VOTE OR DIE! President Threatens Trumpcare Doubters with Permanent Obamacare

Obamascare (verb): To frighten a member of congress into voting “yes” by threatening them with the Affordable Care Act.

President Trump had a simple message for the GOP on Thursday night, in the hours after the vote on AHCA was delayed: Pass my bill, or GTFO.

(GTFO stands for Get The Full Obamacare.)

He’s offering the House two options, they can either vote today, Friday, and pass the American Health Care Act and send it to the Senate, or they can fail to pass it, and he will just leave Obamacare in place and move on.

“We’re going to repeal Obamacare. We are going to replace Obamacare with something so much better.” – Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.

It’s a win for Trump either way. If they pass it, he can not only claim victory over congress, but that he forced them to live up to their promises of these 7 years past. After which, of course, the whole mess gets repeated in the Senate, where he has plenty of enemies to blame when it fails.

If they don’t pass it, he gets to move on to something else, blame the House conservatives forever, and he has Obamacare there to always bitch about. Since Trump doesn’t like conservatives, this seems like it’s tailor-made for him. But either way, he wins.

All of which may, at first, sound like a brilliant move by a skilled tactician. That is, until you remember who it is that loses: the American people.

Trump, Ryan, and pretty much every Republican in existence have spent months – nay, years – telling us how terrible Obamacare is, and how much it hurts America and the American family. Trump made it one of the features of his campaign, one of his core appeals to working class, tea party types. The government is taking your money, they are wasting it, they are controlling healthcare. I will fix it.

And now, having already failed to repeal Obamacare on his first day or in his first month, he’s going to give up and fail to do it at all? He’ll do that instead of negotiate? That, instead of deal-making from the “Art of the Deal” author? Instead of putting in the work, he’ll just stick Americans with the legislation he called “amazingly destructive.”

“We are going to make this country so great again. We are going to work so hard.” – Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.

Trumpcare is his baby. He’s the President, and this was one of his campaign promises. A promise made before we knew there would be majorities in both houses. A promise made over and over.

Some say the threat is a good gamble. Force congress to act on their promise. Make them vote and move forward at last. But that leaves aside the fact that this bill isn’t what they promised. Yes, sure, after all this time, it should have been. They should have been prepared for the negotiations and have a real bill ready. They don’t, though, and there is no good in doing bad. Wrong is worse than nothing.

Besides, doing something works. Some parts of the bill are already better today than they were Monday. Just last night, they changed the Essential Health Benefits mandate. That process should continue because this is serious business. Don’t stop now, when it has destroyed deficit savings without changing the amount of people who will become uninsured. You want to keep the bad press and uninsured Americans and get barely half the cost savings? Why not fix it before you vote? Negotiating works. Do the work.

But no, the leadership and the White House want their participation trophy. They want it now. They don’t want members going home for the weekend and having time to think. Because they don’t want to fix it. They’ve made their concessions, and now they want credit and photo ops.

This immediate, world-ending, Obamascare deadline is because Trump is tired of looking bad. He’s the man behind Trumpcare, and every day people are trashing it. Even his stalwart, erstwhile campaign defenders.

So this is it. Hell or high premiums. Today the House will vote. And if they don’t give Trump what he wants, he’s going to punish the voters with more Obamacare.

That’s what you got when you voted, folks. He won. Now we’ll see who loses.

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Loopy Lou Dobbs Wants Gorsuch Gone for Not Loving Trump Enough (VIDEO)

Lou Dobbs is a nut. He has a rubber butt. Every time he turns around it goes “putt, putt.”

Sorry, nonsense seemed like the only reasonable reply.

Because while the Democrats are trying the filibuster for no reason, and every correct person in America is waiting or the inevitable and good for America “yes” on future Justice Gorsuch, Lou Dobbs is wringing his man boobs because the judge doesn’t genuflect to Trump with sufficient passion and lust.

We’re sorry, Lou-py, but the balance of the court and the future of America pique our interest just slightly more than Trump fluffing. But hey, do feel free to send him some dreamy posters of Trump to put on his wall if that makes you feel better.

You nut.

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lou-dobbs-gorsuchActual photo of Lou Dobbs watching the Gorsuch hearing.

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RIGHT NOW: Bannon and Priebus Rush to Capitol Hill over #AHCA

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon walks to a meeting in the office of Speaker Paul Ryan of Wis., on Capitol Hill, Thursday, March 23, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon) White House chief strategist Steve Bannon walks to a meeting in the office of Speaker Paul Ryan of Wis., on Capitol Hill, Thursday, March 23, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

You can keep trying to call it #Ryancare, but this is another full court press by the Trump administration to get this bill passed. It’s #Trumpcare, folks. Bottom line. (Though they’ll never own up.)

Right now, Reince Priebus and Trump’s Brain (Steve Bannon) are on Capitol Hill doing what we can assume is some kind of damage control after the Trumpcare bill was delayed thanks to objections from both conservative and moderate republicans over what appears to be an attempt by the GOP and the White House to have their cake and subsidize it, too.

