2015 – only to have it undone by the Trump Administration.

The Net Neutrality that ends today – was in place for just over twelve months.

Get that? One year with Net Neutrality – preceded by two-plus decades without it.

So we are today returning to an Internet status quo – that has been the greatest success story in the history of humanity.

A Net Neutrality-free status quo that allowed for the growth of the Internet from “What’s that?” – to 1/6th of our entire $20 trillion economy.

Never in the entire history of the cliche “If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it” – has it been more applicable than it is here.

But because today’s the day Net Neutrality goes away – the Media-Left lies are being delivered in overdrive. Millions of words typed – all to put forward all sorts of hooey to yet again try to gin up support for this massive overdose of overregulation.

As usual, the Media-Left’s overreach is massive. The affectations overwrought. The fantasies blinkered and delusional.

Just another day at the Media-Left office.

Here goes….


Seton Motley | Red State |

The Web as You Know It May Soon Be Altered as Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules End

We’ve said it many times before – and we’ll say it again. Because the Media keeps engaging in this nonsense.

No actual news headline contains speculative words like “May.” News is…news. Not guesswork.

If the headline contains any word like “May,” the Media aren’t engaged in reporting – they’re engaged in fortune telling.

And “The Web as you know it” is – on a massive percentage basis – a Web without Net Neutrality. Again: Twenty-plus years without Net Neutrality – one year with Net Neutrality.

So what the Trump Administration just did – is restore the Web as you know it.

Oh: And sports issue “rules” – governments issue regulations. But “regulations” sounds awful – so the Media-Left instead use “rules.”

The Repeal of Net Neutrality Is Official. Here’s How That Could Affect You

There’s another speculative word: “Could.” This isn’t news reporting – it’s a Carnac impersonation.

Oh: And here’s how it will affect you – the Internet will again be allowed to grow at the exponential rate it has for the last two-plus decades. Now that this massive government imposition has been removed.

Four Ways to Survive the End of Net Neutrality Today

Melodramatic much? Here’s how you survive a restoration of the two-decade-status-quo: Maintain normal respiratory activity.

Net Neutrality Repeal Could Mean You Have to Pay Extra to Use Facebook or YouTube

“Could” – more media soothsaying. Except it’s really bad soothsaying. Because Net Neutrality’s repeal really, actually won’t mean any such thing.

In the two-plus decades without Net Neutrality – did you ever pay extra for Facebook or YouTube?

No. You did not. And you won’t now.

Because we who are opposed to Net Neutrality – simply wanted a return to that two-plus decades of Net Neutrality-free, no-extra-charge massive success.

So Long to Net Neutrality, Hello to Bigger Telecoms? The Web You Know May Never Be the Same

Speaking of speculative – a question mark in the headline? News reporting is answering questions – not asking them.

And we know the answer. The Telecoms will be roughly as big after the one year of Net Neutrality – as they were in the twenty-plus years before Net Neutrality.

Which is dramatically smaller than the companies that spent years – and hundreds of millions of dollars – trying to get Net Neutrality imposed.

Any one of which – Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft,… – can afford to purchase every single Telecom in the United States all at once.

The Changes Your ISP Could Make after Net Neutrality Deregulation

Again: “Could.” The Media yet again playing guessing games.

And the changes your Internet Service Provider (ISP) wants to make – were just made. No mas Net Neutrality. ISPs wanted to get rid of this massive government overreach – and get back to the preceding two decades and that glorious status quo.

I mean, the ISPs want to continue making speeds faster and faster – as they have been for years. And making their service cheaper-per-byte-used by miles and miles – as they have been for years.

But I doubt you’ll object to those changes. And those changes will now be much easier to make – without the massive Net Neutrality overreach in place.

A New Internet Era Begins – the End of Net Neutrality Is Here

Again: No – this is not a “new era.” This is a return to the Internet era that represents 98+% of its history.

Say you have two normal legs – and the government breaks one. You set the leg, endure the downtime – and then return to normal activity. That isn’t the inception of a “new era” – it’s a return to normalcy.

Net Neutrality was the government breaking the Web’s leg. The wound…is now healed. And now we’re back to normal.


All of the above pseudo-“news” stories – are just from over-the-weekend and this morning.

