Bill Nye Isn’t Really a Science Guy But He’ll Play One on TV to Push His Leftist Agenda

There was a time when I was a big fan of Bill Nye’s. That was long before he became an authoritarian, supercilious fraud. Bill Nye is just another leftist celebrity promoting a leftist agenda. People need to stop looking to him as if he were an authority on…well…anything.

Although he is not a scientist, Nye seldom if ever reminds the people that he’s speaking to that he is only a former engineer who decades ago jumped careers into entertainment. He parlayed a regional sketch comedy television gig into a successful children’s television show. He used that to gain access to real scientists and allows people to assume based on his proximity that he is one himself.

In the early 1990s, Nye was a cast member on Almost Live, a local sketch comedy show that aired right before Saturday Night Live on a Seattle NBC affiliate. The “Bill Nye the Science Guy” character began—or at least appeared regularly—on Almost Live.

Years later, after the Bill Nye the Science Guy television show had become a nationwide hit I was at a symposium on space exploration in Washington, D.C. Nye participated on a panel about science education with Don Herbert (aka Mr. Wizard). I got to meet Nye briefly afterward, but looking at what he has become, I actually regret being as excited as I was about the opportunity. At the time though I liked what he was doing on his show. Having an engineering degree myself, I loved seeing someone get kids interested in STEM subjects.

The fame ultimately went to his head. Now he is just one of many celebrities who believe that by virtue of being famous, they are also authoritative.

His delusion is made worse because to an army of millennials he is a cult hero who introduced them to science while they slurped overly sugared cereal in their pajamas. They’re the same people who think the clownish Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the second coming of Galileo.

Nye has actually surpassed Tyson in the area of being an annoyingly condescending douche. That in itself is no small achievement. Lately, Nye is gunning for Chelsea Clinton’s spot in that hierarchy. Among climate jihadis, he probably now outranks Al Gore.

His megalomania is evident even in the titles of his recent projects. He published a book in 2015 titled Unstoppable which naturally was well received by loony left

As only Bill Nye can, he uses the book to explain the science behind climate change, debunks popular myths, and asks readers to take action in their own lives to create a sustainable future. The book is shot through with optimism, but Nye has no illusions about what lies ahead. The message is simple: Climate change is real; humans are causing it; and we have no choice but to build a better and cleaner world.

As only Bill Nye (the actor/comedian with a B.S. in mechanical engineering) can… Salon referred to Nye as a scientist in their puff piece in 2015, but apparently Bill hasn’t had time to correct them. He told Salon what his goals were back then.

My goal is to change the world! Really, that’s what I’m trying to do. Obviously, this book isn’t going to change the world, but it is part of the bigger idea that we all have to think optimistically about this. We’ve got to go into this knowing we have a hard challenge but that we’re going to win this fight, and we’re going to save the earth for humanity.

As I like to say, you’re a human being no matter what you do. So we have to save the earth for us. Things are going to change; there’s going to be upheaval, but we have to deal with it as best we can. And that means getting to work!

Uh huh. Nye is talented as a sugarcoated propagandist. It’s easy to imagine him in another place and time printing posters depicting happy people laboring for the motherland to the chagrin of top hat wearing capitalists.

How do you respond to the recalcitrant skeptics, the ones who say, “OK, I acknowledge that the earth is heating up, and I understand why that’s a bad thing. However, we don’t really know what’s causing that. And we don’t really know to what degree humans are responsible.”

Yes, we do! It’s human activity. It’s the burning of fossil fuels and the release of methane, a natural gas mostly from agriculture, but to a lesser extent from leakage, so-called fugitive gas from an oil field. But these are solvable problems.

And the science is clear on that, right?

Absolutely. We know exactly why the climate is changing — it’s human activity!

Trust him. He worked for Boeing for a few years before becoming a TV star. He’s even qualified to tell television networks what opinions they should allow to be expressed.

“I will say, much as I love CNN, you’re doing a disservice by having one climate change skeptic, and not 97 or 98 scientists or engineers concerned about climate change,” Nye said during an appearance on CNN’s “New Day.”

Without a hint of irony he later said this.

“If you suppress science, if you pretend that climate change isn’t a real problem, you will fall behind other countries that do invest in science – that do invest in basic research,” Nye said.

