Trump Renews Calls for Border Wall Following Friday Attack in Egypt

A mosque attack in Egypt Friday led to the deaths of 235 people, a manhunt for those responsible, and renewed calls by President Donald Trump to both build a wall on the Southern U.S. border and reintroduce a travel ban for known terrorist-sympathizing countries.

The coordinated attack involved both bombs and gunfire and took place at the al Rawdah mosque in the northern Sinai. The mosque is an important Sufi site, thought to be the birthplace of Sheikh Eid al-Jariri, who is considered the founder of Sufism in the Sinai.

Eyewitnesses said a bomb went off in an adjacent building and, as they fled, worshipers were targeted by gunmen wielding semi-automatic weapons as they left the mosque. While no one has claimed responsibility, Egyptian officials say the attack bears the hallmarks of ISIS.

Ashraf Abu Salem 27, said gunmen then went inside the mosque to fire at people. Entering the mosque afterward, he said the bodies looked as if people had been shot in the back. His clothes were stained with the blood of the injured he helped to carry out, but he was unharmed.
The gunmen had set up “ambush” locations and opened fire on ambulances as they were transporting wounded worshippers to al-Arish before the arrival of security services, eyewitnesses reported.
Photos from inside the mosque showed what appeared to be bodies lined up in rows on the carpet.
Trump had a phone call with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on Friday after condemning the “horrible and cowardly terrorist attack on innocent and defenseless” worshipers. The White House released a statement following that call:

President Donald J. Trump spoke today with President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi of Egypt to offer condolences to the people of Egypt after the heinous attack on worshippers in Egypt’s North Sinai province.  President Trump condemned the attack and reiterated that the United States will continue to stand with Egypt in the face of terrorism.  The international community cannot tolerate barbaric terrorist groups and must strengthen its efforts to defeat terrorism and extremism in all its forms.

Egypt is not among the countries listed in the original travel ban. Those responsible for the attack have not yet been located.

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Turns Out Sarah Silverman Can Learn

In something of a Thanksgiving miracle, perennial Trump hater Sarah Silverman spent some time with Trump supporters in the course of creating an episode of her new Hulu streaming show “I Love You, America” and reportedly “fell in love” with them.

In an interview at Los Angeles’ Vulture Fest, Silverman told the crowd that in interviewing supporters of the president she had an epiphany of sorts about something that arguably most people already know: people, even if they don’t agree with you politically, can still be good, inviting, interesting and engaging.

“When you’re one-on-one with someone who doesn’t agree with you, or whose ideology is different than yours, when you’re face to face, your porcupine needles go down,” she said. “The surprise was… I fell in love with them. I had a great time with them and I felt comfortable.

“I’m trying to be open,” she explained. “I’m finding if I do engage with someone who is angry at me, or angry and I’m a place where they can put that anger… it’s almost always a good experience, because more than anything, all of us what we have in common is, we want to feel seen. We want to feel like we exist. We really should — all of us — work on not getting our self-esteem from outside forces, but it is so much when somebody just sees you. It’s just like, everything melts away. We just all just human out again.”

While Silverman’s change of heart is grabbing the headlines, the more interesting question here is why on earth, as a nearly middle-aged woman, the comedian has never reached this conclusion before? By her age, most people have come across those different than themselves. Her relatively sheltered existence either speaks to the intractable bubble that Hollywood lives in, or it speaks to a choice Silverman has made to simply never engage across the aisle.

This is not to denigrate her new-found open mind. Silverman’s eye-opening is indeed a welcome development and should be encouraged by those on the right capable of the same kind insight. But in watching her grow, it is interesting and edifying to observe how she — and presumably many liberals — analyze people that disagree with them as if they are aliens from another planet.

Vanity Fair wrote about a dialogue Silverman had with a Westboro Baptist Church ex-pat on her show, where the former church member had to explain to Silverman that people with extreme views are usually not clinically insane.

Megan Phelps-Roper, a former member of the Westboro Baptist Church…left the church and her family five years ago after expanding her social circle on Twitter, where she got into a series of discussions with her now husband. With this exchange, Silverman clearly makes her case for conversation—even when it’s difficult, frustrating, or yes, even dangerous.

“I think one thing that’s really important for people to understand is that I think extremists generally are not psychopaths,” Phelps-Roper told Silverman. “They’re psychologically normal people who have been persuaded by bad ideas. And we can’t expect to, like, isolate these people and hope that those ideas will just fade into oblivion. We have to actually engage those ideas and find ways of, one, understanding the mind-sets of the people that we’re dealing with and then effectively constructing arguments and evidence and presenting those things. And it’s not just for the sake of these extremists . . . because they impact the rest of society.”

