Mindy Finn Rocks the House During a Campaign Event In Denver for Evan McMullin

Evan McMullin and his running mate, Mindy Finn continue to make waves at breakneck speed across the nation. Their latest stop was in Denver, where a sizable crowd showed up in support.

The Evan McMullin/Mindy Finn campaign event at the Colorado Christian University, hosted by the Centennial Institute – which also hosts the annual Western Conservative Summit – was attended by approximately 1000 Colorado voters who have weighed and measured the two major party candidates, and were left wanting. But by the end, that want had turned to a motivation to help Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn in a movement to help define conservatism, not just for this election, but for our future.

While this rally stood in stark contrast to the often violent scenes at rallies for either major party candidate, it did have an air of polite revolt. The attendees were now looking past the party and to principles that can guide a new generation of leadership in a new party that hasn’t forgotten the Generation X and the Millennials, or minorities, or women. At one point this became explicit as McMullin noted “A new conservative movement will stand up for women so they will know they are a part of this too …” A shot across the bow of Donald Trump, no doubt.

One highlight of the night was when Mindy Finn was invited to speak. She told her story about her journey from Republican operative and mother, to Independent VP candidate for McMullin. She told the crowd how she couldn’t in good conscience stick with the party under a man who doesn’t respect her, or even the values the Republican party once espoused.

But Finn also had a message for those saying people who vote for she and McMullin is a wasted vote taken from the other two candidates.

“We hear often that people will say ‘well maybe you’re taking Trump votes, or Hillary votes.’ Those votes don’t belong to Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump. They belong to you.”

Amen. I couldn’t agree more.

A video of Finn’s speech can be seen below.

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Somebody Destroyed Trump’s Walk of Fame Star

Donald Trump’s Hollywood star on the Walk of Fame can’t catch a break. The poor thing has been the subject of multiple attacks, but now it seems somebody just turned up their aggression against it to 11.

Because somebody decided to up and just flat out destroy it.

The dirty deed was done by a man named Jamie Otis, who dressed up a city construction worker to make it seem like he was doing simple maintenance. As The Hill reports, Otis’s original intent wasn’t to destroy it at all.

Otis told the celebrity news site that his original plan involved removing the star in order to auction it off in New York City.

The proceeds would have gone to help the multiple women who have accused Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, of sexual assault in recent weeks.

While I dislike Trump as much as the next guy, I’m not sure destroying something with Trump’s name on it – that’s technically not even his – is the way to go. It won’t be Trump having to pay to replace it, and it will be replaced.

Besides, if you ask me, that’s just lazy. Props for the costume, but there’s nothing particularly grabbing about just destroying it. If you ask me, the best form or protest came from the guy who built a miniature concrete wall around it.


Now that’s funny.

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Bill Weld Issues a Dire Message About Trump During the Final Weeks of the Election and It Is Unforgiving

Love him or hate him, Libertarian party VP nominee, Bill Weld, is one of the most eloquent and confident men currently vying for the oval office. So much so, that I’ve seen some wish Johnson would allow Weld to do most of the talking more than a few times.

And recently, Weld wanted to step out into the light by himself to deliver a very serious message to the voting public, specifically the Republican party who is preparing themselves to vote for Trump.

Weld has made it no secret that he does not like Trump, and whenever asked, gives his honest opinion about him. Weld considers him something of a joke, but a dangerous joke at that. Now that we’re quickly approaching November 8th, Weld felt it necessary to deliver a very open and honest message to Republicans, urging them not to do something so foolish as vote in Trump.

Below is the statement, which I feel deserves to be read in full.

“It is a privilege and an honor to participate in this year’s national election campaign. I am grateful to Governor Gary Johnson for the opportunity to do so. Under Governor Johnson’s leadership the Libertarian Party has made great strides in this election cycle. Gary and I will carry our message of fiscal responsibility, social inclusion, and smaller government through November 8, and I hope that this election cycle will secure for the Libertarian Party a permanent place in our national political dialogue.

“We are making strides toward breaking the two party monopoly, and America will be stronger when we do, but given the position of the Commission on Presidential Debates, the deck is still stacked against even a credible third party ticket with two proven former Governors.

“Against that backdrop, I would like to address myself to all those in the electorate who remain torn between two so-called major party candidates whom they cannot enthusiastically support. I’m speaking particularly to those Republicans who feel that our President should exhibit commonly accepted standards of decency and discipline.

“I would not have stepped out of the swirl of the campaign to make this statement if I did not fear for our country, as I do.

“A President of the United States operates every day under a great deal of pressure — from all sides, and in furtherance of many different agendas. With that pressure comes constant criticism.