Allowing skeptics to speak is “suppressing” science but CNN is duty bound to “suppress” skeptics who disagree with him. The totalitarian impulse in Bill is strong.

Nye makes ham handed attempts to speak to people where they are—while proving that he’s not especially bright. He tries to sell his climate change agenda by citing the Constitution and fails badly. The Daily Caller reported on this.

“And it is interesting to note, I think, that Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution refers to the progress of science and the useful arts,” Nye said.

“Useful arts in 18th Century usage would be what we call engineering or city planning or architecture,” Nye said.

He made similar statements to Vox, where I assume they needed a mop to soak up the fanboy drool. Unsurprisingly nobody Voxplained why he was horribly wrong. Article 1 Section 8 isn’t about federally funded science projects.

It reads: “To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.”

The Copyright Clause has nothing to do with government-funded science, but everything to do with establishing a legal framework to protect intellectual property rights.

It’s difficult to believe that he only read half the Copyright Clause, so he’s either just parroting something an underling wrote up for him or he’s being deliberately deceptive.

Now he’s gone from being “unstoppable” to literally saving (not just changing) the world, at least according to his new Netflix series which is literally called Bill Nye Saves the World.

The first step in saving the world is apparently promoting the current unscientific fad of inventing new genders and modes of sexuality.

(Language warning. NSFW.)

Bill Nye says this performance sends “exactly the right message.” (By the way, this show is only rated TV-14 for you parents of young teenagers.) The promising thing is that the ratings on YouTube for this clip are overwhelmingly negative as was also reported at The Daily Caller.

Actually, even some outlets that you might expect to be totally in the tank for Bill Nye aren’t exactly giving the show rave reviews. Gizmodo is part of the Gawker family of sites, which means they may write about non-political things, but if politics comes into the story, you can usually count on it coming in from stage left if you know what I mean and I think you do.

But here’s how Gizmodo introduced Bill Nye Saves the World:

If you’re skeptical about human-caused climate change or the safety of vaccines, would being berated in front of a live studio audience by a bombastic old man make you change your mind? Then congratulations, Bill Nye’s new Netflix show, Bill Nye Saves The World, is literally just for you!

Wait…where’d you go, bud?

I was excited when I heard that a new science show for adults was hitting Netflix, especially one starring ‘90s-kid nerd hero Bill Nye. But either the science guy’s jokes haven’t aged well or his schtick—a zany dad-figure in a lab coat stirring beakers full of colored liquids—doesn’t quite work when he’s bellowing, red-faced, about the dangers of climate change denial, alternative medicine, and the anti-vaxxer movement. While seemingly aimed at the average layman who holds some science-skeptical views, Nye’s new show delivers so little information in such a patronizing tone it’s hard to imagine a toddler, let alone a sentient adult, enjoying it.

Hopefully no one is letting their toddler watch Bill Nye grooving to Rachel Bloom singing about her sex junk, but point taken.

This, unfortunately, is quintessential of the show—a small amount of information packaged to promote a cartoon-caricature understanding of a complex science issue, slanted to the POV of an unabashedly political science comedian.

And there is why the left treats Bill Nye like an expert. That is exactly how the left packages virtually every issue for people. It’s why no one can disagree with leftists without being accused of hate. Nye does the same thing but he specializes in accusing people of being anti-science which is just a specific kind of hate.

Look, I know you may have fond memories of a funny guy on television showing you how to make baking soda rockets or do cool tricks using dry ice. It may well have inspired you to enter a scientific or technical career. That’s great, but you need to know that Bill Nye the Science Guy is a fictional television character. The guy who invented the character is just another political talking head with an agenda.

The real Bill Nye is to science what Bernie Sanders is to economics. He is no more an expert on climate change than Jenny McCarthy is on vaccines.

I don’t believe Bill Nye should be silenced or prevented from expressing his opinions. He probably wouldn’t say the same for me since I’m skeptical about his dogmatic pronouncements about the cause of climate change. What I believe is that people should be fully informed about the credentials, qualifications, and backgrounds of people the media presents to us as experts.

Treating Bill Nye as if he is a real life “science guy” confers upon him an authority and a perceived objectivity that he has not earned and Nye himself is abusing the trust of people who confuse him with an actual scientist.

