DANG! Secretary Sanders Wrecks Nancy Pelosi on Twitter

That’s right, I said “wrecks”. Just like one those kind of articles. Because that is a genuine expression of my actual reaction. You know how the kids say? #REKT.

This was awesome. Sarah Sanders delivers a perfect tweet smackdown of Nancy Pelosi.

I hope that “crumbs” remark follows Nancy for a long time. It’s the perfect example of both the contempt she has for we common folk, and how out of touch the Democrats are on the matter of tax cuts and the economy.

Sanders knows it, and this was the perfect, perfect tweet. Dare I say Cruz-like pwnage?

I do dare. You can’t stop me.

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NEW POLL: Sorry Democrats, Americans Are Warming Up to GOP Tax Plan. Fast.

That didn’t take long. But then again, finding out your taxes are actually going to be less and you’re getting a raise and a bonus and hundreds of thousands of new jobs are opening up will do that.

Yes, the evil Tax Cuts & Jobs Act passed by Republicans and signed into law by President Trump last month is paying off, both in actual dollars and electoral favorability. At least according to a new poll from Survey Monkey conducted on behalf of the New York Times.

The tax overhaul that Mr. Trump signed into law just before Christmas remains relatively unpopular and highly polarizing, according to a new poll conducted for The New York Times by SurveyMonkey. But support for the law has grown significantly over the past month, and more Americans believe that they will receive a tax cut. Forty-six percent of Americans strongly or somewhat approved of the law in early January, up from 37 percent when the bill was nearing passage in December.

At the same time, falling unemployment, accelerating economic growth and a surging stock market have made Americans increasingly positive about both their own finances and the overall economy. That could be good news for Republicans hoping to overcome Mr. Trump’s unpopularity in the midterm elections.

Good news is an understatement. Despite all the tying to Trump that is being done, the GOP in congress had much to prove last year, and came dangerously close to not proving it. With majorities in the House and Senate and a clear mandate from voters on a host of issues, they almost didn’t come through. It would have been devastating to the midterms, as we’ve written here at RedState for the last year.

But the Tax Cuts plan was passed, and the popularity will continue to grow. So far, the only pushback the Dems have is to call employee bonuses “crumbs” and lament that major international corporations have larger dollar amounts in their pockets than any individual employee of that company may have.

Yeah, compelling stuff, Dems.

But of course none of this is crumbs. What Democrats don’t understand is that people appreciate things that make their lives better and easier, even if someone else got more. Playing on the “Mikey got more ice cream than me” harpsichord may work for the Democrat base or the MSNBC caucus, but actual people living with bills are happy to have more money and a better economy.

Funny how that works.

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BREAKING: ‘Suspicious Object’ Discovered, Bomb Squad Surrounds U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen

Just breaking this morning, the reports from Copenhagen, Denmark that a “suspicious object” was reported at the American embassy. A Danish bomb squad is currently conducting a search on site and has the facility surrounded for security reasons.

Right now we are investigating a suspicious environment at the U.S. Embassy. Nothing further for now, but we will follow up here on Twitter

From Daily Mail:

A Danish bomb squad has surrounded the US Embassy in Copenhagen this afternoon after a ‘suspicious object’ was found by police.

The building has been cordoned off and people have been told to stay away.

The US Embassy in Denmark tweeted: ‘The Copenhagen Police is investigating a suspicious item near the Embassy. Please follow @KobenhavnPoliti for latest updates. We advise people to stay away from area near the Embassy.’

It is not yet clear if any explosives have been found.

Europe remains on high alert after a wave of terror attacks over the last three years.

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Jake Tapper Dismantles the One Thing That “Fire and Fury” Author Michael Wolff Needs Most: His Credibility (WATCH)

On CNN today, Jake Tapper naturally discussed the hottest story in D.C. right now: the book “Fire and Fury” by Michael Wolff.

The controversy over the book and its contents rages, and the consequences of the book have already been felt; The ostracizing of Steve Bannon chief among them.

But as political exposes go this one has a lot of problems, and the author himself is the biggest one. Jake Tapper’s introduction today went over this.

Tapper presents the story of two unreliable individuals, Wolff and Trump. And while that may seem like a “they’re both bad”, it’s important to keep in mind that credibility is the central feature for making the book worth anything. It’s the primary sell, it is its reason for being. If it’s not credible, then what is the point?

It may make good fan fiction, and may make the author of lot of money (which this obviously is), but you can’t really use the accusations contained therein for anything of value and certainly not, as the left is hoping and advocating, as grounds for removing the president from office.

So what Tapper does here, actually, is absolutely devastating to Wolff. And what’s amazing is that this isn’t anything that wasn’t already known, and it’s not even a long list. It’s just that it’s presented so neatly and quickly and crushingly that it burns Wolff down entirely. If you’re an honest person and you put yourself in the shoes of someone who has never heard of this book until the very moment Tapper begins speaking, you cannot come away from this less than four minute clip thinking anything but that the book is a total waste of time.