And we could go on, and on, and on, and….

But you get the idea.

Here are the facts:

Net Neutrality is gone. As it absolutely should be.

A Net Neutrality-free Internet – is the Internet status quo. It’s “The Internet as we know it.”

Everything you knew about the Internet the first two-plus decades – is what you know about the Internet now.

Everything else being flung at you by the Media-Left – is just ideological monkey poo.

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The Solution (to Music Royalty Payments) is Less Government – Not More

Government damages and destroys everything it touches. Things afflicted with any sort of government – warp and wither. At the very least, they are hampered from better bettering their situations.

The federal government is a $4-trillion-a-year nightmare mess. The Barack Obama Administration spent eight years endlessly expanding government – time and again to our national detriment.

Obamacare made everything health insurance demonstrably worse. Dodd-Frank made everything banking demonstrably worse. Obama’s mass expansion of the regulatory state made…everything demonstrably worse.

Now-President Donald Trump’s campaign promise to roll back regulations and government of all sorts was so desired by the private sector – the stock market launched like a rocket the moment he won the election, and hasn’t looked back.

Imagine an Evian air drop into the Sahara Desert. That was Trump’s election.

Ever since, we’ve watched the Administration roll back all sorts of government – with, admittedly, a few bigger-government-clunkers along the way.

Most unfortunately, the Republican-controlled Congress…hasn’t been quite as vociferous with the less government agenda.

Trump is blamed by some for the latest awful budget – but it’s still Congress who writes it. And only Trump expressed any sort of anger at its awfulness.

And Congress is again about to expand government – even further into an economic sector it has already been screwing up for decades.

Seton Motley | Red State |

Behold the bizarre, government-controlled world of music royalties.

CRB Sets Rates for Public Performance Royalties for Noncommercial Broadcast Stations for Over-the-Air Broadcasting: “The Copyright Royalty Board on Friday published in the Federal Register its decision setting the royalty rates that noncommercial broadcasters will pay to the performing rights organizations for the public performance of musical compositions in over-the-air broadcasting during the period 2018-2022.”

Well that’s just stupid.

It Is Time To Completely Rethink How Songwriters Get Paid

Indeed it is. We need to get the government completely out of it – and let the various private sector players negotiate terms.

Unfortunately, that’s not the direction Congress is considering taking us. Not only are they not “completely rethink(ing) how how songwriters get paid” and removing government from the equation – they are actually expanding government’s role.

Music Modernization Act (MMA) Unanimously Passes US House of Representatives

Music Modernization Act Proposes Single Solution to Mechanical Licensing Problem

And therein lies the problem. That alleged “single solution” – is an even-more-government solution.

Currently, multiple private companies collect the how-much-each-song-was-played data that determines the royalties paid to the artists:

“Right now, two companies serve this function for several major digital music services: HFA and MRI. (Apple Music, in a ‘belt and suspenders’ approach, uses both of them.) Google acquired another company, RightsFlow, to act as its own mechanical licensing agency for YouTube and Google Play Music. Newer companies like Audiam and Loudr are in the same business; and various startups are offering partial solutions to the mechanical licensing problem based on blockchain technology.”

This bill – kills this sector of the marketplace. Subjecting everyone to a government-created non-profit entity that does the work the multi-member private sector had done:

“The licensing collective will be an independent not-for-profit organization selected by the U.S. Copyright Office….(M)any companies take on this crucial and monumental task as a for-profit business opportunity; there’s competition and innovation in the market. The MMA could put these companies out of business.”

It almost certainly would. Just as we have seen with private health insurance, Obamacare – and Obamacare’s non-profit co-ops.

ObamaCare Just Killed My Health Insurance – Again

Many ObamaCare Customers Down to One Provider


Obamacare Is A Disaster: Co-Op Insurers Across America Are Collapsing, And Now There Is Fraud

To do anything remotely resembling Obamacare to the music industry is…unwise.

To do anything that expands even further government’s role in music royalty disbursement is…unwise.

We at Less Government have expressed our support for MMA. Because on balance it improves – if only slightly – the current music royalties situation.

But this non-profit idea – is awful.

Removing it from the bill – would make the bill better.

The Senate should do exactly that.

