Impromptu Fundraiser To Fight Cancer On Delta Flight Garners Surprise Performance

The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life is one of the most well-known and most participated in fundraising events for charity each year in America.

On Saturday, passengers flying from Tampa Bay to Los Angeles to were asked if they could help raise $1,000 for their Relay For Life team and if they did 90’s superstar saxophone player Kenny G would give a performance on the plane.

According to ABC News, the passengers raised more than $2,000 in roughly five minutes for the cause.


The yearly “cancer walk” is made up of teams who raise money or receive pledges based on how far any member or team walks, rolls or runs during the 24-hour event.

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Amazing. Artificial Wombs Could Soon Help Premature Babies

After decades of premature babies surviving birth at fewer and fewer weeks old a new solution to many of the issues these babies deal with through life could be forthcoming.

The scientific journal Nature Communications published Tuesday about an artificial amniotic sac that is keeping baby lambs (a close model to premature humans) alive and gestating for another four weeks after initial delivery.

This could mean survival for many babies born between 23 and 25 weeks, roughly of which 50 percent die after birth due to complications.

One common complication has to do with those first few moments after birth when a baby takes its first breaths. The lungs stop developing once oxygen touches their lungs, leading to arrested lung development and likely lifelong breathing issues.


Here’s how the artificial womb attempts to remedy the critical issue of lung development:

With the artificial womb, the infant would continue “breathing” through the umbilical cord as its floats in amniotic fluid, which would flow into and out of the bag. Using its tiny heart, the fetus would pump its own blood through its umbilical cord and into an oxygenator, where the blood would pick up oxygen and return it to the fetus—much like with a normal placenta. In addition to boosting lung growth, the amniotic fluid would protect the baby from infections and support the development of the intestines.

While there are still many issues with artificial wombs, the idea has been tried before and met with failure, it would give hope and life to many parents of babies born too soon.

Of course, as anything involving fetal viability, pro-abortionists would likely have a problem with such a technological development as they fear a baby at 20 weeks might be seen as just as human as a baby of a ripe old age of 23 or 25 weeks. It certainly always amazes to see the “Party of Science” reject science at every turn when it comes to abortion.

In any event, this is a remarkable development that will hopefully be a step along the way for many of the approximately 30,000 babies born prematurely every year a chance at a better life, or even at life itself.

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Ted Cruz Has A Plan For Paying For Trump’s Border Wall

Sen. Ted Cruz (R – Tex.) wants to pay for Trump’s promised border wall with money seized from drug lords, like Mexico’s notorious El Chapo. In fact, the clever word games congressmen often play with bill titles has the bill being named directly after the escaping kingpin.

Cruz’s proposed $14 billion in funding is titled, “Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order” or EL CHAPO. U.S. prosecutors are currently seeking drug profits that belong to El Chapo as well as other assets to the tune of $14 billion.

“Fourteen billion dollars will go a long way toward building a wall that will keep Americans safe and hinder the illegal flow of drugs, weapons, and individuals across our southern border,” Cruz said.

At the moment that money could help President Trump fund his “big, beautiful” wall which has been a sticking issue in recent weeks regarding the passage of a continuing resolution to keep the government from a “shut down.”

Congressional Democrats and some Republicans have said that any C.R. that includes funding for the wall is a non-starter and they will vote against it if it’s included.


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Trump Makes A Stupid Joke That Undermines His Own UN Ambassador

Who was it that said Donald Trump would start acting more presidential after the inauguration? Oh, yeah, pretty much everyone who voted for the toddler-man. Boy, were they wrong. Monday at the White House provided a perfect example of how Trump’s immature and undermining behavior extends beyond the Twittersphere.

President Trump should thank his lucky stars every day that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley accepted his offer of being the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. She’s already been an amazing asset for the U.S. at the U.N. But what does he do instead? Puts his foot in his mouth by insinuating Haley could be “easily replaced” if the other ambassadors didn’t like her.

Here’s how the moment went down:

Trump was kicking off Monday’s lunch with ambassadors of countries on the U.N. Security Council when he asked the room if they liked Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the U.N.

Trump said that if they didn’t, “she could easily be replaced.”

The comment sparked some awkwardness, but seemed to be taken in jest. Haley and others gathered around the lengthy table laughed.

