Abortionists Caught Failing to Report Sexual Abuse

Nine Indiana abortionists were caught performing abortions on girls as young as 12 years old without reporting the sexual abuse or statutory rape to law enforcement as required by law. Life News reports reports that these nine practitioners failed to report in 48 such cases since July 1, 2017.

One practitioner is of exceptional concern. Indiana Right to Life said:

The pro-life community is especially concerned with the apparent non-reporting of underage abortions by abortion doctor Glazer. Glazer has 11 complaints filed against him, including for not notifying DCS of an abortion on a 12-year-old girl. Glazer was recently listed as the medical director for Whole Women’s Health Alliance’s proposed abortion facility in South Bend. The state denied its license application citing poor character and integrity of that company.

Cathie Humbarger, Vice President of Policy Enforcement for Indiana Right to Life told LifeNews:

The 48 complaints represent a widespread problem throughout Indiana’s abortion industry. These nine abortion doctors must be held accountable. Their alleged negligence has further victimized the children suffering at the hands of their perpetrators. We call on the Indiana Medical Licensing Board, the Indiana State Department of Health and local prosecutors to take appropriate action against these abortion doctors, including review of their medical licenses and fines for each non-report. Possible cover-up of child sexual abuse cannot be tolerated. An immediate suspension of licenses for abortion facilities may be in order pending a complete investigation.

Lafayette’s Planned Parenthood clinic is facing two additional complaints for reporting two surgical abortions when they are only permitted to do chemical abortions.

Under Indiana law, abortions performed on girls under the age of 16 must be reported to the Indiana State Department of Health and the Indiana Department of Child Services within 3 days. Monica Siefker from Right to Life Bloomington said that ignoring this law could potentially cover sexual abuse. “Given that as high as one in four girls may experience sexual abuse before they turn 18,” she said, “it’s likely that some of these pregnancies were not the result of consensual activity.”

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U of M Safer for Free Speech After DOJ Sides with Watchdog Group

The Department of Justice has sided with Speech First, an organization that works to protect free speech on campus, causing the University of Michigan to adjust their unfair speech codes.

The Department of Justice filed a statement of interest and, in a press release, they said:

 The United States’ Statement of Interest argues that the University of Michigan’s Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities, which prohibits “harassment,” “bullying,” and “bias,” is unconstitutional because it offers no clear, objective definitions of the violations. Instead, the Statement refers students to a wide array of “examples of various interpretations that exist for the terms,” many of which depend on a listener’s subjective reaction to speech.

The United States also argues that the University’s Bias Response Policy chills protected speech through its Bias Response Team. The Bias Response Team, which consists of University administrators and law enforcement officers, has the authority to subject students to discipline and sanction. It encourages students to report any suspected instances of bias, advising them: “[t]he most important indication of bias is your own feelings.” According to the plaintiff, the Bias Response Team has responded to more than 150 alleged incidents of bias in the last year.

In filing the Statement of Interest, Acting Associate Attorney General Jesse Panuccio provided the following statement:

Freedom of speech and expression on the American campus are under attack. This Justice Department, under the leadership of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is committed to promoting and defending Americans’ first freedom at public universities.

Nicole Neily, president of Speech First told Campus Reform:

We’re delighted that the U.S. Department of Justice has filed a statement of interest in our case against the University of Michigan Over the past year, DOJ has shown that they place a high priority on the First Amendment rights of students across the country, and we look forward to the court ruling on the merits of Speech First v. Schlissel.

Originally, the University of Michigan said that Speech First and the DOJ misunderstood the speech code. U of M spokesman Rick Fitzgerald told Michigan Radio:

Contrary to the department’s statement, the university’s Bias Response Team does not ‘have the authority to subject students to discipline and sanction.’ It provides support to students on a voluntary basis; it does not investigate claims of bias or discipline students in any way.

However, the same day Fitzgerald made that statement, he posted an announcement online saying that definitions were being clarified. He says that Vice President for Student Life E. Royster Harper has sent a message to colleagues in the Division of Student Life and to student leaders in which he says:

The revised definitions more precisely and accurately reflect the commitment to freedom of expression that has always been expressed in the statement itself.

He claims that “prior to the filing of the lawsuit, the university already was reviewing its websites and policies to ensure they were consistent with First Amendment principles. After the lawsuit was filed May 8, that review was accelerated,” which seems to be at odds with the earlier statement that U of M’s speech codes were misunderstood.

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Two Animated Series’ About Drag Queens Coming Soon!

I know what you’re thinking. We need more content on television. Sometimes, you sit down to stream something on television and there are eight million options, but you still end up watching The Office. Again.

Maybe you heard about libraries  holding “drag queen story time” and thought that, maybe, the solution lie in tying these two things together. Well, apparently, you weren’t the only one. There are two new animated shows to be released soon which feature drag queens. In one, the drag queens are themselves children.

