Texas Elector…A Matter of Conscience

I am a Texas elector.

Donald Trump was not my first choice in the Republican Primary. I am an unrepentant Rand Paul supporter; but by the first week of March, Rand Paul was out of the race. I voted for Ted Cruz. 

When Texas electors were chosen last May 14 it was clear that Donald Trump was the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party. Every person who asked to be an elector did so fully informed of who was to be the nominee.

Each of us signed a pledge that, as electors, we will support the nomineeRead more »

Worst it’s ever been? Remember 1968

The 2016 Presidential Election is U.S. presidential politics at its very worst, right? Hardly!

That premise, promoted by addle-minded baby boomers who smoked too much weed to remember their own history and by millennials desperate to find something to suffer, is the luxury of a generation that sees too little adversity and too much social media.

It's not the worst in this writer's memory. It doesn't even come close. Historians often point to the election of 1800 as the most divisive and… Read more »

BREAKING: Active Shooter At Ohio State University Campus

There is an active shooter situation at Ohio State University. An NBC Affiliate reported:

An alert was issued for an active shooter on Ohio State University’s Campus, Monday morning.

Ohio State University Police sent the alert at about 9:56am.

The alert said, “Buckeye Alert: Active Shooter on campus. Run Hide Fight. Watts Hall. 19th and College.”

Police are telling people to shelter in place and avoid the area of College Road north.

OSU Emergency Management tweeted the following:

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