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WORSER: New CBO Report on Amended AHCA Released (After Vote was Delayed)

The revised Congressional Budget Office report on the republican’s so-called “repeal and replace” legislation has been released. This is the new estimate based on the amendments from earlier this week.

Here is the PDF of the report.

Spoiler: It didn’t really improve.

Obviously, the report does not cover changes made in the last 18 hours or so in concession to the Freedom Caucus. Nor, obviously, address that more changes may be coming.

One immediate point that jumps out is that there is a smaller savings now than was originally projected.

As a result of those amendments, this estimate shows smaller savings over the next 10 years than the estimate that CBO issued on March 13 for the reconciliation recommendations of the House Committee on Ways and Means and the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. The estimated effects on health insurance coverage and on premiums for health insurance are similar to those estimated for the committees’ recommendations.

The uninsured numbers remain the same, at the 14 million increase over ACA that was projected in the previous CBO report.

The report was just released, so we’ll dig into more and post updates as and if they are necessary. This is the short version. I don’t know yet if there will be a third report forthcoming in the near future involving the latest changes.

The short version is, not as much money saved, no additional coverage. Um .. okay?

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At Press Briefing, White House Prepares to Pass the Buck on #Trumpcare

Again, today, the President and the White House met with reluctant members of the House about passage of Trumpcare in today’s vote. Both the White House and House leadership continue to tell the press that they are confident they have enough votes, even though they are meeting over and over with House Freedom Caucus members and other Reps. to try to convince them to buy the magic seeds.

Today the President gave the Freedom Caucus his “final offer,” and they were not impressed. Now some moderates aren’t either. But the theater goes on.

In the Daily Press Briefing, Sean Spicer revealed their actual strategy, which is to blame the people who won’t vote for a **** sandwich, instead of those offering it.

First, the big speech about living up to promises. This is important. Trump vowed to get rid of Obamacare. To fully repeal it. Instead, he’s taking this limp bill and pitching it hard in the hopes of just getting this off his plate. It’s not a rally where thosuands of people lavish applause on him for parroting talking points, so he’s not really interested.

Got it? Keep my campaign promise for me. But then the tell:

If this bill doesn’t pass, he’s going to just pass the buck. It won’t be because he’s failed to even OFFER a repeal, per his campaign promise, and instead wants people to pass this mess. No, it’s because of the people who refuse to play along with the charade. His failure is their fault.

You can also expect him to take full credit if it passes, but abdicate any responsibility at all if it becomes law and everyone realizes how much it sucks. He won’t even stand by it once liberals start posting stories every five minutes about someone who “lost” their insurance coverage. He’ll bail faster than your doctor.

This is, of course, exactly the kind of thing we told you would happen throughout his Presidency. But he’s not a typical politician though, right?


By the way, what are conservative politicians expecting? A good bill. Not this one. And not some magical promise of “three phases.”

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‘There Is No Plan B’: The House Votes Today on AHCA

Today the House will finally and at last vote on a bill to repeal (sort of) and replace (ugh) Obamacare. Dubbed Trumpcare or Ryancare, depending on whether or not you’re trying to help Donald Trump pretend he has nothing to do with it, the American Health Care Act vote will not be the final say as legislation still has to get through the Senate … an iffy proposition.

There is some doubt it will pass. A lot of Reps, particularly (but not exclusively), for the House Freedom Caucus stand opposed on the grounds that it carries too much Obamacare baggage forward and doesn’t make enough changes.

“There is no Plan B. There’s Plan A and Plan A. We’re going to get this done. That’s it, plain and simple,” said Sean Spicer yesterday as the administration, which has been 100% all-in on this bill, tried throughout the day both to project confidence and shore up votes. But after meetings yesterday, the doubt remained.

Even last minute, additional tweaks left the Freedom Caucus cold. “Nothing has changed,” they said.

The Koch brothers are reportedly millions and millions of dollars against. After opposing this particular bill through their various political groups, the Kochs have pledged big campaign funding for candidates in 2018 races who vote against.

Pass or fail, this is going to be a nail-biter.

We’re going to have live coverage here at RedState. The day starts early today so get your coffee.

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It’s Here: The GOP’s ‘Repeal & Replace’ Bill is Revised and Amended (But Will It Pass?)

Late Monday, Republicans released the modified American Health Care Act, changed in negotiation after what they might call resistance but what I would call “yuge backlash”.


Dubbed “Obamacare Lite” by some – notably some members of the House Freedom Caucus – the President, the Speaker, and the Rules Committee met and negotiated with members of the House, and have presented their new version.

It’s a dud. Sorry.

First, here is part of the release from the Speaker’s office:

Today, the House Rules Committee – the fourth House committee to consider the American Health Care Act – posted two amendments to the legislation. The amendments include some purely technical revisions needed to comply with the Senate rules, as well as limited substantive changes, both those recommended by the House Budget Committee during its consideration of the bill and those proposed by House Republican members and the White House. The following is a statement from House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) as well as a summary of the changes.

