Get You a Love Like The Bushes Had

In this May 5, 2010 file photo, former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, right, kisses his wife, Barbara, after both were shown on the stadium kiss cam video board during the sixth inning of a baseball game against the Arizona Diamondbacks in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip, File)

When Barbara Bush passed away yesterday, her husband of 73 years was by her side. Find yourself a love like George HW Bush and Barbara had.

Barbara Bush met George at a Christmas dance when she was 16 years old. They were engaged 18 months later just before he went off to World War II and married on January 6, 1945 when he was home on leave. She was 19 and he was 20.

The two teach us a lesson in finding a love and not questioning it- and about having a sense of humor. She’s quoted as saying:

I married the first man I ever kissed. When I tell this to my children, they just about throw up.

Decades into their marriage, these two can’t stop laughing. Get you somebody who gives you the giggles like this so many years later.

Five years ago, Jenna Bush-Hager interviewed her grandparents about the love letters they had sent each other in the sixty-plus years they had been together at that point. Get yourself someone who still cries thinking about how much they love you more than sixty years later.

On Tuesday, as Mrs. Bush neared the end of her life, reports said that her husband sat by her side all day holding her hand until she was gone. Get yourself someone who will love you, laugh with you, and hold your hand until the end.

Rest in Peace, Mrs. Bush. My prayers go out to those this inspirational woman leaves behind. May we all find a love like this.


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Professor Drops F-Word on Conservative Student

Conservative 23 year-old Christopher Lyle, a student at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey, has been having issues with his sociology professor Howard Finkelstein all semester, he says. He told that the professor routinely tells him to “shut up,” criticized him for exercising his second amendment right to own a gun, and has told him that his worldview is  “the reason America is not great.”

According to, fellow student Joey Smith “doesn’t always agree with Lyle’s views, but doesn’t think a teacher should ask for a student’s personal views only to rip them, he said.”

“He is basically just lecturing this one student for the whole period,” Smith, 26, said. “We are sitting there and he is speaking directly to Chris, going back and forth about personal thoughts.”

So, he decided to take a video to show his friends why he hates the class (caution: language).

 The next day, Lyle was removed from the classroom because he is a gun owner and the school was concerned he might hurt someone over the incident.”It is in the best interest of all members of our community for the college to do its due diligence when a student or employee mentions firearms during the process of an investigation,” the college said. “The matter concerning the student’s statements about firearms has been investigated and the incident is closed.”

Lyle considered not returning to the class, but decided he would not back down, according to

“I have to stand up for myself and my beliefs,” he said. “I pay money to learn. I don’t pay money to get lectured on my beliefs.”

Colleges are less interested in being places of learning all the time and more interested in being places of conformity. While I’d like to think something will happen to this teacher, I tend to doubt it. A slap on the wrist is the most one can hope for.

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DC Considers Lowering Voting Age to 16

Those anti-gun marchers were just so darned inspiring to DC council member Charles Allen (Democrat, obviously) that he has introduced legislation to lower the district’s voting age to 16 before the next presidential election. Supporters say they have the support of a slim majority of DC council members, USA Today reports, with 7 of the 13 in favor.

High schoolers, of course, think it’s great. Other things they find great include eating Tide Pods and snorting condoms.

“I think people are getting excited about this, especially with what’s going on in the nation right now in terms of youth leading social change. So I think that people are going to be very excited about it and want to get on board,” said Alisha Chopra, 18, a senior at School Without Walls.

Supporters are hoping for a public hearing on the issue this summer and to put it to a vote before the end of the year. The March for Our Lives mostly featured young people asking for their Constitutional rights to be taken away or for legislation to be undertaken which already existed. I have another idea- let children be children. Demand adults be adults. It’s just wacky enough to work.

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Textbook Teaches Anti-Trump “Curriculum”

When you send your kids to school in the morning, do you think they’re learning the basics, or do you think they’re being indoctrinated into a political worldview? OK, at this point, you probably know they’re being indoctrinated into a political worldview. Silly question.

