Yeti Coolers Cuts Ties With the NRA, and Rtic Coolers Immediately Proves They’re the Smarter Business

There are bad ideas, and there are really bad ideas. Yeti coolers cutting ties with the NRA is one of the latter.

On Sunday, Yeti decided they would no longer sell their products to the NRA. According to the NRA, Yeti offered no reason why this move happened.

From The NRA Foundation:

“Suddenly, without prior notice, YETI has declined to do business with The NRA Foundation saying they no longer wish to be an NRA vendor, and refused to say why.  They will only say they will no longer sell products to The NRA Foundation.  That certainly isn’t sportsmanlike. In fact, YETI should be ashamed.  They have declined to continue helping America’s young people enjoy outdoor recreational activities.  These activities enable them to appreciate America and enjoy our natural resources with wholesome and healthy outdoor recreational and educational programs.”

I can’t begin to tell you how bad of a move this is for Yeti, and I’m surprised Yeti didn’t throw the idea — as well as the man or woman who had it — out of the boardroom the moment it was brought up.

Yeti is what’s known as a lifestyle brand. People pay exorbitant amounts of money for their products because having a Yeti cup not only fits in with their lifestyle, but it says something about them. Something along the lines of “I lead a more rugged lifestyle and I need a product that can keep up with me.”

The fact here is that people who buy Yeti products tend to be outdoor types. Hunters, fisherman, sportsman, construction workers, etc. The punchline is that Yeti coolers were primarily bought by people who tend to appreciate a middle American lifestyle, and middle America loves guns.

The punchline to this bad joke of a decision is that by rejecting the NRA, Yeti essentially turned its nose up to the idea of the gun rights the NRA heavily promotes and defends. Many in middle America tend to look at the NRA as a heavily defended wall that keeps the gun control wolves in the hills.

And Yeti, without rhyme or reason, turned its back on it. That’s not going to sit well with Americans.

Gun control is a losing issue for anyone who gets too close to it. Yes, there are those who would be so absurd as to strip all gun rights away from the populace thinking it will solve our problems — you can ask London how well that’s working — but for the most part, America wants to keep its gun rights right where they are. This was Yeti’s customer base.

Keyword “was.” Now it’s probably Rtic Cooler’s, as their marketing team seems to fully understand who their customers are, and what they like. Also, their Twitter banner is just better, but I digress.

In response to Yeti’s decision to toss it and leave it, Rtic pulled up quick to retrieve it and made it a point to let their customers know that they’re not pushing away their values by posting a picture of the 2nd Amendment on their Facebook page.

We’ll keep an eye out on how the sales are affected, but in the meantime, enjoy your new Rtic coolers, everyone.

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Amy Schumer, Alec Baldwin, and Other Leftist Celebrities Are Teaming Up to Fight the NRA…Again

Leftist Hollywood celebrities are once again coming together to do something about a right-leaning piece of America that they don’t like, or something. Whatever.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Alyssa Milano, Amy Schumer, and Alec Baldwin are going to try to drag the kids from Parkland back into the spotlight that has drifted away from them in order to start an advocacy group whose main goal is to fight the National Rifle Association and its influence on American politics.

They call it the…wait for it…”NO Rifle Association.”

The celebrities that have signed on to the “No Rifle Association” have already issued a letter to NRA President Wayne LaPierre telling him that they’re going to expose the NRA’s influence and win…something.

The No Rifle Association initiative (#NoRA) announced its formation and goals in a letter to NRA executive vp Wayne LaPierre on Friday. It was signed by over 130 celebrities and activists including Parkland shooting survivors David Hogg and Cameron Kasky, #MeToo founder Tarana Burke, Ashley Judd, W. Kamau Bell, Don Cheadle, Minnie Driver, Jon Favreau, Nathan Fillion, Jordan Horowitz, Jimmy Kimmel, Julianne Moore, Michael Moore, Patton Oswalt, Annabella Sciorra, Jill Soloway, Amber Tamblyn and Constance Wu.

“We’re going to shine a bright light on what you and your organization do to America. We’re going to make sure the whole world sees your bloody hands. We’re coming for your money. We’re coming for your puppets. And we’re going to win,” the strongly worded letter announces.

