Trump Feels Insulted by San Juan Mayor and Has a Trump Twitter Hissy Fit

I cannot imagine what it feels like to be an official in Puerto Rico right now, let alone what it must be like a citizen worried about getting food and water. It is a horrendous situation down there, and people will naturally get frustrated.

San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulín Cruz, blasted the Trump administration after acting Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke asserted the federal response is “a good-news story in terms of our ability to reach people.” An exasperated Cruz said, “People are dying in this country. I am begging, begging anyone that can hear us, to save us from dying. If anybody out there is listening to us, we are dying, and you are killing us with the inefficiency and the bureaucracy.”

One could argue that these statements don’t do anybody any good. But it’s also a matter of perspective. If your city was nearly completely without power, lacked running water and essential services, you’d likely be emotional and wondering what’s taking so long. It’s not political. It’s human nature.

Leave it to President Trump to take it personally and lash out in a Twitter tantrum:

See that? Everything is fine as long as people are complimenting him.

That’s nice. Make it seem like they’re just being lazy and don’t want to participate in the relief efforts. Good move, Mr. President.

Many have acted like idiots, attempting to make Hurricane Maria into Trump’s personal Katrina. Most of those people don’t have a clue of the difficulty there is in the logistics alone to get help there. So a lot of criticism was short-sighted and partisan political crap.

The President of the United States, however, should rise above such nonsense and go about doing his job. Unfortunately, our President is a whiny baby and cannot help himself. The worst part is, his core supporters will agree with him. Buried underneath all the garbage is the footsie he likes to play with the ugly part of his base.

The ones who don’t actually see Puerto Ricans as Americans. Trump knows this and that makes his comments all that more distasteful.



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Border Wall Funding Doesn’t Have To Be Tied To DACA In Another ‘Victory’ For Trump

Isn’t that what we were told about Trump’s “deal” with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer? We were told by the usual suspects that it was a “win” or that even if it wasn’t Trump was “forced” to work with two liberal Democrats because the dreaded “establishment” Republicans such as Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell weren’t down for the winning.

Our friend Kurt Schlichter over at Townhall tried in vain to put a good spin on all of it, ultimately reaching the conclusion Trump had no choice because capitulation is only possible with the establishment. Or something. He even asked this question:

It is the perfect illustration of the logical fallacy, in this case, avoiding the issue. His attempt to make Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell the focal point avoids the fact that Trump surrendered so fast, if he were Davey Crockett, the Alamo would have fallen just after the first shots were fired.

The issue is not the dreaded “GOPe.” The issue is Trump’s capitulation. The question is, “Did Trump do a good thing?” Kurt and others like him don’t want to answer that question, hence avoiding the issue somehow through osmosis, shifting blame to Ryan and McConnell.

After Trump got played, I had plenty of people chirping at me that Trump did this as part of a plan to get the Democrats to agree to some border wall funding in exchange for Trump signing DACA legislation (I suppose that’s another “win” for the anti-establishment crusaders). It was meant to be another one of his brilliant deal-making moves.

As it turns out, the Trump administration knows their new best friends, Chuck and Nancy won’t go for border wall funding at all. Of course, this serves as a reminder that Trump was full of crap when he said he’d get Mexico to pay for the wall. Plenty of us knew that was a garbage promise before Trump secured the nomination. Now the administration is hinting they don’t want that fight:

White House legislative affairs director Marc Short told reporters on Tuesday that President Trump would not demand that border wall funding is tied to a legislative replacement for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Speaking at a roundtable event hosted by the Christian Science Monitor, Short said the administration didn’t want to “bind” itself by making a demand that would likely be a nonstarter for many lawmakers.

“We’re interested in getting border security and the president has made the commitment to the American people that a barrier is important to that security,” Short said. “Whether or not that is part of a DACA equation, or … another legislative vehicle, I don’t want to bind us into a construct that would make the conclusion on DACA impossible.”

There had been speculation that Trump would require any compromise on potential DACA legislation include money for a wall along the southern border.

Short went on to say that Trump is still committed to building the wall. Of course, they’re going to say that. What else are they going to say?