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Silicon Valley Moguls: Google Lists ‘Nazism’ as GOP Belief – Doesn’t Pull ISIS Accounts

Nationally syndicated radio host Chris Plante has a lock-down, gold-standard observation of the Left:

“If it weren’t for double standards – the Left would have no standards at all.”

It was of this truism that I thought – as I watched unfold a couple of recent Silicon Valley Mogul stories. You know the Silicon Valley Moguls – Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The first story was the Facebook-Columbia Analytica mess. In which many, many more Americans became aware of Facebook’s MASSIVE data collection – and its oft sloppiness when selling access to it.

And the second was the European Union (EU)’s new, much-more-tightly-restrictive privacy laws imposed upon all of the Silicon Valley Moguls.

These developments – unfortunately for the Silicon Valley Moguls – have shone light more brightly and broadly on all the Silicon Valley Moguls…and their MASSIVE data collection.

And caused average folks to begin to ask a devastating question:

“How are the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter each worth hundreds of billions of dollars – if they give everything away for free?”

Which leads average folks to begin to realize:

“If something on the Internet is free – YOU are the product.”

Facebook Isn’t the Only Tech Company with Too Much of Your Data: “So Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal has you freaked. The social media giant’s appetite for your personal data combined with its ability to exploit it for profit regardless of societal cost has soured many on the company. But as we collectively reckon with the havoc Facebook has wrought, it’s important to take stock of the other 800-pound gorillas in the digital room: Google and Amazon.

“The two companies, to varying degrees, both collect massive amounts of data on the people who use their services, and yet they’ve largely avoided the public scrutiny falling on Facebook in the wake of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. It’s time that changes.”

That scrutiny-free zone – has begun to shrink, per the EUs new privacy approach.

For its part, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has engaged in…I believe his nineteenth apology tour. First in America. And then in Europe – as he tried to head off the EUs looming privacy law beat down.

If none of this seemed sincere – especially to conservative, free market and less government folks – it’s only because it was Zuckerberg’s…I believe nineteenth apology tour.

Seton Motley | Red State |

The first eighteen were all to apologize to conservative, free market and less government types – for time and again blocking and banning them from his platform.

Social sharing Twitter has repeatedly found all sorts of new and innovative ways to expel conservatives from and silence conservatives on its platform – including the magic of “shadow banning.”

Google is, of course, the King of Web Search. And they have time and time and time again been caught manipulating search results – to assist Leftists and damage conservatives. Which has a more than a little effect on our elections.

Google Search Manipulation Can Swing Nearly 80 Percent of Undecided Voters

Certainly WAY more than say…Russian bots and their ridiculous memes.

In a long-overdue-acquiescence to the reality of its entire existence:

Google Drops ‘Don’t Be Evil’ Motto

Google’s anti-anything-to-the-Right-of-Karl-Marx has now become…less-than-subtle.

Google Listed ‘Nazism’ as the Ideology of the California Republican Party: “Less than a week before the California primary, Google listed “Nazism” as the ideology of the California Republican Party.

“In the ‘knowledge panel’ that provides easy access to information next to search results, Google was showing ‘Nazism’ as an ‘ideology’ of the party as of Thursday morning.

“The word ‘Nazism’ was hyperlinked to a secondary page that shows ‘Nazism’ alongside other ‘ideologies’ of California Republicans like ‘Conservatism,’ ‘Market liberalism,’ ‘Fiscal conservatism,’ and ‘Green conservatism.’”

First…an historical correction. “Nazi” – was a contraction of “National Socialism.” The full name of the German Party in question…was the “National-Socialist German Workers’ Party.” Prior to joining the Nazis – Adolf Hitler was…a Communist.

So “Nazism”…is the polar opposite of things like “conservatism,” “market liberalism” and “fiscal conservatism” – the alleged GOP “synonyms” Google lists alongside “Nazism.”

So ideologically, Google is wholly inaccurate and incorrect.

Politically – Google is scandalously libel.

When called on it, Google responded:

“This was not the result of any manual change by anyone at Google. We don’t bias our search results toward any political party. Sometimes people vandalize public information sources, like Wikipedia, which can impact the information that appears in search.

“We have systems in place that catch vandalism before it impacts search results, but occasionally errors get through, and that’s what happened here. This would have been fixed systematically once we processed the removal from Wikipedia, but when we noticed the vandalism we worked quickly to accelerate this process to remove the erroneous information.”

