Memorial Day Through the Eyes of a Green Beret Wife

I lived about 15 miles from Fort Bragg, North Carolina from 1994 to 2012, in a rural area where many Army officers and members of the various Special Forces groups based there made their home. After 9/11, our area was immediately impacted as Fort Bragg forces were some of the first deployed in the War on Terror. We were reminded daily of the sacrifices these families were making – dad wasn’t there to participate in Little League with the kids or read a bedtime story, or any of the hundreds of little things that make up family life. Unfortunately, some of the dads never made it home.

Tiffany and I became friends when our boys were in the same Cub Scout pack. I knew it was difficult for her to hold down the fort at home while her husband was in parts unknown for months at a time – and when there were constant reports on the nightly news of injuries and casualties halfway around the world. But I didn’t realize the depths of the pain and trials she and other military wives experienced until a few years ago. That Memorial Day she wrote about losses her husband’s small unit sustained during one deployment, and with her permission I am sharing it here in full.

In the early days of the war I remember watching the news religiously. I was always shocked at how much information the media would give about the location of our guys. It really bothered me. And, of course, we could find out in almost real time if we had lost another Green Beret.

I remember a particular day when I heard a news bulletin telling of not one but two fatalities from our very small unit. My heart sank. The phone tree was abuzz, with all of us trying to find out. Was it me? Would I hear the knock on the door? As every military wife has done, I imagined my response. What I would say or do? How would I react? Would I cry, yell, tell them to leave? Ask them in? What would be best for my children? Step outside?

Thankfully that knock did not come for me that day. It did for two other wives.

I knew I had to go to their memorial service. I would want other wives to show support if it had been me, so alone I decided to go.

I got up that morning feeling brave. I got dressed and did my makeup, yet thought that seemed strange. I’m not sure why. I drove to the Special Forces chapel alone. I quietly walked inside and found my seat on a pew in the back half. I wasn’t comfortable sitting up close to the family. I was concerned that so many seats were empty, but most of our guys were gone, so I understood.

Looking around at the windows I found it so strange then that the stained glass included soldiers with guns in a church. Guns and church didn’t seem to go together.


Stained glass window at the JFK Memorial Chapel, Fort Bragg, NC

Now I understand. Those windows show the depth of man’s soul in a battle. There is probably not a place closer to God – or seemingly further from Him – on this earth.

Shortly before the memorial began a very long line of young soldiers entered the chapel, filling every available space. It was standing room only. I later found out they pulled students from the local training unit over as a show of support. I watched these young guys and wondered what they were thinking.

I don’t remember much of what was said that day, but I clearly remember the final roll call. The command calls the name of each soldier on the team. (12) Each soldier answers “Here, Sgt Major” until they get to the fallen soldier. Their name is called, and when there is no answer there is the volley of gun fire.

I will never forget the agonizing wail from the wife of one soldier that day. My heart hurt for her. I feel horrible pain inside just remembering that sound. I realized that volley symbolized the last sound her husband heard before he was killed. What were his last thoughts? That sound is deafening. Did he know that was it? Did he have a chance to think of her? Was he in pain? I figured these might be her thoughts. They were holding her on her feet now. It was so hard to watch I closed my eyes.

I quickly walked away from that chapel, feeling a lot less brave. I got into my car and quietly sobbed.


I wish I had never gone that day. Fear enveloped my life, fear of that wailing pain. I tried to outrun the fear. I couldn’t run fast enough. I tried to pray my way out of the pain. The sleeplessness clouded my mind. I could no longer eat or drink, certain my knock would come.

Eventually I chose to end my marriage. I couldn’t wait for this certain end. I loved him too much. I wallowed away in a bottle, to the shock and disgust of most I knew. My mind was twisted with the sorrow of the sound of the wife’s cry. It haunted me, and does to this day.

Those months were the longest of my life. I know what I felt, and also knew that my pain could never amount to hers.

I am beyond grateful that Rich made it home that deployment. Many did not. It was a rough year for our unit. He came home, broken himself, to a wife who could hardly hang on.

How grateful I am that together with the blessings of our temple marriage and the power of the atonement we were able to be healed of the wounds inflicted that deployment. But every year on Memorial Day I remember that wife. I remember her pain and her sacrifice. I remember her son, and the loss he must have felt. I remember they gave all.

I think people forget that most soldiers do not join thinking they will fight this particular political foe. They join to protect America. They don’t pick a side. It isn’t about that to these patriots. It’s protecting their home and fellow citizens. Leave the politics to the politicians and hold them accountable. But love the soldier. He loves America.