However, you might not expect it to be quite as blatant as what can be found in this Advanced Placement edition of “By the People: A History of the United States,” and is copyrighted 2019.

Trump’s supporters saw the vote as a victory for the people who, like themselves, had been forgotten in a fast-changing America–a mostly older, often rural or suburban, and overwhelmingly white group. Clinton’s supporters feared that the election had been determined by people who were afraid of a rapidly developing ethnic diversity of the country, discomfort with their candidate’s gender, and nostalgia for an earlier time in the nation’s history. They also worried about the mental instability of the president-elect and the anger that he and his supporters brought to the nation.

The book also says:

Whatever people’s opinions, on January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as the forty-fifth president of the United States. The inner circle of his advisors seemed to represent a mix of some deeply ideological conservatives, traditional politicians, and his family. His cabinet nominees were mostly highly successful business leaders who had made their fortunes and were now joining the team of another unusually successful businessman. They were largely white males, more so than any presidential cabinet since Ronald Reagan.

It also mischaracterizes the Ferguson, Missouri shooting that started the Black Lives Matter movement.

So, kids, what did you learn in school today?

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Atheist Appointed “Head Chaplain” at NHS for Part of England

In Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), Chaplains are available for patients who would like their faith-based needs met during a health crisis.

While it can be an overused trope to include a definition in a written piece, I find it necessary to do so here. Let’s check in with Merriam-Webster to see what chaplain means.

Definition of chaplain

1a clergyman in charge of a chapel
2a clergyman officially attached to a branch of the military, to an institution, or to a family or court
3a person chosen to conduct religious exercises (as at a meeting of a club or society)
4a clergyman appointed to assist a bishop (as at a liturgical function)
What do all of those have in common? Religion. I mean, duh. Except I guess that wasn’t so apparent to the folks running the NHS, who have hired an atheist not only as a chaplain, but as head chaplain of the Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS trust.
There are two other atheists amongst NHS chaplains, but Lindsay van Dijk is the first to lead a chaplaincy team. She told The Guardian “A lot of people don’t have an organised faith, but still have spiritual and emotional needs at difficult times. Often people are trying to make sense of their lives and the situations they find themselves in.” and that “there has been no hostility” from other members of the team, all of whom are religious, only curiosity.
Carolyn Morrice, the trust’s chief nurse, told The Guardian “Lindsay’s appointment confirms our commitment to provide a chaplaincy service with individual choice at its heart, catering to all our patients, visitors and staff regardless of faith, denomination or religion, including those who have no faith or religion.”
While they’ve had chaplains of varying religious backgrounds, which makes sense, this certainly does not. A chaplain and a counselor are not the same thing, and an atheist chaplain is simply a counselor.

Healthcare and spiritual care: just two more needs that the government shouldn’t be trying to meet. Here’s the inevitable outcome.

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Moms Create Beautiful Carpool Karaoke Video With Down Syndrome Kids

Wednesday is World Down Syndrome Day, a day set aside to “raise awareness of what Down syndrome is, what it means to have Down syndrome, and how people with Down syndrome play a vital role in our lives and communities.” They’re using #WouldntChangeAThing to drive home the fact that these are cherished members of our families and community.

While some are happily embracing something closely resembling eugenics in countries like Iceland and Denmark to prevent children being born with an extra chromosome, the UK abortion rate for babies with Downs is around 90 percent. Here in the states, that number is somewhere around 65-80 percent, but some here and in the UK are fighting back to protect these children.

A group of 50 mothers came together to create a World Down Syndrome Day video in which they sign the words to a song using Makaton, a version of sign language that is used along with speech to help people who struggle with learning or communication.

The moms all come from a Facebook group of children with Down’s born in 2013/14, and wanted to make it “to show the world just how ordinary and fun life with the condition is and how they ‘Wouldn’t Change a Thing’.”