Here’s a question to ponder:

How come NONE of these very many Silicon Valley Mogul “errors” – redound to the benefit of conservatives?

Every single one of the very many Silicon Valley Mogul “errors” – reflect very negatively…only on people to the Right of Karl Marx.

That’s really weird….

Meanwhile, how does Google handle…actual modern-day Nazis? Like, say, international anti-Jew Islamist terrorist outfit ISIS?

Groups Say Google Plus Ignored Flagged Posts of Extremist Content: “Google has ignored warnings about pro-ISIS content on its social media platform, Google Plus, according to users who flagged posts to the company and an expert who said he flagged the content directly to Google.

“Despite those actions, a trio of pro-ISIS communities were active on Google Plus on Wednesday after the company was notified of them more than nine months ago.

“The company removed the groups from Google Plus between Wednesday and Thursday after The Hill asked about them.”

Google has a long history of defending its serving as an ISIS platform. This from 2015:

Here’s Why Google Doesn’t Censor ISIS Beheading Videos: “Despite the Islamic State’s reach online, (Google policy director Victoria) Grand and her colleague said, censorship is not the answer.”

Get that Silicon Valley Mogul double standard?

With ISIS – censorship isn’t the answer. The answer…is more speech. Counter ISIS – with facts and reason.

But with a wide array of conservatives, free marketeers and less government types – censorship, banning, shadow-banning, “fake news” accusations and lying search manipulations…absolutely IS the answer.

No attempt to counter conservatives with facts and reason should be made.

Which is a very interesting – if inadvertent – admission.

The Left is confident they can with facts and reason counter Islamist terrorists.

The Left is supremely unconfident in their ability to with facts and reason counter conservatives.

So this may not be a double standard.

So much as it is an acknowledgement of Leftism’s limitations.

And conservatism’s correctness.

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Government Duplicates When It’s Stupid – and Doesn’t When It’s a National Security Imperative

The late, inordinately great Ronald Reagan wisely noted:

“We could say the government spends like drunken sailors – but that would be unfair to drunken sailors. Because the sailors are spending their own money.”

The late, inordinately great Sir Ernest John Pickstone Benn wisely noted:

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy.”

Mix up a massive $4-trillion-per-year federal government budget – and the massive politics involved in electing the people to spend it – and you see the harmonic-convergence-wisdom of these two gentlemen.

One really stupid way government spends our money – is on unnecessary and stupid duplication. And triplication. And quadruplication. And quin-tuplication. And sex-tuplication. And…:

“Since 2011, (The Government Accountability Office) GAO has issued annual reports on opportunities to reduce fragmentation, overlap, and duplication, as well as reduce costs and increase revenue, for the federal government.”

Get that? The GAO only started doing this…in 2011. Which means for the preceding two centuries, government “fragmentation, overlap, and duplication”…went nigh totally unanalyzed.

The GAO was formed in 1921. Which begs the question: What the heck was the office charged with government accountability doing for its first ninety years – if it wasn’t identifying “fragmentation, overlap, and duplication?”

And of course – just because the GAO is now, finally identifying it…doesn’t mean anyone is doing anything about it. This from 2014:

Government Often Has 10 Agencies Doing One Job: “It takes 10 different offices at the Department of Health and Human Services to run programs addressing AIDS in minority communities. Autism research is spread out over 11 different agencies. Eight agencies at the Defense Department are looking for prisoners of war and missing in action. And Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado has eight different satellite control centers to control 10 satellite programs.”

And this from 2016:

Report Says Federal Fragmentation, Overlap, Duplication Abound: “The Government Accountability Office keeps Uncle Sam’s to-do lists. One of the most anticipated by Congress is the annual list of fragmentation, duplication and overlap in government programs. It shows how Sam can step on his own toes, wasting resources in the process.”

I doubt Congress “anticipates” – so much as it dreads.

That’s a story on the fifth such GAO report. There shouldn’t have been a second. In fact – there shouldn’t have been a first.

Congress should, I don’t know, read their budgets before voting on them. Which would allow them to take note of all of this massive waste – and remove it prior to passage.

