About Us

Welcome to the Sandstorm Scholar. Our aim is to provide Lubbock and West Texas with news and editorial commentary that favors policy over personality and principle over populism.

Our emphasis is Lubbock and West Texas. Our primary focus is good government with forays into other areas as it suits us and entertains the reader. Occasionally you will read articles with actual names attached. In most cases those are from special Sandstorm Scholar news correspondents or guests.

The editorial stance will be decidedly Jeffersonian with a healthy dose of libertarianism. In a region where most claim to be conservative and in a county where only Republicans are elected to county-wide office, we believe there is a place for a voice that distinguishes between labels and deeds.

The reader will be well-served to look often for satire and tongue-in-cheek humor. We reserve the right to be inconsistent with ourselves and to change our mind.

Writers will be identified by pseudonyms after the fashion of 18th and early 19th century public discourse and debates both religious and political. Our constitution was argued extensively by men who wrote under pen names like Publius, Brutus, Cato, the Federal Farmer and others. Not all writers will be conservative and it will be up to the reader make his own determination.

The use of pen names should not be mistaken for a fear of being identified. It is simply a stylistic issue. In this day and age any person capable of googling the question “who is the Sandstorm Scholar?” will discover L. Scott Mann is the publisher and editor; we’ve made no effort to hide that.

However we believe that in an ocean of talking heads and pretty faces there is room for discourse that emphasizes the debate, not on the debater. The reader who finds this style distasteful should look elsewhere for intellectual stimulus.

We solicit reader participation. Our rules for responses and submissions are simple:

  1. Be succinct.
  2. Discuss matters that are public.
  3. Be civil with one another.
  4. Don’t annoy the editor excessively. The editor is excessively annoyed by all caps and more than one exclamation point per post.

We believe in the power of the pen. And here is where we choose to wield our might.

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