Mom Rebecca Carless, who appears in the video, said:

“The idea is, we are just normal mums, we love our kids, they love us, and they are just like other four-year-olds, we wouldn’t change them.”

James Corden, host of the original carpool karaoke sessions with celebrities, agrees.

Christina Perri, who sang the song used in the video, also loved it:

Watch the video here. Get ready to cry:


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Professor Worries that Science Spreads “Whiteness Ideology”

You really can’t get something less biased with regards to those involved than science. If things are done properly, testing is done the same way across the board and then results are peer-reviewed. It really doesn’t matter if the scientist is of a particular race, religion, sexual identity- anything. The results are the results. Well, some academics can’t really accept that.

Campus Reform report that a new essay by University of Colorado at Denver scholars Cheryl E. Matias and Paul T. Le, entitled “Towards a truer multicultural science education: how whiteness impacts science education,” argues that its time to “have the field consider the theoretical frames of whiteness and how it might influence how we engage in science education such that our hope for diversity never fully materializes.”

The essay says:

“Whiteness embraces White ideology, and because Whites are at the apex of the racial hierarchy, whiteness becomes normalized and is invisible to those who benefit the most from it,” they write. “This is particularly troubling because the normality of whiteness means that Whites do not believe that they are actively investing in White supremacy or racism, which keeps oppression intact.”

Think science is unbiased? That’s oppressive or something.

“the [science] culture attempts to be unbiased through peer reviewing and consistent methods and methodologies,” this interpretation “falsely makes us believe that science is an objective enterprise and transcends culture.”

“For many scientists, we are convinced that objectivity prevents an oppressive culture because discoveries are independent of identity,” they say. “Consequently, we unknowingly spread whiteness ideology.”

What? It continues:

“European colonization and conquest influenced contemporary attitudes of valid knowledge, and much of the way western nations teach science erases the values and culture of indigenous people,” they continue. “Therefore, our science is out of touch with the experiences of our students of Color and, instead, represent post-colonial discourses of White power and control over people of Color via forcing the internalization of Western science knowledge.

“This way of knowing science in the absence of other ways of knowing only furthers whiteness and White supremacy through power and control of science knowledge,” they maintain. “As a result, our students of Color are victims of deculturization, and their own worldviews are invalidated.”

This is such a bizarre argument that it seems like it was made up to allow people to feel like victims. Academia in a nutshell.

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Christian Movie Beats Lefty Fare at the Box Office

I Can Only Imagine, the movie which tells the story of the song of the same name, the biggest-selling Christian song in history, had a huge opening weekend. The sites that usually love an underdog film taking on bigger studios are either not reporting on it at all or are making excuses. Why? With a budget of only $7 millionI Can Only Imagine was going up against Love, Simon the story of a high school boy coming out as gay. Their budget was $17,000 and they had the support of mainstream media and celebrities. It can’t be that America would rather see an uplifting story of faith and redemption, so the entertainment sites had to make excuses.

A post from the AV Club called, I’m not kidding Black Panther vs. the Jesus Freaks” tries to downplay it by saying that Love, Simon was “vanilla pudding progressivism” that only played on a “relatively modest” 2,402 screens. I Can Only Imagine played on 1,629. They leave out the latter detail.

Variety says the film “is benefiting from support from churches and groups as well as from from MercyMe, who have been helping promote the film on social media.” MercyMe is the band who originally recorded and released the song on which the film is based. Are we to believe Love, Simon didn’t have support from…everyone else?

I writer for Forbes speculated “I must wonder if at least some of the targeted demographic bought tickets to other movies and snuck into Love, Simon.” While The Atlantic said ” It’s worth also noting that teen movies have suffered recently because it’s hard to get adolescent viewers to go to the theater, period (what with the rise of online platforms like YouTube churning out youth-focused content).”

The only films that beat I Can Only Imagine were Black Panther and Tomb Raider, big-budget, big-studio action films. I don’t know about you, but that makes me feel a little better about the world.