Certainly if you have a dedicated office handing you a list of all this massive waste – you’d be embarrassed you passed it in the first place…and make sure that office never again has anything to hand you.

But this is DC. Shame is an emotion…never, ever experienced here.

A feeling far too often felt in our nation’s capital – is the warmth found in the reciprocal embrace of cronies clutching cronies. And with the government spending a massive $4-trillion-per-year – and the massive politics involved in electing the people to spend it – there is lots and LOTS of crony hugging going on.

Which is a major reason why you so often have a dozen agencies doing things – when one will do. Because a dozen agencies doing it – means much more money for many more cronies.

Seton Motley | Red State |

But when one giant crony wants government’s monogamous exclusivity – they get it. Even when it results in policy even more awful than a dozen agencies doing the work of one.

Pentagon Defends Plans for Cloud Contract that Rivals Call a Lock for Amazon

It’s not just “rivals” who call it “a lock for Amazon.” Anyone who looks at the deal – and is intellectually honest – calls it a lock for Amazon. Because it’s a lock for Amazon:

“In a report demanded by Congress, the Defense Department defended its planned winner-take-all award for a cloud-computing contract….”

Of course the Defense Department defended its hiring Amazon and only Amazon. I would bet all the money in my pockets – against all the money in your pockets – that the bureaucrats who exclusively hired Amazon…are the ones who wrote the Defense Department’s defense of exclusively hiring Amazon.

And who exactly is that?

Cronyism: Having Your Ex-Employees Award Government Contracts…: “…makes it much more likely you’ll get government contracts.

“Behold the United States Digital Service (USDS). And the Defense Department’s portion thereof: The Defense Digital Service (DDS).

“The Trump Administration has left these government nooks and crannies nigh completely un-cleansed. So they remain entirely populated by Barack Obama Administration holdovers.

“And as we have seen time and time and time again – Obama holdovers make really bad, heinously crony policy….

“Meet Deap Ubhi….Ubhi is simultaneously working for the government – and his own private company. How very Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton of him….

“(W)e don’t know who Tablehero’s clients are. Could his private company be ‘hired’ – to affect his decision-making in his government gig?

“And it seems more than a little odd – and perhaps legally problematic??? – to simultaneously work for the public and private sectors.

“And get Ubhi’s USDS self-description: ‘Product & Technology Leader.’…Ubhi describes himself as USDS’ “Product Guy.”

“Sounds like procurement to me.

“Ubhi’s LinkedIn headline says he works for USDS – but his employment history says he works as “Product Director” for Defense’s DDS.

“Sounds like procurement to me.

“And where did Ubhi work immediately prior to government? Why look…uber-Big Tech company Amazon….

“And Ubhi didn’t just work for Amazon. He worked for Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Amazon’s cloud storage company.”

So the guy in charge of handing out contracts – at the Defense Department sub-agency in charge of handing out contracts – immediately before working for the government…worked for Amazon Web Services.

And that guy’s department hired – for a ten-year, $10 billion monopoly contract – Amazon Web Services.

What an amazing coincidence all of that is.

And this is one of those rare instances – where government not doing duplication…is a really terrible idea. For several reasons:

“One provider – is going to inherently become complacent. And slack off in attending to short-term needs – and innovating long-term betterments. One provider with a ten-year contract – is thus a REALLY bad idea.

“And any sort of ten-year contract in Tech – is egregiously awful. A decade in Tech – is an eon in evolutionary terms. If you’ve got inherent complacency – in the Tech world, for a decade – you end up with REALLY bad problems….

“You want a much shorter-term contract for any government service. For Tech – year-to-year is probably the best way to go.

“And you want multiple providers – each offering overlapping portions of the Defense Department’s very many needs. Again, for a variety of reasons.

“One reason: You have multiple providers constantly competing with each other – to constantly provide the best possible service. No complacency there.

“And then there are the national security implications.

“If you have but one provider – and it suffers a service interruption – the entire Defense Department suffers a service interruption.

“And for our military men and women serving in some really bad areas around the globe – service interruptions can and will be deadly.

“The Defense Department should build-in to their cloud computing what they build-in to just about everything else they do – multiple redundancies.

“Defense should have at least two providers providing each portion of the cloud service – so that if one crashes, you have at least one at-the-ready backup.