“After careful observation and reflection, I have come to believe that Donald Trump, if elected President of the United States, would not be able to stand up to this pressure and this criticism without becoming unhinged and unable to perform competently the duties of his office.

“Mr. Trump has some charisma and panache, and intellectual quickness. These qualities can be entertaining. Yet more than charisma, more even than intellectual ability, is required of a serious candidate for this country’s highest office. A serious candidate for the Presidency of the United States must be stable, and Donald Trump is not stable.

“Throughout this campaign, Mr. Trump has demonstrated an inability to handle criticism or blame well. His first instinct is to lash out at others. When challenged, he often responds as a child might. He makes a sour face, he calls people by insulting names, he waves his arms, he impatiently interrupts. Most families would not allow their children to remain at the dinner table if they behaved as Mr. Trump does. He has not exhibited the self-control, the discipline, or the emotional depth necessary to function credibly as a President of the United States.

“From the beginning of his campaign, Mr. Trump has conjured up enemies. First it was eleven million criminals in our midst, all bent on obtaining the benefits of citizenship, at our expense. Over time, the enemies became any trading partner of the United States. He says they are nothing but foreigners seeking to threaten our livelihoods. Now we have reached the point where his idea of America’s enemies includes almost anyone who talks or looks different from him. The goal of the Trump campaign, from the outset, has been to stir up envy, resentment, and group hatred.

“This is the worst of American politics. I fear for our cohesion as a nation, and for our place in the world, if this man who is unwilling to say he will abide by the result of our national election becomes our President.

“This great nation has weathered policy differences throughout our history, and we will do so again. Not in my lifetime, though, has there been a candidate for President who actually makes me fear for the ultimate well-being of the country, a candidate who might in fact put at risk the solid foundation of America that allows us to endure even ill-advised policies and the normal ebb and flow of politics.

“In the final days of this very close race, every citizen must be aware of the power and responsibility of each individual vote. This is not the time to cast a jocular or feel-good vote for a man whom you may have briefly found entertaining. Donald Trump should not, cannot, and must not be elected President of the United States.”

Whether you agree with Weld’s politics or not, these words are a sobering reminder of exactly what we have on our hands. As Weld points out, Trump is not at all a stable man. His inability to act maturely when confronted, and the instability of both his platform and his attitudes makes him completely unfit for office.

While I personally find myself at odds with Weld too often, here we are in complete agreement. Trump cannot be allowed to win.


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The Trump Campaign Has Spent More On His Hats Than He Has On Polling

You’ve seen them. The red trucker hats with “Make America Great Again” stitched on in white. As dumb as they look, the hats became such a cult sensation that they’ve come to represent every Trump supporter in pop-culture representations, and countless avatars on Twitter and Facebook sport them.

Because of this, the hats are so important to Trump’s campaign that it spent more on them than he did other things important to a campaign. According to WaPo, Trump spent more on his MAGA hats than polling and direct mail, from June 2015 to September.

According to the Federal Election Commission filings, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has spent $1.8 million on polling from June 2015 through September of this year (the most recent month for which data are available). The report also lists $3.2 million spent on hats.

Trump has probably spent more on hats than he has spent on direct mail. The campaign filings occasionally aggregate a few things from the same vendor under one line-item, so some of the hat spending was on collateral generally that includes some hats. (His campaign spent more than $2 million on a line-item that was exclusively hats, though.) Overall, Trump’s spent about $15.3 million on collateral — shirts, hats, signs, etc. — more than he has spent on field consulting and voter lists and data.

The visual breakdown looks like this.


While it’s unusual, this shouldn’t be too surprising. Trump has a long history of focusing on branding, and his Make America Great Again hats are a pretty solid way of making his brand known. This also coincides with not really caring about other’s opinions, and so polling isn’t as much use to him.

Advertising, however, has shot up in the past month. Now that we’re nearing the end of election season, Trump is relying less on his hats, and more on direct messaging, which may be a little too late. The red hats were a solid way of getting the crowd’s attentions during the primary, but on the general stage, it takes a bit more than stolen slogans, and paraphernalia.

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Have We Given Up America?

This election has done some serious damage to the way I see America. It’s been hard to accept that a country I’ve been raised to believe is free and prosperous, brave and fair, is lacking in those qualities by greater and greater degrees.

And while Trump is a horrible example of just how far our culture has fallen, it’s not necessarily him that really signals to me that America is truly no longer what it was meant to be. Yes, he’s a massive indicator that our nation is easily lead by the nose, and willing to sink into a cult like status in order to vote for the same damn thing they’re fighting against.

But anybody who reads me regularly knows my thoughts on this topic, and those who don’t can easily search my article history for more. I don’t exactly keep my feelings hidden on the guy.