Tiffany shared with me that the weeks around Memorial Day are extremely difficult for many combat veterans, who are remembering their brothers in arms who didn’t get to come back home. Some replay battle scenes in their mind, second-guess split second choices, or wonder why they were the ones who survived.

When we honor and remember those who gave their lives on Memorial Day, we should also remember the parents, spouses, siblings, and children left behind –  their pain and their sacrifice. They gave all.

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In Bethlehem, President Trump Offers Condolences to Manchester Terror Attack Victims

A horrific suicide attack was carried out late Monday after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, UK, in which at least 22 were killed and 59 injured – mostly young girls. At the time of the attacks, President Trump was in Israel, and later held a press conference with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. When the press conference started, Trump began with an offering of condolences.

I would like to begin by offering my prayers to the people of Manchester in the United Kingdom. I extend my deepest condolences to those so terribly injured in this terrorist attack,and to the many killed…and to the families of the victims. We stand in absolute solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom.

[The victims were] Murdered by evil losers in life. I won’t call them monsters, because they would like that term. They would think that’s a great name. I will call them, from now on, losers, because that’s what they are. They’re losers. And we’ll have more of them. But they’re losers. Just remember that.

Calling the people involved “losers” instead of attackers or perpetrators looks to be a type of psychological warfare.

The President then gave no doubt as to what he thinks needs to happen to those who were responsible for the attacks in Manchester, and in any other attacks:

This is what I’ve spent the last few days talking about overseas…we cannot stand a moment longer for the slaughter of innocent people. And in today’s attack, it was mostly innocent children.

Those who give them aid and comfort must be driven out from our society forever. This wicked ideology must be…completely obliterated, and the innocent lives…must be protected.

Trump then thanked Abbas for meeting with him and offered him help in working toward peace – which is a slap in the face to Israelis.

I look forward to working with these leaders toward a lasting peace.  I also look forward to working with President Abbas on other issues such as unlocking the potential of the economy…and building on our very positive counter-terrorism efforts. Peace cannot ever take root in an atmosphere in which violence is tolerated… we must act in a single, unified voice.

That’s a lofty goal, and one in which President Trump is certainly not alone as the leader of the world’s biggest democracy. The question remains – will the other countries involved decide to take a risk on Donald Trump’s olive branch or continue down the path of pacifying and funding ISIS?

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Joss Whedon’s Short Movie “Unlocked” Shows How Unhinged the Planned Parenthood Crew’s Views Are

Joss Whedon (yeah, he’s a director, blah blah, Marvel, blah blah, but also a social media douche) is really, really scared that Planned Parenthood might lose federal funding. He’s always been a bit of a jackwagon on Twitter, but the AHCA vote and the pre-existing conditions lies have him operating at an entirely different level.

As a way of, he hopes, bringing attention to all of the great things Planned Parenthood does, and only Planned Parenthood does (in his eyes, of course) he created a short film for the nonprofit baby parts warehouse titled “Unlocked” to illustrate what he thinks the world would look like without Planned Parenthood.

Wanna predict the plot line now?

Wow, you got it. Of course, in Whedon’s view of a future without Planned Parenthood, this is what would happen:

Of course you know, as our Kimberly Ross pointed out, that the 2017 spending bill does not touch Planned Parenthood’s funding, and that the federal funds the organization receives are an extremely small portion of their overall budget. But that doesn’t stop Whedon from implying that somehow Planned Parenthood is on the brink of extinction. The falsehoods and predictions of people dying (especially minority women) start in the opening frames of the film.

A minority woman losing her life (hey hey Joss, where’s your film about Gosnell?) from pregnancy complications, a cheerleader-looking student being unable to attend college because she’s a mom… whoa, dude. If it wasn’t such a serious topic I’d say this is great Onion-style satire. Is that what you really think it would look like?

Do these women even know adoption is an option? An option that allowed quite a few of my good friends to, you know, be alive?

I think that #AWorldWithoutPlannedParenthood would be a world where former Planned Parenthood staffers work in a medical office or medical group, having watched women receive needed birth control, prenatal care and counseling – and then watching them raise incredible daughters and sons. (Kinda along the lines of this satire piece here.)

