The Mob Goes After… Jerry Rice?

Yesterday I wrote a post about the (over)reactions people were having to this Colin Kaepernick thing. So now, in the interest of fairness, I am going to tell you about a series of much more insane overreactions to another voice that has chimed in on this controversy. That voice belongs to perhaps the greatest wide receiver and San Francisco 49er in the history of the NFL, Jerry Rice:


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People Give Ann Coulter’s Book Cover a Makeover After Trump’s Immigration Flip-Flop

While Ann Coulter not having the best day due to the release of her book coinciding with Trump’s brand new squishy, Jeb Bush-esque stance on immigration, everyone else is having a great time.

Aside from the constant mocking, some have taken to photoshop to help give Coulter’s new book, “In Trump We Trust,” a brand new look that better coincides with recent events.

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They Used a Sick Form of ‘Discipline’ to Toughen Up Boys Who Couldn’t Do Pushups

Police say Florida dads Eduardo Vazquez and William Torres-Morales have been practicing a truly sick form of discipline on their young children.

According to the Polk County Sheriff’s office, the two 22-year-old fathers have been using using a stun gun to discipline their own children.

The Sheriff’s Office wrote in a statement that Vazquez… Read more »

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