Abuse from Islamist Teacher Traumatizes New Jersey Teens

Teachers and other authority figures commit a heinous breach of trust when they abuse young people in their care. It’s a serious offense to use those kids they are in charge of to gratify their own sexual urges.

What’s interesting with a recent case of this in New Jersey, is that Islamic culture is being blamed by the offender.

We’ve heard this before, in Australia. An 20 year old Islamist “refugee” raped a 10 year old boy and claimed he shouldn’t be punished because in his Islamic homeland, it was acceptable. It happened in Austria as well, with another attack by another 20 year old “refugee” from another country, attacking another 10 year old boy.

Now the Islamic sexual abuse has come to America. A New Jersey teacher, 20 at the time, selected boys to abuse, ages 14 and 16 this time. One boy who was taken in a car, ended up getting out and walking home to get away from the pervert. Another dropped out of school to get away from the predator.

The predator claims that a “strict Muslim upbringing” caused the attacks. The judge bought it, so she will be eligible for parole after only a year of prison. Yes, she. You know that if a non-Islamic man had done this, the punishment would have been far longer than one year of prison plus probation.

And people wonder why we don’t want adult “refugees” coming into the country. Even the home grown Islamists claim that Islam is a threat.

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UH OH: Center for Immigration Studies teams up with the Alt-Right

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) is supposed to be the sane, responsible anti-immigration group of the John Tanton-sphere. Tanton is a former Zero Population Growth activist who bankrolled anti-immigration groups like CIS and FAIR after native American birthrates dropped below replacement.

But now CIS is falling down the same Alt Right pit that Tanton for years has denied courting!

One of the leaders of the “Alt Right,” which is the successor to the White Nationalist movement, which was the successor to the American Nazi movement, is National Policy Institute chairman Richard Spencer, based in Arlington, just like American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell.

Spencer (who totally isn’t a skinhead, as he only shaves the sides of his head), is hosting some speakers to promote his ideology, including VDARE founder Peter Brimelow, and VDARE contributor Kevin MacDonald. This is the pseudo-intellectual forefront of the alt-right, white-nationalist movement in America.

CIS being reasonable and mainstream has every reason to distance itself from the likes of these. But no: they’re promoting the works of Brimelow and MacDonald, promoting VDARE links and MacDonald’s own writing. CIS wants you to read more of the alt right. CIS is allying with the alt right as part of its extremist anti-immigration ideology.

I’ve gotten criticism in the past for calling out groups like CIS and FAIR. Defenders have held onto CIS though, hoping that Mark Krikorian would keep the group from falling into crazytown. But he has failed. CIS would rather work with the alt right, than bend on their extremist policy of banning all immigration.

And therefore conservatives must stop pretending CIS and FAIR are groups we can work with, since the last thing we need is to poison our movement with the alt right.

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It Begins: The Apologists Are Cheering For Trump’s Lies

Back during the campaign, Donald Trump’s defenders called us conservatives crazy for saying that Trump was more comparable with Barack Obama, than with a defender honest American values.

Now that he’s in office, the mask is off. The Party of Trump has no principles except winning, at any cost. They want a government that lies to you, as long as the liars are wearing the right color of shirt.

John Nolte is the perfect example of this new Republican Party mindset, as the party abandons the American values of Ronald Reagan, and becomes a ruthless vehicle to advance the ego of Donald Trump. He supports an amoral administration, one that actively emulates the Democrats, re-creating the ending of Animal Farm, in which man and pig became indistinguishable.

This attitude is similar to the one we saw during the election from Ace of Spades, in which he declared he was going to become a Democrat, because principle didn’t matter to him, only relentless partisanship.

Is this what the Republican party stands for now? Lies, dirty tricks, and a winning-is-everything attitude? It’s clearly what Donald Trump stands for. Must the entire party be dragged down to his level? Apparently so.

Ronald Reagan said that he didn’t leave the Democrats, but rather they left him. I won’t echo that. I’ve left the Republican Party, because the Republican Party has left principles behind.

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The Republicans can save jobs TODAY with one easy step

When it comes to Barack Obama tearing stuff down on the way out the door, we have to worry about more just the release of Bradley Manning, the mentally ill patsy who committed a serious crime against the United States.

The incoming Republican administration can take one easy step to save jobs in America, in response to this economic vandalism by the outgoing Obama team.