Trump quickly assured Haley her job was safe. “I promise, we don’t do that,” Trump said, and praised Haley for doing a “fantastic job.”

Yes, it was a joke. But here’s the thing: It was a joke about someone being removed from her job in a room full of people Trump doesn’t know well. There’s something about knowing your audience and acting accordingly, and joking that your own U.N. ambassador could be removed if her colleagues in the U.N. Security Council don’t like her undermines Haley’s position and her authority to speak for the president.

Trump, in likely an attempt to remind everyone that he’s the bully in charge, not his ambassador who garners praise on a regular basis, only showed his immaturity and capricious nature that he would even hint at something like that.

Grow up, Mr. President. You’re dealing with adults now. Act like you can handle the responsibility of effective international diplomacy and stop embarrassing those representing your administration, especially those who are clearly your betters.

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He’s Baaaaaack: Bill O’Reilly Returns With Podcast On Monday

Since Fox News and Bill O’Reilly parted ways last week many have wondered what the 67-year-old would do now. Write more books? Walking into the sunset and entering a full retirement? Even the idea of the host moving his show to Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze was floated on CNN and even by Beck himself (joking with the caveat that O’Reilly would have to take a massive pay cut.)

But O’Reilly will make his first public statements following his departure from Fox News on his ‘No Spin News’ podcast, according to his website.

The podcast is only available as premium content to paid subscribers of the website. One can be certain that a lot of $4.99 subscriptions will be expensed by news outlets by Monday morning.

The O’Reilly Factor, which had been changed to simply ‘The Factor,’ was shuttered after twenty-one years by Greg Gutfeld on Friday night.

Closing out the show for the last time, Gutfeld said, “How do I turn out the lights on such a venerable and amazing show? I can’t. It’s not my show and it’s not my place. So on behalf of all of us on ‘The Factor,’ good night and godspeed.”

There is no question that Fox News has undergone one of the biggest shake-ups in modern memory, from editorial bent to longtime popular hosts like Megyn Kelly and now O’Reilly leaving by choice or being forced out. Greta Van Susteren left for MSNBC after Roger Ailes was forced out for sexual misconduct last year.

Now the only question is whether O’Reilly can make podcasts popular with his Baby Boomer fan base.

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Seattle Mayor Murray’s Alleged Sex Abuse Victim: He Should Resign

One of the two men who accused Seattle Mayor Ed Murray of sexual assault when they were teens in the 1980’s has spoken out about what he and his lifelong friend, Jeff Simpson, went through. Lloyd Anderson, now 51 and living in Florida, spoke with the Seattle magazine The Stranger and said his only goal is to have Ed Murray resign as mayor.

Anderson, who pleaded no contest to inappropriately touching his wife’s teenage niece in 1998 and is a registered sex offender, says that he took responsibility for what he did and he wants Ed Murray to do the same for his alleged misconduct.

“I just don’t think that the person should get away with it. I did what I did, I admitted to what I did, and I think that if anybody in this world has done it, then he needs to come forward and they need to say, “Yeah, and I need to pay for what I did. I did what I did, I’m guilty, and I shouldn’t have done it, and I need to take the consequences that come along with that,” you know, and that’s something I think every person needs to do, especially in this particular kind of thing. Because it can wreck a person for their lives, you know. I mean, it screwed me up my whole life.”

Anderson states that he is non-political and doesn’t consider himself a Democrat or a Republican. He also told The Stranger that while he is “kind of a Christian,” he has a live and let live attitude toward gay marriage. “Well, if it makes them happy, you know, then I think that’s alright,” Anderson said. Essentially putting to rest the accusations that Anderson’s accusations are politically motivated or anti-gay.

Anderson also went into some detail of the alleged abuse. Saying that Murray was “almost violent” when Anderson was performing sex acts on Murray. According to Anderson, Murray allegedly paid him $15 to $30 for on more than one occasion.

Anderson also spoke about what his friend, Jeff Simpson, now 48, told him about his alleged sex abuse by Murray. Simpson was the plaintiff in the 2008 case against Murray that was dropped because of statute of limitations issues. Both Anderson and Simpson met Murray when they were placed in a home for children called Parry House, where Murray was their custodian. The Stranger reports that he became emotional when he recounted the younger man’s abuse and the fact that he felt helpless to do anything at the time.

