Rand Paul Provides Info That Demolishes the “Trump Is Racist” Narrative

Speculation on whether Trump is a racist has been flying around since the 2016 campaigns. While people would point to some instances in his past that prove he is one, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has proof to the contrary.

Between Trump’s “bad hombre” comments about illegals from Mexico, to his original trouble in denouncing the KKK during an interview — Trump blamed his inability to understand what was being asked of him on a faulty earpiece — many have leveled the charge of racism against Trump with veracity.

Of course, people are also now pointing to Trump calling Haiti and other countries “sh*tholes” as another example of his racism. But Trump has denied any charge of racism against him despite his words, and to back up the President’s claims, Paul appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday where he actually put forth some proof contrary to the narrative.

“I know personally about his feelings towards Haiti and toward Central America because when I was not a candidate for president and he wasn’t a candidate for president I went down there on a medical mission trip,” Paul said. “I did about 200 cataract surgeries with a group of surgeons in Haiti and the same in Central America, and when we asked Donald J. Trump as a private citizen to support those trips, he was a large financial backer of both medical mission trips.

“So I think it’s unfair to sort of draw conclusions from a remark that I think wasn’t constructive is the least we can say, and it’s unfair to all of a sudden paint him as ‘he’s a racist’ when I know for a fact he cares very deeply about the people in Haiti because he helped finance a trip where we were able to get vision back for 200 people in Haiti,” Paul added.

Lacking in grace as Trump’s comments were, to say that he is a racist because of his relatively true remarks about the state of a country’s people shouldn’t be considered racist. In truth, acknowledging that these countries are in a bad way is the first step to making it better. If their problems weren’t so bad, Paul wouldn’t need to go there to provide free medical support for people with vision problems.

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Mike Rowe Demolishes Woman Who Tried to Get Him Fired for His Views in His Polite Mike Rowe Way

Like many things “How I Heard It” podcast host Mike Rowe does, his “Off the Wall” segments are always a good read. Through them, Rowe dishes out some common sense wisdom by answering a question or comment from a fan, or in some cases, someone who isn’t a fan at all.

In his latest “Off the Wall” Rowe answered a comment made by a woman named “Rebecca Bright” who is less than fond of Rowe due to what she assumes are his beliefs and stances. Bright is a fan of the show “How the Universe Works,” which Rowe does the voice over work for, but asked for Rowe to get kicked of the show because, according to her, he’s somewhere between Hitler and the devil.

“I love the show How the Universe Works, but I’m lost on how the producers and the Science Channel can allow anti-education, science doubting, ultra-right wing conservative Mike Rowe to narrate the show,” wrote Bright. “There are countless scientists that should be hired for that, or actors, if you must, that believe in education and science that would sound great narrating the show, example: Morgan Freeman. Cancel this fools contract and get any of your scientists so often on the show to narrate it.”

As usual, Rowe didn’t immediately launch into a tirade about how Bright is a bigot who makes a lot of assumptions. In fact, he didn’t respond with any insults of his own whatsoever. Instead, Rowe began his response by talking about…black holes.

“First of all, I’m glad you like the show,” began Rowe. ““How the Universe Works” is a terrific documentary series that I’ve had the pleasure of narrating for the last six seasons. I thought this week’s premiere was especially good. It was called, “Are Black Holes Real?” If you didn’t see it, spoiler alert….no one knows!!!”

Rowe highlighted how the existence of black holes have not been proven, and that many scientists chomp at the bit to prove or disprove the black hole theory since a large swath of what we know about the universe depends on their existence.

“As I’m sure you know, it’s OK to make assumptions based on theories. In fact, it’s critical to progress. But it’s easy these days to confuse theory with fact,” continued Rowe.

Rowe added a story about how scientific discovery changes what we know about the known universe by the day, showing that assumptions based on theories are oftentimes the way we pursue scientific fact, but are in no way akin to fact itself, though we often see a thing as proven when the theory is popular enough. That’s why skepticism is important in scientific pursuits.