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Nearly Two Dozen Murdering Thugs (Many Here Illegally*) Rounded Up in Los Angeles

Twenty-one members of the notorious MS-13 gang were rounded up Wednesday morning in various locations throughout Los Angeles. The pre-dawn raid was conducted by the FBI, ATF, and LAPD as part of a three-year racketeering investigation.

A 41-count federal indictment in the case, which lists 44 defendants, was unsealed Wednesday. In addition to those arrested today, 20 have already been arrested, and three are listed as fugitives. Three of the men arrested are facing federal murder charges.

FBI Assistant Director in Charge Deirdre Fike said that more than half of those involved were in the country illegally.

According to one of the officers involved, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the targets were under 24-hour surveillance for days prior to the raid, and at least three of the locations raided were known “casitas”:

[Casitas are a] makeshift brothel/ saloon of sorts. They engage in prostitution, gambling, narcotics and alcohol sales, cock fights, et cetera, right in the middle of neighborhoods.

The women are usually “sex slaves,” illegal immigrants, who are expected to service the customers for cash, but the women don’t get it. They have to pay off their “debt” for being smuggled here. There is usually a mattress on the floor in a vacant room used specifically for sex.

According to the officer, MS-13 usually takes over a rental property for this purpose so there are no property records and they can leave quickly.

At one casita located in a dilapidated warehouse near downtown, seven people were found locked in a room and are suspected human trafficking victims.

LA Police Chief Charlie Beck said the immigration status of the perps wasn’t of concern today because of the nature of the charges against them, but…

“These are criminals. Regardless of their immigration status they are going to go to prison. If they ever get out…their immigration status may become an issue, but it has nothing to do with their arrest today.”

Excuse me? Thank goodness these guys are going federal, because that means ICE will be notified when they are released, and there won’t be any of Beck’s “sanctuary” BS to deal with.

As we reported in January, in Beck’s jails, even these types of felons- people here illegally, who have committed violent crimes – will not be detained for ICE unless, in addition to detainer paperwork, there is a signed warrant from a judge or a judicial determination of probable cause for the detainer.

Even then, jail employees are not allowed to honor the detainer without express approval from the Custody Services Commanding Officer, according to the memo exclusively obtained by RedState.

And repeat felons who have violated United States Code Title 8, Section 1326(a) – meaning they’ve already been convicted of an aggravated felony deported, then returned again – cannot be detained, arrested, or booked by LAPD officers for an immigration crime without a federal warrant.

Under the memo’s terms, if one of the gang members rounded up today was convicted of a violent felony, served their sentence, was deported, and then came back to Los Angeles and committed another crime, LAPD jail staff would not be allowed to honor a detainer without these extra steps – which take time and manpower to effect and aren’t always able to be done in time.

Acting U.S. Attorney Sandra Brown said the Wednesday’s arrests dealt a “critical blow to the top leadership.” Well, at least for a little while, with Beck’s policies ruling the day.

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Trump Responds to Special Counsel Appointment in His Trademark Style

The White House was “blindsided” by the Wednesday afternoon appointment of a special counsel to investigate any potential links between the Russian government and the Trump campaign, Politico reports.

And CNN’s Laura Jarrett is reporting that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was not informed about the order until after it was signed.

President Trump responded to the news quickly, and with his usual bluster.

It reads:

“As I have stated many times, a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know – there was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity. I look forward to this matter concluding quickly.”

Well, if we already knew there wasn’t, there wouldn’t be a need for this. For the sake of our country, I hope there’s not.

And, as some are already pointing out, the special counsel could also find out the identity of people doing the leaking and unmasking. Surprisingly, Trump hasn’t put that spin on it yet.

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A Picture Says More Than a Thousand Words About CA Politician’s Hypocrisy [VIDEO]

This guy – California Assemblymember Evan Low. Noted Second Amendment…uh, supporter.

It takes some big cajones – or maybe just a Clintonesque level of self-deception – to post that (with a GUN emoji, no less!) after his comments to NRA lobbyist Dan Reid during a hearing last year.

After confirming the lobbyist’s name, Low said:

Less than 72 hours ago 49 people were slain in Orlando, and it’s very difficult for me to sit here and look at you in the eyes and have respect for you, sir, Dan, because – not only because of lives that have been cut because of your organization, mothers and fathers, but many lives have been shattered by it.

Low then said he had a question for Reid on behalf of the people who couldn’t be there today because they were murdered – but had to call him a murderer first.

Of course, the reason they were murdered was because of basically your organization, which has vigorously lobbied to allow for these things to occur and to acquire weapons.