So, here’s what likely going to happen:

  • The media will probably attach themselves to this story and allow all these celebrities a platform to talk about their initiative, and really get the word around.
  • Celebrities are probably going to get together to make a video where they will all repeat the same phrase over and over again, like “Not one more,” or “the NRA has to listen,” “has to listen,” “has to listen.”
  • This will result in another social media war over guns and the NRA.
  • The NRA’s membership and bank contents will likely double.

The NRA is an odd beast within America’s culture, and it’s an oddity that it shares with entities like Chick-fil-A. The more pressure you put on it, or the more you attack it, the tougher and more popular it becomes. With every attack on the NRA, their numbers increase. This was evidenced very recently by the Parkland student-led attack on it, which caused the NRA’s donation numbers to triple. According to TIME, membership to other gun groups saw increases as much as 30 percent.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say Hollywood is trying to sell more NRA memberships.

But while this is all laughable, it does expose the elitism of Hollywood and how they view we who reside outside the gilded cage. Allow me to quote me from yesterday:

The leftist elite, be they of Hollywood or D.C., seem to believe that whatever they hold dear is worth protecting with firearms. Thing is, they don’t seem to want to extend the same protection to the peasantry. Their safety, valuables and loved ones are worth killing for, but you should just be able to lose these things without the same protections because…well, as far as I can tell, we’re not worth as much.

It’s bad enough that this hypocrisy of “guns for me, but not for thee” is present, but not highlighted often is that this idea is rooted in the elitism of those attempting to make the rules of engagement between us and the world at large FOR us.

The NRA exists to protect our rights, with a MAJOR focus on the 2nd Amendment. Despite the hysterics driven by politicians, the media, and activist groups, guns are an overall boon to our country. They helped us found it, and they help us keep it. The absence of guns tends to lead to death, while the those who keep them responsibly tend to enjoy safety and security on their own terms.

These celebrities benefit from the protections guns provide, but believe the populace living in flyover country either do not deserve the same protections or cannot handle them responsibly. These elite think they know better.

Their “No Rifle Association” isn’t a sign that Hollywood just wants us to be safe, it’s a sign that they don’t really think much of what happens beyond the scope of their upturned nose.

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The Fresno State Professor Who Celebrated Barbara Bush’s Death Is More Disturbed and Sick Than We Thought

Remember Fresno State professor Randa Jarrar?

To give you a refresher, Jarrar popped up on Twitter literally celebrating the death of former First Lady Barbara Bush, and cheering on the fact that former president George W. Bush is sad.

It was a horrid moment, especially when she bragged about the fact that she would suffer absolutely no professional fall out for it. While I’m all about someone having their free speech, I am also all about a state-run entity having standards that include not viciously celebrating the death of good people because of their political leanings, but I digress.

Jarrar has since locked her account after all of her braggadocio about her position and its security. Her Twitter bio now reads that the account is a private one, and her opinions are her own.

However, Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra managed to look into her Twitter feed further and found some highly disturbing things Jarrar has said in the past that indicate a woman filled with so much hatred, bigotry, and meanness that it reads like the screeds of a sick person.

From the Daily Wire:

“I can’t wait for the old white guard of literary writers and ‘critics’ to die. Their time is f**king up, too,” Jararr wrote.

In another tweet, Jararr writes: “Coming up: a bunch of f**king white women.”

In another tweet, Jararr showed her arrogance, telling another account to get the “f**k outta here with your white feminism. I said don’t at me b**ch. I’m a professor…”

Jararr, who is Muslim and is a major supporter of the Palestinian state, also wrote, “we are sooooo much cooler than Israelis, don’t at me b**ch.”

But while these are mean-spirited, and frankly, unbecoming of a grown adult, the biggest problem came when Jarrar gave out the number for mental health hotline pretending it to be her own:

Perhaps the most problematic tweet from Jararr the administration must now address is one from last night in which she posted a phone number she claimed belonged to her but is actually the number to Arizona State’s 24-Hour emergency crisis line.