It turns out that the Obama team is filing a bunch of midnight litigation on the way out the door, swiping at American businesses and trying to do as much damage as they can in these closing days. Qualcomm is a victim of some of this midnight litigation.

What the incoming Donald Trump administration can do to help is to announce that these lawsuits will be dropped. Just cut it all off. Stop harassing business. Tell victims like Qualcomm that all they need to do is to stall a week, and the Trump team will put everything back to normal.

There are very few ways that Obama’s people can do damage that the Trump people cannot reverse. Releasing criminals is one of them. Starting lawsuits is not. Trump should begin work now to start dropping these suits as soon as possible.

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Rudy Giuliani FLUNKS the cybersecurity test!

Donald Trump named campaign supporter Rudy Giuilani his special cybersecurity advisor and liason to the industry. But is he really fit for the job, or is he just a patronage hire? Let’s see what the experts have to say.

Trump’s press release points out that Giuliani is the “CEO of Giuliani Partners, an international security consulting firm.” So the first step in evaluating that security, is to see how well the Giuliani Partners secured their own website!

It turns out the site fails on every level, including:

  • It’s using a nine-year-old operating system, FreeBSD 6. The current release is FreeBSD 11.
  • It’s using a web development language version that’s so old, the developers don’t even support it anymore, either: PHP 5.4.
  • The Content Management System on top of that is also ancient. Joomla 3.1 is four years old!

Why are these very old versions a problem? It’s because security technology is constantly improving, and new ways to break into old sites are always being found. When you stick with old, unmaintained software, you’re basically hanging a sign out front asking to be broken into. It’s critically important to keep software updated, at least if you don’t want people breaking in.

Why is it a problem that his website might get broken into? The server is also hosting email. Meaning, basically, Rudy Giulani’s email is hanging as wide open as Hillary Clinton’s was.

This is his security company, with his name on it. How is he even remotely qualified to advise the President on how to secure anything?

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Reconfirm Jessica Rosenworcel at FCC only when Trump nominates her

Donald Trump won the election. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler was one of those who took a while to accept that. He pulled a stunt where he refused to quit, trying to prevent the incoming President from appointing a 3-2 Republican majority to the Commission.

The Senate thwarted him. Now it’s time to move on, but only when Donald Trump takes charge.

The FCC is a five member body whose members have staggered five year terms. Which member is the Chairman may be chosen at will by the President. Conventionally the current Chairman has resigned when the party in power changes, so that the new President can appoint a majority to the body.

Chairman Tom Wheeler announced after the election though that he would not be resigning. That meant the only way to prevent the Democrats from keeping a 3-2 majority on the body, would be for the Senate to reject the reconfirmation of Democrat Jessica Rosenworcel, allowing Trump to appoint a Republican after his inauguration.

Wheeler saw that he was beaten and offered to quit in order to try to save Rosenworcel’s seat, but that late in the game nobody believed him, and Rosenworcel’s nomination died in the last Congress. Barack Obama however has re-nominated Rosenworcel again for this Congress to consider. She should be reconfirmed, but only when Donald Trump renominates her in conjunction with a Republican to replace Tom Wheeler.

The Democrats on the FCC have been running amok for the entire Obama administration. They defy the Congress, defy the courts, and defy popular will at every opportunity. They think they answer to nobody. Republicans should slap them here, make them understand a little humility here. Make them wait until Donald Trump is the President, can appoint (hopefully) Ajit Pai as the new Chairman, and bring a third Republican onto the body (hopefully) to join Pai and Michael O’Rielly in repealing the illegal Net Neutrality regulations.

The Democrats threatened to overturn traditions. Once Republicans are in power, they should restore those traditions. Two seats for the party out of power, and three for the party in power. But only when Trump is back in charge, so they don’t get a chance to play more games.

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Sean Hannity’s craven flip on Julian Assange

There was a time when Sean Hannity and other prominent supporters of the Republican Party understood the dangers of letting foreign agents leak our documents in an uncontrolled, unverifiable way.

Now though, Hannity is sucking up to Russia as hard as possible. Brown belt? Try brown nose.

Hannity was once sound on Assange. Here’s a quote from 2010 of Hannity livid that Barack Obama had failed to get the guy:

Why can’t Obama do something about the WikiLeaks? Why can’t he? We got this four months ago. We can stop pirating of music and Hollywood movies but we can’t stop this guy from stealing highly-classified documents that put peoples lives at risk?