It’s a shame the gun range owner didn’t turn you away. When you were there, did you ask any of your fellow shooters how the laws you’ve sponsored and lobbied for have affected their lives?

But if we’re going to use your logic, sir, Evan, do you feel any shame or responsibility for the people who were murdered by illegal immigrants? You are one of the leading voices in the effort to make California a “sanctuary state.” I’m asking on behalf of Kate Steinle, who couldn’t be here today because she was murdered by an illegal immigrant who was released from a San Francisco jail without a detainer being honored.

And, sir, Evan, I have a question on behalf of Officer Keith Boyer, who couldn’t be here today because he was murdered by a criminal who was given early release from jail due to realignment policies you support. How do you feel these “reforms” are helping Californians?

But, back to your gleeful Facebook post.


How do you still have a gun emoji on your phone? I thought those were outlawed?

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Latest Scandal Shows Trump Has Again Forgotten That Perception is Reality

As my colleagues have noted, only a few people know what really went down in last week’s meeting between President Trump and Russian officials – and that would be the people in the room, some of whom have made public statements about what was and was not said.

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster was one of them.

“At no time — at no time — were intelligence sources or methods discussed. And the president did not disclose any military operations that were not already publicly known. Two other senior officials who were present, including the secretary of State, remember the meeting the same way, and have said so. Their on the record accounts should outweigh those of anonymous sources. And I was in the room, it didn’t happen.”

Most of the rest of the world has predictably reacted in one of two ways – supporters crying “fake news” or “setup” within hours of the report, and #resist types screaming “treason!”

Both reactions defy logic.

I tend to agree with Jonah Goldberg’s take.

But the idea that Trump — with his irrepressible need to boast to the point of narcissistic incontinence combined with his lackadaisical approach to the nuts-and-bolts demands of the job — somehow just let something slip is utterly and completely believable. It was apparently believable to various members of his own administration.

What’s harder to believe, however, is the idea that H. R. McMaster lied tonight….But it’s worth recalling that just last week, the White House insisted that the president fired James Comey on the recommendation of the deputy attorney general. The vice president repeatedly said as much. Within 24 hours that storyline was discredited. Within days, the president himself threw the vice president and his communications team under the bus in his interview with Lester Holt. Donald Trump’s track record of screwing people who vouch for him is truly impressive. So is his ability to put honorable people in no-win situations.

And Charles Krauthammer, after saying he didn’t believe Trump sat down with the Russians and gave them detailed intelligence, said:

You have got to ask yourself: Why do the Russians keep turning up every three days in the Trump administration? It seems as if Trump has a recurring cold and the Russkies are involved in that. I mean, of all the countries, it didn’t have to be Russia.

Paranoia about Russia has hit an all-time high among liberals and the conspiracy nut wing on the right. So, President Trump, as far as Russia’s concerned, you need to adopt the policy that Mike Pence has against going to dinner alone with another woman who isn’t his wife – just avoid the appearance of impropriety altogether. Don’t even talk about publicly-available knowledge (hell, we all knew that ISIS was looking at using laptops as weapons on airplanes weeks ago). A few more suggestions:

  • Don’t fire people by a letter hand-delivered to their office when they are on a speaking engagement across the country.
  • Don’t contradict your staff to the press.
  • Don’t threaten former administration officials over Twitter.
  • Heck, just don’t threaten anyone over Twitter. Except murderous dictators.
  • Avoid nepotism.
  • And please, don’t just spout off about a topic before you’re fully briefed on it and have thought about all of the consequences of your actions.

I know that is asking a lot, but your actions are playing into the hands of your enemies, who know that perception is reality and really don’t give a rat’s behind about the truth. As Jonah Goldberg said, the perception is that you have an “irrepressible need to boast to the point of narcissistic incontinence” and a “lackadaisical approach to the nuts-and-bolts demands of the job.” And isn’t it a funny thing how everything that’s gotten you into hot water goes back to one or both of those traits?

When Trump’s primary campaign started gathering steam, political consultants and campaign workers I knew all said, “Wait until he hits Iowa. The ground game is going to matter then.” And it didn’t, really. And it never became an issue during the entire campaign, to the shock of pollsters and pundits everywhere.

But now it’s obvious that it wasn’t the ability to run a ground game that showed the difference between business and politics. It’s the ability to govern, and it starts with the ability to govern how one is perceived.