An official who works on the crisis hotline told The Daily Wire they have been receiving an extremely high number of calls due to her tweet.

This is all very disturbing behavior, specifically directing a large amount of anger meant for her at a mental health line that became overwhelmed with calls. How many people that actually need help didn’t get the support they needed during that time because Jarrar thought it would be a solid burn on those who called it looking for her?

This is definitely a heinous woman…and she’s teaching the youth of America.

Again, I want to reiterate that I’m all about free speech. A person is more than welcome to spill their hatred and bigotry out into the public square as often and as furiously as they wish. However, when it comes to state-funded colleges, it’s hard not to want a line drawn when it comes to certain behaviors. She put people at risk who may have needed help because her hatred drove her to that length. She has demonstrated beyond a few hateful tweets that she’s willing to cause real harm.

This woman is clearly sick, and more needs to happen than the weak tea response given to us by Fresno State. From what I understand, Jarrar is now on leave, but being on leave is no punishment for someone who is getting paid regardless.

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SJW Fresno State Professor Celebrates Death of Barbara Bush, and Fresno State Will Do Nada About It

The American college is an odd breeding ground of some of the worst people humanity has to offer, and Professor Randa Jarrar of Fresno State is definitely one of them. 

According to the Daily Wire, Jarrar took to Twitter to bravely tweet out her hatred and joy over the death of former first lady Barbara Bush. She has since bravely protected her Twitter account, because that’s what brave social justice warriors who run their mouth do when confronted with opposition.

The Daily Wire reported that upon Barbara Bush’s death, Jarrar wrote “Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist who, along with her husband, raised a war criminal. F**k outta here with your nice words.”

Don’t worry. She kept going.

“PSA: either you are against these pieces of shit and their genocidal ways or you’re part of the problem. that’s actually how simple this is. I’m happy the witch is dead. can’t wait for the rest of her family to fall to their demise the way 1.5 million iraqis have. byyyeeeeeeee,” wrote Jarrar.

When the backlash began pouring in, Jarrar continued to spew her hatred of the Bush’s by rejoicing in the fact that former President George W. Bush is sad.

“All the hate I’m getting ALMOST made me forget how happy I am that George W Bush is probably really sad right now,” she tweeted.

Responding further to the outrage, Jarrar began to brag about her tenured professorship with all the grammatical errors you’d expect out of a college professor. The tweet is written as is below.

“sweetie i work as a tenured professor. I make 100K a year doing that. i will never be fired. i will always have people wanting to hear what i have to say. even you are one of them!”

Then finally, Jarrar suggested her newfound haters contact her boss, Fresno State President Joseph Castro and try to get her fired for her comments. Then, oddly, Jarrar celebrated the presence of the 1st Amendment, which is rare for an SJW.

“LOL! Let me help you,” tweeted Jarrar. “You should tag my president @JosephICastro. What I love about being an American professor is my right to free speech, and what I love about Fresno State is that I always feel protected and at home here. GO BULLDOGS!”

And indeed, that’s exactly what happened. Many Twitter users contacted Castro in order to make him aware of his employee’s disgusting behavior. What they got in return is a statement made with a lot of weak tea.

On behalf of Fresno State, I extend my deepest condolences to the Bush family on the loss of our former First Lady, Barbara Bush.

We share the deep concerns expressed by others over the personal comments made today by Professor Randa Jarrar, a professor in the English Department at Fresno State. Her statements were made as a private citizen, not as a representative of Fresno State.

Professor Gerard’s express personal views and commentary are obviously contrary to the core values of our University, which include respect and empathy for individuals with divergent points of view, and a sincere commitment to mutual understanding and progress.

In other words, Jarrar is right about her job security, and you can expect nothing to come of her behavior in the near future.

I shudder at the idea of what kind of students she’s creating. This is a kind of hate that is, oddly enough, well circulated around college campuses, yet if you’re a conservative attempting to simply express opposing ideas you’ll get shut down immediately.

This culture of hate for one side, acceptance of hate from another is oftentimes state funded just as Fresno State is.