“The American Health Care Act is the result of a long, member-driven process, and these improvements are an extension of that inclusive approach. I want to thank the White House and members from all parts of our conference who have helped make this the strongest legislation it can be. With this amendment, we accelerate tax relief, give states additional options to spend health care dollars how they choose, strengthen what were already substantial pro-life protections, and ensure there are necessary resources to help older Americans and the disabled. With the president’s leadership and support for this historic legislation, we are now one step closer to keeping our promise to the American people and ending the Obamacare nightmare.”

Some members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus remain unimpressed. Critical, maybe, is a better word.

Chairman of the caucus Rep. Mark Meadows stated that they will not formally oppose the bill as a bloc vote, but he also offered this dire prediction:

“Currently there are not enough votes to pass the legislation.”

Here’s more from the Speaker’s office:

The first amendment makes technical revisions to the original bill to ensure compliance with the Senate rules governing reconciliation bills. It is purely technical and achieves the same policy goals as previously drafted.

The second amendment includes improvements drafted by both of the authorizing committees.

Under jurisdiction of the Ways and Means Committee: Moves up repeal of Obamacare taxes from 2018 to 2017, strikes a provision allowing excess tax credits to be deposited into Health Savings Accounts, and provides budgetary space for the Senate to increase tax credits for older Americans.

Under jurisdiction of the Energy and Commerce Committee: Immediately prohibits any additional states from expanding the current broken Medicaid program, allows states to opt-in to a traditional Medicaid block grant as well as implement work-requirements for Medicaid, protects the equitable state-federal partnership, and enhances the growth rate for the aged and disabled population on Medicaid.

That “Manager’s Amendment” is outlined in this 4-page PDF. (The full text of the amendment is 21 pages.)

It has selling points. For example it “accelerates relief” on Obamacare’s taxes, moving the repeal from 2018 to this year. That means January of 2017, immediate tax relief. There are some changes to how states calculate Medicaid, as Avik Roy summarizes:

At the behest of House conservatives, the Manager’s Amendment contains new language giving states the option to take on a block grant instead of a per-capita allotment for their legacy Medicaid program. Republicans—and especially GOP governors—have long agitated for block grants that give them the flexibility to manage their Medicaid programs and modernize the design of Medicaid’s insurance benefit. This language gives them more flexibility than the original bill.

And the amendment allows for states to have work requirements for Medicaid benefits, under conditions. Those are the highlights.

The bottom line, though, is that it’s not being hailed as a game-changer. Not one to push it over the top. Rep. Meadows succinctly described the amendment as “Not sufficient.”

Speaker Ryan claims they’ve broken through and will have enough votes. Reps. Amash and Meadows are confident the votes aren’t there. It is unlikely there will be any significant “tweaks” before the vote on Thursday.

This doesn’t even begin to address the “still to come” problems like getting through the Senate, getting the other “phases” passed, and the rest of the pipe dreams.

It is, in other words, still a great big mess.

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House Freedom Caucus Meets, Will Not ‘Formally Oppose’ AHCA

Chairman Mark Meadows on Monday, following the meeting of the House Freedom Caucus (with Senators Cruz, Paul, and Lee as plus ones), said that the caucus will not formally oppose passage of the slightly revised version of the AHCA, or Trumpcare (Or Ryancare, whichever you prefer.) Not voting as a bloc puts the passage in the hands of each Representative.

“We’re not taking any official positions. I’m going to encourage them to vote for their constituents.”

From Politico:

The hard-line conservative coalition won’t take an official position against the bill even though they didn’t get what it wanted in negotiations, he said. That could make it easier for members to break away.

Several individual members of the caucus remain unsatisfied with the bill, and the changes, which we’ll outline here at RedState shortly. Among those expressing their dissatisfaction: Justin Amash.

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Justin Amash on Leadership’s Changes to Trumpcare Bill: “They Have Seriously Miscalculated.”

House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Justin Amash tweeted tonight that the changes that have been made to the AHCA, the Republican “repeal & replace” bill, are inadequate, don’t really change anything, and that Ryan and company are seriously miscalculating their chance of passing this thing.

That’s a lot in a few words, and bad new for the bill, which goes up for a vote this week.

The Freedom Caucus meeting tonight shows the serious challenges the bill faces from within. Conservatives, both in the House and Senate and at coffee tables and water coolers, have been very unhappy with “Obamacare Lite” as it has been called.

Sen. Ted Cruz attended the Freedom Caucus meeting tonight as well. This week Cruz blasted the so-called “three phases” plan as a fantasy and called the theoretical third phase a “sucker’s bucket.” He wasn’t the only Senator dropping in.

Paul, too, has been not only a vocal critic, but like Senator Cruz has pointed out the dicey math the GOP and the Trump administration are using to count votes in both the house and senate.

Bottom line? It’s not looking good, Speaker Ryan.

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The Changes to the AHCA Will Be Posted Tonight

Just a reminder to stick around here at RedState tonight. The changes and modifications (such as they are and only so far) will be published online tonight.

Don’t expect miracles.


And there will be a good tell about the Big Day on Thursday:

Stay tuned …

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