The problem is, the Democrats are never going to agree to provide funding for a border wall and they’ll thwart any attempts to do so. Trump, in alienating the people responsible for getting the legislation to the floor of both chambers, made it worse for himself. Trump can seek out the Freedom Caucus all he wants. As much as I like Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan, they can’t move the football without it being handed them by Ryan.

Trump is proving to be the chump many of us said he would. People love that he “pisses off the libs” but he’s not getting anything done. True wins come from legislative victories. So far he’s got a donut hole to show for all of his bluster and supposed “alpha” maleness.

Tired of all the winning, yet?

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Conservative Talker Mark Levin Blasts Trump: ‘He sold us out.’

Mark Levin, seeing the light, went after President Trump for his capitulation to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. To Levin’s credit, he doesn’t turn the blame on Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell the way others pathetically have tried to do. Levin says Trump is the ostensibly the leader of the GOP and the buck stops with him.

The audio below is worth listening to, and I’d suggest all those making excuses for Trump listen to every word Levin has to say.

Some of the key points he hits on:

  1. Donald Trump needs to be the leader of the Republican Party and take charge of the leadership. Instead, he’s at war with leadership, and that’s a fault of his, not McConnell and Ryan.
  2. He’s selling out the country by working with Pelosi and Schumer just to get back at Republicans
  3. Trump broke his promise on DACA. It has nothing to do with the Republican leadership.
  4. He hit Trump on saying he’d shut down the government unless he gets funding for the border wall and he flip-flopped
  5. He said, “He sold us out on DACA. He sold us on this deal with Schumer….this continuing resolution because it doesn’t include the wall.”
  6. He says a leader doesn’t throw in with leftists just because the Congressional leadership isn’t doing what he wants

In the end, Levin says he doesn’t think this is the last time.

Of course, many of us have been saying this all along. So many have stated that Trump doesn’t care about conservatism and at some point, he’ll cut deals with Democrats simply so he can get the credit for doing something.

As I wrote earlier, it’s just the beginning.

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Trump Was Wrong On Debt Ceiling Agreement and He Got Owned

When you’re a political amateur, no amount of deal-making ability one had (or claims to have had) in business can prepare a person for dealing with seasoned politicians. Donald Trump is learning that lesson.

Make no mistake. Donald Trump got played like a grand piano by the political duo of Salieri Schumer and Pelosi The Great.

Over the last several days I have sat back and watched people who are either hardcore Trump supporters or the people I called the New Trumpers — individuals who backed other candidates but voted for Trump tentatively and now defend him to the core no matter what he does — explain several different scenarios for why Trump made the debt ceiling “deal” he did with Schumer and Pelosi.

  • He had to do it because the Ryan and McConnell wouldn’t have gotten it done. Get what done? These words may sound familiar, but Trump gave Pelosi and Schumer exactly what they wanted. Trump didn’t even try to negotiate on a longer term for the debt ceiling. Steven Mnuchin and Paul Ryan wanted 18 months and said they’d settle for a year. No deal. Trump just went with what they want. Some deal-maker.
  • Others have said, Trump needed some a “win, ” and he couldn’t rely on Ryan or McConnell as they haven’t delivered anything to Trump. Again, how is this their fault? Trump ran and won in part on the idea that he could make the deals others couldn’t. He bragged his business acumen would make the difference in negotiating trade deals, foreign policy and domestic policy with Congress.
  • My favorite is the whitewashing of history and people saying Trump supporters simply wanted functional government again. Seriously? That is laughable. One of the main reasons people wanted Trump is because they said Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell as well as John Boehner before them, did nothing but cave to Obama. They only capitulated when the chips were down. They referred to Ryan and others as the “surrender caucus.” The bulk of the support for Donald Trump came from the “burn it down” contingent. Others believed Trump was the “fighter” while Paul Ryan was a p**sy who couldn’t take on the Democrats. The notion that people wanted kissy-face deals like the one Trump just gave to Pelosi and Schumer is revisionist history.

