Bernie Sanders Hilariously Wrecks the “Student Lead” Anti-Gun March Narrative by Accident

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Vermont Democratic Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is the greatest troll Washington has ever seen, but when you’re that far on the left, you sort of abandon all self-awareness.

Sanders exemplified this when he decided to make an appearance at the D.C. “student led” march against guns to speak to an adoring crowd. Sanders did all the typical things left-leaning politicians do in these situations. He spoke about unity, rattled off platitudes, half-baked talking points, and then allowed the cameras to soak up all the cheering and adoration aimed in their direction.

But the cameras also saw something absolutely hilarious about Sanders’ appearance. After rattling off about “the gun violence that is killing so many people,” Sanders waded into the crowd filled with hyperventilating fans accompanied by — PLOT TWIST — MEN WITH GUNS.

See for yourself.

The argument that the people guarding Sanders being police officers matters very little here. The point is that by appearing in a place where there is an element of danger guarded by people who are armed, Sanders just confirmed the point many gun rights activists have been making for years.

Guns prevent crime, and protect those behind them.

There are a lot of stupid things you can point to as a reason not to take this march seriously. But this move by Sanders and his security team may have just wrecked the entire narrative.

Once again, Sanders proves to everyone why what he’s selling isn’t anything we should buy.

(h/t: Daily Caller)

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Virginia Candidate for Congress Commits Potential Felony While Anti-Gun Virtue Signaling

Right now, being in favor of gun control is all the rage, and with elections approaching faster than the speed of “ugh,” many Democratic candidates are getting in their performances that signal to everyone that they too are on the left’s most popular bandwagon.

Enter Virginia candidate for congress Karen Mallard. This teacher turned politicians really cares about children, and so is taking a page out of the book written by viral Facebook sensation Scott Pappalardo last month, and she’s cutting an AR-15 in half.

Posting the video to her campaign’s Facebook page, Mallard said that after the Parkland shooting she wanted the AR-15 her husband bought her out of her house. She then said that after watching Emma Gonzalez — the Parkland shooting anti-gun activists with the shaved head — speak on guns, she realized she didn’t want it in anyone else’s house either.

In one fell swoop, Mallard exposed both her ignorance about who is to blame for gun violence — hint: It’s not the gun’s fault — and her willigness to deprive others of live saving firearms as well.

But then Mallard proceeded to expose her ignorance of gun laws, which is interesting, seeing as how she’s running for the position of “lawmaker.” Furthermore, it seems the only thing she learned from Pappalardo’s video is that sawing your gun in half will get a lot of views. What she didn’t pick up was the fact that sawing the barrel off the gun, just as Pappalardo did, is a felonious act.

According to federal law, all Mallard did was make the barrel shorter. It’s still operable, given it’s no longer semi-auto. Instead, Mallard just changed brought her gun from being a legal AR-15 semi-auto, to an illegal short barrel rifle (SBR). The federal government doesn’t think to highly of those who own these without the proper fees and paperwork, and creating one could result in some seriously expensive trouble for the owner.

Proper disposal of an AR-15 requires cutting the receiver in multiple places with a torch that makes 1/4 inch cuts. This would make the gun fully inoperable and incapable of being fixed. All, Mallard did was saw off the barrel with a thin blade.

Perhaps Virginia voters should look elsewhere for their lawmakers.


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If the NRA is a Terrorist Organization (It’s Not), then Planned Parenthood is Something Far, Far Worse

The pattern goes that when some insane person shoots up a group of innocent people, the left and the gun control advocates extend their finger, and point it right past the shooter, negligent law enforcement agencies, and politicians that helped create the scene, and put square on the National Rifle Association.

The problem is that the NRA has zero to do with any of the murders. Despite the fact that it’s the organization attempting to improve gun laws and promote gun safety — as opposed to outright promoting banning firearms and/or blind fear of them — the NRA gets painted as a super-villain.

The gun control crowd acts as if the NRA sponsored the killings, and makes any politician friendly with the NRA out to be a bought and paid for puppet. The gun control crowd never questions that maybe the relationship between the politician and NRA comes about because of mutual agreement from the start, but that doesn’t fit with the evil overlord narrative Democrats would like pushed. There has to be a grand evil presence controlling everything behind the scenes, and the Koch brothers are so two years ago.