It really does start to seem that Silverman, to this point, has actually felt far enough removed from people that simply disagree with her to view them as a nearly distinct and separate species; one that must be put under glass and subjected to scientific experimentation in order to understand.

It’s just funny and intriguing. But perhaps it shouldn’t detract from the positive improbability that generally too-clever-by-half hostess is willing to drop the pretense and try to understand her fellow man. That’s a hopeful and encouraging sign. And even avowed critics of Donald Trump must admit his election was the catalyst. There’s your silver — ah, Silverman — lining, never Trumpers.

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WaPo Reporter Speaks at Secret Dem Donor Event Featuring George Soros

It would be easy at first blush to blame the Washington Post for letting one of its reporters speak at a hush-hush progressive donor gathering for Democrats. But apparently the newspaper neither knew about, nor gave permission to, Janell Ross, who covers what appears to be mostly election-related stories for the Post, to attend an event where she gave a presentation on “getting the economic narrative right.”

The Washington Free Beacon got their hands on the agenda for the Democracy Alliance’s fall event, which looked to be a progressive strategy conference wherein liberal donors and activists got together to plot how to respond to the 2016 election and, presumably, gain traction in coming elections.

Ross sat on a panel to assist conference-goers on the topic of “getting the economic narrative right” in future elections, according to the agenda, which can be viewed in full here.

Ross, whose panel was sandwiched by a talk with liberal billionaire George Soros and a message by Democratic senator Amy Klobuchar (Minn.) on Russian interference in the 2016 election, helped attendees explore questions such as: “What do progressives stand for?”

“In this panel discussion, developed by the DA’s Inclusive Economy Fund, we pose some fundamental questions, including: What do progressives stand for? How do we grapple with the tough issues? What story are we trying to tell and how does it play out in communities across the country? How do we translate what the polls and research tell us into the compelling narratives that will build the public will to reorient our economy and combat inequality?”

The panel was framed in the agenda as a response to the 2016 election, in which Democrats were criticized for failing to understand the economic concerns in areas of the country carried by President Trump.

Ross, who told the Free Beacon she couldn’t speak to them without permission from the Post’s public relations team, apparently attended the conference without informing her superiors at the newspaper. “We’ve only now learned about her participation in this event,” a spokesperson for the Post said, adding, “The Washington Post policy discourages participation in any activity that could be perceived as partisan. [Ross] has been reminded of that.”

Ross claims her attendance at the event was related to a book she’s involved in helping create and that this initiative is independent from her work for the Post.

It remains unclear if Ross, who still covers election events for the Washington newspaper, was paid to speak at the event; although she was directed, as were all attendees, “not to share any details of the conference on social media or share them with the press.”

The full agenda of the event can be found here.

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It Took 40 Years and Twitter but Juanita Broaddrick Has Finally Found Her Voice

It’s ironic that the social media platform Twitter has found itself embroiled in a discussion over free speech in the last week, the result of the company’s decision to begin “de-verifying” (read: stripping some users of their blue check mark) users known to spread controversial — some believe hateful — speech.

Ironic because for some like Juanita Broaddrick — who has claimed for years to have been raped by former President Bill Clinton when he was running for governor of Arkansas — Twitter is the place they’ve found their voices.

And, in as much as one can “hear “someone’s voice on Twitter, Broaddrick’s is particularly loud.

She has had the same tweet “pinned” to the top of her Twitter account since January, 2016:

And she has been using the application steadily ever since. Recently she took comedian Chelsea Handler to task in a twitter exchange when Handler weighed in on the Roy Moore allegations coming out of Alabama:

Handler first wrote about Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate candidate who’s facing a slew of sexually-tied scandalous accusations right now.

“Imagine being molested by an older man,” Handler tweeted. “Then that man denies ever doing it and then goes on and gets elected to United State [S]enate. What kind of message does that send to young girls everywhere? And men to all the men who abuse women?”

It wasn’t long before the hypocrisy angle was highlighted — by Broaddrick herself.

Broaddrick tweeted, until her @atensnut handle: “Yeahm @chelseahandler I can imagine. I was raped by the Arkansas AG who then becomes Governor & President and NBC held my interview explaining the rape until after his impeachment hearing. But I’m sure you don’t want to go there.”

Handler ultimately apologized and told Broaddrick she believed her story.