But if that’s the rules the left wants to play by, then fine. We can play by those rules and toss out the next bout of boycotts driven by leftist outrage by simply saying the person doesn’t represent the views of the company he or she works for.

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All That Anti-Gun News Coverage and Activist Marches Amounted to Little as Gun Concerns Drop Drastically

Gun control is like those window stickers you throw at glass. They’ll stick when you first throw them, but eventually, they’ll just start sliding or rolling down until they hit the floor.

And this is exactly what we saw happen with the anti-gun surge that hit the public after the Parkland shooting. All the hysterics, the media coverage, the student activism, the marches, and the vitriol shot gun control into the public’s awareness, putting it at greater heights than much of the past.

And now, a month after all of it culminated in the highly publicized March for Our Lives, guns have lost over 50 percent of the public appeal.

According to Gallup, guns went from being one of the most important issues in America at 13 percent, and dropped all the way to six percent. It would appear that all that time, money, and national vitriol was for nothing.

But that’s not surprising. As Gallup highlights, concerns about guns tend to be a temporary thing:

But it remains to be seen how long-lasting these changes in Americans’ attitudes will prove to be. Past shootings, such as the 2012 incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School, have changed at least some aspect of public opinion related to gun control, but these effects have tended to be temporary.

That said, Gallup notes that concern for guns still makes it a high priority issue, but no one is certain if it will stay there. Gun control talk has been elevated since 2001:

Given this context, the 7-percentage-point drop in the percentage of Americans mentioning guns as the country’s top problem this month might be a signal that concerns over guns in the U.S. are beginning to be fade. But this likely overstates the importance of the indicator’s decline. Mentions of gun control as the country’s top problem remain elevated by historical standards. Since 2001, gun control has been mentioned on average by 1% of Americans as the country’s top problem.

Regardless, it would appear that America treats the push for gun control as a trend that, like any news item, tends to decrease and disappear from the mind when the media and political hysterics run their course after an atrocity. Overall, America is a pro-gun nation, and even in the face of elevated concerns and talk, America will typically revert back to its pro-gun tendencies after a time.

Being a gun culture is America’s default stance.

It’s just a shame that we continue to have to go through this loop, especially when it comes to schools. School shootings are highly avoidable, and it starts by putting guns in the schools, only turned outward toward the dangers that would threaten the children inside.

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Barbara Bush Proves She’s a Boss Even When Her Health Is Failing

Few women can claim to be as tough and spunky as Barbara Bush, former first lady, and wife of George H.W. Bush. So much so that I’m wondering if Chuck Norris is all he’s cracked up to be.

Barbara is famous for her wit and charm, and it would appear that there is no shortage of it, even though she’s currently suffering from severe failing health.

According to CBS Politics reporter Katie Watson, a fellow reporter was told that even though Barbara is bedridden, she’s still very alert and carrying on conversations.

Oh, and she’s also enjoying bourbon.

Barbara is made from sterner stuff that came from being a woman from her time. I can recall my great-grandmother leading the charge against a pack of wild pigs that had tried to invade her ranch, and upon running out of ammo, using her shotgun as a bat from the top of her car like it was the Alamo.

Barbara seems to be no different. When I have something as lame as the cold, the idea of bourbon is out of the question as I feel it would hurt my throat and chest. Meanwhile, Barbara is in far worse shape and suffering from COPD and congestive heart failure, yet she’s sipping whiskey like it’s no big deal. Consider me completely emasculated.

But that’s the kind of person Barbara is even at 92.

After battling her condition with a number of hospital visits, Barbara has decided that she’d had enough treatments, and would rather spend her time surrounded by family and friends.

I never had the opportunity to meet Barbara, but she’s always seemed to me to be a firecracker. Her toughness is inspiring, no matter what sex you are.

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Starbucks to Train Workers on “Unconscious Bias” After Having Two Black Men Arrested

Starbucks is in full on damage control mode after one of its stores had two black men arrested at one of its Philadelphia locations for trespassing and being uncooperative.

According to Fox affiliate KTXL, the two black men had sat down at the Starbucks, but were not ordering anything. After some time went by, the manager called the police who arrived and after talking with the men, said arrested them for trespassing. A real estate developer Andrew Yaffe said the two men were waiting for him.