But despite the NRA’s innocence, the left likes to refer to the gun rights organization as a “terrorist group,” as seen by Michael Ian Black, who I’m told is a comedian.

To be fair, Black admitted he made a mistake about 2A not already being a right, so I won’t attack him on that. Regardless, it doesn’t make the rest of everything else he said here completely asinine. I’ve already tackled how the repeal of 2A would be next to impossible as well as foolish, and how school safety can be achieved before, so I won’t go into it here. For now, we’ll just focus on the “NRA is a terrorist organization” line.

At this time the NRA’s kill count is zero. If they are a terrorist organization, they are the worst one in history. Furthermore, those who do commit these mass murders have zero connection with the NRA, and in fact usually commit these atrocities in defiance of every principle the NRA holds, as well as many of the safety laws the NRA helped to create. In fact, the laws drafted with the NRA’s help would have stopped many of the shootings if law enforcement agencies such as the FBI or, very recently, the Broward County Sheriff’s Dept had done their jobs.

People forget that the NRA is an organization principally concerned about the preservation of our Second Amendment rights, education about firearms, and the promotion of their safe usage. Their relationship with politicians comes is a mutual one, not master and puppet. A terrorist organization they definitely are not.

But let’s compare this to an organization that the left holds up as nearly holy, and who also gives money to politicians.

At this time, Planned Parenthood’s kill count is over 7 million since its founding. That’s more than the Vietnam War, the American Civil War, the Korean War, and the Iraq war…COMBINED. Furthermore, the death of innocent life is one of their guiding principles, only they call it anything but what it is, using terms like “reproductive justice,” and oddly “women’s health.” Planned Parenthood is often involved in the drafting of legislation, all of which is geared toward allowing it to take life.

Terrorist organizations WISH they could wreak the kind of havoc Planned Parenthood has.

I want to be clear. I don’t think either Planned Parenthood or the NRA are terrorist organizations, though I do question some of Planned Parenthood’s methods of convincing groups to support it *cough Susan G. Komen foundation *cough*. Neither are flying planes into buildings, and vowing to eliminate Jewish people off the planet.

However, one does have a MASSIVE amount of death on their hands that they have performed directly, and one is the NRA.

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If Feminists Want Equality, Why Are They Mysteriously Quiet About This Major Example of Inequality?

On International Women’s Day, feminists typically go nuts about how unequal women are to men and circulate repeatedly disproved claims such as the gender wage gap.

No, it’s not real, and can easily be explained why women typically bring in less than men, none of it having to do with “patriarchy” or “discrimination.”

But feminists tend to clutch their pearls over underrepresentation quite a bit, namely in fields such as CEOs of massive companies, STEM, and even firefighting. To them, this is a surefire example of how the system is stacked against women, and why men are so awful. Oddly, they’re quite silent in the lack of women in fields that require dirty work, such as sewage workers, garbage collectors, and construction jobs.

They also seem to be silent about another discrepancy, and it’s in how much more women earn in terms of college degrees than men do.

According to the American Enterprise Institute just last September, women have been out-earning men in college degrees for eight years running, and by a high margin to boot.

For the eighth year in a row, women earned a majority of doctoral degrees awarded at US universities in 2016. Of the 78,744 doctoral degrees awarded in 2016 (Table B.25), women earned 40,407 of those degrees and 52.1% of the total, compared to 37,145 degrees awarded to men who earned 47.9% of the total (see top chart above). Women have now earned a majority of doctoral degrees in each academic year since 2009. Previously, women started earning a majority of associate’s degrees for the first time in 1978, a majority of master’s degrees in 1981, and a majority of bachelor’s degrees in 1982 according to the Department of Education. Therefore, 2009 marked the year when men officially became the “second sex” in higher education by earning a minority of college degrees at all college levels from associate’s degrees to doctoral degrees.

Where is the outrage over lack of equality from feminists now? Where are the marches, Google-backed videos on YouTube, and articles galore about how unequal it is that women earn so many more doctoral degrees than men? Men are being underrepresented! Where’s the solution?