Broaddrick’s voice has become more empowered and ever stronger on the digital application as the near-daily allegations of sexual harassment have worn on. On Nov. 20, CNN’s Ana Navarro, adopting the current line that every allegation and accuser must be believed, sent out a tweet to prove she’s a good feminist who backs her sisters. Broaddrick took her to the woodshed.

Broaddrick’s newfound voice — one she’s claimed she silenced out of fear of not only Bill, but Lady Hillary as well — is doubtless ringing uncomfortably in the ears of progressives, who have begun to wonder, 40 years later, if perhaps she might actually be credible (when as late as last summer they were comparing anyone who believed her to conspiracy theorists):

Even one year ago, when Broaddrick was brought up in the context of Hillary R. Clinton’s campaign for the White House, there was pushback from the leftist-dominated mainstream media.

At one point, during the summer, “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd compared people, who believed Broaddrick to conspiracy theorists questioning the circumstances surrounding the 1993 death of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster Jr.

Then, Harvey Weinstein was exposed Oct. 5.

Now Chris Hayes of MSNBC is rethinking the “Bill Clinton ‘stuff’” and he’s not alone. Broaddrick, it seems, has become the face of the silent, marginalized victim who had to wait half her life for the opportunity to join in a hashtag campaign in order to feel safe enough to tell her story.

She’s the biggest #metoo there is. And she’s taking full advantage of it.  Her digital lungs are strong and we can expect much, much more of her story. Hopefully Twitter stands back and lets her continue to tell it.

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First-year Judicial Nominations on Pace to Overtake Reagan

President Ronald Reagan confirmed eight judicial nominees in his first year in office, at the time a historic number.

President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, just after Thanksgiving — if all goes to plan — will have confirmed nine.

Axios, calling the spate of nominees the “sleeper story that matters,” notes that tax reform and end-of-year spending are grabbing the headlines; but judicial nominations and confirmations are the quiet movement that will have repercussions for generations to come.

The federal courts affect almost every area of policy: gun rights, presidential executive orders like Trump’s travel ban, social policy issues like abortion and freedom of religion, and tensions between regulation, litigation and private enterprise. McConnell’s judges — who passed through a well-funded and organized conservative pipeline — will shape the U.S. over many decades in ways we can’t yet imagine.

Beginning with new Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, conservatives, taking cues from the Washington, D.C.-based Federalist Society, have been slowly, methodically shifting the trajectory of jurisprudence since Trump was inaugurated in January. Democrats are concerned about what they see as a wave of nominations in the branch of government that is increasingly deciding policy as Congress grows more and more gridlocked.

“This will be the single most important legacy of the Trump administration,” Sen. Chris Coons, a Delaware Democrat and member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, told Business Insider. If conservatives have their way, he said, the Senate would “put judges on circuit courts all over the country, district courts all over the country, that will, given their youth and conservatism, will have a significant impact on the shape and trajectory of American law for decades.”

Conservatives have long feared that Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, had she been successful in her presidential run, would take the same opportunity to pack the courts only with activist judges that would interpret legislation to forward progressive policy.

However, because Trump won, and the GOP succeeded in denying Obama’s Supreme Court pick a hearing prior to the election, conservatives have been nominating and confirming judges at a rapid pace, taking suggestions from The Federalist Society and marginalizing the American Bar Association’s role.

The Federalist Society, which does not lobby for legislation, take policy positions or sponsor or endorse nominees and candidates for public service, is funded through grants, membership and donations…

The society says its main mission is to create a forum for legal experts of opposing views to interact with members of the legal profession, the judiciary, law students and academics, including through events such as the National Lawyer’s Convention that begins Thursday in Washington.

According to Axios, Leonard Leo, executive vice president of The Federalist Society, said McConnell places “an enormously high priority on the confirmation of judges.”

“His thinking behind that is that the federal judiciary has an enormous impact on the future direction of our country in ways that many pieces of legislation and public policy initiatives don’t,” Leo said.

Liberal groups believe the Trump team is relying too much on Leo’s group and worry that the nominees are mostly white men and not reflective of the broader US citizenry.

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Progressives Provide a Blueprint for What Abuse of Power Looks Like

Poor Lois Lerner. She’s worried that people will finally find out exactly what she did in weaponizing the IRS and targeting conservative groups. In some cases, she kept them from attaining their non-profit status so they couldn’t legally raise money and advocate for conservative causes. She effectively shut down free speech for those groups (which should prompt you to learn more about the Citizens United case and “dark money”; they’re related) and has admitted to wrongdoing in two class action cases brought against her by Tea Party groups.