That’s right: Back in 2010, Hannity wanted Assange caught, and his organization stopped. Flash forward to now, suddenly Hannity is having Assange on his show, even though Assange has put American allies at grave risk, harming our ability to combat Islamist terror:

THE Australian founder of WikiLeaks has been forced to defend his decision to publish tens of thousands of uncensored intelligence documents as condemnation grew over the exposure of Afghan informants.

The names, villages, relatives’ names and even precise GPS locations of Afghans co-operating with NATO forces could be accessed easily from files released by WikiLeaks, The Times revealed this week.

This is the man Hannity supports, defends, and believes.

This is the man Hannity once wanted Obama to capture. Now he thinks we should side with America’s enemy against Americans:

This is insane partisanship. This is “but Hillary” taken so far it’s lost sight of right and wrong, all because Hannity wants to appease Vladimir Putin. I wonder what Hannity’s afraid the Russians will leak about him if he doesn’t?

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The Paul Ryan budget is a fiscal CATASTROPHE

So Paul Ryan’s new budget is out. While one hand is distracting us by promising an Obamacare repeal, we the people need to watch the other hand to see what he’s really doing. And it’s not good.

Paul Ryan’s new budget is a ten year plan. They are using the previous spending as baseline for every year, as the Republicans have achieved no reforms of the process to reduce spending.

You know how much spending they’re cutting next year beyond Obama’s budgets? $0. You know how much spending they’re cutting over the entire ten years? $0. That’s right. Spending levels will remain at Barack Obama’s levels:


As a result, this plan predicts deficit increases in nearly every single year. Taking the deficit from $582 billion in 2017, all the way to $1 trillion in 2026. That increases the national debt – built up over our country’s entire history – by nearly 50% just in ten years!

The Paul Ryan budget shows conservatism is dead in the Republican Party. The Party of Trump is a new bunch of tax-and-spend liberals.

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Trump wants to tax YOU to give money to UNIONS!

Remember when #NeverTrump said Donald Trump would govern like a New York liberal? The Trumpers like to call us names because we won’t sell out our principles after their guy won. But it’s looking like we were right.

Here you go:

That’s right folks. The newly-elected Republican is already talking about tax increases before he’s even took office. Taxes on people who can’t afford expensive, high-end cars, too. And why is he doing this? To buddy up to the United Auto Workers!

It used to be the Democrats who wanted to funnel American money into the pockets of the union fatcats. But no, now in the era of Trump, it’s the Republican party who makes us all pay, so that unions can make terrible cars.

All that’s left is for Trump to start calling free traders “neoliberals” like the European left does.

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It’s time Israel got equal treatment regarding Jerusalem

Both the United Nations and the Barack Obama administration this week have singled out Israel for abuse. This isn’t the first time either.

I think we know why this is, too.

Israel, as the world’s only dedicated refuge for Jews seeking to flee oppression and bias, is given a lot of special treatment by the UN and others. Unfortunately that treatment is negative.

Israeli Jews are being ordered by the UN to confine themselves to specified ghettoes drawn up by League of Nations colonial powers. And oddly enough, the left-wing movements that usually favor open borders (especially with respect to Mexicans and Islamists) suddenly think that Jews must be strictly confined within selected portions of Israel.

The drive to keep certain regions Judenrein has been seen before in anti-Semitic movements, most notably of course the National Socialist German Workers (Nazi) Party. According to Wikipedia, there are no Jews in the “state of Palestine”, and the UN has voted that Jews should remain outside of those regions forever. No comparable restrictions are demanded of the Islamists of the Palestine Authority.

Israel is also demanded not to have Jersualem be its capital, even though half of that city is without a doubt Israeli, and half of which was won by Israel in the Six Day War. Even the United States has so far refused to put its embassy there. Meanwhile many countries put their embassies and missions to the “State of Palestine” or the PLO there, including Belgium, France, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and the United States(!).

Israel is singled out because it is Jewish, and the UN Security Council vote this week reinforced that truth. The US in 2017 must take steps to combat that, starting with moving the embassy to Jerusalem, which is where the President, National Bank, Supreme Court, Prime Minister, and Knesset are all housed.

The Congress passed a law years ago to require that, but Presidents since have refused to carry out the law. We’ll see if Donald Trump defies the “alt right” and the left to do it.

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