The story went viral and resulted with two dozen protesters showing up at the location in anger.

According to the Valdosta Daily Times, protesters arrived at the store and called for the firing of its “racist manager.”:

Protesters Sunday demanded the firing of the store manager who had called police and every Philadelphia police officer who participated in the arrest. About 75 people and at least two dozen uniformed officers attended the noon protest, organized by Black Lives Matter activist Asa Khalif.

Halfway through the demonstration that began outside, Khalif led protesters into the store as confused customers looked on.

“Today, today this space is now secure, secured by the people,” Khalif yelled through a bullhorn once inside.

He then said to the crowd: “Should we ask the racist manager to come out?”

“Come out, come out wherever you are,” one protester said.

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson went to Philadelphia to personally apologize to the men for the incident, and said there’s going to be some changes on how Starbucks employees are trained.

This new training revolves around teaching its employees about “unconscious bias,” which is newspeak for teaching their employees how to identify their own racist tendencies.

While the actions by the managers were wrong, Starbucks is now engaging in a social justice driven training course usually only offered at college campuses. “Unconscious bias” usually implies that the person being accused of it is racist. While racism in any form is always bad, I’ve never once seen this leveled at anyone except the white population, and I hope that if Starbucks is going to engage in this kind of training, that they make sure it’s done across the board.

Or, better yet, either fire or reprimand the manager responsible for the incident, apologize to the two men, and don’t introduce social justice agendas into the corporate workplace. This rarely works out for the better.

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Planned Parenthood Using Virtual Reality Simulation of Going to Get an Abortion to Generate “Empathy”

One of the bigger aspects of the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, other than abortion, is convincing people that having an abortion is great.

Trying to convince the populace that killing babies is somehow a healthy thing to do, as well as lends to the liberation of women is a kind of deed that is as nefarious as it has been successful. Though, according to some things I’ve seen, even that might message might be losing its punch as more people want more restrictions on abortion.

But still, Planned Parenthood will push forward, and that involves utilizing new technologies to spread their propaganda. With virtual reality on the rise, Planned Parenthood is naturally going to get involved in the simulation business. Now you can strap on a headset, and take part as if you were actually there.

According to LifeSite, Planned Parenthood has created a simulation that would allow you to put yourself into the shoes of someone who experiences what it’s like to be someone going to a Planned Parenthood for an abortion using a video they did in 2017 called “Across the Line.” According to Planned Parenthood executive Dawn Laguens, who called Planned Parenthood a young people’s brand,” it’s supposed to generate empathy.

We produced a virtual reality film called “Across the Line” that gives people the opportunity to step into the shoes of a patient who’s trying to get through a crowd of protestors to get to their appointment. And it’s a really powerful experience, because it turns out, of course, you’ve been threatened with eternal damnation in the lake of fire and called, among the nicest things, a “wicked jezebel feminist” (but many other things), it really does increase your empathy for a person and your willingness to stand up for them to be able to access any care, but especially abortion.

“Across the Line” was a “video game” that put you in the shoes of someone who is driving up to a clinic to get an abortion, but must first navigate the protesters looking to stop you. The idea from Planned Parenthood was that they’d use real life protesters to show how awful they are.

What ended up happening, as LifeSite lets on, is showing how caring, calm, and helpful the pro-life protesters could be:

It turns out that using real pro-lifers instead of carefully-crafted caricatures was their first strategic blunder. We see the “patient” and a friend driving to the abortion facility, past a crowd of pro-lifers chanting and holding signs. They stop and ask a man who approaches their car for directions to the right building.

The man turns out to be one of the sidewalk counselors, and he’s about as far from “threatening” as you can imagine.

He tells them it’s not a “healthcare clinic,” but rather a place that commits 20-30 abortions per day. He then tries to get her to change her mind, his tone firm yet gentle, his voice sounding like he’s on the verge of tears that can only be described as the epitome of real empathy.