But exactly what she admitted to is unclear because those transcripts and tapes are sealed. If Miss Lerner has her way, they’ll stay that way; and she’s using fear of retaliation to make her case.

At risk of sounding cruel: suck it up, Lois. You abused your power mightily and the consequences you’ve no doubt imagined in your head are frightening I’m sure. Hopefully you’ll take the appropriate steps to protect yourself if you’re truly concerned. Perhaps you can appeal to those in the Obama administration who were directing your movements since we already know that you met with DOJ’s Election Crimes Division a month before the 2010 elections and that you discussed criminally prosecuting tax-exempt entities a full two years before the IRS even acknowledged they were targeting these groups.

But your reemergence on this subject has come at an interesting time, as the progressive machine has cranked up recently to discuss the very abuse of power you and the Obama administration were dealing. Only, as is the progressive way, they’re not owning it. They are, instead, applying it to the Trump administration.

Jennifer Rubin — a progressive who plays token conservative at the Washington Post — explicitly calls out the Trump admin. as exemplifying abuse of power related to the continued attempt to make Trump’s previous Russian business dealings a conflict of interest with his presidential campaign (even though Rubin is forced to admit that the go-between in any potential deal was never able to “deliver”).

As Rubin writes:

As one charged with enforcement of the laws and the fair administration of justice, the president is not acting in the public interest when he uses his powers as a shield against inquiry.

This is true. It’s also true for the IRS.

Then there’s the amazing op-ed by John Podesta, chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, counselor to President Barack Obama, chief of staff to President Bill Clinton, and brother of Tony Podesta (who recently resigned from his lobbying group as a result of being named in the Mueller investigation into Russian influence in election practices).

John, also writing in The Washington Post, writes not-all-ironically about the Mueller investigation and how the Trump administration is engaged in the “whataboutism” of making that investigation about Podesta and Hillary Clinton (which is, in fact, what Podesta’s op-ed is doing in reverse. I know. It’s a lot to wrap one’s head around.)

But John Podesta goes one further and brings up Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ floating the trial balloon about starting an investigation into the Clinton/Putin Uranium One scandal:

This is what authoritarians and tyrants do. They use the instruments of state power, particularly the wrath of the prosecutor, to rain opprobrium down upon citizens with whom they disagree. It is what Putin did by using the Russian penal system to break the back of Sergei Magnitsky’s anti-corruption campaign and end his life. Our constitutional system of limited power, checks and balances and individual rights has protected us from such abuses of power. Trump is putting that system to the test.

He could be describing the Obama administration’s IRS in that paragraph. And let’s not even start on his statement that the Uranium One scandal was (emphasis mine), “thoroughly and exhaustively examined by the mainstream media during the 2016 campaign, leading to the definitive conclusion that Clinton played no role.”

The mainstream media declared Hillary innocent of a sketchy backroom deal to go through a Canadian company to sell a bunch of Uranium to Putin. Nothing to see here folks. Because we know the mainstream press remains objective and plays no favorites:

As more and more stories come out about the “petulant emperor” Trump, remember to look to the preceding administration when making a judgment call about such things. The Obama administration — and progressives in general — provide a great blueprint for what abuse of power looks like.

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Facebook, Google, Twitter Will Help Users Spot Fake News

At an event Friday at the Newseum in downtown Washington, D.C., Cory Haik, Publisher of the Mic news site, mentioned that in 6 or 7 years her outlet had reached millions more than traditional news media has ever reached in the past within that time frame.

She was struck, she said, by the huge responsibility of that many eyes seeing what her site puts out. So she was an eager panelist at the Newseum event, which served as the official unveiling of The Trust Project, “an international consortium of news organizations collaborating to use transparency to build a more trustworthy and trusted press,” according to the Santa Clara University information page for the project.

What this means in practice is that news organizations — and some of the biggest tech aggregators such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter have all chosen to take part — will begin to supply meta information as context for what they put out for public consumption. The project calls them “trust indicators.”

“In today’s digitized and socially networked world, it’s harder than ever to tell what’s accurate reporting, advertising, or even misinformation,” Sally Lehrman, the journalist who heads the Trust Project, said in a statement. “The Trust Indicators put tools into people’s hands, giving them the means to assess whether news comes from a credible source they can depend on.”

Among other details, the indicators will show whether a story is a news report or advertising, highlight other articles the author has published and offer more clarity on the sources used to back up various claims in the story.