Naturally, it’s not as though people weren’t warned of what would happen. People say Trump is “transactional” and that he’ll make the best deal at that time. That’s only partially right. He’s going to make whatever deal makes him look good at the time. Reports say Trump was thrilled with the press coverage the deal was getting despite many conservatives saying it gave too much leverage to Pelosi and Schumer come December. The critics are right.

I’ve argued more times than I can count that Trump has no ideological core. He’s not a conservative. He is an opportunist.

Donald Trump just got a taste of “victory” and what it is like to earn some positive press coverage, despite throwing Republicans under the bus and dealing only with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. The “fake news” is just fine as long as they like him. Favorable press coverage and ratings will drive most decisions of the reality show host.

Don’t get mad that many of us were right about Trump. This is only the beginning.

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Trump and the Creation of the Pseudo Alpha Male

Eddie Murphy’s concert movie, ‘Raw’ featured a bit where he talked about guys that have seen ‘Rocky’ movies and come out of the theater thinking they can beat anybody up. He directed it in part at Italians, but it applies to almost any guy. It was hilarious then and still is very funny. It’s kind of like “beer muscles.” Often, when a guy gets one too many in them, they’re convinced they can kick the crap out of anybody.

Donald Trump has had this effect on many of his male supporters. From the moment he announced his candidacy, Trump started insulting his GOP opponents. As a result, a sizable number of American men who confuse being a jackass with being a tough guy were all agog over the spectacle and jumped on board that train. Mind you, Trump is all sizzle and no steak, and when the chips are down, he whines about being “treated unfairly.” It is the model of the typical bully. They’re the toughest guys around until somebody calls them out and suddenly they’re shouting, “Stop being unfair!”

Many of these Trump supporters (and I don’t mean to lump in the generic Trump voter – I am talking hardcore fans – The Trumpkins) began to emulate Trump at the start of the campaign, and they’ve never let up. It’s hard for me to keep count of how many times I was called a “pussy” or a “faggot” on Twitter or in a comments section because I didn’t support Cheeto Jesus. As I said, nothing has changed since Trump’s inauguration.

Exhibit A is John Cardillo, a proud Trumper. Cardillo didn’t like that I called out his lack of knowledge on the separation of powers and decided to record a video to talk about it. It’s about 11 minutes long, but you only have to watch 2-3 minutes because the rest of it is pretty much a repeat of the same drivel of that first 2 minutes. In it, Cardillo, pretending to be the alpha male, first whines that I “attacked” him on Twitter. Like Trump, he said something dumb, got called on it and then complains people are “unfair.” Senator John McCain stated in an interview, “We don’t take orders from Trump.” McCain merely reminded President Trump that he is not the boss and that Congress is a co-equal branch of government. This got Cardillo’s panties in a wad, and so he responded by saying something stupid about McCain.

In the video, Cardillo takes a page from the Trump playbook and goes off on me, Ben Howe, National Review, Bill Kristol, Leon Wolf, Stephen Hayes, Jonah Goldberg, and Rick Wilson. Peppered throughout the video, Cardillo refers to us as morons, bitches, pussies, losers, betas, failures, gutless and more. He questions our manhood. He claims to have been a ladies man when he was in high school. He mocks our appearances on CNN (I guess we all can’t be winners like him and appear on Turkish News and two-bit outfits like Canada’s Rebel Media) and says our careers are “failing.” (Sound familiar?) Meanwhile, he’s relegated to making Periscope videos, tweeting and pining for President Trump to retweet him when the rest of us are doing actual work. He also questions our relevance — for eleven minutes. I’ve never spoken for more than 30 seconds about somebody I believed to be irrelevant but to each his own, right?

The best part is when he says we didn’t support Donald Trump because he’s mean. All that proves is John cannot read because many of us have given concrete reasons to oppose Trump. That he’s a classless jerk is just a symptom of his condition, not anything having to do with our lack of support. I don’t support him because he’s a fake who only latched on to conservatism as an opportunity, not because he believes it. It’s the reason he can’t articulate policy. Because he doesn’t care. He has no ideological core. For people like Cardillo to claim Trump is a conservative is absurd. But they do it anyway because they need to convince themselves their sycophancy is based on something real. It’s not.