As George Mason University economist Walter E. Williams, puts it as paraphrased by AEI:

If America’s diversity worshipers see any female under-representation as a problem and possibly even as proof of gender discrimination, what do they propose should be done about female over-representation in higher education at every level and in 7 out of 11 graduate fields? After all, to be logically consistent, aren’t female over-representation and female under-representation simply different sides of gender injustice?

Seems that for all the talk of combating inequality, feminists are strangely silent about inequality when it fails to benefit their victim narrative.

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Jimmy Kimmel Blames His Horrible Oscars Ratings On the Dumbest Reason

Things aren’t looking so good for celebrity award shows. The audiences tuning in to watch them are leaving faster than Trump’s staff, and they aren’t coming back.

The Oscars in particular are having a tough time, as the recent awards ceremony hosted by Late Night host Jimmy Kimmel was the lowest rated of all time.

There are various reasons for the fact that nobody tuned in. These include the fact that people can stream the highlights on YouTube or Facebook the next day, and the fact that no one has typically heard of the films the Academy is throwing up as masterpieces, making it feel like a snooty affair that America can’t relate to.

But the elephant sitting in the room is that many are just tired of the overt left leaning political grandstanding that celebrities engage in during acceptance speeches and skits. People feel alienated by the stars they tuned in to see, and so they simply tune out. This is evidenced not only by Hollywood’s failure to gin up eyeballs for their circular back pat ceremonies, but in sports as well. The NFL lost 33% of its audience last season primarily due to the injection of politics into it.

But Kimmel doesn’t see the pattern, and in fact decided to put the blame on something completely unrelated. On his show Tuesday, Kimmel pointed the finger at Netflix, the video streaming service, for the awful decline in Oscars ratings.

“Trump loves saying the ratings are down as if to insinuate that’s some sort of show of support for him, but the truth is, every year since Netflix happened, the ratings for every big TV show are down — Super Bowl, Grammys, Emmys, Golden Globes,” Kimmel said. “But Trump thinks he caused the ratings to go down.”

Kimmel is referring to Trump essentially trolling Hollywood for the awful crowd they brought in.

Kimmel is currently living in a fantasy land — what’s new? — if he believes Netflix is the reason fewer people are clicking on the award shows. As Paul Bois at the Daily Wire noted, streaming has been around a while now, and previous award shows have done very well, including one of the highest rated in recent memory:

Forget that excuse, though. Kimmel says that Netflix took the ratings away from his political sermonizing on Sunday night. None of that is true, of course. Prior to the streaming revolution, the lowest-rated Oscars occurred in 2008 (31.6 million viewers). In 2014, the year Ellen DeGeneres hosted, the Oscars actually saw an uptick in viewership (43.7 million), just as streaming truly began to take off.

As I wrote after the Oscars dismal ratings were revealed, Hollywood suffers from a massive PR problem stemming from their one trick pony approach to ideology that America will only get over if they either –

A: Stop bashing America over the head with their political virtue signaling,


B: Allow for conservative figures to voice their opinions and thoughts without blacklisting them.

Chances are slim that they’ll about face on this and allow for the ideological diversity America craves. If Kimmel’s thoughts on why the Oscars are failing to attract audiences is any indication, they’ll resort to mental gymnastics or self-imposed ignorance in order to avoid coming to the realization that much of America doesn’t jive with the political and social interior of the Hollywood bubble. It’ll be an uphill battle for all sides to be sure.

In the meantime, Kimmel can stupidly continue to gauge his success by how many more likes he got for a tweet than Trump.

“Since I was the host of the Oscars, I felt like it was incumbent on me to respond [to Trump],” Kimmel said during his Tuesday show. “So I tweeted to him … [and] wanted to point out that my tweet got more than twice as many ‘likes’ as his tweet.”

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This Ridiculous Tweet Shows How Far Anti-Gun Sentiment Has Gone, and How Dangerous It’s Become

Earlier today I came across a tweet featuring a conversation between two opposing members of the gun control argument. The conversation, at least on the part of the gun control advocate, left me with a feeling I can only describe as dread. It was a sad indicator as to how far the left will go in order to maintain their anti-gun feefee fest, and it’s more than ridiculous. It’s dangerous.