“So, say, at a bare minimum: Five providers – each providing 40% of the necessary services.

“For government school victims – that makes 200%. Which means two providers each are providing every part of the total cloud service.

“Backup. Fail-safe. Redundancy.

“Not one provider – all by its onesies, providing all of the service.”

So yet again:

Government is creating duplication – where none is needed.

And eliminating duplication – when it is of vital national security import.

And doing very much of all of it – for the crony-est of crony reasons.

We should prevent this – wherever and whenever we can.

We can do so here – with Amazon and the Defense Department.

We absolutely should.

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The Obamas and Netflix: Cronyism Comes Full Circle

A somber and sober Memorial Day to one and all.

Ex-President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle just signed a deal with Netflix to “produce television shows and films for the streaming service.” It could be worth as much as $50 million.

Which makes perfect business sense for Netflix – given the Obamas’ extensive experience in story development, screenwriting, direction and production.

I kid. I’m a kidder.

The Obamas, of course, have zero history in the filmmaking business. The chances of them falling backwards into content production success are…just about non-existent.

When examined through a political prism – rather than a business one – this move makes perfect sense. For the Obamas – and Netflix.

It is the culmination of a decade’s worth of DC cronyism – come round full circle: “Ted…Sarandos and his wife, Nicole Avant, bundled nearly $600,000 in contributions to Obama from their friends and associates during the 2012 presidential campaign.”

And who is Ted Sarandos?: “(Netflix)’s creative content chief who oversees an $8 billion budget (and who) helped to broker the deal….”

Aha. I see.

And what of Sarandos’ matrimonial co-bundler?: “Avant served as US ambassador to the Bahamas from 2009 to 2011, during the president’s first term. Her father, Clarence, a music exec, bundled a total of nearly $450,000 for Obama’s presidential campaigns.”

Well isn’t all of this nice and cozy.

Seton Motley | Red State |

What has the former First Couple planned for Netflix?: “The Obamas plan to work on stories that ‘promote greater empathy and understanding between peoples and help them share their stories with the entire world.’”

Yes, because Hollywood is really suffering a titanic dearth of this sort of content. I was just thinking the other day “What we’re really not getting in movies and on television – is a bunch of mushy-headed Leftist claptrap dressed up as entertainment.”

I kid. I’m a kidder.

Of course Netflix’s $50-million-Obama-throwaway – follows on the heels of their appointing former Obama official and serial liar Susan Rice to its board. And terminally un-funny, angry and acerbic White House Correspondents Dinner emcee Michelle Wolf – getting a Netflix deal her own self.

And I can with nigh certitude say this Obama deal – is a $50 million throwaway. I said so on social media – and received Never Trumper pushback that “Netflix wouldn’t cut the deal unless they think it will make them money.” That this deal was “capitalism in action.”

Really? Has someone missed the last thirty-plus years of Hollywood nonsense?

Where Hollywood time and again trots out Leftist nonsense disguised as entertainment – only to watch the box-office and ratings awfulness it produces? Only to try it again? And again? And again? Five-millionth-time will be the charm, I guess they’re thinking.

Where Hollywood time and again leaves million-dollar-bills lying on the sidewalk – i.e. the production and delivery of pro-traditional-America content? Which they ever-so-rarely deliver – and then act abjectly shocked when it rakes in the cash?

I.e. when the not-entirely-anti-Donald-Trump “Roseanne” redux – delivers monster ratings networks haven’t seen since the advent of cable TV. I.e. – before “Roseanne” was on the first time.

And this anti-bottom-line ideological nonsense – has crept well beyond the bowels of just Hollywood.

Companies in many sectors have forgotten the elementary rule to which basketball legend Michael Jordan rigorously adhered.

A lifelong staunch Democrat – Jordan never publicly said so. When angrily asked by another Democrat why – Jordan calmly, wisely responded: “Republicans buy sneakers too.”

Most Democrats – are demonstrably dumber than is Jordan.

How about that NBC deal for Chelsea Clinton – daughter of former and wishful presidents Bill and Hillary?

NBC Paid Chelsea Clinton $600,000 to Do Nothing, Basically

Longtime-Leftist coffee mega-merchant Starbucks – recently tried accomodation-Communism in its locations. And then immediately began backtracking – when they saw the drug-riddled, stench-ifying results.