Anderson, who has taken no legal action on his own behalf and stayed silent in the initial days following the filing of new allegations against the mayor, says he forgives Murray but he wants Murray to resign.

“I want him to know that I want him to resign, because this is not going to stop. We are going to continue to let the public know what he has done and the best thing for him would be for him to resign.”

“Like I said, I am a Christian, and I do forgive. I won’t forget, but I do forgive. And that’s probably the only thing that’s kept me alive this long because I do have forgiveness in my heart. I just don’t feel like a person who has done this to people should represent a state or a city or whatever, I just don’t think that that’s the right thing.”

Mayor Ed Murray denies the allegation of all three accusers and his attorney, Katherine Heekin, says Murray will not be resigning his position over these allegations or the pending lawsuit, which neither Anderson or Simpson are a part of.

The entire interview with Lloyd Anderson is available here.

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So Edgy. So Brave: The Boss Lends His Voice To A New Anti-Trump Tune

There aren’t many things more annoying than a Bruce Springsteen fan, besides The Boss himself. With a long history of being one of those acts who opines about politics while on stage to his captive audience, The Boss is an unabashed progressive Democrat.

Now, he’s lent his mediocre vocal talent to a new song bashing President Trump. So edgy. So bold. So brave.

Springsteen didn’t write the song but was asked to perform a duet with long-time friend and fellow singer/songwriter Joe Grushecky. Grushecky said he wrote the song after then-candidate Trump made fun of a disabled reporter. Fair enough, I’m no fan of Donald Trump either.

However, what is amusing is the hypocrisy of some of the lyrics after 8 years of complacency because the president was a Democrat.

In one lyric, Springsteen belts: “Don’t tell me a lie / And sell it as a fact / I’ve been down that road before / And I ain’t goin’ back / And don’t you brag to me / That you never read a book / I never put my faith / In a con man and his crooks.”

At least the song suggests “I’ve been down that road before” but I doubt he’s referring to President Obama.

May I suggest making the song bi-partisan and including a lyric with “if you like your plan you can keep it” or “it was because of a video,” or “we’ve got red lines you can cross for miles.” Every president has an encyclopedia of lies and half-truth, obfuscations, and those spurious things known as the campaign promise.

Every president has an encyclopedia of lies and half-truths, obfuscations, and spurious campaign promises. But thank you, Bruce Springsteen, for reminding everyone that there’s more than just our ears to consider in not listening to your music.

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Without Realizing It, Leftists Engage In The Conservative Idea of Charity

A new bar in New York City is 100 percent not-for-profit and all the money is going to charity. Coup, which opened Friday, will be giving all of its proceeds to causes not supported by the Trump administration, and ostensibly the Republican-controlled Congress.

The founder, restauranteur Ravi DeRossi, explains his idea for the bar as pro-charity in response to the Trump administration.

“The way we define ourselves is: we’re not an anti-Trump bar, we’re just a pro-charity bar and the charities we happen to be working with right now are organizations that need money right now to fight this current administration or are being defunded.”

As a conservative, I wholeheartedly endorse this newfound love of charity on the left.

Of course, charity isn’t just a conservative value. However, the concept of taxes not being charity is. Leftists tend to view one of the government’s major role as being responsible to reduce income inequality. That your taxes to the government ought to take care of the poor and needy rather than private organizations.

President Obama throughout his presidency offered budgets slashing write-offs for charitable giving. An act, which if passed, would likely reduce charitable giving by no small margin. Taxes, on the other hand, were ever increasing for anyone daring to do well.

Conservatives believe exactly the opposite. Government’s role is much more limited and social programs are best left to the community and issue-driven organizations that are funded largely, if not completely, by charitable giving.

A bar that gives to causes we support respectively and not expecting taxpayers to foot the bill for every niche issue is a concept both conservatives and leftists can agree on.

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EPA’s Request For More Security For Scott Pruitt Is The Prudent Thing To Do

The Environmental Protection Agency, which is slated for initial budget cuts of 30 percent, has requested additional security for its director, Scott Pruitt.