The pro-gun advocate asked the anti-gun advocate what would happen if someone broke into his home. Andrew Fallows, the gun control advocate’s response was so awful I had to read it twice. Then I had to go and check to make sure this guy wasn’t kidding. Then I had to check to make sure this guy wasn’t a perfect example of Poe’s Law. I’m sad to say that this man was legitimately serious with his answer.

“And if someone breaks into your house with a gun, you…” asked the pro-gun Twitter user.

“Get between them and my loved ones, try to talk them down, and die with a clean conscience if they kill me,” responded the gun control advocate.

First off, if this man is married with children, then I advise his wife to take herself and her kids to a safer location, preferably with someone who’s not afraid to use a gun in their defense. Their safety is sketchy at best under Fallows’ watch.

Secondly, I want to highlight what was just said here. Fallows just essentially said that he would die, and then leave his family to whatever horrors the armed criminal or criminals have in store for them, all with a clean conscience.

This guy is so enveloped in the leftist narrative that guns are a pure form of evil, that his clean conscience is a result of being obedient to that narrative instead of putting the safety and well being of his family first.

I wish this level of stupid was relegated to this one guy, but as you can see by the screenshot, this tweet was favorited 56 times.

This is frightening. That a man would allow his family to endure the worst the mind of a criminal can come up with in order to keep to the idea that a narrative must be followed is unbelievable, but completely believable when you break down what the left pushes in terms gun control laws, and their continued advocacy for said laws as they continue to not work.

Chicago, D.C., and Baltimore all have horrendous homicide rates, and all have some of the most restrictive laws in the country. Instead of looking at the numbers of states like Texas and Florida, who’s legal gun carrying population has a crime rate lower than their own police, gun control advocacy still reigns supreme. This isn’t even counting the fact that gun-free zones are where over 98 percent of mass shootings have happened.

Clearly, not having a gun around for the good guys to use is resulting in horrible crimes being done unto the populace, and yet the left insists its citizens remain gun free. Are their consciences clean?

But why are those places that restrict the use of guns by legal citizens societal kill boxes? It’s because violence DOES solve problems. If Fallows would pick up a gun as the burglar broke in, then chances are he could win the battle for the lives of his family, never die himself, and live knowing his wife was never murdered or raped, or his children were never kidnapped for God knows what nefarious purpose.

This is one of the reasons millions of Americans own guns. It’s the reason I keep one close to me when I sleep, or when I travel. Guns are the best method by which to prevent or stop violence. Full stop. If it wasn’t, then the White House wouldn’t post armed guards around it 24/7.

If Fallows is a prime example of how far the anti-gun left has gone, then we have a much more serious fight on our hands than we thought.

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Oprah’s Latest Advice to Young Girls Is Absolutely Horrible

The queen of American media, and current Democratic favorite — though she said she’s not running — Oprah Winfrey had some advice for young girls that sounds about as mystical and magical as it is ridiculous and shortsighted.

Appearing on Good Morning America to help promote her new movie “A Wrinkle in Time,” Oprah had some advice for young girls who were currently sitting in the audience watching her appearance.

“Every one of us has an internal guidance, a GPS, an intuition, a heart print, a heart song that speaks to us,” she said. “Your only job is to be able to listen and discern when it’s speaking versus your head and your personality speaking, and if you follow that you will be led to the highest good for you, always.”

“That’s why all the voices of the world mean nothing if your voice is in alignment with all the voices of the world. That’s true. No matter what you look like,” she concluded.

I don’t want to give the impression that being yourself is horrible advice. That’s actually super-great advice, but following that “internal voice” to the contradiction of everything else is not a smart way to navigate your daily doings.

What Oprah is essentially saying is that you should live by your feelings, even at the expense of logic. What this invites is ignorance based decisions that will lead you, and those around you into bad situations. For instance, you may feel like the cute guy in class means the world to you, and you love him very much. However, he may not be the story book prince Disney taught you to expect, and he may lead you down a dark path. You may love him — or more accurately, think you do — but your feelings are throwing blinders up to some very consequential facts.