First, we have Drag Tots, which takes place in a school for toddler drag queens. Here’s the trailer:

The scary voiceover at the beginning tells us that “In a world on the brink of chaos, where fear is the rule of the land, the voices of a generation have banded together to give our planet what it needs,” while images of tornadoes and Donald Trump flash on the screen. Then we get to kids in drag who, apparently, are going to save us.

The other is the Netflix offering Super Drags about drag queen superheroes.

The description reads:

During the day, they work in a department store and deal with their uptight bitchy boss. By night, they tighten up their corsets and transform into the baddest SUPER DRAGS in town, ready to combat shade and rescue the world’s glitter from the evil villains. Get ready, because the SUPER DRAGS are going deeper than you think.


As I’ve written before, I have no problem with people offering options and letting the market decide, but let’s not fool ourselves. Would Netflix offer a show in which the heroes were supporters of traditional marriage? Can you imagine the outrage? Would mainstream outlets like Entertainment Weekly or Billboard have written about a characters “ability to put haters in their place” if the haters in question were hating on pro-lifers or those who would take away our rights to bear arms? Of course not. It is unimaginable.

2018 is a weird place.

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Professors Say “Perceived Effort” Should be Considered in Grades for Women

After an Otterbein University study of more than 800 students, the professors came away with a strange conclusion, College Reform reports. Women in STEM fields feel they’re putting more work into their studies to end up with approximately the same grade, They said that this keeps women from STEM because this “indicates that women’s higher perceived effort levels are not rewarded.”

They wrote:

Does a course grade primarily reward conceptual understanding and problem-solving ability, or does it primarily reward hard work, reflected in course attendance, submission of assignments on time, etc., or some mixture of the two?

Do you want somebody who is good at their job, or somebody who shows up and works really hard, but is not good at their job? When it comes down to it, you need to get the job done correctly. Yes, they need to be dependable, but it has to be done well.

Furthermore, they said, lower grades discourages students, and “we cannot rule out the possibility that lower motivation leads students to earn lower grades.” Again, does this sound like somebody who can get the job done?

Their suggestion?

Science educators could redistribute grades more akin to non-STEM disciplines to increase STEM retention.

Redistribute grades?

How about they grade people on their work? That’s actual equality.

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New York City Adding Gender “X” to Birth Certificates

Birth certificates issued in New York City don’t have to identify the child as either male or female. Not sure what the baby’s gender is based on its sex? Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) and City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said that a new proposal, expected to be introduced this week, would give parents the choice to simply check “X” as the gender.

California, Oregon and Washington already allow this option on birth certificates and Washington, D.C allows it on driver’s licenses.

deBlasio said:

Pride Month is a time to celebrate how far we’ve come in the fight for equality, and re-affirm our commitment to protecting all New Yorkers from discrimination. This proposal will allow transgender and gender non-conforming New Yorkers to live with the dignity and respect they deserve, and make our City fairer.

Johnson chimed in, adding:

 This is about making it easier for people to be who they truly are and letting them know that New York City understands them and has their backs.

Perhaps older people can request a new birth certificate that does not identify a gender as well. Dr. Mary Bassett, the city’s health commissioner said:

Transgender New Yorkers, like everyone else, should have birth certificates that reflect their true gender identity. We know that being able to live your authentic gender and gender expression is critical to physical and mental health. Now more than ever, we must ensure that all people can live their best and healthiest lives.

As Jazz Shaw points out at Hot Air, this could also help people go off the grid to dodge legal issues by changing both their name and gender. Plus, as he says,”? It used to be that you couldn’t get a picture taken for your license without wearing your glasses if you needed them to drive. Knowing who people are is a rather critical factor in law enforcement, not to mention banking, real estate and most all other aspects of modern life. But now, thanks to social justice warrior policies and feckless politicians, you can just modify everything however you wish. Isn’t progress just amazing?”

We’re amazed, all right.

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University Pays Students to Push “Social Justice”

The University of Kansas is so dedicated to “social justice” that they’re willing to pay a student to push for it, Campus Reform reports. For $9 per hour, one left-wing student is going to help the Office of Multicultural Affairs with “its overall mission of creating an inclusive campus community through social justice.”

This student will be known as a Social Justice educator and his or her job (or should I have said xir? their? I shouldn’t assume pronouns) will be to, among other things, create and/or facilitate “social justice training, workshops, and/or presentations to student organizations, classes, and/or units or groups on campus.”

The job overview states:

Student hourly position within the Office of Multicultural Affairs. The student will be a part of the Peer Education Team that will be tasked with serving as an ambassador, facilitator, and educator to the office and its overall mission of creating an inclusive campus community through social justice.

For an in-state student, the cost of attending The University of Kansas is is nearly $27,000 per year (more than $42,000 if you live out of state).  When people complain about the cost of higher education, think about the way they spend the money families spend to send their children there. They spend it on  nonsense like this. Maybe, instead, spend it on educating students on things that might help them get a job.

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Santa Fe Survivor and Chris Cuomo Hit Pelosi on Gun Hypocrisy

CNN held a townhall with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and featured a segment on gun violence in schools. It went quite differently than the gun violence townhall CNN held with the Parkland survivors. These students largely do not support gun control.