That’s devastating. And that’s why this clip is being sent around by the GOP War Room with the headline “CNN’s Jake Tapper Eviscerates Michael Wolff’s Credibility & Accuracy Of ‘Fire & Fury’.

So let’s get to it.

“Wolff’s reporting should be met with skepticism. The book is riddled with errors, and rumors, and in his marketing of the book Wolff made the unbelievable assertion that 100 percent of the President’s family members and top advisers have concerns about his mental fitness for the job. One hundred percent, that’s simply not true.”

He then shows Wolff tell an outright lie, exposes an error, then another lie about the guy who made the error about, and then shows a clip of his being presented with that mess and having basically no answer except that maybe he mixed up the names of two completely different people.


But of course, the video isn’t all. Tapper also tweeted about Wolff.

As you know, many of the people quoted in the book deny ever having said what was attributed to them, including former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who outright accused Wolff of making things up whole cloth.

Maggie Haberman has another person quoted who states without any equivocation that Wolff flat-out lied. Haberman, you may know, works for the New York Times.

And herein lies the point. MAGA Twitter may howl and demand the mainstream press to abandon this story and rebuke Wolff, and then flagellate themselves and one another for ever mentioning it, but that’s not how things work.

However, when CNN, the New York Times, the Guardian, Mediaite, and other members of the MSM, the center left and the left media are out there saying “not so fast” or “he’s not reliable” about someone trashing Trump, that is the practical equivalent of taking him to the woods and putting him down. Like I said, that’s the reason the GOP is sending the clip around.

Credibility is how you make a book like ‘Fire and Fury’ stick, and Wolff just doesn’t have any. Without it, it’s not anything of value, and certainly not grounds for questioning the President’s fitness for office. You don’t make a federal case using something that is so lacking in foundation and credibility. (I mean, unless you’re in a FISA court, I guess. DAAAANG!!)

Wolff, as noted in the Tapper tweet above, incorrectly asserts that if something rings true, it is true. Wrong. But if something does NOT ring true, it definitely doesn’t become a game changer, no matter how hard you wish it.

And as Tapper’s video highlights, if there’s one thing that does not ring truthful here, it’s Michael Wolff.

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Everything Defense Sec. James Mattis Says is Awesome

For your Friday enjoyment, this quote from Secretary of Defense James Mattis today regarding the foreign policy challenges of 2018 is pretty much perfect.

This is why people should always hire Marines.

It’s just not about the ooh-rah factor. It’s a confident and fearless face forward for the rest of the world to look at and think twice about.

Like Nikki Haley at the U.N., Sec. Mattis is a reminder that the United States is no longer afraid to act, or apologetic for doing what is in our interests and what we believe is right. Like any other nation in the world, we are entitled to pursue our own policy goals and work in our national interest at home and abroad. And by the way, we’re better at it and have a bigger … stick.

Love it.

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“Green” Northeast Resorted to Burning Oil To Generate Electricity As Temperatures Plunged Last Week

The supposedly “green” Northeastern United States appears to have resorted to burning oil to generate electricity as temperatures in the region plunged and electricity costs in the area spiked in the days following Christmas.

That is according to data provided by the regional transmission organization serving Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont and analyzed by a Northeastern blogger who is a self-declared proponent of nuclear energy.

Ed G via Flickr Creative Commons image 114454339_80eb73c7b0_o

Nuclear energy, which is carbon emissions free, has had a waning presence in the Northeastern U.S. in recent years.

In particular, Vermont was formerly host to the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, which nuclear energy proponents say could have helped avoid reliance on an environmentally unfriendly fuel source in this kind of weather event.

That plant was closed several years ago, amid pressure from anti-nuclear campaigners and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Supporters of Energy Secretary and former Gov. Rick Perry’s grid resilience plan are pointing to the oil-burning trend in the Northeast to underline the risks of over-concentrating electricity-generating capacity with renewables, or natural gas.

Proponents of aid to the coal industry have similarly pointed out that coal has become a backup fuel in view of New England’s main sources of energy failing to deliver at affordable prices.

Perry’s energy plan has taken fire from environmentalists for seeking to boost nuclear and coal.
In defending the plan, Energy Department personnel have cited the 2014 Polar Vortex, a previous cold snap in 2013, and the fact that nuclear came to the rescue when the Northeast’s over-reliance on natural gas created a pricing trap.
Opponents of the plan have argued that the 2013 experience is no longer relevant, given changes in energy supply and electricity generating capacity. However, as recent events in New England show, that may not be quite right– and progressives may have undercut one of their primary missions, cutting CO2 emissions, with their long-held anti-nuclear stances that have led to the closure of cleaner nuclear plants and the reliance on oil and coal during this frigid period.