As Rowe puts it:

This is an important point. If I said I was skeptical that a supernatural being put us here on Earth, you’d be justified in calling me a “doubter of religion.” But if I said I was skeptical that manmade global warming was going to melt the icecaps, that doesn’t make me a “doubter of science.” Once upon a time, the best minds in science told us the Sun revolved around the Earth. They also told us the Earth was flat, and that a really bad fever could be cured by blood-letting. Happily, those beliefs were questioned by skeptical minds, and we moved forward.

But as Rowe finished his set up, he finally turned his attention to Bright herself, writing “let’s consider for a moment, your very best efforts to have me fired.”

But still, Rowe wasn’t cruel. In fact, he used Bright’s own ammunition against her:

You’ve called me an “ultra-right wing conservative,” who is both “anti-education,” and “science-doubting.” Interestingly, you offer no proof. Odd, for a lover of science. So I challenge you to do so now. Please provide some evidence that I am in fact the person you’ve described. And by evidence, I don’t mean a sentence taken out of context, or a meme that appeared in your newsfeed, or a photo of me standing next to a politician or a talk-show host you don’t like. I mean actual proof of what you claim I am.

Also, please bear in mind that questioning the cost of a college degree does not make me “anti-education.” Questioning the existence of dark-matter does not make me a “dark-matter denier.” And questioning the wisdom of a universal $15 minimum wage doesn’t make me an “ultra-right wing conservative.” As for Morgan Freeman, I agree. He’s a terrific narrator, and a worthy replacement. But remember, Morgan played God on the big screen. Twice. Moreover, he has publicly claimed to be a “believer.” (gasp!) Should this disqualify him from narrating a series that contradicts the Bible at every turn? If not, why not?

Rowe continued by pointing out that Bright prides herself as being a strong defender of what’s right, and holding her ground. Yet, Rowe pointed out that she’s not defending what’s right, but is really acting like a closed-minded bully would.

“Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t think the ground you’re standing on is worth defending,” wrote Rowe. “If you truly fear “no one & nothing,” it’s not because you’re brave; it’s because you’re unwilling to expose yourself to ideas that frighten you. And while I can see that you like to fight for what you think is “right” (in this case, getting people fired that you disagree with,) one could easily say the same thing about any other misguided, garden-variety bully.”

That’s when Rowe finished with an uppercut.

“In other words, Rebecca, I don’t think you give a damn about science,” he finished. “If I’m wrong, prove it. Take a step back and be skeptical about your own assumptions. Take a moment to doubt your own words, and ask yourself – as any good scientist would – if you’ve got your head up a black hole.”

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Medicaid Recipients Are About to Have to Work for It

The Trump administration said Thursday that it will allow states to begin requiring people who receive medicaid to work for the privilege.

According to the Associated Press, states may now require “able-bodied” recipients of Medicaid to contribute to the community in some way before they can receive their benefits. It should be noted that this change in rules is not a federally mandated one, but allows states to utilize the option should it choose to, or need to.

Exemptitions from these rules are:

—Pregnant women, disabled people and the elderly.

—Taking into account hardships for people in areas with high unemployment, or for people caring for children or elderly relatives.

—Allowing people under treatment for substance abuse to have their care counted as “community engagement” for purposes of meeting a requirement.

According to AP, the decision has had both positive and negative reactions. One of those who advocate for the move is the head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services itself:

Seema Verma, head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said requiring work or community involvement can make a positive difference in people’s lives and in their health. The goal is to help people move from public assistance into jobs that provide health insurance. “We see people moving off of Medicaid as a good outcome,” she said.

Kentucky Sen. Damon Thayer agrees:

In Kentucky, which expanded Medicaid, Republican state Sen. Damon Thayer said work requirements could lessen the program’s impact on the state budget. They also hearken back to the program’s original intent, he added, “as temporary assistance to try to help people get back on their feet, not a permanent subsidy for someone’s lifestyle, if they’re capable of working.”

But Democrats see the requirement as a potential hurdle that could see help denied to people who need it, like Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden who is the top Dem on the committee that oversees Medicaid. Wyden said “Health care is a right that shouldn’t be contingent on the ideological agendas of politicians.”