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Boorish Trump Uses 9/11 as a Ratings Benchmark to Proclaim His Own Greatness

There’s no way anyone could argue that President Trump isn’t an arrogant clod. It’s bad enough that he boasts about his television ratings like a drunken frat boy bragging about his weekend sexual conquests, but using 9/11 as a benchmark for measuring his self perceived greatness is almost obscenely boorish.

He actually did that in an interview with the Associated Press.

The interview is classic Trump. Complete sentences are rare and it comes off as both arrogant and whiny at the same time. He’s so awesome but nobody will recognize it. It’s embarrassing.

AP: And that’s one of the difficulties I think presidents have had is that you can have these personal relationships with people from the other party, but then it’s hard to actually change how people vote or change how people —

TRUMP: No I have, it’s interesting, I have, seem to get very high ratings. I definitely. You know Chris Wallace had 9.2 million people, it’s the highest in the history of the show. I have all the ratings for all those morning shows. When I go, they go double, triple. Chris Wallace, look back during the Army-Navy football game, I did his show that morning.

AP: I remember, right.

TRUMP: It had 9.2 million people. It’s the highest they’ve ever had. On any, on air, (CBS “Face the Nation” host John) Dickerson had 5.2 million people. It’s the highest for “Face the Nation” or as I call it, “Deface the Nation.” It’s the highest for “Deface the Nation” since the World Trade Center. Since the World Trade Center came down. It’s a tremendous advantage.

I have learned one thing, because I get treated very unfairly, that’s what I call it, the fake media. And the fake media is not all of the media. You know they tried to say that the fake media was all the, no. The fake media is some of you. I could tell you who it is, 100 percent. Sometimes you’re fake, but — but the fake media is some of the media. It bears no relationship to the truth. It’s not that Fox treats me well, it’s that Fox is the most accurate. [Emphasis added]

He then went on to brag about how awesome he is at calling terrorism terrorism.

AP: Do you believe that? That Fox —

TRUMP: I do. I get treated so badly. Yesterday, about the thing, you know when I said it’s a terrorism … it may be. I said it may be a terrorist attack and MSNBC, I heard, went crazy, “He called it a terrorist attack.” They thought it was a bank robbery. By the way, I’m 10-0 for that. I’ve called every one of them. Every time they said I called it way too early and then it turns out I’m … Whatever. Whatever. In the meantime, I’m here and they’re not.

Don’t you just pity whomever has to transcribe these interviews?

Trump doesn’t seem to realize that his ratings get a big boost because people don’t want to miss it if he says something asinine. Ratings aren’t an objective indicator of quality. If they were, his approval ratings wouldn’t be heading south.

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It Shouldn’t Surprise You That the #MarchForScience Looks More Like Another #MarchForLeftism

As you might have expected, the #MarchForScience is little more than a global celebration of the leftist holy day known as Earth Day. This is just another round of left wing Democrat astroturf.

Some marchers were there to promote the “science” of revoking Second Amendment rights.

In those three pictures tweeted by The Hill, there are three Muppets and two politicians. Not one scientist.

Earth is a planet, not a mother or a “she” so the pink pussy hats are probably don’t apply here, but they do reveal who these protesters really are.  Also, why is there a sign referencing The Giving Tree?

Another “Beaker” and if you look closely in that picture there’s a sign referencing Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring the 50 year old book containing the junk science hysteria over pesticides that has led to tens of millions of deaths from mosquito borne illnesses. Victims of “science.”

Some marchers even appeared to be marching for science fiction.

Ok, but what about all the movies where the disasters are caused by scientists?  Never mind. That doesn’t matter because those movies aren’t real either.

Maybe that’s because your not. You’re marching for politics.


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VIDEO: Man Dressed as Carrot Steals Generic Leftist Protester’s Thunder…Really

In this video shot at Auburn University, the kid dressed like a fugitive from a high school drama class and carrying a drum is angry about stuff. It’s not exactly clear what he’s angry about—something about fascist police patrolling neighborhoods and terrorizing transgendered people. It’s like someone planned a leftist protest by using a book of Mad Libs.

The crowd seems to be there mostly to watch the embarrassing spectacle unfold and not to listen to the pink fauxhawded hipster’s grievances. This probably only made him angrier about the effects of climate change on transgenders of color and their access to affordable birth control. Or whatever.

Then comes a guy who is totally committed to a pun. He’s dressed as a carrot because he doesn’t “carrot all about your outrage.”