The raft of anti-National Rifle Association (NRA) corporate stupidity – has been particularly impressive.

All of these companies – in the name of ideology – are telling half the American people…they do not want their money.

That seems to me to be…really very stupid.

Oh – and of course, conversely: If you’re a non-Leftist and choose to not do business with a Leftist – the Left will use the full force of government…to mandate you to do so anyway. See: Christian bakers and Christian florists – to name but two of very many examples.

Before we leave the Obama-Netflix $50 million nexus behind – let us more fully examine the Obama Administration years…and how fantastic they were for Netflix.

In no small part – because Netflix’s Sarandos and his Bahamas-ambassador wife…weren’t the only Netflix donors. Big coin also came…from the very top.

Netflix CEO, a Democratic Donor, Expands Influence in D.C.: “Under the leadership of major Democratic donor Reed Hastings, Netflix has grown its influence in Washington, D.C., and is wielding that influence to get its way on multiple legal issues that are central to its business model.”

With all of that Democrat donating – Netflix was certainly looking for more than a cushy, tropical diplomatic post. They wanted hardcore crony policy. And the Obama Administration delivered. Again, and again, and….

A principal recurring theme in the Obama-Netflix cronyism – was the administration outlawing Netflix being charged for the massive bandwidth it uses. How massive is said bandwidth use?

Netflix Bandwidth Usage Climbs to Nearly 37% of Internet Traffic at Peak Hours

And that was in 2015. Today’s percentage – is undoubtedly even larger.

And the Obama Administration – was more than happy to oblige Netflix with their massive free ride.

Under the umbrella power grab that is the very awful Network Neutrality – Obama delivered Netflix an all-encompassing price-fix…of zero dollars. Always, forever – and no matter how much data Netflix uses – Netflix would pay…nothing.

Oh: Which means we small-time, small-bandwidth retail users…get to pay exponentially more for our Internet service. So as to augment the profits of Netflix and the other bandwidth hog companies – Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. That’s certainly fair.

The Obama Administration in 2010 – unilaterally imposed a milder version of Net Neutrality. The DC Circuit Court in 2014 – struck it down.

So the Obama Administration in 2015 – went whole hog on Net Neutrality with a much-more-massive power grab. (Of which, thankfully, the Trump Administration recently rid us.)

Because Netflix was dedicated to getting unlimited free bandwidth.

And Obama was dedicated to giving it to them.

Because Netflix was dedicated to getting Obama elected.

And now that Obama has delivered all the cronyism his administration could muster – he gets a $50 million crony Netflix deal.

Closing this particular, particularly-foul circle of cronyism.

The only pains we have left to suffer here – are the awful movies and TV shows the Obamas will produce.

But there are oh-so-many other awful government-cronyism circles – still working on closing themselves….

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I Dislike Tariffs; I Dislike Intellectual Property Theft Much, Much More

We’ve oft written about the abject phoniness that poses as “free trade” in Washington, D.C.

Where our trading partners impose all sorts of taxes and import limits on our stuff. And we do nothing of the sort to theirs – flinging wide open our worlds-largest-market to any and all comers.

Where our trading partners’ governments subsidize the living daylight out of their products. Which they then bring to global market – bringing with them the inherent, price-reducing advantages of all the government money behind them.

All of which woefully disadvantages our products – and their producers. Because our producers aren’t competing on anything remotely resembling a level playing field.

This decades-long inanity – has severely damaged our nation.

It has cost us millions of jobs. The Rust Belt – wasn’t always the Rust Belt. It used to be the heart of the world’s greatest manufacturing engine.

Gone are tens of thousands of plants and factories. Swap-outsourced – for government money checks, meth labs and opioid addictions.

Oh: But you can get a Communist Chinese TV at Walmart fo $20 less than you otherwise would – so that makes up for everything.

Speaking of Communist China….

Seton Motley | Red State |

Republican President Donald Trump campaigned for his current gig – against the bipartisan DC headwind: “Manufacturing jobs are never coming back.”

Trump won – and then went about the business of…bringing those jobs back. Over 304,000 such jobs have been created…and counting, as the regulatory and tax cuts continue to work their magic.