According to the Associated Press, Democrats may be out of touch with the public’s view of how Medicaid should be doled out, however:

A poll last year from the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation found that 70 percent of the public supported allowing states to require Medicaid recipients to work, even as most Americans opposed deep Medicaid cuts sought by congressional Republicans and the Trump administration.

According to the administration, ten states have already applied for the wavers. This includes Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Utah and Wisconsin. Kentucky’s is reportedly going to be approved very shortly.

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Musical Artist Seal Blasts Oprah as Part of the Problem in Hollywood

Artist Seal, famous for his song “Kiss From a Rose” and “Crazy” blasted Oprah from his Instagram as being one of the Hollywood elite who was implicit in the serial sexual assaults that plagued Tinseltown.

According to the Daily Mail, Seal, 54, watched Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes with disgust and posted a meme showing Oprah kissing Harvey Weinstein on the cheek with the words “When you have been part of the problem for decades.” A second picture is put right underneath that one of Oprah introducing musical artist Rita Ora to Weinstein with the words “but suddenly they all think you are the solution.”

Along with the picture, Seal wrote the message “Oh I forgot, that’s right…..you’d heard the rumours but you had no idea he was actually serially assaulting young stary-eyed actresses who in turn had no idea what they were getting into. My bad.

Seal would not say whether Oprah knew for certain whether or not Weinstein was assaulting young actresses, but seemed more critical about the fact that Oprah didn’t seem to be attempting to get to the bottom of the problem, or even give it any mind at all.

Seal later posted a video saying he respects everything Oprah has accomplished, and that his reposting of a meme was more of a commentary of Hollywood’s hypocrisy and injustice than any kind of attack on Oprah. He also said that all the women who have come forward have received no justice, and that their rapists are still walking around without any real punishment.

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Jay Leno: Late-Night Television is Nothing but a “Depressing” Trump Bash-Fest

If you’re sick of watching people like Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert devolve into a nightly routine of anti-Trump jokes and insults then you’re in the same boat as former late-night legend Jay Leno.

The former “Tonight Show” host had good things to say about the show hosts, and that they were indeed funny, but the negativity that has pervaded the late night show slots has been “depressing” to watch.

From Hollywood Reporter:

Late-night has always been pretty topical. The only trouble is now everyone has the same topic. (Laughs.) It’s all depressing Trump stuff. And they all do a great job. Seth Meyers is a great writer; Jimmy Kimmel does a good job; Jimmy Fallon does a great job. I like Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah [on Comedy Central] and Samantha Bee [on TBS]. The trouble is that there’s such negativity now. When I did the show, Bush was dumb and Clinton was horny and it was human problems. Now it’s all anti-women, anti-LGBT, anti-Muslim, anti-Mexican, anti-Salvadoran; it’s such a negative thing. God bless all the late-night hosts, they make it funny, but ultimately, it’s depressing.

Leno is certain to make people understand that he’s a Trump supporter, however. Still, he does lament that late-night programming is no longer an escape from the more serious parts of the world:

You don’t really watch late-night TV to get away from reality anymore; now it’s more in your face. You laugh but then you go to bed going, “Oh man, the world is really pretty rough.” And it’s not, it’s one man that causes all these problems!

While anti-Republican sentiment is in now way new, the way the current crop of late night hosts has ratcheted it up to 11 has been hard to watch, and the ratings show it.

Overall, late-night viewership has seen declines ever since the Trump bashing began. While the topic might be fresh, the fact that it’s about the same topic over and over again makes the jokes feel old. Add onto the fact that some hosts, like Kimmel, completely ditch the comedy and go for either outrage or on camera tears. The same kind they used to make fun of Glenn Beck for.

Also, Samantha Bee isn’t even funny, so that doesn’t help.

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Twitter’s “Shadowbanning” of Conservatives Confirmed as Twitter Employees Confess in Undercover Sting Video

The act of “shadow banning” has been used by various social media companies. The idea is that a user would not be outright banned from a social media platform, but the company would make it so that few, if any other users would see your content. Shadowbanning is usually used to censor certain users for their ideas or political positions as a way to seem like the company isn’t trying to silence anyone when they actually are.