Seems like the kids at Auburn are a lot more sympathetic to root vegetables than left wing histrionics.

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Leftist Double Standards, Contrived Outrage, and Donald Trump’s Severed Head

Campus Reform reported on the art exhibition at the University of Alaska that has a painting on display of a scantily clad Chris Evans (aka Captain America from the Avengers movies) holding the severed head of President Trump. For some this is something to be outraged about. Personally, I don’t care if the University chooses to display the painting. What is really outrageous here is how leftists can hold such double standards.

The work, created by Assistant Professor of Painting Thomas Chung, is being presented as part of a month-long faculty art exhibition in the university’s fine arts gallery, reports KTUU.

“It’s an image of the actor who plays Captain America, and two eagles are sort of screaming into his ears, and he’s holding the severed head of Trump, and there’s a young Hillary Clinton clinging to his leg,” Chung said to describe his painting. “I was reminded of those 80’s rock posters, where there’s a woman in tattered clothes clinging to a strong male hero’s leg.”


The first thing that strikes me about the painting itself is that it’s terrible. It’s like a cheesy Photoshop meme but rendered in paint. The U of Alaska art majors aren’t really getting their money’s worth if this is representative of the faculty’s art prowess. This painting isn’t something to be angry about or to be protested. It should be mocked and laughed at. It condemns itself with its own dumbness.

What should raise your hackles is that the leftist horde will at worst celebrate the painting or at best ignore it entirely. However, it goes without saying that had such a painting of Barack Obama been displayed in public, they would have been frothing like a bunch of jihadis triggered by Danish Mohammed cartoons.

That is no exaggeration either. The left shares many qualities with the religion of perpetual outrage. Their puppet masters can astroturf a protest as easily as any radical Imam.

Let’s look at how the left treated similar parody directed at President Obama. Remember the parade float depicting Obama’s presidential library as an outhouse?

The Nebraska Democratic Party is calling a Fourth of July parade float that poked fun at President Obama the “worst shows of racism and disrespect” for the president in state history.

A float featured at the annual Independence Day parade in Norfolk depicted a figure resembling Mr. Obama standing outside an outhouse, which was labeled the “Obama Presidential Library.” Neither the float nor the truck pulling the float identified a sponsor,” the Omaha World-Herald reported.

The response implied that the outraged Obama-bots were completely unaware of America’s long history of lampooning its leaders. Most of the people complaining probably had participated gleefully in that tradition during George W, Bush’s term in office.

That’s not the whole story though. The United States Department of Justice actually launched an investigation into the outhouse parade float for crying out loud.

A year prior to the parade float non-incident, a rodeo clown at the Missouri State Fair triggered a round of forced reeducation sensitivity training by wearing an Obama mask during a performance.

Anyone who argues that there wouldn’t have been seething protest and attempts to end careers and ruin lives over a painting of a decapitated Obama at a public university is either delusional or a liar. Probably both.

Leftists use anything they can to mobilize their army of rage-monkey whether it’s an impotent hashtag campaign or a full blown riot. The media then dutifully covers the alleged source of their anger while ignoring their hypocrisy.

People on the right often fall into the trap of responding in kind in cases like this ridiculous painting by Thomas Chung. Our reaction should not be a reflection of the left though. The Thomas Chung’s of the world are free to paint whatever they want. We should not be attempting to silence anyone or get someone fired over it. That is what the left wants us to do.

The old saying about never wrestling with a pig is true. It only gets you dirty and the pig likes it. The leftist pigs want us to be consumed with playing tit for tat, focused on taking scalps.They thrive on the ensuing chaos.

The only thing to be angry about is the double standard. When presented with leftist stupidity like this painting, we should use it only as an opportunity to shine a light on the left’s hypocrisy. It’s still ok to poke fun at really bad art though.

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‘Juicero’ May Be the First Hilariously Epic Failure on ‘The Internet of Things’

There’s a lot of talk about what people are calling “the internet of things.” The idea is that all your household appliances will be connected to the internet so that you can interact with your toaster from anywhere in the world and Russian hackers can tell Wikileaks how many bottles of Yoo-hoo pass through your refrigerator on a given week.

I was surprised at the response I received on on Facebook when I asked who really needs a crockpot with WiFi.  I love tech gadgets but this all seems unnecessary to me. What may be the most unnecessary internet enabled appliance I’ve seen to date though is the “Juicero.”

