Stockholm Syndromed CA GOP Partners With Jerry Brown to Continue Funding High Speed Rail

Goodbye, California GOP.

At the conclusion of the 2016 GOP Presidential primary crapfest, I decided I was done with the party on a national level. And while not a fan of the state party for numerous reasons, I stayed a member, hoping I could help effect change here. After all, I’m one of the few Californians whose elected officials – from city council to congress – are almost exclusively Republican.

Then last night I watched in disbelief as party leaders joined forces with the Democrats to extend the state’s cap and trade program, which has a lot of partially-related items contained within, and that was the last straw.

Leaders of a political party based on individual freedom, free markets, and small government just championed legislation that continues a huge bureaucracy, minimum pricing (for the pollution permits), and increased taxes – while tearfully claiming they’re doing the right thing for the planet.

Thanks, but there are thousands of Democrats I could vote for who would do the same thing.

In a post-vote press conference, GOP Assembly Caucus leader Chad Mayes, who was instrumental in getting 7 Assembly Republicans to vote for the measure (giving it a supermajority), appeared with his handlers, and it looks like a hostage video. I mean, really. Watch Kevin de Leon’s face, and listen to the inflections in Mayes’ voice.

When he says “Soviet style” you could have put a thought bubble with “Oops, will I get in trouble for that?” above his head. Assemblyman, “Soviet style” aptly describes most of the policies coming out of Sacramento.

In comments before the vote, Mayes summed it up.

“California Republicans are different than national Republicans,” said Assembly Republican leader Chad Mayes (R-Yucca Valley), who pushed members of his caucus to work with Democrats on the issue.

You’re different all right. Have you noticed there are fewer of you here than basically anywhere else and that you lose members – even extremely conservative members – with alarming regularity?

“Many of us believe that climate change is real, and that it’s a responsibility we have to work to address it.”

Sure, “climate change” is real. The climate’s been changing for millions of years and will continue to do so. Even if you believe human action plays a definitive role in this, why is it the government’s place to provide economic incentives? If you’re any type of Republican you realize that’s not in the party platform.

Still, Mayes tried to invoke Ronald Reagan, and such strong-willed Republicans as George Schultz and Arnold Schwarzenegger lent their praise.

All I have to say for that justification is:

Why would Republicans do such a thing? They claim that the Democrats were going to pass something anyway, and they negotiated some concessions. Let’s review the concessions.

First, they secured legislative approval for a constitutional amendment ballot proposal that would require supermajority approval for any funds disbursed through the program.

What? All they got was permission to place an amendment on the ballot? If you think the Dems won’t do everything they can to ensure that amendment fails, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

Next, a controversial rural fire tax that the state was already being sued over was eliminated. Hmm. Not exactly a huge victory.

Then, some business-friendly tax breaks were added – but those won’t go into effect immediately.

According to the nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office, prices at the pump could go up 24 to 73 cents a gallon by 2031. That’s in addition to the huge gas tax hike lawmakers ALREADY approved this session.

Under the current plan, Jerry Brown’s high speed rail project boondoggle receives 25 percent of the funds – and that will continue.

The current plan wasn’t bringing in the revenue that was expected and was facing court challenges because businesses argued that the plan was a de facto tax and, as such, should have been passed with a 2/3 majority. Because of our feckless “conservatives,” this bill passed with a 2/3 majority.

They could have – and should have – just stood firm and let the chips fall. There were a few Republicans who stood firm against the propaganda (Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez comes to mind), and for that I’m grateful. But there’s too much Chad Mayes in the CA GOP and not enough Melissa Melendez. So, good luck, CA GOP. You’re gonna need it.

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Here’s Hoping Feminist Jill Filipovic’s Fans Follow Her Latest Advice

Sometimes when progressives say something ridiculous, you just have to stand back and let them persist in their delusions. This morning’s tweet advice from “feminist” Jill Filipovic is one of those times.

Well, then.

The article she tweeted was reporting the results of a study showing which “lifestyle choices” would most impact an individual’s “contribution” to greenhouse gas emissions. Having a child was the lifestyle choice that was most impactful, followed by taking long flights and driving a car.

Have one fewer child – but only in certain countries. The ones with the highest per capita greenhouse gas emissions. You know, like America. If you’re in Bangladesh, you’re cool. You might not be able to feed your child or keep them safe, but you won’t be contributing to the carbon footprint, by golly!

One member of the study team reminded us of an “inconvenient truth.”

“…[W]e are forced to confront the fact that current emission levels are really bad for the planet and human society.”