The Washington Post, The Economist, The Globe and Mail, and other publications are among the initial group of publishers using the indicators.

As an aside, Lehrman was asked by an attendee Friday if Fox News, Breitbart, Drudge Report and outlets “like that” had signed up to be a part of the project. Lehrman emphasized that the project is designed to be non-partisan and indicated there was a conservative outlet among the initial participants but didn’t indicate which one it was.

Because so much of media has been in the “affirmation not information” game, as one panelist called it, the Trust Project is a way for news outlets to get back to the ethics and integrity that defined journalism when the press was a more trusted entity 50 or so years ago, panelists said.

What the tech giants, who play a crucial role in disseminating news, ask of users is their participation in interacting with the trust indicators so they might begin to be more informed consumers of what they read. Given the recent appearance of these tech companies before Congress, in which they were asked to address their role in how foreign agents might be manipulating voters using their platforms, these companies have a vested interest in proving their desire to see the Trust Project succeed.

The trick now is determining if users will do the work of clicking on the indicators to verify the source of the information and any inherent bias it might carry. How these efforts might affect the quality of news online will be an interesting development to observe as it unfolds.

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Orrin Hatch Spits Fire at Sherrod Brown Over Tax Reform

The usually cool Senate Finance Committee hearing room got a little hot Thursday when Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch spit a flaming hot torch of truth at Ohio Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown for insinuating the desire to pass tax reform was nothing more than an attempt to benefit “the rich.”

The explosive exchange occurred during the fourth day of a mark-up on The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which was slightly altered by Hatch to temporarily cut taxes for individuals and ax the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent. The bill, which passed out of committee late Thursday 14-12, also includes a repeal of the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate.

Brown can be heard during the exchange insisting that the public believes tax reform is nothing more than a tax cut for the upper middle and rich upper class. Hatch, in an unusually explosive bit of passion, defended the measure with gusto citing his own beginnings in relative poverty and his long tenure on the Hill working for people that “don’t have a chance.”

“I really resent anyone saying that I’m just doing this for the rich,” Hatch said, disgust evident in his voice. “Gimme a break. I think you guys overplay that all the time and it gets old.”

Brown tried to counter several times, saying that tax cuts have been tried “over and over and over again,” but the Senior man literally threw up his hand, pulled rank, and said, “I’m not through!”

“If we work together we could pull this country out of every mess it’s in,” Hatch insisted.

Earlier yesterday, the House passed it’s long-awaited tax reform bill, which now faces significant hurdles to clear the Senate. GOP legislators remain confident in the effort.

The White House issued a statement Friday commending the work of the GOP on tax reform.

“President Donald J. Trump applauds the Senate Finance Committee for passing its companion to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act today,” the statement read. “For far too long, the tax code has been rigged in favor of well-connected special interests.  This legislation cuts taxes for middle-income families and empowers American businesses to create more jobs, increase wages, and propel our economy toward a brighter future.  This Administration looks forward to working with Congress to make tax reform a reality by the end of the year.”

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It’s Come To This: Children Creating Online Accounts to Bully THEMSELVES

Children — especially young teens — are notorious for making everything about themselves as they begin to learn about the world around them and their place in it. And it’s appropriate that they do that, with some guidance from adults who’ve been there that the world does not actually revolve around them and those little slights from peers — which that age group is also notorious for embracing — are ephemeral and temporary.

But the advent of social media, and what appears to be a disturbing growth of victim mentality in upcoming generations, has been a nasty cocktail for kids. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has documented a steady incline in teen suicide rates over the last decade, with numbers higher than they’ve been in 40 years.

Adults like to comfort themselves in the face of statistics like these that maybe there’s something they can do because it’s surely that children have gotten meaner and if we can address that problem we can help the sad kids.

But what if, as a study out of Florida Atlantic University suggests, more and more kids are actually creating social media accounts to bully themselves?

About 6% of kids from the ages of 12 through 17 have bullied themselves digitally, according to research conducted by Sameer Hinduja, a professor of criminology at Florida Atlantic University and co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center.

“It’s a new phenomenon, and this is definitely happening” for teens across the U.S.,  Hinduja said. “We have a tendency to demonize the aggressor, but in some cases, maybe one out of 20, the aggressor and target are the same.”

Hinduja likens the behavior to self-harm, also sometimes called “cutting”, which sometimes is attempted to gain attention and others is a private affair that the child never reveals. “It could betray suicidal tendencies and lead to suicidal behavior down the line if it’s not addressed,” Hinduja said.