Cardillo also talks a lot about all the “winning” he does. He thinks Trump, who clinched the magic number of delegates in the GOP primary with 37% of the vote won yuge. Cardillo yelps about the winning but apparently forgot he backed Kelli Ward against John McCain. McCain won by 20 points. He backed Paul Nehlen over Paul Ryan. Ryan won by 68 points.

I suffered through the entire video. Throughout the whole spectacle, outside of the faux pseudo-male name-calling, John didn’t make a single argument or offer a coherent defense of Donald Trump. That is the bottom line when it comes to the hard-core Trumpers like Cardillo. He doesn’t stand alone. They’re all like him. They cannot make an argument. They cannot persuade. They cannot make a case for Donald Trump. So they deflect.

They are convinced they are “winning” when Trump’s job approval is in the gutter. Trumper candidates and Trump backed candidates are in fact, losing. Trump has no knowledge or interest in policy, and it is why he hasn’t signed a single significant piece of legislation, and he’s two-thirds of the way through his first year in office. He’s lost the bulk of the staff he started with when inaugurated. His cabinet secretaries are openly rebuking him. For a guy who said he could make deals nobody else could make, he’s alienated any of the allies he needs to get those supposed deals done.

I asked questions the other day on Twitter: Where is all the winning we were promised? What is Trump winning? I have plenty of followers who support Trump, and nobody could provide a coherent answer beyond nonsense like, “He’s preventing Democrats from ruining the country.”

The reality is people like John Cardillo and others like him can’t accept they are not winning. He promised he has some new venture starting up where he and his cohorts are going to “come after” RedState, National Review, The Weekly Standard and others. The likelihood that they do so with an intelligent, well-thought-out, reasonable, coherent argument is laughable.

But I guarantee they’ll be calling us “bitches” and snickering about it like the school children they are.



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Watch Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo’s Inspiring Words About A Fallen Police Officer

Officer Perez
The loss of life due to Hurricane Harvey is heartbreaking. When we lose a law enforcement officer, there is that much more of a sting because we know they put themselves in the middle of danger. While most of us are taught to retreat in the face of danger, first responders and law enforcement officers run towards it.

Police officer Steve Perez could have stayed home when Hurricane Harvey struck. But he didn’t. At 4:00 a.m. Perez left his house like he always did. It was one of those days the spouse of a police officer fears the most: that he/she will not come home that day.

Steve Perez, 60, never made it into work that day and he never made it back to his house.

Below is a video of Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo talking about what Perez did and how he perished. It’s a heart-wrenching clip but it’s obvious that Acevedo thinks highly of all his officers and this one hurt:

Rest in peace, Officer Perez.

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Reality Show President Timed Arpaio Pardon For Ratings

That is not a typo. It’s not a joke. It’s real. President Trump said in a press conference that he deliberately timed the pardon of Joe Arpaio to maximize the coverage it would get from the media.

In a news conference with Finnish President Sauli Niinistö he said the following:

“In the middle of a hurricane, even though it was a Friday evening, I assumed the ratings would be far higher than they would be normally. You know, the hurricane was just starting.”

He went on to praise Arpaio:

“He’s done a great job for the people of Arizona, he’s very strong on borders, very strong on illegal immigration. He is loved in Arizona. I thought he was treated unbelievably unfairly when they came down with their big decision to go get him right before the election voting started.”

Trump went on to make two questionable if not outright false claims.

First, he said the decision to find Arpaio guilty of criminal contempt came down “right before” the election. The election was in November. The verdict was rendered in July.

Second, Trump said Arpaio lost a close election. Arpaio lost by 11 points in a heavily Republican county.

If Arpaio were so beloved by the people in Arizona as Trump claims, he would have won his election.

But at least the ratings were good.

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Does Anybody Understand What These New Trumpers Think They’re Achieving?

The New Trumpers have an issue with the people formerly known as Never Trump. Never Trump died the day Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in November 2016. The criticism of Trump remains, and for some reason, it really makes the New Trumpers mad. New Trumpers are the people who reluctantly supported Trump and celebrated his win over Hillary Clinton. They have gradually morphed into the same wild-eyed fanatics who supported Trump from the start and defend everything he does and anything he says. They accomplish this through an outright defense or the use of “whataboutism.”