And now it’s not just your consumption habits and evil fossil fuels that are to blame. Now your mere existence is killing Gaia!

The Chicken Little crowd is wising up a bit and attempting to pre-empt charges that this movement is a cover for the socialist/progressive agenda. Chris Goodall, a writer on climate issues, said:

“The paper usefully reminds us what matters in the fight against global warming. But in some ways it will just reinforce the suspicion of the political right that the threat of climate change is simply a cover for reducing people’s freedom to live as they want.”

But then Jill Filipovic had to come along and ruin it with her anti-choice message. A few Twitter users pointed out in reply that if one really, really was concerned about population growth and its connection with global warming, they could, um, choose to leave the planet before they have children, thus eliminating current emissions and preventing any “accidents” from happening that would add to the gene pool.

One of the study’s authors, Kimberly Nicholas, said:

“We recognise these are deeply personal choices. But we can’t ignore the climate effect our lifestyle actually has.

“In life, there are many values on which people make decisions and carbon is only one of them. I don’t have children, but it is a choice I am considering and discussing with my fiance. Because we care so much about climate change that will certainly be one factor we consider in the decision, but it won’t be the only one.”

As I said at the beginning, this is a situation in which conservatives need to just smile and nod. It’ll all be settled naturally within a few generations.

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VIDEO: Watch This Veteran’s Reaction to a Hometown Honor

The “small” city of Simi Valley, California is known for its sense of community and patriotism. After all, it is the home of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, where thousands are gathered today to celebrate Independence Day.

Just 30 miles from downtown Los Angeles, Simi Valley is, in many ways, a world away. When a motorcycle officer returned home from the hospital after nearly losing his life in an on-duty collision, residents holding posters and US flags lined the street to welcome him. When the owner of a popular mom-and-pop restaurant needed a kidney, community groups banded together to raise funds, and another Simi Valley resident donated a kidney.

One small thing the city does on a regular basis is honor and thank its veterans. Red, white, and blue banners with a “thank you” message and the names of individual veterans and their military branch line the main thoroughfares in town.

Peter Bolanos is a Simi Valley native who served for nine years in the US Army. Mariana Reid, his girlfriend, recently surprised him with a banner of his own. His reaction to this honor – really, one of the smallest things we can do to show our gratitude – demonstrates the humility of our military veterans. (Warning – language)

He was flabbergasted, and look on his face says it all. When the banner is pointed out to him, the conversation goes like this:

Peter: Oh, s**t! How did that happen? How did I finally get up there?

Mariana: What do you mean, how’d you get up there? You did your time.

Peter: I was always wondering if I was gonna get one of those! Yeah, right on, Los Angeles! When did that get up there? Damn, that’s cool! We drive down this street all the time. Do you have to do something for them to do that?

Mariana: No, I just went and told them that you served for our country.

Peter: Damn, that’s legit.

The banner program is administered by the City of Simi Valley, whose employees install the banners, then take them down after six months. The banners themselves are funded by donations from the community, and the veterans get to keep them after they are taken down.

Mariana posted the video in a community forum on Facebook. She said she had been secretly working on getting the banner installed for six months, and when she noticed it had been installed on a street they drive down every day she wanted to show it to him before a friend ruined the surprise. So she got him into the car and made him cover his eyes until they arrived.



Peter and Mariana are expecting their first child (a girl!) in August.



Thank you, Peter, for your service to our country. We are all wishing you, Mariana, and baby Valentina the best!

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Independence Day? Not in Oregon, as a “Minority Report” Gun Confiscation Bill Moves Along

A controversial gun confiscation bill was taken up – and passed – in Oregon’s House Rules Committee today with only 87 minutes’ notice, during a holiday weekend.

The bill, SB 719, was filed by Sen. Brian Boquist and is one of Ceasefire Oregon and the Bloomberg Minion Complex’s legislative goals. It’s an “Extreme Risk” Protection Order bill, which allows for people’s 2A rights to be taken away without due process, in an ex parte hearing, if a judge finds that they might be violent in the future.

If you’re thinking, “Don’t we have psych hold laws for that?” you would be correct. But, those require doctors and mental health evidence. Not only does an ERPO not require a doctor or mental health evidence – it specifically forbids mental health evidence.

Sen. Boquist, the bill’s chief proponent, says the bill is needed to help veterans who might be suicidal, whose families could make an ex-parte request for guns to be taken away from them for a period of time and allow them time to seek professional help. Boquist’s son, a veteran, committed suicide.