The Washington Post, which obtained details of the EPA’s budget, seemingly cannot figure out why such an increase would be necessary. After all, they point out, Obama’s EPA chief, Gina McCarthy, only required door-to-door protection, meaning she was without security while at home. But McCarthy oversaw an ever expanding EPA, not a contracting one where ideaologues and disgruntled employees create a higher threat risk, which they admit was brought up during the transition.

Myron Ebell, who led the EPA transition for the Trump administration but has since returned to his role at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told E&E News this year that it would make sense for Pruitt to receive increased protection.

“I think it’s prudent given the continuing activities by the left to foment hatred and the reported hostility within the agency from some unprofessional activists,” Ebell said at the time.

The two reasons why more protection for Scott Pruitt is a prudent request from the EPA are likely two-fold. Slashing the department’s budget nearly in half will mean that there will be scores of federal employees losing their livlihood and benefits. Add to that the second reason, ideology.

The EPA is a department devoted to ideology. Recent sweeping EPA regulations during the Obama era, like the ‘Waters of The United States’ rule, is a perfect example of the broad and unnecessary overreach the environmentalist ideology permits to stifle American businesses of all sizes and encroach on the rights of property owners.

The ideology within the EPA that covers climate svience and Pruitt’s intention of scaling back federal funding of such research also has radical environmentalist’s head exploding. There is actually a large group of leftists so convinced the Trump administration is just going to start deleting data owned by the American people they’ve started a coordinated effort to move digital files to private servers and even out of the country.

Essentially, they’ve lost what was left of their rational minds over Donald Trump and Republicans having their hands involved in anything. Environmentalism for many of them, is their religion. When someone starts messing around with fanatic’s religion, there is clearly a heightened threat that something could happen.

Let’s hope the extra security is never needed and that environmentalists and global warming alarmists have enough sense to not try to harm anyone. But beefing up security for someone as controversial and threatening to a group of ideological fanatics shouldn’t be perplexing. It’s the wise and prudent thing to do.

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‘Charging Bull’ Artist Says ‘Fearless Girl’ Should Be Removed and He’s Right

The artist who created the ‘Charging Bull” statue that has become a landmark in New York City’s financial district is speaking out and pushing back against a statue placed in juxtaposition to his bull called, “Fearless Girl.”

Italian-born sculptor Arturo Di Modica says that the addition of the “Fearless Girl” statue next to his display has “fundamentally corrupted the artistic integrity” and the meaning of his “Charging Bull.”

And he’s right.

Di Modica secretly and in the dark installed the 7,000-pound bronze statue that is now a quintessential part of New York City after the stock market crash of 1987. He saw it as a symbol of American resilience. Of something strong and determined, not anything menacing or to be feared.


The “Fearless Girl” statue was installed as a publicity campaign surrounding International Women’s Day in March and the display was only to be up for a short time, but after fans protested Mayor Bill De Blasio extended the display’s permit until 2018.

The statue says, “Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference.” The “SHE” is in direct reference to State Street’s Gender Diversity Index, which does exactly what one would assume: Tracks gender-diverse companies.

According to The Washington Post,

This overt reference to State Street’s SHE Index could contribute to Di Modica insistence that “Fearless Girl” is nothing more than marketing trickery orchestrated by the firm’s New York advertising partner, McCann.

“That is not a symbol!” the 76-year-old Sicilian immigrant told the New York Post and Market Watch in March.

He said in an interview from his art studio that his protest was not meant to snub the importance of gender equality, but to defend the integrity of his bull.

“I put it there for art,” he told the publications. “My bull is a symbol for America. My bull is a symbol of prosperity and for strength.”

Contrasted with the soft, altruistic characteristics of the bronze girl, though, “Charging Bull” now appears menacing and aggressive.

Di Modica isn’t wrong. The addition of the girl changes the impression and the meaning of the bull. Rather than the bull being a symbol of prosperity and resilience, contrasted with the girl it becomes a symbol of a terrifying force bent on harm and destruction.


Di Modica is standing up for the integrity of hs art and his bull. He, along with the former director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, Norman Siegal, plan to challenge the placement of the “Fearless Girl” statue without asking for his permission. On a positive note, Di Modica and Siegal have said they don’t plan on filing any lawsuits.

There’s no reason the “Fearless Girl” statue cannot be moved to another area to be admired. If the new statue’s value and meaning are so powerful, her should be able to hold her own without encroaching on another piece of art.

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