Kurt Schlichter, one of the mentioned above New Trumpers, wrote a piece over at Townhall that’s rife with false equivocations, ad hominem, and other logical fallacies.

He calls Never Trump “fair weather frauds.” That’s his first mistake. The New Trumpers are the frauds. They have abandoned all sense of civility, ideas, conservative principles and rationale in favor of being people who are happy to piss off the media and “the libs.” They couldn’t care less that Trump is accomplishing nothing. The Gorsuch nomination was a gimme in the same way it was for Yao Ming to dunk a basketball. People yell about the removal of regulations. So what? All of those regulations can go right back in with the stroke of a pen if Trump loses in 2020.

Kurt goes on to engage in a bogus observation where he thinks people like me are offended at Trump’s gruff tone and his language. Spare me. I grew up in the household where the patriarch of the family was a truck driver from Brooklyn. I heard more F bombs before I was ten than most people hear in their entire lives. Any person spending any amount of time among politicos, talking and journalists know that foul-mouthed talk is the norm, not the exception. Nobody cares about Trump’s vulgarity. People remember when GWB was overheard on a hot mic saying to Dick Cheney, “There’s Adam Clymer. Major-league asshole from the New York Times.” Conservatives laughed. Dick Cheney’s response — “Big time” — became tag phrase associated with him.

Kurt then goes on to scapegoat Congress in his defense of Trump. Trump was the guy who said being President was so easy. He said he’d get things done like nobody’s business. In one debate, where he was railing against the Obama’s Iran deal, he said, “With Congress, you have to get everybody in a room and hammer out a deal. But you have to walk out with the deal you want.”

Trump promised he’d make deals. He promised he’d get Obamacare repealed. Trump promised Mexico would pay for the border wall he’d build. He promised tax reform. He promised health care legislation that would “cover everybody, ” and the government would pay for it. He promised not to cut Medicaid, Medicare or Social Security.

He made those promises, Kurt. Trump did. He said he would get all of it done because “he alone” could solve.

For all of Kurt’s blathering about “back-stabbing,” what he fails to realize or doesn’t care to admit is he, along with the original Trumpkins, fell for the con. Trump conned so many people into thinking he was a brilliant businessman when he’s just a good marketer of his name. He conned people into thinking Mexico would pay for the wall. He conned people into thinking he’d repeal and replace Obamacare. He conned people into thinking he’d bring jobs back from overseas.

Trump, Trumpkins, and New Trumpers are all happy now to repeat economic statistics Trump declared for eighteen months to be fake. They whine and blubber incessantly about people criticizing Trump, but they spend all the live long day crying and blubbering about Republicans they don’t like. They continue to blame the media for Trump’s awful numbers, but the reality is, he’s to blame. He’s an idiot. He can’t advocate for policies he wants because he doesn’t understand the policies.His supposed terrific political instincts are horrendous. His timing is awful. He also hates the job. It’s real work. He doesn’t get to play a leader on a reality show. He doesn’t get to slap his name on garbage steaks or crappy vodka.

That rally in Arizona? That’s what President Trump enjoys doing. He’s good at spittle-flecked rants about the media. His ability to lie without shame makes Tommy Flanagan blush. He has fun indulging in conspiracy theories. And of course, he has fun ranting on Twitter.

The job of President? Meh. It gets in the way of his golf outings and Twitter rants.

Republicans who “support” Trump because he maintains the label of Republican do so because Trump’s tenure is so short. They remain muted at the criticism of Trump. They’re not angry at people like me the way Kurt thinks. They’re holding out hope that Trump The Buffoon will some day, “get it” and start behaving like a President.

They’ll be disappointed. At some point, they’ll realize Trump is irredeemable and when that happens, Trump’s support will crater.

But for people like Kurt and other New Trumpers, they’ll revel in the politics of grievance and anger. While Trump burns the Republican Party to the ground, Kurt and others will celebrate because after all, nothing is more important than “pissing off the libs.”