Juicero is a juicer that squeezes juice from bags of pre-packaged produce sold by the same heavily bankrolled Silicon Valley startup who makes the $400 WiFi enabled squeezer.

One of the most lavishly funded gadget startups in Silicon Valley last year was Juicero Inc. It makes a juice machine. The product was an unlikely pick for top technology investors, but they were drawn to the idea of an internet-connected device that transforms single-serving packets of chopped fruits and vegetables into a refreshing and healthy beverage.

Why would technology investors be drawn to this? Why would anyone for that matter?

Doug Evans, the company’s founder, would compare himself with Steve Jobs in his pursuit of juicing perfection.

That might be true if he’s referring specifically to that time Steve Jobs gave us the Apple Newton. (The last time I snarked on the Apple Newton I got hate mail from Newton enthusiasts. They exist. I think they’re some sort of cult.)

He declared that his juice press wields four tons of force—“enough to lift two Teslas,” he said. Google’s venture capital arm and other backers poured about $120 million into the startup. Juicero sells the machine for $400, plus the cost of individual juice packs delivered weekly. Tech blogs have dubbed it a “Keurig for juice.”

You can call it the “Keurig for juice” if you want but it’s not an accurate analogy unless you can squeeze a hot mug of coffee from a K-cup with your bare hands.

But after the product hit the market, some investors were surprised to discover a much cheaper alternative: You can squeeze the Juicero bags with your bare hands. Two backers said the final device was bulkier than what was originally pitched and that they were puzzled to find that customers could achieve similar results without it. Bloomberg performed its own press test, pitting a Juicero machine against a reporter’s grip. The experiment found that squeezing the bag yields nearly the same amount of juice just as quickly—and in some cases, faster—than using the device.

Yep, the high tech two Tesla lifting gizmo is completely unnecessary to the juice making process.  Bloomberg even did their own test.

Juicero declined to comment. A person close to the company said Juicero is aware the packs can be squeezed by hand but that most people would prefer to use the machine because the process is more consistent and less messy. The device also reads a QR code printed on the back of each produce pack and checks the source against an online database to ensure the contents haven’t expired or been recalled, the person said.

From that video I don’t see hand squeezing as being particularly messy, plus it has the added benefit of not having a $400 objet d’art taking up valuable counter space where you could be keeping something more useful, like your Bluetooth compatible essential oil diffuser. But kudos for that QR code reader checking the expiration date. Reading that off the package is such a chore. Leave that sort of Luddite foolishness to the Amish, am I right?

Keep in mind that this device is completely unnecessary and watch this tutorial video. Without laughing.

That is so much more convenient than, say, opening a bottle, and you get to deal with composting the residuals. What fun.

The creator of Juicero is something of a luminary in the world of juicing.

Albert Burneko at The Concourse enjoyed himself immensely picking out various fun snippets from the Bloomberg article, but that line of text above is one of the most hilarious sentences I’ve ever seen. It’s like something that should be on Wile E. Coyote’s business card. “Super Genius and Juicing Luminary.”

In 2002, Evans helped start Organic Avenue, a chain of juice bars selling cold-press concoctions in glass jars. The New York franchise drew rave reviews from the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow.

If you’ve come this far you knew there had to be some Gwyneth Paltrow in this story somewhere. She’s probably already selling this boat anchor on GORP. (I wonder if her vajayjay steamer is connected to the web. I hope not.)

Investors started balking once it became clear the technology they were paying for was completely useless. I guess, the next phase of development will be to unnecessarily make the bags harder to squeeze by hand.

With a little more work, Juicero can take its place among other amazing products.

The Ford Pinto, New Coke, Microsoft Bob, Heinz Purple Ketchup, Zima….

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Is Trump’s 180 on China Part of a Larger Strategy or Cause for Concern?

George W. Bush famously told us that after spending some time with Vladimir Putin he got a “sense of his soul” and found the Russian to be trustworthy.

We all know how wrong that assessment ended up being.

Did President Trump just have a similar experience with Chinese President (and General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party) Xi Jinping?

For a long time, Trump was constantly bashing China on his Twitter feed. His tough talk about trade deficits and playing hardball with the Chicoms earned him a lot of support from voters.

Now it looks like Trump has a bromance going on with Xi—at least superficially.