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Former LA Sheriff Lee Baca Finally Learns His Sentence for Conspiracy, Obstruction

Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca was sentenced Friday after being convicted of conspiracy and obstruction of justice in March of this year. The charges came after an FBI investigation into ongoing mismanagement and abuse of inmates in LA County jails.

At one point Baca pled guilty to lesser charges, but US District Judge Percy Anderson rejected the deal because he felt the six-month sentence was too lenient. The case was tried twice. The first resulted in a mistrial, with the jury deadlocked 11-1 in favor of acquittal. In March 2017 a new jury convicted Baca.

Today, Baca was sentenced to three years in prison, to begin July 25.

Before announcing the sentence, the judge remarked that Baca was still attempting to blame others for his actions.

“You placed yourself in this position,” the judge said. “You had opportunity after opportunity to put a stop to it.”

Anderson said…Baca was “at least as culpable” as [former Undersheriff Paul Tanaka. He said the entire scheme may never have transpired were it not for Baca.

“In the end, that is your legacy,” Anderson said.

Indeed, after the sentencing Baca spoke to reporters and claimed that he was in the right.

Baca’s attorney, Nathan Hochman, pleaded for leniency in sentencing since Baca was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s last year, claiming that an he would not receive adequate healthcare in prison. Anderson said that he would have sentenced Baca to five years in prison if not for the Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

“As awful as Alzheimer’s disease is, it’s not a criminal penalty,” Anderson said. “Alzheimer’s disease is not a get-out-of-jail card.”

Hochman said that many of Judge Anderson’s rulings in the case showed a bias against Baca, and he plans to appeal.

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LDS Church Partially Pulling Out of 100+ Year Partnership With Boy Scouts of America

Rumors of a split have been going around for years, but today the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) announced that effective January 1, 2018, they will no longer support Boy Scouts of America programs for boys ages 14 to 18.

The Church will continue to charter Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs in local wards (congregations) for boys ages 8 to 14. Only Varsity and Venturing programs are affected by the change.

When the news broke this morning, many assumed it was in response to recent changes in BSA policies, including allowing openly gay leaders and transgender Scouts. After each of those policy announcements, the Church issued statements saying the moves were inconsistent with their values and that they were looking at other program options for teenage boys (though they have always admitted gay Scouts and said they’ll continue to do so).

While those issues undoubtedly were a part of the Church’s decision, today’s announcement cited the move “as part of the ongoing effort to evaluate and improve its service to families and young people worldwide.” An FAQ page elaborates a bit:

“[T]he Varsity or Venturing programs…have historically been difficult to implement within the Church. This change will allow youth and leaders to implement a simplified program that meets local needs while providing activities that balance spiritual, social, physical and intellectual development goals for young men.

The LDS Church and BSA have been affiliated for over 100 years. Today 1 in 6 American Scouts are Mormon, and the current national commissioner of the BSA, Charles Dahlquist, is a prominent Mormon who served as the church’s general Young Men’s president. The Church makes a multi-million dollar lump sum payment to the BSA every year, which they will make in 2018.

As a mother of two Mormon Eagle Scouts, and a son who is currently in a Mormon Boy Scout troop (he turns 14 this month – it will affect us very soon), I have mixed feelings about it. Scouting has been an invaluable part of my older boys’ lives. But, while my youngest loves certain aspects of Scouting, he’s not much for camping or the rifle range, so he misses activities with his church group. But, for boys who love Scouting, they’ll have to attend both Scouts and Young Men’s activities.

Also, since Scout leaders in the LDS Church are not true volunteers – they are “called” (or assigned) to the task – they aren’t always passionate and diligent about helping the boys. Many times it seems that LDS Scouts are held to lower standards than boys from other units.

A long-time adult Scout leader from Southern California, where there are a large number of LDS units, said:

“Scouting should be something that the boys and men wish to participate in. It should not be a religion directed/coerced experience. Some of the worst scout leaders were those “set asides” from LDS. It was sad to see those LDS troops that came in last in every Camporee event because they were not taught basic scouting skills.”

A mom from Idaho who’s had two boys achieve the Eagle rank supports the change, but has concerns about how the Church’s promised support of boys who don’t attain Eagle by the age of 14 will pan out.

Once they hit 14 the program fell apart. My boys struggled to get their Eagles, but they did. [My son] turns 14 in June. He has 6 merit badges left, and it’s all well and good that the church supports them continuing on, but that doesn’t change the requirements that they have leadership roles, spend time in rank, and need a set amount of logged activities and campouts. Not sure how this will be accomplished. Honestly, I have never liked the way our troops were run.