Alexis Wilson, a student from Santa Fe high school in Texas, where a shooting recently occurred, had an important question on keeping students safe. Moderator Chris Cuomo chimed in and ended up calling out Pelosi on her hypocrisy to applause from the audience. It was a thing of beauty.

Oh, suddenly Nancy Pelosi is a federalist? That is great news! Definitely keep state issues in the states. Apply that to everything, Ms Pelosi.

H/T Daily Wire

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British School Bans Pencil Cases in the Name of Equality

St Wilfrid’s Primary School in Northumberland, England has some weird rules in place in an effort to mask any differences in the students’ financial circumstances. The latest thing to go? Pencil cases. Head teacher Pauline Johnstone said that pencil cases have been banned “so there’s no comparison on the tables and children are learning”.

The school already has a uniform that includes a standard backpack to decrease comparisons between students and have cut back on “dress up” days. Another thing? They aren’t really happy about students discussing what they did over the weekend because the things that some students do (or the lack thereof) say could set them apart from each other economically.

Nobody wants students to feel bad. Bullying about economic status (or anything else) needs to be dealt with. When kids are in the real world, however, everyone isn’t going to have the same of everything. People aren’t going to stop having conversations altogether because of what they might reveal about themselves. They aren’t helping kids at all with these ridiculous rules- they’re robbing kids of important life lessons in coping.

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University of Michigan Sued Over Unfair Speech Code

First Amendment advocacy group Speech First has taken the University of Michigan to court over their “highly subjective” policies regarding free speech and bias response. The group has pledged “to help restore free speech and expression to America’s universities.”

The U of M speech code prohibits “harassment” and “bullying,” and there are higher penalties for actions motivated by “bias.” These terms, of course, are all highly subjective. For example, “harassment” is defined as “unwanted negative attention perceived as intimidating, demeaning, or bothersome to an individual.” A bias response team is tasked with investigating and punishing the allegations. In the last year, there have been 150 of these investigations.

According to the University, “the most important indication of bias is your own feelings.” A student may be disciplined unless he or she agrees to  “restorative justice,” “individualized education,” or “unconscious bias training.” This has meant that students are afraid to speak out on most important issues.

In a press release, Speech First said:

Speech First asserts that the lack of clear and meaningful standards in both the school’s speech code and bias response system present a serious risk that it will be enforced in an arbitrary or discriminatory manner and may be used to target speech based on a speaker’s viewpoint. In addition, the subjective nature of both defining and enforcing “bias incidents” through the bias response team renders the program functionally unconstitutional.

“Speech codes like Michigan’s flagrantly violate the First Amendment,” said Speech First President Nicole Neily. “Moreover, a bias response system has no place in America, much less on a modern-day college campus. Because it’s impossible to know what comments might be ‘perceived’ by others as offensive, students don’t contribute to conversations and debates, ask questions, write papers, or invite speakers they might otherwise. This is not a real educational experience, and Michigan students deserve better.”

Nicole Neily, president and founder of Speech First calls the speech code “fundamentally un-American.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Jillian Melchoir filed a public records request for Michigan’s Bias Response team files, but was prevented when the university charged $2,400. However, she reports:

The (BRT) log shows that in one reported incident of verbal bias in the classroom, the Bias Response Team said it referred a university employee to administrators who “shared concerns with the academic department involved.” In several other cases, the Bias Response Team determined that some reported acts of verbal bias could constitute sex discrimination.

Other campus organizations are speaking out in support. Cabot Phillips, media director of Campus Reform told Fox News:

The university punishes students based on how controversial or offensive their words are. Well, by nature, the most controversial ideas will be the ones that are least present, and in college campuses it’s overwhelmingly conservative ideas that are not present, so it’s going to be conservative students that are facing the brunt of this. Any student, it doesn’t matter political affiliation, no student should have to fear bringing up ideas that may make people a little uncomfortable.

Speech First is asking that the university’s speech code be declared unconstitutional and put a stop to the bias response system.

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Leftist Says We Should Ask Babies Consent to Change Diapers

Deanne Carson, an Australian “sexuality educator,” went on ABC (the Australian one) to talk about creating a culture of consent in the home. So far, so good, right? The thing is, Carson thinks creating a culture of consent means asking babies, from birth, if they consent to having their “nappies” (diapers) changed.

Host: How young are some of the children you talk to?
Carson: We work with children from two years old, we work with parents from birth.
Host: From birth?
Carson: Yeah, yep. Just about how to set up a culture of consent in their home. So “I’m gonna change your nappy now, is that ok?” Of course, a baby’s not gonna respond “Yeah, mum, that’s awesome, I’d love to have my nappy changed.” But, if you leave a space and wait for body language and wait to make eye contact, then you’re letting that child know that their response matters.

Umm what? With a newborn, this is patently ridiculous, because they have no idea what you’re asking. With a child old enough to know what you’re asking, they’re likely too busy playing to give consent. They never want their diaper changed, there are legos to be built.

Of course, this isn’t new, it’s just dumb. Plenty of Australians agreed.

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