President Donald Trump told Fox and Friends on Tuesday he didn’t live up to a campaign promise to stare down China over manipulating its currency because, well, he got along better than he thought with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“I didn’t soften my stance,” Trump said. “Look, China came to the United States, the President, who I really developed a very good relationship with. I think he is a terrific person. I really got to know him very well over a two-day period. we were together hours and hours and hours by ourselves. We had a 15-minute scheduled meeting and it lasted for three hours. the same thing happened the next day. We have a good chemistry together.”

It’s hard not to look at that and recall Bush seeing Putin’s soul. Trump spent six hours with one of America’s biggest geo-political adversaries and suddenly everything’s cool. That’s all it took to convince the President that he was wrong all those times he complained about China manipulating currency and basically screwing America over every chance they got.

Of course, the situation with the “crazy fat kid” in North Korea must play some role in this transformation. Perhaps Trump is convinced that the Norks are that big of a threat that it requires him to kiss a little butt.

“What am I going to start trade war with China in the middle of him working on a bigger problem with North Korea?” Trump said. “I’m dealing with China with great respect. I have great respect for him. We’ll see what he can do. Maybe he won’t be able to help. That’s possible. I think he is trying. Maybe he won’t be able to help. That’s a whole differential story.”

Trump later added:

“What am I going to do in the middle of him talking to North Korea? I’m going to hit him with currency manipulation? This is a fake media that does a number – think of it. (Xi) is working so nicely that many coal ships have been sent back. Fuel is being sent back. They’re not dealing the same way. Nobody has ever seen it like that. Nobody has ever seen such a positive response on our behalf from China. The fake media goes, ‘Donald Trump has changed his stance on China.’ I haven’t changed my stance. China is trying to help us. I don’t know if they’re going to be able to or not. But why would I want to start heavy heavy trade or currency statements against somebody who is out there right now trying to stop what could be a very bad situation. You understand that.”

The problem is that Trump has reneged on so many of the most forceful promises he made on the campaign trail that it’s tough to take him at his word. During the campaign you would often hear criticism of Trump taking on the opinions of the last person to whom he spoke. That’s an easy claim to believe about a guy who—even according to some of his supporters—doesn’t have an ideological core.

It’s also easy to believe that Trump can be manipulated by stroking his ego and China greasing the skids for some of first-daughter Ivanka’s business deals probably buys a lot of good will.

Let’s hope this is all a matter of political theater and prioritizing threats to American interests and not another example of a President getting seduced by a communist.

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BREAKING: President George H.W. Bush Hospitalized

KHOU in Houston is reporting that former President George H.W. Bush is back in the hospital.

President George H.W. Bush is back in the hospital with another “mild case” of pneumonia, spokesman Jim McGrath has confirmed.

Bush, 92, is being treated at Methodist Hospital but is doing fine, his spokesman said.

Bush’s office released the following statement.

“President George H. W. Bush was admitted to Houston Methodist Hospital on Friday for observation due to a persistent cough that prevented him from getting proper rest. It was subsequently determined he had a mild case of pneumonia, which was treated and has been resolved.  President Bush is in very good spirits and is being held for further observation while he regains his strength.”

They don’t take chances when you’re 92.

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Are Trump’s Old Tweets Going to Come Back to Bite Him?

For many, politics is just a means to satisfy their own personal ambition. That was probably never more evident than it was during the 2016 election and the subsequent transition to the Trump administration.  Donald Trump is on record, thanks to Twitter, opposing things that he himself has done in his first 100 days in office. Aaron Blake at the Washington Post has compiled a boatload of them.

Over the last two weeks, President Trump has attacked Syria without congressional approval, ratcheted up the use of force in Afghanistan with a huge bomb, and moved to reverse the Obama administration’s policy of releasing White House visitor logs.

Each of these actions runs completely counter to the views and values once espoused by Trump on Twitter. And they join an amazingly long — and growing — list of old Trump tweets that have become eerily applicable to Trump’s own presidency in ways that scream “hypocrisy.”

Here are a few of the highlights from Trump’s Twitter feed from before he changed his mind about practically everything.

So many strongly worded things were said throughout the Republican primary, it gave the appearance that there was real passion behind certain ideas and principles. Yet once the outcome was certain, ideas and principles were cast aside as the losers came groveling for cushy administration jobs. Meanwhile, Trump began walking back all sorts of promises and rescinding all the red meat he had thrown to the angry mobs at his campaign rallies.