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Are Democrats Dumb Enough To Go After The NRA Again?

It wasn’t too long ago that Democrat Kathleen Rice criticized party leadership and said it was time for Nancy Pelosi to go. She, along with other members of the Democratic Party like Tim Ryan of Ohio believe Pelosi and others in leadership are functioning in a way that will cost them wins.

So to see Rice send out this absurd tweet is good news for the GOP:

Before I get into the absurdity of her statement, let’s examine the political implications of this effort. Democrats and the media attempt as much as possible to make the NRA appear as if they’re a dangerous paramilitary organization. They focus on ads and mailings the NRA sends out, and while one can quibble over whether such efforts are prudent, particularly in an instant news environment, most people don’t tune into what the NRA is doing, nor are they overly concerned about the NRA.

Rice is pulling an old trick from the Democrat’s magic hat, and it doesn’t work anymore. After the horror of the Newtown massacre, Congress attempted to pass new gun legislation (none which was relative to the shooting), and it failed. Gun control advocates and even some Republicans were apoplectic. Background checks for private sales (what supporters claim closes the non-existent gun show loophole) was a centerpiece of the legislation. Critics made a lot of noise saying the measure had 90% support among the public and those opposing the bill would pay dearly in the 2014 elections as a result.

They did not. It was a lesson to all those who equate poll results with desirable action on the part of voters. Poll voters on the question, “Do you want to pay less in taxes?” and you’ll likely find that same 90%. Does it mean people will be knocking down doors and clogging phone lines to get their representatives to support it? Not at all.

From a political standpoint, unless Rice thinks it will help in her district, it’s not a national winner.

As for the substance of her tweet, Rice is off her rocker. The first time I can remember when Democrats tried to frame the NRA as a sinister group was after the Oklahoma City bombing. The media was in a frenzy over militia groups, attempting to convince the nation, they were a serious threat. Gun control advocates and Democrats tried linking the NRA to militia groups who they tried to link to Timothy McVeigh and naturally, to the act of terror he committed.

Democrats tried ever since. In the age of social media, it takes about 30 seconds after reports of a mass shooting surface for some balloon head to blame the NRA. And not just some random idiot either. It is usually a prominent politician, celebrity or political talking head.

The only aspect of the mass shootings in question that’s common is they’re never carried out by a member of the NRA.

This is where Rice’s idiotic statement about a security threat is one of the dumber things said by a politician in a long time. The NRA held their annual convention in Atlanta this year, and you would be hard pressed to find a safer place to be than among the gun owners, many of whom were carrying firearms.

Does anybody think Representative Rice would take a stroll in the West Englewood neighborhood of Chicago anytime soon? After all, it’s Chicago. They have some of the strongest gun laws in the nation. She should be perfectly safe. I can guarantee she likely wouldn’t run into any members of the NRA and if they’re such a security threat, no problem then, right?

Or perhaps Rice can ask the mothers and fathers of those who’ve lost loved ones on the streets of Chicago to violence what they think of the NRA. I have a strong sense they’re not going to care about the NRA all that much either.

But you go with that Ms. Rice. See how it works out.

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Reince Priebus Helped Bring Us Trump, so Good Riddance to him

It’s funny how one can feel sympathetic for a person while at the same time, cheering on his political demise. President Trump unceremoniously fired White House Chief Reince Priebus. Trump made it more humiliating by announcing on Twitter that Reince’s replacement is John Kelly, who was heading up the Department of Homeland Security.

Original Trumpers were not happy with the hiring of Priebus as he’s considered part of the old “establishment” and not aligned with Trump’s pretzel agenda. However, Trumpers should send well wishes to Reince and thank him because Priebus is the one person more largely responsible for Trump’s ascension to the GOP nomination than anybody else. For that reason, I am glad he’s gone, and hopefully, he never holds a position of influence in the GOP ever again.

Some Trump supporters naively think Reince was part of the dreaded establishment who tried to keep him from the nomination. Whether that is willful ignorance or a lack of memory, the reality is, Reince was there to help Trump the entire time. Priebus wasn’t awarded the Chief-of-Staff position for trying to sabotage Trump’s campaign.