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Moving the Goalposts will Scuttle Conservative Immigration Reform

President Trump campaigned on securing the border, removing dangerous and violent illegal immigrants from the country and implementing a sensible legal immigration framework that prioritizes our domestic economy above all else. It appears that the president is on the brink of achieving something that presidents Bush and Obama before him could not: Navigating the tricky politics of immigration policy and reaching a bipartisan deal. My, how heads will explode at MSNBC if he pulls it off.

Rumblings from within D.C. suggest that a bill based on the White House’s immigration framework will include a sensible set of reforms that would secure the border, institute a permanent fix for nonviolent, productive DACA recipients, seriously restrict chain migration, and downsize the diversity visa lottery that many conservatives view with suspicion. Cuts in chain migration and diversity visas would be repurposed elsewhere, to more economically efficient, merit-based applicants in a way that appeals to Republicans like Senator Cotton, who is pushing for a more skills-based legal immigration framework.

That means tens of billions of dollars for border security measures and a shift in our immigrant mix to favor the most productive immigrants who wish to participate in our economy, while ending the practice of facilitating unending chain migration of foreign cousins, nieces, and nephews. It also means a solution to the DACA problem left by President Obama’s insistence on executive orders rather than legislation. It would be a good deal for conservatives and for the country.

However, others in the GOP are pushing for a package that includes a net cut to legal immigration by not repurposing the visas cut from the diversity lottery and chain migration. Regardless of the merits of a reduction in legal immigration (even President Trump is on the record in favor of a higher legal immigration rate), the politics will kill the deal altogether. This is a poison pill, and one that will have disastrous consequences.

If the net immigration reduction remains in the bill, there will not be enough votes to pass it. If the net immigration reduction remains in the bill, our broken chain migration model will remain on the books. If the net immigration reduction remains in the bill, we’ll be forfeiting at least $25 billion in spending on the border wall, and we’ll be keeping the diversity lottery intact with no reforms.

In that case, we would also be left with the disaster of leaving DACA recipients on a path to deportation. These are individuals paying the price for their parents’ actions, who are more educated and entrepreneurial than the average population. They are nonviolent, law-abiding, patriotic and highly motivated. The entire point of an immigration bill is to solve two problems: to secure the border, and avoid the mass deportation of the Dreamers.

I’m not sure whose idea it was to include a net cut to legal immigration in the White House immigration reform bill, but they’re operating outside the initial playing field. This is neither the time nor the place to litigate overall immigration levels. It’s a measure designed to tank the entire reform process. Americans will be less safe and less prosperous as a result.

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Women Blame Getting Pregnant on an App

Guess what? An app can get you pregnant!

Well, it can’t, but that’s not stopping 37 women in Sweden from blaming one for “unwanted pregnancies.” The app, Natural Cycles, is popular in Europe, with more than half a million women counting on it to track fertility. It scans a woman’s body, tracking her temperature and using that data to tell her when it’s safe to have unprotected sex without getting pregnant. The problem? It wasn’t very accurate.

Stockholm’s Södersjukhuset Hospital took a look at the cases of 668 women seeking abortions in the last quarter of 2017 and found that 37 of them were women who accidentally got pregnant while using the app.

In a statement, Natural Cycles said that this margin of error is standard for contraceptives.

“To have 37 unwanted pregnancies out of the 668 mentioned in this study at Södersjukhuset means that 5,5 per cent of women who stated they used Natural Cycles also had an unwanted pregnancy. This is in line with what we communicate as the risk of unwanted pregnancy with typical use, and which is comparable to other types of contraception.”

What isn’t clear is if more women got pregnant and chose not to terminate their pregnancies or terminated them elsewhere.

What is clear is that pregnancies aren’t caused by apps, they’re caused by sex. It is not groundbreaking information to say that the only 100 percent effective way to prevent pregnancy is abstinence. That might require somebody to be responsible for their actions though and, in 2018, we can’t have that. So, let’s just blame the app.

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