Another Scout mom believes that, from a religious standpoint, it makes sense, so the boys who aren’t into Scouting don’t feel left out and leave the church.

As Young Men enter high school they struggle to balance between school, Scouts, and other activities. My son is currently one of the only boys who regularly attend Scouts and Scouting events. Most of our Young Men seem to avoid. I feel that the change will help keep the pressure of Scouts out and leaders more successful at retaining Young Men.

In the materials put out by the LDS Church today, they reference a new program that will take the place of Scouting for boys 14-18 in the United States and Canada. It is assumed that the program will be similar to the Personal Progress program for Young Women, which costs a fraction of Scouting to administer. The discrepancy in how church funds (which all come from member tithing) are allocated between teen boys and teen girls has been a contentious issue for decades.

But, since the LDS Church will still be registering all of the boys from the time they are 8 until they are 14 – for now, at least – chartering units, and having each congregation provide leaders, it seems that today’s announcement isn’t quite the bombshell it first seemed.

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Hollywood Liberal Defends Steve Bannon

Everyone knows that it’s bad form in Hollywood to have anything nice to say about a Republican. It’s even worse – approaching career suicide – to have something decent to say about Steve Bannon.

Jeff Kwatinetz, founder of talent management and TV production company The Firm, worked with Bannon for two years. He’s a dedicated liberal who was sick of seeing his former business partner labeled as racist and anti-Semitic, so he gave an exclusive interview to The Hollywood Reporter to set the record straight.

Kwatinetz described Bannon as “brilliant” and  “a very successful banker.” They worked long hours together at The Firm in 2002-2003 and discussed politics frequently. Unlike many liberals, he didn’t judge Bannon on his neoconservative politics.

He has beliefs and stands by them. Those beliefs aren’t based on racism, they’re based on what he honestly believes is best for the world….But not being a liberal doesn’t mean you’re a racist.

I know that he’s not anti-Semitic. I am absolutely positive that he’s not anti-Semitic or racist. It is absurd. I am Jewish, Roy Furman was Jewish, Andrew Breitbart was Jewish. He is not anti-Semitic. Period.

He might still be okay in Hollywood after asserting that not being liberal doesn’t equal racism, but after Iliza Schlesinger’s tweetstorm the other day, he’s probably on shaky ground. But he didn’t stop there.

So there are things we agree on, but we disagree about politics more than we agree. But we both love America and want the world to be a better place and we believe in being true to ourselves. I don’t want to be demonized for my views, and he shouldn’t be either.

This guy makes sense!

The reporter then asked him if he’d seen any of Bannon’s documentaries, and if they were propaganda. He strayed far from Accepted Progressive Thought™ with this answer:

I’d call Michael Moore’s films propaganda. Seriously. I mean, Roger and Me was a great film, but he makes a lot of films with untruths in them. Just by the question, “Are his films propaganda?” is a way to dismiss Steve’s point of view. I can say I don’t agree with most of what he says in his films. But having opinions is a good thing.

Wow. It’s definitely not okay in West LA to say that Michael Moore films are not 100 Pure Gospel Truth. And some conservative politicians should take note of the way he called out the reporter’s dismissive question – and the way he sees through chattering class technique with his answer to the “give us an anecdote about Bannon” question:

I don’t want to define someone by a specific anecdote because, not by you but by someone else, it will be re-quoted and bastardized.

In our sound bite culture, one will be psychoanalyzed by one quote or tweet. Kwatinetz understands that (he is a successful talent manager, after all) and refused to give the commentariat bait.

Why aren’t others speaking up, he was asked?

I don’t believe that’s true. I know of two others who talked to reporters on background whose statements were ignored, as were mine.

And he named names.

In terms of me, Connie Bruck at The New Yorker ignored what I had to say. She heard a story that Steve demanded of Ovitz that he had to sell for a price way lower and she wrote that ultimately the price we paid was much closer to the pre-Bannon negotiated price. I told her it was unequivocally false. Steve negotiated the price we paid, and she reported the opposite, based on an anonymous source at The Firm.

Wait, reporters ignore statements that don’t fit their narrative and just make things up based on an anonymous source? Well, I never.

Fortunately Kwatinetz has already been extremely successful in the entertainment business, because standing up for a friend – especially a conservative friend who is thought of as the devil by many in that business – has never been a lucrative proposition.

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