It’s actually the rise of Hillary Clinton that bothers me more. At the center of all of this is Hillary Clinton. This woman should be the laughing stock of the long line of Democratic presidential hopefuls. She entered into the campaign embroiled in scandal, consistently revealed to have been involved in illegal activity, and what’s more, through all the released emails, proves just how much of an underhanded cheat she and her Democrat hoard are.

Yet still she wins, because she was able to play the populace like a Vegas hustler at a dorm room poker game. She got the candidate she wanted to run against, a media that is relentlessly supportive of her, and government officials who are willing to look the other way when she breaks the law.

And it’s that last part that really makes me wonder if America really has breathed it’s last, and we’re now living in some shadow of it’s former self.

Yesterday, I was writing an article on James O’keefe’s latest sting video. In it, I talked about how top Democratic officials implicate Clinton herself in the breaking of campaign finance law. As I was writing it, I began to wonder why I was writing it. I started to feel like it wasn’t going to make any difference whether people knew Hillary Clinton was involved in anything illegal or not.

She’s going to get away with what should amount to treason thanks to an FBI that is only too willing to look the other way, and a media that won’t hold her accountable if she punted a puppy off a bridge. If she can walk away from that and right into the oval office, then there’s nothing that can touch her. What’s more, is that she’s being sent the message that she knows it.

Hillary Clinton is a walking, talking example that law and order in the United States is subjective, and that justice is a lot less blind than we thought. Clinton proves that there is a bonafide ruling class that can make rules for us, but has to follow none herself. We’re not electing a President, we’re enthroning a Queen.

What saddens me is that in truth, we’ve more or less just gone to shrugging our shoulders and accepting what we’re being dealt. I can’t count the number of time I’ve gotten a response filled with resignation. Like there’s nothing we can do, and all that’s left is to shout “long live the Queen,” and hope we’re the ones the crocodile eats last.

Even as I type this, I’m feeling like that’s something I can’t accept. Between Trump and Hillary, it was damned if we do, damned if we don’t, and I did my best to go with neither. I still think there’s an America out there worth defending, and while it will be a long uphill slog after another 4 years of regressive policies, it can be reclaimed. I can’t resign myself to being like the backward countries we left behind long ago.

There are still Republicans out there worth voting for, and even politicians without R’s next to their name to get excited about. Parties that can rise out of this mess that will truly lead us back to something I can, as a free-ish man, support. Values and principles I can still defend, and a Constitution that I can still protect.

That’s the attitude I’m going to attempt to strike as we’re plunged into a Clinton presidency. Hillary’s not a queen. She’s a woman in a pantsuit who needs a crew of hundreds to make her seem competent. I’m not going to make this easy on her, and I hope you don’t either.


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Evan McMullin Absolutely DOMINATES Trump Supporters During CNBC Interview

Watching the last remaining conservative running for President, Evan McMullin, is something of a treat. Unlike other candidates, McMullin is not at all afraid to wade into the fire, and his answers are always precise, and direct.

McMullin proved Tuesday, during a recent CNBC interview, that he’s no pushover during a debate either. When confronted with two Trump supporters, McMullin kept calm with a casual smile and walked all over the anchors trying to debate him.

When confronted with the typical accusation he gets about helping Clinton win by taking votes from Trump, McMullin responded even toned, and factually.

“He’s not going to beat Hillary Clinton, unless something truly dramatic and incredible happens. He’s down in all the electoral college projections. This is why I and my running mate Mindy Finn both warned the Republican party not to nominate Donald Trump,” said McMullin.

This was enough to trigger the anchor, who called McMullin’s position absurd, and referenced Brexit, which was projected as a losing venture, but won the popular vote. McMullin quickly pointed out that Brexit was a popular vote, and that the electoral college is leaning heavily away from Trump, and that he could deny that all he wanted. This was more than the anchor could take.

“You’re taking votes away from the Republican, and you’re making it harder to stop Hillary Clinton,” said the anchor.

“So I’m taking away votes from Donald Trump?” asked McMullin with a smile. “He might be the Republican, he’s no conservative. This guy wants to grow the size of the federal government, he wants single payer healthcare, he’s always been in favor of late term abortions, doesn’t support the 2nd amendment. This guy wants to increase the size of our national debt. Is that what you’re hoping for? Is that what you’re defending?”

The interview goes on, with McMullin countering hit after hit with reasoning and facts. By the time the interview was done, McMullin was looking pretty stellar.

Watch the video for yourself below.

It’s a crying shame McMullin wasn’t in the debates with Clinton and Trump. That would have been a show worth watching.