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President Trump’s Excellent Message of Support for the Protesters in Iran

President Trump joined other Republicans on Friday in sending a message of support to the people taking to the streets in Iran.

The protests, which on Saturday morning are pushing into their third day, are for increasing the freedoms of Iranian citizens as well as over the country’s economic problems and the wasteful and horrific use of the nation’s wealth to fund international Islamic terror..

President Trump’s tweet, out there for the world and the Iranian gov’t to see, was perfectly composed.

A very well-put statement from the White House.

In addition to this public show, the State Department issued this statement.

The country is already undergoing social change. This week, police in Tehran announced they will no longer be arresting women for disobeying strict Islamic dress codes. Instead of sending them to jail they’ll be given reeducation classes by the so-called “morality police.” Progress, if small.

We can only hope bigger and more fundamental change will come.

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Ted Cruz Wins Twitter AGAIN, Schools Bernie Sanders Over Tax Tweet

Senator Bernie Sanders’ face after he accidentally said of the GOP’s middle class tax cut, “it is a very good thing.”

Democrats continue to have a messaging problem with the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The problem is that the middle class tax cut “is a very good thing,” as Senator Bernie Sanders put it on CNN.

You see, liberals and Democrats know that their hollering and shouting about tax cuts for the rich are going to ring hollow when working Americans realize they, too, are actually paying less in taxes next year; that they’ll keep more of their money.

In anticipation of this problem where facts and reality interfere with their campaigns, Democrats have been trotting out the talking point that these are impermanent cuts and therefore meaningless; they expire, are temporary, go away, vanish, and so don’t matter. They say it with alarm and sneers and make it sound like it happens after a month.

Of course, that’s not so. In reality, the cuts are good for 10 years. That’s no chump change. Would you take a raise for ten years, knowing that you could lose the raise in a decade? My guess is yes. I sure would if editing blogs were the kind of job that included raises.

Democrats, of course, make their living bemoaning the plight of working class Americans without ever doing anything about it. They march and protest over pennies and dollars per hour. Now that the GOP is putting actual money in the actual pockets of those same Americans, Democrats suddenly think more money paycheck after paycheck for an entire decade is of no consequence to those workers. Odd.

Still, it is better to keep tax cuts than to have them expire, philosophically speaking. Conservative philosophy thinks so, anyway. (Democrats would rather you never get a cut in the first place.)

Reality, though, has never stopped a Democrat from spouting a talking point.

“Independent” Bernie Sanders, former primary Primary opponent to Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, spoke to Jake Tapper about tax cuts this week, and Tapper asked him point blank why tax cuts for the middle class aren’t something to celebrate. Bernie pulled the Dem talking point about permanence immediately.

I just want to repeat this question because it’s awesome. “Next year, 91% of middle income Americans will receive a tax cut. Isn’t that a good thing?”

I love that. Bernie’s answer, though, is meant to suggest exactly what the Dems are trying to run with: that it’s really no big deal since it’s not permanent. At least he mentions the timeline. Most liberals won’t. He’s still making the same point, though: That this is all nothing.

But, just as he did during their debate on socialism, Senator Ted Cruz was quick to disarm Bernie with a simple but devastating retort.

Happy. To. Do it.

And he has the legislation ready to go.

So much for that talking point, Bernie. Now you’re trapped by your own words. Will you work with Senator Cruz? Will you make the middle class tax cuts permanent? Or are you just quoting from the DNC playbook for effect and without substance?

I leave it to our readers to guess the answer.

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THIS IS IT: Trump Signs Tax Cuts and Jobs Act the Friday Before Christmas

President Trump is in the Oval Office right now with only a few reporters signing the Tax Cuts and Jobs act, Friday December 22 at 11:00 a.m.

The President tweeted earlier today about the signing.

The big photo op moment was on Thursday, of course, when Republicans took the stage to explain and celebrate this tax cut that will put more money in the pockets of Americans at every level of income.

President Donald Trump greets Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky., during a bill passage event on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2017, to acknowledge the final passage of tax cut legislation by Congress, as House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wis., watches at right. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

This post will be updated with any photos, video, and reports that are made available.


President Trump explains why he decided at the last minute to do the signing on Friday morning.

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BREAKING: Marco Rubio to Vote YES On Tax Bill (Fox, Sources)

Fox Business reports the breaking news this morning that, according to their sources, Senator Marco Rubio, who made big news yesterday threatening a “no” vote over the Child Tax Credit, will in fact vote yes.

It is not yet clear, they say, whether that is because he got what he was looking for or not.

He was holding out for

For context on the numbers:

As I said with Corker, it is essential that every Republican vote “yes” on this critical tax cut for American families. Rubio committing to a yes is very good news indeed. Good for him.

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