Unfortunately, the bill doesn’t do anything to provide mental health treatment to people who would have just been deemed at imminent risk of harming themselves or others. Maybe the argument is that they’re not necessarily mentally ill, which the Court wouldn’t know since they can’t take that evidence, but I can’t think of a scenario in which someone who truly was at risk of murdering someone or committing suicide didn’t have some type of need for mental health intervention. But that’s just me.

The bill was originally filed as SB 868 and died in the Senate Judiciary Committee on April 18 in what the anti-gun crowd termed a procedural error.

Craig DeLuz with Firearms Policy Coalition explains the problems with the measure in this video:

Using a gut-and-stuff procedure, the bill became SB 719 and passed the Senate essentially on a party-line vote. (Boquist, a Republican, voted yes, while one Democrat voted no.) It had been stuck in the Rules Committee for over a month before today’s vote.

On May 31, the Oregon legislature announced that “sine die” or adjournment, was imminent, which allowed for less notice before a hearing. That was over a month ago, but they’re still in session. The email alert from the Oregon Legislature was at 1:03 PM today, the same time the agenda was posted on the committee’s website, for a 2:30 PM meeting.

At the hearing Rep. Mike McLane (R-Powell) spoke against the bill because of its trampling of due process, the vagueness of the language, and said it punished people who hadn’t committed a crime – just in the name of keeping them safe.

[We’re] seizing people’s property, taking away their lawful rights, all in the name of keeping them safe…when there is no evidence that they’re at risk of harming themselves.

This is like the movie Minority Report with the precogs. Are we really going to seize people’s knives, baseball bats, because they’re deemed by a judge to likely be violent in the future?

Noting that the court “may not include” a mental health diagnosis in its findings, McLane said:

So when the Court is supposed to justify their reasoning they’re not allowed to even talk about any of that? So how does the Court justify the reasoning if somebody is suicidal in showing mental health problems? But yet the Court’s not allowed to even say it. So this person gets notice and a court order that just says – what?

People say oh, it doesn’t intend to do this, it doesn’t  intend to do that, but that’s what the language says, and that’s what I have to go by, because that’s what a judge will look at when ruling on it.

It seems to me that when there is an enormous amount of desire to do anything to help…there’s a rush to language. I’m troubled on multiple levels. I deal all the time as an officer in the Oregon Air National Guard with risk to veterans. All the time. And I’m just startled by the looseness of this language, and I’m voting no. I put on the record why I’m voting no. I see all sorts of problems with this.

Another problem is the risk to law enforcement and the possibility of enhancing the risk to the respondent and their family. Under this bill’s provisions, if an ERPO is granted, law enforcement will have to serve the order to the respondent. So someone who might be in a very bad place emotionally has a surprise visit from multiple armed law enforcement agents, who give him a copy of the order, take away his guns, and then just leave?

Once he (assuming it’s a man here) reads the order he will know someone close to him secretly went to a judge and had a hearing. He now has no trust in people close to him and can attempt to find another weapon or another type of weapon and harm himself or others.

Or, the respondent could say “Molon labe” and start shooting law enforcement officers, which would be a horrible outcome.

The Oregon House Rules committee noted that they’d received over 2,000 emails in opposition to this measure, which is why they wanted to take it up while everyone else is out celebrating what’s left of their independence. Disgusting.

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CA Gun Owners Face Tough Decision July 1 Unless a Judge Steps In

Last year, California lawmakers passed a “large capacity” magazine ban, which criminalized even the possession of a magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition. Then, voters passed Proposition 63, the so-called “Safety for All” Act, which had a similar provision. This ban is set to go into effect July 1 – unless a federal judge steps in and grants a preliminary injunction in one of the two cases that have been filed challenging the ban.

It has been illegal to sell large capacity magazines in California since 2000, but it was still legal to possess them. The California Department of Justice estimates that there “are likely hundreds of thousands” of these magazines in the state, but the government expects law-abiding gun owners who have grandfathered magazines to turn them in to law enforcement, sell them to a licensed firearms dealer, or transport them out of state – or face a criminal penalty if they’re caught.

A hearing is scheduled Thursday, June 29, in federal court in Sacramento in the case of Wiese v. Becerra, where Plaintiffs have requested a preliminary injunction. In a case filed in San Diego, Duncan v. Becerra, Plaintiffs have also requested a preliminary injunction, and that judge is expected to rule prior to July 1.