After that, the screen cuts to digitally rendered protesters yelling at you about how you’re a whore, going to Hell, and all those cliche things you hear about pro-lifers from the left. Of course, as LifeSite points out, it’s odd that they went from using real-life protesters to digitally rendered ones with amazing audio quality. There’s zero proof that any pro-lifers actually said this stuff, but according to Planned Parenthood, this is all part of a real life experience.

I guess real-life pro-lifers weren’t working out as well as they thought.

Interestingly, Planned Parenthood is not releasing any virtual reality games that involve you being the doctor and performing a real abortion. Apparently, Planned Parenthood isn’t too keen on that kind of footage being shown.

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Syrian Refugee Wants to Have a Beer With Trump and Thank Him for Actually Doing Something

Here’s a video I didn’t see coming.

Kassem Eid is a survivor of the 2013 gas attack and is apparently thrilled that President Donald Trump is actually backing up his threats against Assad unlike the previous guy in the Oval Office.

The U.S. attack on Syria as a result of the use of chemical warfare was a direct result of Syria crossing a “red line,” that Obama had apparently taught Assad not to fear crossing. With the U.S. striking Syria locations with precision missiles as punishment, according to Eid, some Syrians couldn’t be happier.

Appearing on CNN, Eid actually told the network that he wanted to buy Trump a beer.

“I just want to tell Mr. Trump directly: I’m a Syrian refugee who survived chemical weapons attacks, who lived under two years of siege and bombardment by the government. I would love to, like, buy you a beer, and just sit in front of you and tell you how bad it is in Syria,” Eid said.

“[Trump] proved once again, yesterday, that you have a big heart. At least a lot more bigger than Obama because you actually tried to do something. We need real, long-term commitment to bring peace to Syria,” he continued.

The Syrian problem is one of few good answers, but one thing is for sure, if lines like chemical warfare are crossed then we should act  on an international level with our allies just like we did with this latest attack on Syria. Letting the world know we’re a paper tiger by allowing them to walk all over us will only result in more problems than its solves.

Furthermore, it helps the people there to be that deadly serious about crossing those lines as demonstrated by Eid. With dictators, the firm hand approach is the best, and they are less likely to step out of line if they know their actions could result in dire consequences. This could end up saving lives, and preventing grizzly murders.

(h/t: Louder with Crowder)

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Watch: Parents Interrogate Pedophile After Hog Tying Him, but Now They Could Face Charges

When a man was caught saying he wanted to have sex with their 13 year old daughter, a Canadian couple took it upon themselves to do what Port Alberti, British Columbia police wouldn’t.

According to CTV, a 28-year-old man had been attempting to seduce a 13-year-old girl, and had sent her many messages on Instagram, trying to convince her to allow him to her “first.” These messages were discovered by the mother, however, who proceeded to tell police.

According to the mother, police did nothing.

“They wouldn’t even look at my phone. They just said to block him and forget it,” she claimed according to CTV. “I’ve been waiting for six weeks for the police to give me a name behind the Instagram account.”

The parents then took matters into their own hands.

Pretending to be the daughter, the parents invited the man over to their home. When he arrived, the couple reportedly tackled him, then restrained him with zip ties. The mother then took to Facebook live where she broadcast his face to her followers.

However, due to their vigilante actions, the parents may face charges. When police arrived they freed the man, and took him to the hospital with no charges. Meanwhile the parents were arrested.

From Fox News:

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the country’s federal law enforcement body, disputed that account. According to authorities, the man in the video was in fact under investigation for child solicitation since March, after the mother brought the matter to their attention.

“The police had directed her not to take matters into her own hands, that we were investigating it,” an RCMP spokesman told CTV. “She was directed not to make the meet happen.”

For their part, the parents of the daughter are sticking to their guns. They are reportedly under investigation and facing potential charges for assault and unlawful restraint.

Both parents believe they still did the right thing.

While vigilantism is always dangerous, police seemed to be taking their time in bringing the criminal to justice. Within the month long process of investigating this man, who had clearly sent sexually explicit messages and arranged a meeting with a minor for sexual intercourse, the man could have done far more damage.

The parents may have been wrong for taking the law into their own hands, but it would seem the law was failing them.


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