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Trump Is Dismissing the Idea of Trump TV

Rumors have been floating around about a “Trump TV” enterprise by the Republican nominee. These rumors have been accompanied by all sorts of accusations about who will work there, and if whether or not some people in the media have been doing what they do in order to get a spot on the network.

RedState’s Ben Howe even cooked up a superb video spoofing the idea.

But Trump recently was on Cincinnati’s 700WLW, and squashed the rumors by saying he really doesn’t have any interest in that.

“No, I have no interest in Trump TV,” Trump said during the interview. “I hear it all over the place. I have a tremendous fan base, we have a tremendous base. We have the most incredible people, but I just don’t have any interest in that.”

Listen for yourself here.

Of course, he added that he has no interest in it, and that his primary interest lays on November 8th. What happens after November 8th is anybody’s guess. Trump is projected to lose, but if he’s the businessman he says he is, he’ll likely try to capitalize on his popularity.

Especially in the wake of a Hillary Clinton presidency, Trump will probably try to set up a network that confirms his follower’s biases, at least for as long as possible.

Still, this is all speculation. Furthermore, this is Trump talking, and what he plans to do changes from one moment to the next.

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Obama Savages Donald Trump During His Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel

I’m not even sure this would qualify as just throwing shade. Barack Obama burned Trump so badly during his latest appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show that I’d have to qualify it as a verbal slap in the face.

Taking part in the “mean tweets” segment that Kimmel’s show is famous for, Barack Obama reads off one tweet in particular.

“Barack Obama will will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States!…@realdonaldtrump,” said Obama as the crowd laughed. “Well, @realdonaldtrump, at least I will go down as a President.”

The crowd roared as Obama dropped his phone like a mic. The hits kept on coming, though.

“When you watch Donald Trump, do you laugh? Do you actually laugh?” asked Kimmel.

“Most of the time,” shrugged Obama.

Watch below.

Like him or not, that was a pretty solid burn on Obama’s part. Even the phone drop was expert.

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Rand Paul Schools Bernie Sanders On His Logic About Government Spending

Insanity has engulfed us during the election season, but at least there are still some shining examples of how to be a good representative of the people out there.

And once again, this example comes from Rand Paul.

A video has resurfaced of a 2015 debate about the Older Americans Act, which sets aside billions of dollars to provide for seniors. During a discussion about spending on our medical system, Rand Paul points out that spending billions to save money is not at all saving money. This, of course, was disagreed upon by Bernie Sanders, who said that spending this money saves money. He reasons that if an ounce of prevention is good, then billions of dollars of prevention must be better.

The OAA isn’t up to snuff, and so like any government program that’s failing, it just needs more money. Sanders believes it’s the government’s duty to keep people healthy, and wished to throw $2 billion at an act that allows seniors to stay at home, instead of a nursing home. While this sounds like a noble thing, this opens up an avenue of abuse, and puts more burden on the taxpayers.

Rand Paul pointed out the slippery slope they were on.

“If we are saving money by the $2 billion dollars we spend, perhaps we should give you $20 billion,” said Paul. “Is there a limit? Where would we get to? How much money should we give you in order to save money? So if we spend federal money to save money, where is the limit? I think we could reach a point of absurdity.”

Paul is correct. We create government programs designed to help, but like any government program, it’s never effective enough. At some point it will always want to expand its reach, and do more. It will always require more money, and we need to learn to problem solve without reaching the conclusion that we should just throw more money at it.

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Why Do Hispanics Fleeing Foreign Countries Vote for the Same Policies That Caused Them to Flee?

Gloria Alverez is the author of The Populist Deception, and a Guatemalan resident, and works throughout Latin America. Judging by some of her stances, the experience has made her a Libertarian.

Furthermore, it’s given Alvarez a pretty positive view of America.

Seeing the difference between the countries she grew up around, and the United States, Alvarez began looking at the voting habits of hispanic immigrants that came to the US. They would support socialistic policies, leftist politicians, and Democratic agendas. For Alvarez, this makes no sense. Clearly, the policies implemented in the countries these immigrants have run away from are the very reason they ran away in the first place.

It’s a question Alvarez teamed up with PragerU to ask to a large audience. In their new video, Alvarez doesn’t address conservatives, libertarians, or fans of the channel. She focuses on immigrants both legal and not, and points out that they reason they came to America was for economic opportunity…not free stuff.

More importantly, she also points out that the policies that took those economic opportunities from them in their home country are not going to do well in the United States either, and voting those policies into fruition will only land them back in the same place they were before.

Furthermore, just to make sure the message got across, Alvarez makes the video twice. Once in English, and once in Spanish. Be sure to spread these videos around!

Watch the English version here:

And the Spanish version here:

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