The Second Amendment Foundation is one of the institutional plaintiffs in Wiese. SAF’s founder, Alan Gottlieb, said:

“Enforcement of this ban would immediately place thousands of law-abiding California gun owners in jeopardy of criminal liability and subjects their personal property to forfeiture, seizure and permanent confiscation, which is government taking, without due process or compensation. We cannot allow that to go unchallenged.”

One of the arguments gun control advocates make is that since Proposition 63 passed, it’s the will of the people that these magazines are totally banned. In a press release about the case, though, Firearms Policy Coalition, another institutional plaintiff, reminds people that simply because voters want something or pass something doesn’t make it constitutional:

“California voters once also approved Proposition 8, which made same-sex marriage illegal in California. Proposition 8 was ultimately held to be unconstitutional.”

As we saw earlier this week when the Supreme Court denied cert in Peruta v. California, the Second Amendment is a “disfavored” amendment at this point, and guns and gun parts are the popular eeevil nuisance of the day – so it’s okay for government to ban them, right? FPC’s Brandon Combs cautions:

“It’s as ironic as it is sad, and sets a dangerous precedent that the government can make you into a criminal by changing its mind about what you own. If the State is allowed to enforce this magazine ban scheme, there’s nothing stopping it from doing the same with thousands of other guns, gun parts, or even diesel automobiles.”

Many gun owners have said they aren’t going to comply, and pro-gun Sheriffs (yes, they do exist in California) say that they won’t be looking for them. Let’s hope that one of these federal judges does the right thing and prohibits the state from enforcing this bad law until the lawsuits challenging it have been resolved.

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These Responses to Tweet About Trump’s Panama Canal Comment Will Make You Cringe

President Trump met with Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela at the White House Monday, and, while making small talk and posing for photos Trump said:

“We’re going to spend quite a bit of time today. The Panama Canal is doing quite well, I think we did a good job building it. Right?”

Varela replied, “Yeah, 100 years ago.”

MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin immediately took Trump task on Twitter, and lib websites started mocking Trump and claiming he was “owned” by the Panamanian leader because of the response.

The judgmental liberal replies started immediately and covered a few topics. Some just thought Trump was dumb.

Or that he was taking credit for the canal’s existence.

The hair-splitting is fierce when they want to find a way to slam Trump – they claim he’s also wrong because many of the laborers were not Americans.

Heh. They don’t stop…

Some are just plain wrong.

OH NO! They rebuilt it?

Except, they didn’t rebuild it. They modernized it and added a third shipping lane. Yes, it cost a lot of money, but hell, so did the original one. Which was paid for by…

Oh, yeah. The United States! Is this guy requesting that we pay for the new one too?

The Canal was a US government project, funded with US dollars and engineered by Americans. Assets of a failed French attempt at canal building were purchased by President Theodore Roosevelt for $40 million, and the project took 10 years and $350 million to build. Many of the laborers, though, were from the West Indies.

One huge reason the project was successful was because the chief sanitation officer, William Gorgas, whose “highly effective sanitation measures eliminated the lethal or debilitating effects of yellow fever and malaria among workers.”

So not only did the US fund and engineer the canal and provide jobs for tens of thousands of laborers, a US doctor brought disease prevention methods to Panama that saved lives . Oh, and Panama also got an economically important piece of infrastructure.

You’re welcome.

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VIDEO: CA Dem Official Attacks Gay Activists on Pride Weekend

As we’ve often seen, if you belong to a group the Democrat party considers one of its constituencies (women, minorities, LGBTQ) and you have the audacity to believe in conservatism, a special ration of hate is reserved for you.

Over Pride weekend, Orange County Democratic Party Vice-Chair Jeff LeTourneau lost his ever-loving mind when he heard that a person gathering signatures for a recall petition against Democrat state Sen. Josh Newman was gay. After a pro-Newman worker gave him that information, he made a special trip to the Wal-Mart parking lot to harass the group.

A volunteer captured it on video:

Watch the latest video at

LeTourneau – wearing his Orange County Democratic Party name badge – strolls right up to the signature gatherers, feeling fully entitled to verbally attack and attempt to intimidate them.

Which one of you a**holes is gay?

Get your s*** and get out of here.  You’re a f***ing disgrace to every gay person I know.

How dare you come into our community and do this? For what? $20 an hour or are you getting $3.25 a signature? You’re whoring yourself out for what, $20 an hour or $3.25 a signature?

LeTourneau’s rage was mainly directed at Carl DeMaio, a former San Diego City Council member and openly gay conservative radio talk show host.