It’s been suggested that this new behavior is the result of children being taught that there’s currency in being a victim, and that social media has exacerbated that mentality.

Regular readers of The College Fix should not be surprised by the findings; three years ago a pair of sociologists wrote in The Journal of Comparative Sociology that “In the settings such as those that generate microaggression catalogs … where offenders are oppressors and victims are the oppressed [like college campuses], it also raises the moral status of the victims.”

This may be true. But it doesn’t adequately explain the story of 14-year-old Hannah Smith of Leicestershire, England,  who hanged herself after sending herself months of harassing messages.

It’s easy to blame the tool used to create Smith’s situation, and easy to blame society for shifting toward a selfish arc, but the answer here is relatively simple.

Parents, ask your kids to close their laptops, put down their phones, and talk to them.

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Should America Forgive Hollywood’s Abusers?

Actor Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame has always struck me as a thoughtful guy, not that you can tell much about people who literally don personas for a living as if they were outfits hanging in the closet. But as Hollywood types go, he seems like a better-than-average egg.

And so I’m willing to agree with Emily Zanotti of the Daily Wire here that Cranston’s “approach is the more merciful one” when he says that maybe — just maybe — Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein, with proper therapy and contrition, can be welcomed back to Hollywood in due time.

“If they were to show us that they put the work in and were truly sorry and making amends and not defending their actions but asking for forgiveness, then maybe down the road there is room for that. Maybe so,” Cranston said.

“We shouldn’t close it off and say, ‘To hell with him, rot, and go away from us for the rest of your life.’ Let’s not do that. Let’s be bigger than that. Let’s leave it open for the few who can make it through that gauntlet of trouble and who have reclaimed their life and their dignity and their respect for others,” he added.

Forgiveness is, indeed, an action requiring grace and strength, and is asked of Christians in particular as a part of their faith.

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

However, forgiveness — real forgiveness, the kind that allows people back in the fold in the way Cranston suggests — generally requires some form of acknowledgement that harm was done on the part of the offender; and usually, someone who is truly contrite, would never ask to be let back into the fold. They wouldn’t think they deserved it. Real acknowledgement of bad action has a way of humbling you that way. And I have a hard time believing that kind of humility has struck the hearts of Harvey or Kevin. As Zanotti reports:

Weinstein spent about a week in inpatient “sex addiction” therapy, where he reportedly dozed off during sessions and continued to make contact with the outside world, even as he was supposed to be re-learning how to integrate into polite society. Spacey is also in “rehab” at a similar location.

That just sounds like going through the motions, checking the “rehab” box so they can get back to work and (ugh) play. Louis C.K. paved the way for them with his “apology” following allegations he also sexually harassed several women:

These stories are true. At the time, I said to myself that what I did was okay because I never showed a woman my dick without asking first, which is also true. But what I learned later in life, too late, is that when you have power over another person, asking them to look at your dick isn’t a question. It’s a predicament for them. The power I had over these women is that they admired me. And I wielded that power irresponsibly.

I have been remorseful of my actions. And I’ve tried to learn from them. And run from them. Now I’m aware of the extent of the impact of my actions. I learned yesterday the extent to which I left these women who admired me feeling badly about themselves and cautious around other men who would never have put them in that position.

Just read the whole thing at the link above. He never actually apologizes and instead spends a lot of time talking about his own feelings and suffering because (and likely only because) people found out what a jerk he is. Is that the behavior of someone worthy of another chance? Does anyone believe Spacey and/or Weinsten are any less self-involved? As Game of Thrones actress Lena Headey, who had her own unpleasant encounter with Weinstein, said of C.K.’s apology (language warning):

Too right.

Narcissists are notoriously difficult to treat because their particular disorder doesn’t allow them to think there’s anything wrong with their behavior. They are just better than other people, you see; and the rules don’t apply to them.

Personally, I’ve seen no evidence that there’s any real acknowledgement of harm inflicted and am therefore inclined to disagree with Mr. Cranston, as sweet and (I hope) sincere as his words are. If you’ll forgive the term, America has an a**h**e problem and it’s infecting every aspect of our culture, from entertainment to sports to politics, and right down to a whole generation of self-loving millennials who think socialism/communism (the pinnacle of elitist philosophy) is just fabulous.

So, with apologies to Mr. Cranston, until these gargantuan egos that prowl around behaving as if they can treat anyone any way they please figure out that there are consequences for their behavior, I’m fine with their shunning from polite society.

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