And things will additionally continue to improve – because Trump is also working on the third leg of the economy stool: Improving DCs awful trade track record.

And just in time. Because China has also been stealing the next generation of jobs – generated by and around the creation of Intellectual Property (IP). Having cornered much of our manufacturing job market – China is now moving on our world-leading IP creation.

China is working to steal our IP creation – by promising IP creators IP security…if you move your IP creation to China.

This is a protection-racket-shakedown – of trillions-of-dollars-proportions. Because China has spent the last several decades…stealing trillions of dollars of IP.

We in the US lose to Chinese IP theft about $600 billion per year. Oh – and China forces companies to “voluntarily” hand over their IP – in exchange for any access at all to China’s market.

Trump has been rightly decrying these sorts of awfulness…for decades. He campaigned for President – repeatedly denouncing China’s massive IP theft.

And after working domestically to address regulatory and tax overreach – in March Trump announced steel and aluminum tariffs on China. And did so – citing China’s IP theft as a principal reason therefore. Trump’s tariff total – topped out at $150 billion. Or…less than 25% of China’s annual IP theft from us.

The same DC fake free traders – who have spent several decades allowing to continue unabated this massive Chinese IP theft specifically and awful trade generally – screeched about Trump and his “Trade War.”

News flash, folks: We’ve been in a trade war with China…for decades. They declared it. And until Trump – only they were waging it.

I publicly, repeatedly said Trump’s tariffs were exactly the right thing to do.

If you’ve been punched in the face for half a century and done nothing about it – to get it to finally stop…you have to start punching back.

China has been Muhammad Ali-ing us forever. It’s about time we finally got up off the mat.

Now…I do not like tariffs. Nor do I like artificial government limits imposed on trade. Nor do I like government subsidies of products.

I do not like any of these things – because I like free trade. Not the fake “free trade” with which DC has for decades destroyed us. I like actual, real free trade.

But if I have to swallow some Trump tariffs – to address four times that amount in IP theft – I am all the way down with it.

Trump is threatening to tax some China fruit – to save the US IP fruit tree. Because that tree – is MUCH more important than that fruit.

If we have to pay more for steel and aluminum products – in exchange for saving domestic IP production – then hand me my wallet…I’ll happily pay.

But I also supported Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs – because I knew they would never, ever actually be imposed. Because I know – as Trump does – China needs us…WAY more than we need them.

Who was right? Trump and I – or the DC Smart Set?

China Trade War ‘On Hold’ as Trump Pauses Tariffs: “The administration had threatened $50 billion to $150 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods as a way to deter the theft of U.S. intellectual property and forced transfers of technology. Beijing countered by threatening tariffs on $50 billion worth of U.S. farm, chemical and other exports.

“But (Treasury Secretary Steven) Mnuchin said Sunday that the two sides agreed on a framework for reducing the U.S. trade deficit with China and addressing technology trade irritants during high-level talks on Thursday and Friday….

“U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, one of the driving forces behind the intellectual property theft investigation that led Trump to threaten tariffs on $50 billion to $150 billion worth of Chinese goods, said in a statement that the two sides have “agreed on a framework to address the very serious issues raised” in that probe. That includes putting the tariffs on hold, but keeping them in reserve if needed.”

Oh look – the Chinese blinked.

Now, I am not an idiot. Neither is Trump (despite widespread reporting to the contrary). I do not trust the Communist Chinese – as far as I can throw their Great Wall.

But we just watched them go – in just two months – from full-on bluster and threats of retaliation…to a unilateral buckling.

Because they know what we all should – that we can afford a “trade war” WAY more than they can.

And most importantly:

I think saving our status as the world leader in IP creation and implementation – is vitally, crucially, fundamentally important to our economic future.

Oh – and our national and international security as well.

5G wirelessand the all-encompassing Internet of Everything – is coming. We are but a couple of years away from everything – cars, stoplights, stoves…EVERYTHING – being online.

And the 5G world leader and standard-setter is either going to be the US – or Communist China. Guess for whom I’m rooting.

So we must do everything possible to protect everything Intellectual Property from Chinese theft.

Including threatening to pay a little more for steel and aluminum.

Which, again, we will never have to actually do.

Because as we have just seen – China needs us WAY more than we need them.

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