DeMaio is also the founder of Reform California, which is spearheading the Newman recall effort. Newman was targeted for recall after California legislators passed SB-1, a transportation bill which includes hefty increases in vehicle registration fees and fuel taxes. The measure passed mostly along party lines. Newman, who voted for the measure, barely won his Senate race last fall in an area that’s traditionally been conservative, he was the easiest recall target. If the GOP is able to take that seat back, Democrats will no longer hold a supermajority in the state Senate.

So, LeTourneau clearly knows who DeMaio is, but asks him where he’s from anyway. He even feels he has the authority to tell them to leave, and looks like he’s about to destroy their belongings.

We already know that Gov. Jerry Brown has been paying out-of-state”goon squads” to harass people – voters! – who sign the the petition, but this is a ratcheting-up of the attacks against dissenters.

The message to conservatives in the LGBTQ community is clear: Come out of the political closet, and we will harass you and attempt to destroy your career.

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Congressional Baseball Team Managers’ Emotional Press Conference Shows Us the Best of DC

Much like “The show must go on,” the Congressional Baseball Game will go on Thursday, the managers of both teams announced at an emotional press conference.

Rep. Mike Doyle of Pennsylvania, on the Democrat side, described what happened when his team heard about the shooting Wednesday morning.

We went into our dugout and huddled up and just started saying prayers for them that they’d be okay and that nobody would be hurt seriously. We’re gonna go ahead and play the ballgame. Players on both sides want to do that. They think it’s the right thing to do.

It shouldn’t take an incident like this to bring us together. Joe and I have been reflecting a lot lately on how we can still maintain our principles and our legislative agendas, but we can do it in a more civil way.

And when the leadership of this country is civil towards one another, maybe the public will start being civil towards one another, too, and the news media will be civil towards Congress and the people, and we can change the mood in this country so that people don’t get filled up with this kind of hatred.

But tonight we want to be together. I just suggested to Joe that we would like to host the entire Republican team down at the Democratic club. Probably some of them have never stepped foot in that building. But we want to have them to dinner…just have a time to be with each other and reflect upon this day, and to share some food and drink and get to know each other a little bit better.

After a little joking (including saying he was going to order the most expensive steak on the menu), Rep. Barton talked about the need to discuss the ideas – passionately – without getting personal.

Hopefully this will — you know, you can be intensely political without being personal, and a lot of the traditions of the House are designed to diffuse personal animosity. Mike and I sit on the same committee…so we have a bond that goes beyond being managers.

What happened this morning was unconscionable. You could see the shooter ducking out and shooting, and he was doing it simply because apparently he didn’t like the political climate and chose to start shooting at a bunch of Congressmen who happen to today be Republicans.

That’s not America.

You can be a liberal Democrat or a conservative Republican or somewhere in between and discuss your issues on the floor and not go out in the lobby and get in a fist fight. We need to take a step back, and I think at our level we should be a part. That’s why we’re holding a joint press conference.

People think they can come to our town hall meetings and say just the most obnoxious things and we not feel it personally. Well, I can assure you, every member of congress is a person who has family, and while we try sometimes not to show it, sometimes we do take it personally.

We are more isolated and fragmented than ever.  I participate quite a bit in local politics, including on social media forums. Those of us who have been there for the last few cycles have, for the most part, become friendly with each other, even if we vehemently disagree on politics. There aren’t personal attacks. I’ve actually become “in real life” friends with a few of the Democrats, we watch each other’s kids grow up through Facebook, and when my dad passed away suddenly two months ago those same Democrats were there, sending me condolence messages and mourning alongside me.

But this year we’ve noticed a new crop of participants in the forums who have attacked the other side right out of the gate and very personally. The collegiality is missing. Rep. Doyle said it well:

I’ve watched Joe’s son Jack grow up, and I always have this yearly banter with I’m about trying to get a secret, you know, out of Jack, saying, tell me something that your dad’s doing that I don’t know about, and Jack would always say, “I’m not telling you anything.”

When you know somebody’s kid, somebody’s spouse, play baseball with them, you see them at the gym and you talk with them there, it’s different. When you see that person on the committee level – I wouldn’t think of being harsh to Joe Barton no matter what we disagree about politically, because I feel like he’s a family friend.

Exactly. When you see the other side as a mother, a father, a teacher, a sister, a friend – and not just a faceless bot – you think twice before hurling rhetoric their way.

One moment that hit home in the press conference was seeing Rep. Barton choke up while talking about the birth of his son Jack (and how Democrats got him as many gifts as Republicans did), who was on the field with him this morning, and seeing the look of compassion on Doyle’s face as he put a hand on his friend’s shoulder.