Thanks to a new undercover sting video by Project Veritas, we now know that Twitter itself is implementing such a ban.

Rumors of Twitter using shadow banning are not new. Many users, specifically of the right-wing variety, have noticed that their engagement went from sixty to zero very quickly, and with no explanation as to why. Certain users complained that they felt their tweets weren’t being seen, and other users would confirm that they haven’t noticed tweets from specific users in a while despite the fact that they’ve been active.

But this new video from Project Veritas proves that many of the fears were correct, as no less than eight Twitter officials are caught on camera essentially admitting that they’re indeed attempting to silence certain people.

“Yeah you look for Trump, or America, and you have like five thousand keywords to describe a redneck,” Twitter Direct Messaging Engineer Pranay Singh. “Then you look and parse all the messages, all the pictures, and then you look for stuff that matches that stuff.”

“I would say majority of it are for Republicans,” he added.

By the confession of the Twitter employees, conservatives are targeted based on pro-Trump material, as well as anything involving pro-Christianity, pro-guns, free markets, etc. When a tweet or account roles across a Twitter employee’s desk that contains any or all of these, that tweet is silenced, and that person shadow banned.

Watch Daily Caller’s highlights video of the sting below.

Twitter is one of the largest platforms in America for the exchange of ideas, especially political. Articles from various websites are traded between users, spreading information and facts that many on the left would consider inconvenient, all the way up to damning. Arguments between ideological opponents often reveal weaknesses in arguments or character.

Open communication and free speech is the way to a better society, even if the speech being exhibited by some of its users isn’t remotely good. However, many of the silicone valley companies believe that the leftist message is the only message that should reign.

This can be a very frightening thing for America, especially since the flow of information is controlled by many in the tech industry. Google, one of the largest distributors of information on the planet, is implicitly left-wing as revealed by its targeting of conservative sites for fact-checking while ignoring left-wing sites. It can also be seen in its labeling of figures like Ben Shapiro as not friendly to advertisers, or the latest lawsuit with James Damore.

Many of these sites like to pretend they aren’t silencing conservative or libertarian voices, but now we have open proof that they are.

But it’s not just conservatives that should be worried. This kind of forced echo-chamber, intolerance, bigotry, and subterfuge from silicone valley should trouble everyone who wants a more free, and open society.

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Women’s March “Pussy Hats” Are OUT for Feminists for Being Too Transphobic and Racist

Nothing is safe from the social justice crowd, not even the very symbols of the social justice crowd.

The knitted pink pussy hats made famous by the women’s march are now being labeled as transphobic and racist, meaning that you won’t see them in the upcoming Women’s March next week, which will celebrate the one year anniversary of the first women’s march.

According to the Detroit Free Press, feminists are reporting that since “trans women” don’t have vaginas, the hats exclude and are offensive. What’s more, women of color typically have brown genitalia, and since the hat represents female genitalia, a pink color is highly exclusionary.

“I personally won’t wear one because if it hurts even a few people’s feelings, then I don’t feel like it’s unifying,” said Phoebe Hopps, founder and president of Women’s March Michigan, according to DFP.

“I care more about mobilizing people to the polls than wearing one hat one day of the year,” she added.

Of course, the creators of the hat hold that the only reason pink was chosen was because it represents femininity:

The color pink was chosen “because pink is associated with femininity,” the Pussyhat Project posted on its website. “We did not choose the color pink as a representation of some people’s anatomy. Anyone who supports women’s rights is welcome to wear a Pussyhat. It does not matter if you have a vulva or what color your vulva may be. If a participant wants to create a Pussyhat that reflects the color of her vulva, we support her choice.”

However, the Pensacola chapter of the Women’s March sees the hats as a “Eurocentric” “knee-jerk” reaction to Trump:

“The Pink P*ssy Hat reinforces the notion that woman = vagina and vagina = woman, and both of these are incorrect. Additionally, the Pink P*ssy Hat is white-focused and Eurocentric in that it assumes that all vaginas are pink; this is also an incorrect assertion,” it posted to its Facebook page. The post has been shared more than 1,200 times.