Last week, Rush Limbaugh was attempting to explain Trump to his listeners.

Let me try it this way. In the past, I have made a point of pointing out that Donald Trump is not ideological. Now, to me, that means more than he’s not just conservative or liberal. But I guess I’m gonna need to add to that. When I say he’s not ideological — and I’ll explain that again — he’s not a conservative, and he’s not a liberal. He knows what both things are. It’s just not how he looks at the world, and it’s not how he sees people. Now, to some people that’s refreshing and it’s good. To other people, it’s alarming.

It should be alarming because it means we have a President who doesn’t have a core set of principles and only cares about personal victories. There’s no roadmap to the “great” America he promised. There’s not even a definition of what “great” even means.

The irony is that many on the right flocked to Trump because other Republicans had campaigned as conservatives but governed as something else once elected. Trump has already begun doing the same thing. Now all those people are in denial or hiding.

I wrote yesterday about how former conservatives and current Trumpists like Sean Hannity are undermining the cause of conservatism simply because their guy is in the White House and they’re not honest enough to be critical of Trump when he does the same things for which they were critical of Obama.

Aaron Blake describes Trump’s old tweets as a “minefield” of hypocrisy. He’s wrong about that. Stepping on a mine causes immediate and catastrophic damage.

Trump’s tweets are actually more like a cow pasture of hypocrisy. Stepping in a an old cow pie can be embarrassing, but it does no real damage if you have an army of bootlicks to clean up the mess for you.

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Atheist Gives Opening ‘Prayer’ in Iowa State House, Invokes ‘Holy Trinity of Science’

In the Iowa state house, an atheist delivered the opening invocation. In his bizarre pseudo-prayer, Justin Scott urged lawmakers to call upon the “holy trinity of science” to guide and protect them.

An atheist urged members of the Iowa House to “invoke the holy trinity of science made up of reason, observation and experience” as they went about their work Wednesday.

The trinity, Justin Scott of Waterloo said in offering the “opening prayer,” would allow lawmakers to address issues before them “without allowing confirmation bias, cognitive dissonance or intellectual dishonesty to blindly guide positions and votes.”

Scott, believed to be the first atheist to offer the morning invocation in the House, said his trinity isn’t rooted in dogma or doctrine and “doesn’t care what our feelings are or what our deeply held beliefs are.”

There is probably nothing quite as inspiring as having someone impress his dogma upon you while denying it is a dogma. There are atheists who simply don’t believe in God and then there are “organized” atheists, or as I often refer to them, “evangelical atheists.” The latter often want to be given the recognition and perks of being a religion while denying that they are one.

Mr. Scott was invited by a Democrat representative—naturally.

Scott, the guest of Rep. Timi Brown-Powers, D-Waterloo, said he put a lot of thought into preparing for the invocation but it didn’t hit him until about 4 a.m. that the message should be about process, “because at the end of the day, we are all humans and when we face challenges, all we can count on is ourself, the abilities we’ve been born with, the talents we’ve developed.”

Science, he said, is “all about thinking about something, analyzing it, processing it and being open to the fact that what you thought about Subject A may not be what the evidence actually tells you.”

That’s something lawmakers deal with every day as they come to the Capitol with “preconceived notions — not even on a religious level,” he said.

Have you ever noticed that the preachy atheists talk of thought and reason as if  they’re Prometheus bringing the gift of fire to a bunch of primitive rubes? This guy probably hasn’t the first clue what the Trinity actually is in Christian belief, but he’ll make his own version up at 4 a.m. because he wants his irreligiousness to be cloaked in religiosity for some reason. It’s like watching a child playacting.

I’m not a person with a really deeply held faith, but the pomposity of people like this admonishing others against holding preconceived notions, while pretending that they have none of their own, offends me. Mr. Scott probably means well, but I doubt he has ever devoted any serious study to that which he rejects. Of course, the same is true of a lot of deeply religious people, like the Christian keyboard warriors who think they’ve scientifically proven that the world is only 6000 years old or that they’ve found the smoking gun that invalidates the theory of evolution. People who think they know it all, generally know very little other than how to be annoying.

Scott is the thought to be the first atheist to ever deliver an invocation in the Iowa State House, though they have had a witch once before. Yay, diversity, or something.


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