It started after 2012 and Mitt Romney’s loss. Republicans felt a battered Mitt Romney was hurt by an extended primary campaign, leaving him in a weaker position to take on Barack Obama. Romney’s problems ran far deeper than having Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich hanging around as long as possible. It didn’t matter. The Republican National Committee instituted changes to the primary system designed to give a clear front runner a leg up on the competition. The party compressed its nominating calendar to try to make the process end sooner, kept all but the traditional early nominating states from holding contests until March and made shorter the period in which states could hold primaries or caucuses that award delegates proportionally. Reince and the RNC never envisioned a field of 15 candidates, and the changes made it possible for a candidate to win the nomination with a small plurality of the vote. Donald Trump’s final percentage to win the GOP nomination was 44 percent, but he had the nomination pretty much wrapped up in April 2016 when he had only 37 percent of the vote.

37 percent. 

That move was not an overt attempt to help Trump, but it was short-sighted on Reince’s part. There was a point, however, when Reince showed himself to be a weasel and was more concerned about placating Trump than he was doing what was best for the party. In August 2015, shortly before the first GOP debate, Donald Trump threatened a third-party run if the GOP didn’t treat him “fairly.” From the NY Post:

Days before his GOP presidential debate debut, Donald Trump threatened an independent run if his fellow Republicans don’t play nice.

“If I’m not treated fairly by the Republican Party, I very well might consider that,” Trump said on ABC’s “This Week.” “And I would certainly not give that up.”

The remarks come to the dismay of Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, who wants GOP candidates to promise not to start a third-party run if they lose.

A clear front-runner in the polls, Trump has complained that fellow Republicans haven’t respected his standing or taken him seriously.

“They attacked me first and I hit them back and maybe even harder than they hit me,” Trump said of his GOP rivals. “But the fact is that I’ve been attacked pretty viciously by some of these guys.”

In an attempt to demonstrate his seriousness, the billionaire entrepreneur announced Sunday he’ll make public his tax returns. Hillary Clinton released eight years of tax returns Friday that show in 2014 the Clintons made almost $28 million and paid 35.7 percent in federal taxes.

Funny how Trump never made good on that pledge.

The reaction to this temper tantrum should have been Reince telling Trump to jump in a lake. Instead, Reince played capitulator and showed the ultimate level of weakness by flying to New York City to stroke Trump’s fragile ego and raise the prospect of a “loyalty pledge” after Trump refused in the first debate to say he’d support whoever became the GOP nominee. Reince flew to New York to kiss Trump’s ring and convince him the other Republicans wouldn’t be meany-pants to him.

The final straw came during the Republican National Convention when Reince and others in the RNC, squelched attempts by some states to force roll call votes for convention rules:

Open discord and revolt broke out on the floor of the Republican National Convention Monday as GOP officials crushed an attempt to change party rules, a maneuver that could have embarrassed presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

In a highly unusual show of disunity and anger on the floor of a modern party convention, a group of states tried to force a state-by-state roll call vote on the rules of the convention. The rebellion apparently caught Trump’s campaign team by surprise, and his lieutenants were seen frantically whipping votes on the floor to squelch the effort amid scenes of deepening disarray.

The afternoon furor erupted when Arkansas Rep. Steve Womack, who was serving as convention chair, put the rules for the convention to a voice vote, and amid a chorus of boos and cheers from anti-Trump supporters declared those in favor of the motion had prevailed, while apparently ignoring objections from several state delegations on the cacophonous floor of the convention.

Reince shut everything down and there was zero chance Republicans could do anything at that point to up-end the Trump nomination.

So yes, Reice Priebus did all he could, whether knowingly or unknowingly, to bring about the nomination of one Donald J. Trump. His reward was a powerful position in the White House. But Reince learned the hard way with President Trump. He only cares about himself and with just over six months on the job, Trump tossed him aside without so much as a word of thanks.

Perhaps Reince deserved better, but who cares? He helped bring about this mess. Good riddance, Priebus.


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