The examples of why Oprah’s advice is bad can be endless. Perhaps you’re angry at a friend or family member for a perceived slight. Your feelings tell you you’ve been wronged, but perhaps there’s more to the story that you’re not seeing because you’ll see nothing but through the lens of your emotions. If you don’t allow your head to sift out the truth, then your relationships with these individuals deteriorates, and these problems never resolve themselves.

Your feelings are telling you to make that frivolous purchase while your head is wondering why you even need it in the first place. The former option might get you a pair of shoes you’ll wear maybe once or twice before you stop liking them. The latter will earn you relief that you still have the cash you would have otherwise lost for no good reason.

Your “inner voice” may tell you that you should adopt that cat, when if your head is given a voice you’d realize that cats are horrible creatures that even Satan thinks go too far sometimes.

The problem with Oprah’s advice is that she’s encouraging you to follow a guidance system that is subject to ridiculous whims, social pressures, and emotional influences. Boiled down, this isn’t necessarily you making these decisions, it’s the outside world manipulating your malleable emotions that you’ve decided to let control you instead of the other way around. Admittedly, this oftentimes can’t be helped, and you have to work around your environment. However, thinking logically will allow you to navigate rocky areas with the least amount of damage, and oftentimes with profit to show for it.

Sadly, this line of living by your feelings that Oprah endorses is typical of the Queen of talk. Oprah previously mentioned at the Golden Globes that speaking “your truth” is the most powerful weapon you have. Thing is, she’s horribly incorrect. As Ben Shapiro said in his article about it, there is the truth, and then there is your opinion. Thing is, he’s completely correct.

Oprah is promoting the idea of living in a self-created fairy tale where your surroundings, the people around you, and the social environment you live in is viewed through the lens of your feelings. This bubble that you create around you has to be very strong and resilient, as facts and truth are often sharp, and sometimes hurt very badly when they hit. Thus you reinforced your bubble of feelings, and reject inconvenient facts. You become a very self-absorbed, short-sighted, nightmarish individual.

My advice is to reject Oprah’s advice. Use your head just as much, if not more than you use your heart. Live in the world you’re in, not the one you internally create.

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City of Baltimore to Ship Thousands of School Kids to DC for the Anti-Gun “March for Our Lives”

Ah, Baltimore. The other city that never sleeps, primarily because its homicide rate is the highest in the country. Also interestingly, it’s a city big on gun control. How could a city with strict gun laws have such a high murder rate? I thought having more firearm laws would save lives.

But true to the form of the insane, Baltimore is going to keep pushing forward with the idea that doesn’t work and promote gun restrictions by busing school children to Washington D.C. in order to participate in the March for Our Lives event this month. Not just a class, or representatives from a Baltimore school, but 3,000 students total.

What’s more is that Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh has announced that 60 buses will be provided for “free,” to the students who go, as well as meals and free t-shirts, according to the Baltimore Sun’s Kevin Rector.

If that sounds expensive, it’s because it is. The taxpayer will foot the bill at $100,000 according to the mayor’s estimate.

Apparently Baltimore has the cash to throw around, despite the fact that it had to slash the budget just a few years ago thanks to a $75 million shortfall. But hey, when it comes to pushing the leftist narrative at the forefront of everyone’s mind, you spare no expense.

But perhaps the mayor is openly announcing this because there will be some help given to the city to help this little adventure in the promotion of rights stripping. As it’s been revealed, the March for Our Lives is about as grass roots as the local putt-putt golf course’s turf.

Every leftist organization on the who’s who activist list is helping fund and organize the supposedly “student led” march in D.C., including Planned Parenthood, Everytown USA, and the Women’s March. Perhaps Baltimore won’t be footing the bill, or at least won’t be footing most of it. The optics of having thousands of students skipping class to march for Democrat’s cause du jour would be superb, and I doubt any activist group would let such an opportunity go to waste.