“The Pensacola Women’s March organizers understand that this idea was a knee-jerk reaction to the heinous, sexist, misogynistic Trump administration, but it is also just that: a knee-jerk reaction, not fully thought out. Therefore, we ask that march goers refrain from wearing this hat and instead, pick an alternative headwear that focuses on collective women’s liberation for ALL women: transgender women, multinational women, disabled women, queer women — the most marginalized. It is only through the centering and leadership of these groups that women will be liberated — not through exclusionary white feminism, which the Pink P*ssy Hat is indicative of.

It’s interesting that the Pensacola chapter of the Women’s March called the creation of the pussy hat a “knee-jerk reaction,” because that’s exactly what the Women’s March was as a whole.

The women who participated in the march knew only a few things; that Trump was President, he was a Republican, and he beat Hillary. The suffering this caused the left launched a million and one protests ranging from non-violent to very violent, and all of them were a lashing out from the left. Hilariously, each of them thought they were really doing something good, and that would change the course of the future.

Narrator: “They didn’t.”

Whether for or against the hats, the Women’s March has a larger problem on its hands, and that’s the fact that the marches aren’t accomplishing anything. In fact, the entire Resistance movement hasn’t, and that’s by the admission of its own analysts.

Furthermore, the “pussy hat” has only served as a signal for others that the person under it isn’t to be taken seriously. For one, the left’s insistence that it wear genitalia in some form or fashion has never helped anyone not on the team to understand ideas or positions any better. It’s only acted as a hindrance to serious conversation. Combine that with the fact that the social justice and feminist crowds have been highly unreasonable and overly dramatic, and you have what only amounts to a circus sideshow in the media.

But watching the leftist social justice groups turn on their own is always delicious. Today it’s pussy hats on the chopping block. Tomorrow it’ll be references to vaginas at all. Then it will be the type of clothing people wear, or messages on the picket signs, or banned words, or who knows. Eventually, as most social justice centered things do, it’ll devolve into a dictatorial bit of asinine nonsense that no one but the insane will want to attend.

So long, pussy hats. If you ask me, your death signals the beginning of the end.

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WHOA: Obama Admin May Have Warned Terrorist Leader of Israeli Assassination Plot as Exposed by Chatty Former Spox

The Obama administration may have prevented the assassination of a terrorist military leader by Israel by letting the leader know the plan beforehand, as Obama’s former U.S. National Security Council spokesman may have revealed in a tweet.

It all started when The New York Times’ Bret Stephens tweeted out an article from Hareetz, which claimed an assassination attempt on Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, who is also commander of the Quds forces, a sponsor of terrorism according to the U.S.

“The story here, Kuwaiti-sourced, is that Obama team tipped Tehran to an Israeli attempt to assassinate Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian general who has the blood of hundreds of American troops in his hand. What says [Ben Rhodes]?” asked Stephens, referring to Obama’s former foreign policy adviser.

Answering him, however, was Tommy Vietor who worked as Obama’s former U.S. National Security spokesman.

“Yeah WTF Ben? Immediately confirm or deny this totally unsubstantiated claim and then tell us why you don’t support assassinations,” tweeted Vietor.

Stephens reached back into history and reminded Vietor that the Iran-Contra scandal started similarly, and reminded Vietor that actually, the Obama administration was all about assassinations. In fact, they trumpeted one assassination as one of their primary accomplishments.

“Funny, I remember how Iran-Contra scandal began [Tommy Vietor]. Little story in obscure Lebanese magazine. Also glad to know Obama administration doesn’t support assassinations—except by SEAL team or drone strike. Because that’s totally different,” he tweeted.

Vietor brought up the assassination of Osama bin Laden as a defense, but called Suleimani an “Iranian political leader.”

Calling Suleimani a political leader didn’t sit right for Stephens, who reminded Vietor who the general was, and who he led.

“Seriously, Tommy Vietor? Suleimani is an ‘Iranian political leader’? Actually, he’s head of the Quds Force, which is a US-designated sponsor of terrorism. Suleimani is sanctioned by name. Here, read about it,” he said, linking to information about the Quds Forces.