As both Barton and Doyle said, when they’re on the baseball field or the House floor, they’re fighting for the victory or for what they believe in. Off the field, outside the Capitol, they are family friends.

So, let’s do this – let’s play ball!

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What Do the Congressional Shooter’s Facebook Pages Say About Him – And Society?

The Facebook pages of James T. Hodgkinson, the 66-year-old Illinois man who shot Rep. Steve Scalise and three others this morning, are made up almost exclusively of anti-Trump, anti-Republican, and pro-Bernie Sanders memes and videos going back at least into 2015.

Anyone who spends more than a few minutes on social media has seen these types of memes from the left and from the right, and we all have a few friends and relatives who seem to have a fixation on politics and a disturbing level of anger. Most likely, Hodgkinson was “that friend” for a few people.

Here is a sampling of what was on his pages – what we were able to save before they were taken down.

Anti-Trump – “Trump is a Pig”


“Time to Destroy Trump & Co.”






The Russia obsession…


“He is Truly a POS.”




Republicans weren’t held in any higher esteem, not even the Freedom Caucus.


Republicans hate EVERYONE, in his view.


In a comment to one of his own posts: “Republicans are the Taliban of the USA” linking to a quote by James Carville saying Republicans want less government so they can get away with murder.




Sen. Bernie Sanders said from the Senate floor that he is “sickened by this despicable act” and that he “condemns this attack in the strongest possible terms,” but some commenters on Hodgkinson’s page had no problem with what he did.


“You ran a campaign full of hatred and bigotry! This is the beginning of the resistance. A message for Trrump and Trumpers alike!”


“He’s my hero! Wish he would have gotten them all!”


“77% of all terror attacks are committed by right wing extremists. You inbreds need to clam the f*** down”

Today, Shaun King is saying it’s ridiculous to link Bernie to this attempted massacre.

I agree with him. But, it’s more complicated than that.

People are asking others to not “politicize” the shooting, but that’s just not possible. Hodgkinson went out looking for Republicans to kill. He wanted to kill them because of their politics. This is a political attack – and this is a man who was influenced by the incessant drumbeat of rhetoric which dehumanizes political enemies.

When a comic posts a photo where she’s holding the (fake) severed head of the president, when a Shakespeare play is modified to show the assassination of the president, when it is okay to mock the 11-year-old son of the president because of the T-shirt he wore, and all of these things are done without a second thought, without considering that these people are human beings who have thoughts, dreams, needs and desires just like you and I have, we have arrived at a point in our civilization where we really need to take a long, hard look at what we’re doing.

I can’t know for sure, but I would suspect that when James Hodgkinson stepped on that baseball field today he didn’t see Steve Scalise, Jeff Flake, and the rest of the GOP baseball team as people. (For God’s sake, there was a child there, and that didn’t stop him.) I suspect he saw them as evil, dishonest, greedy impediments to progress who needed to be eliminated for the greater good.

Bernie Sanders is not to blame for Hodgkinson’s acts. Neither is Kathy Griffin or any number of trolls who say crappy things or wish a horrible death on President Trump, Melania Trump, Barron Trump, or Republicans in general.  This is squarely on Hodgkinson.

But, the environment of “other-ing” and dehumanization of anyone who disagrees with our politics definitely played a part, which is an attitude evident in the memes and postings on Hodgkinson’s Facebook pages over the last two years – and evident on the Facebook and Twitter timelines of many people.

“I don’t care what happens to that person. I hope they suffer and die a slow, painful death. They’re getting what they deserve for voting for [fill in the blank].”

That’s what James Hodgkinson’s Facebook page says about all of us.

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BREAKING: Sen. Heinrich Accuses AG Sessions of “Obstructing” Investigation

During a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing Tuesday, Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM), accused Attorney General Jeff Sessions of “obstructing” a congressional investigation by refusing to answer some questions regarding conversations he had with President Trump about James Comey’s continuing (or not) service as FBI Director:

The exchange:

Heinrich: There are two investigations here… and you are obstructing that congressional investigation by not answering these questions. And I think that your silence…speaks volumes.

Sessions: I would say that I have consulted with senior career attorneys in the department…

Heinrich: I suspect you have.

Sessions: …and I believe this is consistent with my duties.

Just prior to this exchange, Sessions said he felt it was “inappropriate for me to answer and reveal private conversations with the president when he has not had a full opportunity to review the questions and to make a decision on whether or not to approve such an answer…there are also other privileges that can be invoked.”



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