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The Political DREAMer Monster Created by the DNC is Now Eating Its Maker Alive

Democratic politicians have been using DREAMers as a weapon by which to slam their Republican opponents as racist, or uncaring when it comes to children. They’ve used those who were brought here as children as shield and a sword, and sat back as the activists this has created appeared on mainstream cameras everywhere spreading the words about the right’s evil aims.

But now it appears the DREAMers have figured out they were being used as pawns in a political game for votes, instead of being the cared for group of people the DNC told them they were. And they aren’t happy.

According to the Daily Wire, DREAMers got together to block the entrance to the DNC on Independence Ave. in Washington, D.C. while wearing pajamas to symbolize their “dreamer” status. The protesters had to be forcibly removed by police as they sang, chanted, and preached their rejection of the Democratic party.

And many of them had some brutal criticisms for the DNC, according the Daily Wire:

“For years I’ve been told that Republicans aren’t my friends, and they don’t care about my community,” said one DREAMer.

“I’m here to say ‘no,’” he continued. “I’m withdrawing from the Democratic Party. I will not be working on any other campaigns. I will not be advocating for Democrats until something happens for my brothers and sisters.”

“I went down to the DNC and I took back what they stole from me and I took back my dignity and I took back my humanity!” said another.

The protesters rounded out their demonstration with a chant, “Too many years, too many lies!” referencing a nearly 12 year span between Democrats’ initial promise of immigration reform and DACA expiration.

There was also footage of the protest itself, which featured protesters in pajamas shouting things like “Undocumented. Unafraid,” and that the DNC should do its job.

This is not the first time DREAMers have turned on leftist figures that claim to support them. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was had a press conference event stormed by dreamers who shouted her down and eventually forced her to leave the building.

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Watch: Dear Celebrities, No One Cares What You Think

Hollywood’s incredibly thick ideological bubble keeps them well-insulated from the outside world, often making many of the most elite celebrities you see some of the most out of touch people walking the planet. These same people believe that they are the arbiters of morality and preach to us about right and wrong as they swim in an environment replete with rapists, liars, and hypocrites.

But as a new Prager U video hosted by Turning Point USA’s Director of Urban Development Candace Owens explains, it’s far too easy for a celebrity to think people actually care about their moral grandstanding thanks to all the dedication and praise heaped on them by fans.

As Owens explains in her new video, celebrities are simply confusing their fan’s adoration for 100% agreement with all of their philosophies.

But as they assume everyone agrees with them, they also assume that those who don’t are a fringe minority who are jumping on board with racism, sexism, or whatever “ism” they can think of. They go on live television and insult anyone, including their fans, who disagree with them.

Eminem went so far as to tell his fans that they either choose him or Trump and cursed at those who chose the latter. This level of intellectual entitlement is deep, but the amount of actual intellectualism is about as shallow as a shower.

As Owens says in the video, this would be amusing if it wasn’t so offensive to the fans:

On the one hand, we should find all of this amusing; but on the other, it’s actually deeply offensive: It’s offensive that you confuse our admiration for blind faith. When Eminem raps I have to either pick him or the president of the United States, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Which is why it’s important that I take this moment to offer each and every one of you celebs a free ride back down to Planet Earth.

What happens outside of your gated communities, chauffeured SUVs, and personal assistant’s iPhone is the real world. It’s the rest of us, working very hard to earn a living—working toward that weekend break, when we can perhaps afford to treat ourselves to your concerts, your movies, and your handbags.

You see, we want to enjoy what you do. Sing. Dance. Act. Design. It’s a wonderful gift you have. And it’s extremely valuable not only to you, but to us. Entertaining people—making them laugh, or cry—is something that you should take pride in. You enrich our world with your talent.

The arts are highly important to human culture, but when the arts become an avenue by which to stand on a platform to attack innocent people, it depletes the importance of the art. It paints the artist as someone not worthy of enjoying, despite the high quality of their work. It ceases being a love for art and starts being a door for propaganda.

“But when you go on a political rant on late night TV or call your fans racist and sexist—my God, these people are your fans!— just because they don’t think or vote the way you want them to, you cross a line,” says Owens. “You lose touch with reality. You become just another shill for another politician.”

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