That’s when Vietor may have spilled way too many beans. Firstly, Vietor called a U.S. supported assassination of Suleimani “irresponsible.”

Then replying to conservative radio show host Hugh Hewitt, Vietor let loose that Obama did many things against Iran to deter them, but revealed that an “assassination of QS by Israel would be destabilizing to put it mildly.”

Did Vietor just reveal that the Obama admin had betrayed Israel by revealing an assassination plot against a terrorist leader? Stephens asked him.

Vietor hasn’t replied since.

Let’s not forget that evidence surfaced that the Obama administration was recently enabling Hezbollah’s narco-terrorism in fear that stopping it would harm the Iran deal. Standing in the way of an assassination attempt by Israel would seem right up the Obama admin’s alley in this case.

(h/t: Daily Wire)

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Minimum Wage Hikes Destroy Even More Jobs as Red Robin Forced to Lay Off Hundreds

Restaurant chain Red Robin has found itself losing money thanks to the west coast’s love affair with hiking the minimum wage. As a result, the chain says they’ll be eliminating the jobs of busboys across 500 plus locations, essentially killing the jobs leftist set out to make better.

According to New York Post, Red Robin is looking to save $8 million by axing the jobs of busboys from each of its 570 restaurants. This comes on the heels of Red Robin eliminating its food expediters, which saved them $10 million in 2017.

“We need to do that to address the labor increases we’ve seen,” Red Robin’s chief financial officer Guy Constant told attendees at the ICR retail conference, according to New York Post.

While eliminating the jobs of the busboys, existing staff will have to pick up the slack. According to restaurant consultant John Gordan, this is going to put a damper on customer service.

The sudden death in jobs should surprise no one. In December, a study was released by the Employment Policies Institute that showed wage hikes in California to the desired $15 an hour would cost the state 400,000 jobs by 2022 due to businesses compensating by laying off employees. Sadly, Red Robin busboys and expediters were the first on the list.

It’s not clear how many jobs have been lost yet, but if the 2022 prediction holds true, then much of the west coast may find itself in the midst of an unemployment crisis. It’s already facing one of the largest drop-offs of taxpayers as they flee the burdensome blue state for greener pastures of red states by the thousands.

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Super Bowl Exec Says They’ll Show Kneeling Players, Proving No One Learned Anything from Massive Ratings Drop

How do the people in charge of showing sports on their channel treat its tanking ratings, and customers departing in droves? It promises to keep doing exactly what caused the people to leave in the first place.

According to Variety, NBC Sports Executive Producer Fred Gaudelli addressed controversy concerns at the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Tuesday. When the subject of displaying the kneeling came up, Gaudelli responded by saying they will change absolutely nothing, and will continue to display the disrespect to America on everyone’s television screens.

“The Super Bowl is a live event, just like ‘Sunday Night Football.’ When you’re covering alive event, you’re covering whats happening. So if there are players that choose to kneel, they will be shown live. I would say, probably since Thanksgiving, a lot of that has kind of disappated and died down. It’s certainly possible it could happen again.”

He also addressed the fact that ratings have been monumentally suffering ever since the controversy started, and according to Gaudelli, you can blame a lot of things for it, but kneelers are one he failed to mention.

“I think there’s a lot of reasons for it,” Gaudelli said. “Obviously, you can watch the game anywhere on any device there is. If your team isn’t having the season you’d hoped they have, if the weather is bad…I think there are a lot of factors and to pin it on one thing I think is erroneous.”

“There are a lot of empty seats, especially in the beginning of the second half,” sportscaster Al Michaels added. “Most of the seats in most of the stadiums have been sold, but you go to Atlanta, where they just opened up a new stadium. They have behind the lower bowl a 100 yard almost mall. You’ve got stores, you’ve got bars, you’ve got restaurants, you’ve got games for the kids.”


The numbers are staring Gaudelli right in the face. A whopping 33 percent of NFL viewers packed up and found something better to do when the games came on, most of them citing a boycott over the kneelers in some form or another.

But NBC Sports execs want to blame it on bad weather and smart phones.

This is your brain on social justice.

(h/t: The Fine Folks at Louder with Crowder)

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